Timeline Info: Chapter 12 takes place after episode 1.10 and 1 week after Chapter 11

Chapter 12: Ke Maka'u

Wizengamot Courtroom, Ministry of Magic, London; England

"Here now, here now," called out a loud stern voice. "The court room will please rise for the Wizengamot."

Around the room hundreds or witches and wizards rose from their seats. At the other end of the room a tall, dark haired man was seated in a hard wooden chair, his arms locked together at the wrist with heavy chains binding him to the stone floor. Beyond where he sat the high row of seats began to fill with the various members of the Wizengamot. Men and women who had known his family for generations, who had (secretly and perhaps not so secretly) sided with the Dark Lord and those who had sided with the Headmaster during the last war. Men and women of Pureblood status, and standing in the front of them was none other than Albus Dumbledore, a man Sirius hadn't seen in over a decade.

"Please take your seats as the court will now begin the trial of prisoner XY-390, known as Sirius Orion Black." Dumbledore looked down at the man seated before him, a weight of helpless grief and guilt flooding him as he took in the mass of filthy, matted hair hanging limply down to his elbows, his once sparkling blue eyes gazing up from the dark, sunken sockets in a face pale as a corpse. "Prisoner XY-390 please confirm for the court that you are indeed Sirius Orion Black, son of the late Orion and Walburga Black."

Licking dry, cracked lips, Sirius gazed up at his former Headmaster and General. "I am."

"Very well." Dumbledore gazed out past Sirius to all the spectators and reporters hovering in the back of the courtroom. "We are here today to try Sirius Black for breaking the Statute of Secrecy, the murders of twelve Muggles, consorting with the terrorist group know as the Death Eaters, and the murder of the Wizard known as Peter Pettigrew." Dumbledore returned his gaze to Sirius, his eyes sparkling with joy at what was to come. "How do you plead?"

Releasing a deep breath Sirius looked up from under his dark, matted hair. "Not guilty."

Around them the courtroom burst into loud and uncontrolled noise as the spectators all began talking at once. Bright flashes of light went off as the press went mad, taking picture after picture. Dumbledore raised his hand up and the courtroom went still and silent.

"Your plea shall be added into the court records. Let it also be known that this shall be the first trial for Sirius Black under these charges. Should you be found guilty the court shall take into account your years already served in Azkaban towards your overall sentencing." Dumbledore turned towards Madam Bones, who nodded and stood.

"It has been stated that on the night of October 31, 1981 Sirius Black did willingly and knowingly betray James and Lily Potter to the Dark Lord, breaking the Fidelius Charm around their home and allowing the Dark Lord entrance where upon the Dark Lord proceeded to use the Killing Curse upon both adult Potters."

Amelia Bones looked out over the court, taking in the faces of the crowd before looking back at the ruin of the man who had served as an Auror with her once long ago. "It has also been stated to the court that on that same night some short time later Sirius Black encountered Peter Pettigrew and chased him from Godric's Hollow into a muggle area, engaged in a violent and deadly magical duel, exposing the Wizarding World to the muggle world, and then preceded to murder Peter Pettigrew and to kill twelve muggle bystanders. As the surviving Muggle witnesses have already been Oblivated and there are no living Wizarding witnesses, this court will now hear testimony from Sirius Black as to the events of the night of October 31, 1981."

Amelia looked over to a red clad Auror standing off to the side, waving him forward. "Please bring forth the Veritaserum." Glaring down at him, she locked eyes with her former friend and schoolmate. Hoping to see into the depths of a man she had once thought she knew. "Sirius Black, do you agree to the use of Veritaserum during your questioning for the court?"

"I do." Sirius looked up at her. A bit of the bold strength of the man he had been filled his eyes as his gaze met hers.

The Auror stepped closer, opening the dark blue glass bottle, carefully lifting out the glass rod attached to the bottles stopper. Sirius tilted his head back and parted his sore, chapped lips, letting his tongue stretch out. The Auror dipped the rod over Sirius' tongue and carefully watched as three crystal clear drops were consumed. "It is done."

The courtroom waited with baited breath for the potion to go into effect, so they might hear what had happened on the frightful night so many years ago.

Finally his eyes glazed over and he slumped slightly forward in his seat. Getting a nod from Madam Bones, the Auror carefully help the prisoner back into an upright-seated position. Finally upright Sirius blinked blindly up at the members of the Wizengamot.

"Sirius Black, in you own words, tell the court what happened the night of October 31, 1981."

When Sirius opened his mouth and began to speak, no one, save perhaps Sirius himself, Dumbledore and a Ministry clerk standing at the back of the room, was prepare for the real truth of that night twelve years ago. Voices were raised, yelling could be heard all throughout the Ministry and those who had known the truth smiled vicious and victorious. Changes were coming to the Wizarding World and this was only the beginning.

- - - H50 - - - HP - - - H50 - - -

1 Week Later, McGarret House, Oahu, Hawaii

Steve set the box Severus gave him down on the dinning room table. Danny and Harry were beside him, watching curiously as Steve hesitated to open the box. Danny gave Steve a pointed look as the SEAL hesitated to open a simple wooden box. Steve stuck his tongue out at his partner and carefully reached for the box, flipping the lock at the front open and slowly lifting the lid.

"Wow." Steve blinked down at the rather deep (too deep considering the size of the box) inside. The box was lined with several deep compartments filled with glass, metal and stone jars and bottles, all carefully labeled in Severus scrawl.

Harry leaned over, looking in. "An expansion charm."

"What," asked Steve.

"The box, it has an internal expansion charm on it, like my trunk." Reaching in Harry pulled out one of the glass bottles. "Dreamless Sleep," Harry set the bottle down and reached for another. "Gillyweed," Harry murmured, looking at the jar filled with what looked like lake water and seaweed. Making a face at the jar, Harry carefully set it down and pulled out another filled with a thick orange paste. "Burn Healing Paste"

"Sounds handy," Danny replied as he took the bottle from Harry, turning it over in his hand. "Huh. Wonder how well it works?"

"I used some at school last year after Neville's cauldron exploded next to me. It's good stuff. Took away the pain and healed the burn in time for me to get to my next class before it was over."

"Alright, sounds like this Severus fellow brought some good stuff." Danny set the bottle down and pulled out another. "Shit." Danny very carefully set the metal bottle back in its carefully padded slot.

"What was that about, Danno," inquired Steve.

"It was labeled Exploding Fluid. He gave you explosives? Magical explosives!"

"Cool." Steve grinned and picked up the container. "I wonder how much damage it can do."

Danny snatched the bottle back, set it in the box and quickly closed the lid, latching the lock tight. "Don't even think about it, SuperSEAL."

"Aw, come on, Danno!"

"Don't 'Aw, Danno' me, Steven. You're not seven and there will be no gratuitous property damage today."

"What if I promise not to dump a suspect into the shark cage this week?"

"No deal." Turning on his heal, Danny stormed out of the room, Steve hot on his heels trying to wheel and deal the exploding fluid back from his cantankerous partner.

Harry stood there in the dinning room watching the two "adults" that made up the heart of his new family chase each other around as if they were the Twins. Shaking his head, Harry stepped away from the table to follow, only to pause at the sound of crinkling paper. Glancing down he noticed the folded up bit of parchment paper beneath his foot. It must have fallen out of the box when Danny grabbed it.

Picking it up, he recognized the sharp scrawl of the writing as belonging to his potions master, Professor Snape.

"It's a list," murmured Harry as he read through it. He recognized most of the potions as the standard healing supplies Madam Pomfrey had on hand. But here were others he didn't recognize, like the Gillyweed, Garroting Gas, Exploding Fluid and Felix Felicis. Fortunately the description next to each item on the list explained what the potion, ingredient, paste or fluid did. "Yeah, I think Danno's right. We really shouldn't let Steve have access to some of this while unsupervised. It would be sheer chaos."

Shoving the paper into his pocket Harry ran after the other two men, skidding around corners and dodging furniture as he finally caught up to them. Grinning madly, Harry leapt at Steve, tackling him at the knees and toppling them both to the floor. Steve let out a surprised 'Oof!' as they hit the ground.

Steve looked over his shoulder at his little cousin, who was still tightly clinging to his knees. "Traitor," he cried out in mock indignation.

Harry gave him the stink-eye, something he must have learned from Danny, and released Steve once Danny had saluted him and run off to another room. Harry smirked at his cousin as Hedwig, who had been quietly resting on the perch set up for her by the window over looking the backyard, let out a loud hoot and glared down at Steve for interrupting her mid-day nap. Steve groaned and looked pleadingly at Harry.

"You'll have to apologize to her yourself."

"Can't you do it," whined Steve.

"Nope" Harry smirked again as Steve pulled him into a hug which devolved into a tickle fight. "You angered the Great and Powerful Hedwig. Now you must face her wrath," Harry cried out between gales of laughter.

Hedwig gave a playful war cry and launched herself off her perch at Steve and Harry, dropping her water bowl over the top of them both before flying out of the room in the same direction Danny had gone.

Harry groaned at his owl's betrayal and wiggled out from Steve's arms. Steve just laid there smiling up at him as Harry tried to get his soaked clothes back in order. Huffing out an irritated breath Harry turned to go back into the front room only to pause. Blinking Harry turned back towards the desk by Hedwig's perch. For a moment he could have sworn he had seen a figure there, watching them. Shivering Harry rubbed his hands up his arms, telling himself the sudden Goosebumps were just because he was wet.

- - - H50 - - - HP - - - H50 - - -

2 Days Later, Five-0 HQ, Oahu; Hawaii

The building in front of him was large and imposing, in a strangely peaceful way. It wasn't at all like the Ministry buildings back in England even though it had obviously been designed to have the same classically regal feel to it. The stone was beautiful, clean, pale and golden and surrounded by greenery. There were large windows allowing a great amount of natural light to enter the building as well something very different from what he was used to seeing in England.

Licking his lips and smoothing down his shirtfront yet again, he decided he might as well go inside. He couldn't spend all day hanging out in the parking lot. The Muggle security teams might get a bit suspicious about him and he really didn't need that. Still, he wasn't feeling that comfortable approaching the building. He didn't belong here and based on the way the other people walking through the parking lot were looking at him, they could tell too. He knew he should have gone for the jeans and the loud Hawaiian shirt Dumbledore had given him. But no, he had decided to try and look respectable and had put on a navy blue pin-strip three-piece suit with a black shirt and bright blue silk tie.

Merlin, he stood out like a sore thumb.

"Lookin' for something?"

He spun around, his long black hair floating around his face as he stopped moving. He blinked at the sight of the skinny young woman standing before him. She was tall and thin as a whippet, her shoulder length hair teasing the edges of her tight tank top, drawing his gaze down the length of her body. Blushing wildly, he looked away, coughing into his hand before looking back at her.

"Yeah, I was told I could find Lt. Cmdr. McGarrett here."

One dark eyebrow arched up and the young woman cocked her hip at him, drawing his gaze to the badge at her hip and the gun holstered near it. "He should be inside."

"Thanks." He turned to go inside. Not sure he should. It would probably be better to wait until the evening when McGarrett wasn't working but he had been waiting so long for this moment and he could feel her gaze on him, sinking through him. He realized he couldn't turn back now. He had to go inside. He had to do this now.

- - - H50 - - - HP - - - H50 - - -

Kono watched the man glance down at her badge and gun before spinning around and walking towards the entrance. His posture had been loose, almost slumped for a moment. Then he had seemed to shake himself, his shoulders squared off, head held high. It was like he was marching to his death.

Tilting her head she watched him a moment longer. She couldn't see the outline of a gun or blade on him anywhere but that didn't mean he wasn't dangerous. There was something almost feral about him. And his eyes! Kono licked her lips. He had the bluest eye she had ever seen but their brightness seemed dimed by shadows. Something she had seen in the Boss man's eyes before. As if he had seen horrors you couldn't imagine and had barley survived to tell the tale. He was a man walking the edge of sanity and it sent shivers up her spine. Fear. Anticipation. Desire.

Yeah, there was desire there too. How could there not be? He was a tall drink of water with an ass so round and pert it could almost match Danny's, but with the tall lean build that Steve sported. And all that long black hair, sleek and dark as the night sky, framing an almost too pale face… He was like some kind of walking wet dream, even if he was over dressed.


She found Danny in a suit hot but amusing. This man in a suit that was twice as formal as anything Danny wore outside a funeral, was cut to accentuate the length and shape of the mans body, only served to make her pulse beat faster in her chest, rising the level of anticipation until she was practically vibrating in place. So not good, not when he could be an enemy.

Taking a second to get back in control, Kono carefully followed the man inside, watching him stop at the security scanner. He seemed almost confused by the metal detector the guard was standing by. The guard was giving him a confused look as well, as if he found tall dark and broody man familiar but couldn't place him. Nodding at the guard, Kono silently indicated to him to let the stranger pass. The guard nodded at her and directed the man through the metal detector, which remained silent as he walked through.

Kono watched as the guard and tall dark and broody talked for a moment, the guard pointing him down the hall towards the Five-0 offices. Kono waited for him to go around the corner before stepping through the security line to talk with the guard. Hopefully he noticed something, or could remember whatever it was that he had recognized about the man.

- - - H50 - - - HP - - - H50 - - -

Harry released Danny from his "Good Morning" hug and trotted over to Steve's office. He wanted to talk to his cousin and see when Danny was going to move in, because it's been long enough. Harry was all settled in and they should understand by now that he cared for them both and wasn't going to hate them for loving each other. So really, they should just stop playing "friends" and go back to being a couple again. They didn't hide their attraction very well, even Ron would have noticed and that said something.

Besides, if they stopped pretending they weren't just work partners then Danny could save his money and not have to stay in the little rat-trap apartment he was using now. Plus that meant that Grace would get to spend her Danno Weekends with them. Maybe together they could get her Dad into the water or on a board with them. Kono had already told them both that she was giving Danny some surfing lessons on the non-Grace weekends, so that he could surf with Gracie. Harry wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible with his new family. And if he had to be a bit Slytherin to get that time together then he would let that cunning little bit of himself out.

Steve was in his office as Harry knew he would be, but what Harry hadn't expected was to find his cousin sprawled across the leather sofa reading a heavy looking book. Upon closer inspection Harry realized Steve was reading the HPD handbook. The one Danny had showed him weeks ago, that had all of Hawaii's laws written down, along with their police call number. As far as Harry knew Steve didn't even own a copy of the book. So where could he have gotten it and why was he reading it when Danno was always complaining that Steve never paid attention to the law?

Steve must have recognized the look of confusion on Harry's face and the source of the confusion, because he gave a soft laugh and waved Harry over to him. Harry gingerly sat on the edge of the sofa by Steve's hip only to be pulled down, almost a top his cousin, their sides pressed against each other and Harry's head carefully pressed down against Steve's shoulder.

"What's with the look, Harr-bear? Didn't think I could read?"

Harry snorted. "Maybe, I mean Danno does all the paperwork."

"Ouch," Steve replied jokingly, clutching at his heart.

Harry smiled and wiggled closer to Steve, sighing softly. He loved it here. He had never understood what he was missing, not really. Even after meeting Ron's family and being so eagerly welcomed into the fold had he felt so safe, happy and part of something bigger than himself. "Thank you."

Steve glanced down at him, obviously confused by the sudden shy thanks. "What for?"

"For letting me be part of your Ohana."

"There was never any question that you wouldn't be part of it, Harry." Steve pressed a kiss to Harry's forehead just as his Mother used to do to him, just as he had seen Danny do to Grace. "You are family. Always No matter what."

Harry blinked back tears and looked away from Steve to the book he was holding. He hated crying. Uncle Vernon had always teased him and called him a weak hearted girl when he cried. "Why're you reading that?"

Steve pretended not to see Harry's tears, letting him change the subject to something less emotional. "I have to read it."


Steve smirked, eyes twinkling dangerously. "So I know what rules I can break and get away with Danno only getting frustrated and ranting, rather than him shooting off my kneecaps." Steve's smirk widened. "You have to admit its fun to rile him up."

Harry looked at his cousin like he was mad. It was one thing to tease Danny, but messing with him through police procedure was just crazy. "Sure, uh, right I'm sure that sounds reasonable and believable."

"Of course it is! Almost as much fun as surfing" Steve chuckled, pretended not to notice Harry rolling his eyes at him, and went back to reading as Harry relaxed again into his side. Things went on like that for almost twenty minutes before Steve heard the main office doors open. He ignored it though thinking it was Kono finally arriving after her morning surf. Instead he froze as a voice that he knew he should recognize started talking to Danny.

Glancing down at Harry, who had drifted off to sleep at some point, Steve then looked up to the glass wall of his office, catching sight of Danny's back. The shirt was pulled tight across the expanse of his shoulders and back, showing Steve that whatever was going on had Danny on the edge of his protective Mama Bear mode. He didn't appear frightened or angered, just protective. So whoever it was out there wasn't a threat to their lives. It was a social threat maybe? Steve wasn't sure how to read this posture on his partner. It was similar to when Grace and Harry were at the football game when the shooting went down, but it wasn't quite the wild fear for the health and safety of the kids. It was more like when he was scared Rachel was going to take away his rights to see Grace.

Sitting up suddenly, Steve nearly knocked Harry to the floor. For a moment he ignored Harry's complaint at the treatment, his whole focus on Danny and the possibility the man he was talking to was Rachel's lawyer. That she had finally succeeded in taking away Danny's rights to see his daughter.

"Stay here," he ordered Harry.

Harry grumbled under his breath but did as told. Steve gave him a quick ruffle to his already messy hair before stalking out of his office and over to his partner. Over Danny's shoulder he could see Kono walking in, her gaze on the stranger. She stopped near the entrance, nodded at Steve and waited to see what would be needed.

"You okay, Danny," Steve asked, setting his hand on his partner's stiff shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Danny glanced up at Steve. "This is Harry's godfather, Sirius Black."

Steve blinked, startled at that. He knew the trial was being held to prove that Sirius was innocent, but he hadn't thought the British Magical Government would just let Sirius wander off while the trial was being held. Looking Sirius over, Steve was surprised at what he saw. This was clearly the same man who had been James best man at the wedding, but he looked so different. Gone was the cheerful, mischievous light in his blue eyes, he looked tired and haggard and maybe even a little bit starved. As if he had spent years eating only half the amount of food he should have.

"You look like shit, Sirius."

Sirius turned to Steve and let out a little bark of laughter. "Thanks."

"Why are you here? I thought Dumbledore had the trial set for you to prove your innocence?"

Sirius gave Steve a blindly bright smile, light shinning for a brief moment in the haunted blue eyes. "He did the trials already over."

"Really," Steve and Danny said in unison.

Sirius glanced between them, his gaze lingering on Steve's hand, still proprietarily gripping Danny's shoulder, their bodies nearly touching they stood so close together. "How long have you two been together?"

"Jesus, Fuck." Danny threw his hands up in the air and glared at Steve. "This is all your fault. Everyone on this pineapple infested hellhole keeps thinking we are married or fucking each other! What do you go about spreading rumors in between blowing up property around the island?"

"Your partner seems to have lost the plot1," Sirius said with a smirk.

"Yeah" Steve smirked at Danny who was still shaking his fists at the air and complaining. "So, since you're here I'm guessing things turned out alright for you?"

"Yeah, Professor Dumbledore says I have Danny and you to thank for that. You two found out I never had a trial."

"Sorry it didn't happen sooner. No one even told me Lily and James were killed, let alone that they had charged you with the crime."

"The whole thing was balls up.2 Wormtail had me done up like a kipper3 and I'll tell you I almost went mad when the Aurors told me I was going to Azkaban for killing James and Lily."

"I can imagine."

Behind them Danny had calmed down and wandered into Steve's office where Harry had stood up and moved closer to the door, watching them. Danny carefully guided Harry back into the office, giving Steve a look, before closing the door. Steve understood well enough. He needed to talk with Sirius to find out what was going on and how sane the man was after being imprisoned in a place where the guards were essentially demons who fed on human emotions and souls.

"Why don't we go get something to drink and a plate breakfast," asked Steve.

Sirius was gazing longingly at where Danny and Harry had been. "I was hoping…I mean…He's here. I just, uh, I want to see him," pleaded Sirius.

Steve nodded and placed the flat of his hand on Sirius' arm, turning him slowly back towards Kono and the door. "You will. Let Danny explain things to him while we get something to eat. You look ready to faint from hunger and you don't want to do that in front of Harry."

Sirius' shoulders slumped a bit and he twisted so that he could look past Steve to the glass office where Harry and Danny were sitting on Steve's sofa, Danny's arm over Harry's shoulders. "Yeah, Okay," he whispered, turning and letting Steve guide him out of the room. Kono gave him a kind smile as they passed by causing Sirius to blush as he realized he must having been talking to one of the members of this Five-0 task force Remus had told him Steve led. He still wasn't sure what Five-0 really was but he was given the idea that it was something like a cross between The Order and the Aurors, and worked directly under the authority of the Hawaiian Governor. It sounded like something James and he would have tried to become part of, not that Lily would have let him. She had always been so worried about James when he was on duty as an Auror, and with the way things were in the Wizarding World at that time, he couldn't blame her. Looking back on it there were a lot of times when they should have listened to her but didn't out of sheer stupid male pride.

"Is it dangerous," asked Sirius. "Working in Five-0?"

"No worse than when I was an active Navy SEAL. Yeah people shoot at us just 'bout everyday. Yeah we get hurt and make plenty of powerful enemies, but I don't think I could stand to look in the mirror if I didn't try. I need to do this. Not just because it's all I know how to do, but for my Father's memory, and for my team and for Harry and Grace. I need to make the island a safe place for them."


"Danny's daughter, she's nine." Steve smiled. "You'll like her. She's sweet as toffee and just adores Harry. Danny thinks they adopted each other as siblings. Harry certainly has gotten that big brother protective streak for her already."


Steve slapped Sirius lightly on the back, not surprised it pushed the man forward a few steps. Sirius really did need to get some food in him, and maybe visit a doctor as well. He looked like a man held captive and tortured for too long, a true POW.

- - - H50 - - - HP - - - H50 - - -

Back at Five-0 HQ

Harry watched Steve lead the stranger out of the office with gentle hand. "Who's that," Harry asked Danny.

"That," said Danny, waving one large hand at the retreating backs of the two dark haired men, "That is your godfather, Sirius Black."

"My godfather?"

"Yeah" Danny sat down next to Harry, pulling him into a one armed hug. "It's a long story, but he was put in prison back in England by the Magical government."

"He was in prison," Harry asked, concerned.

"He was innocent, Harry. They arrested him and put him in a magical prison called Azkaban for years without ever giving him a trial."

"What? How could they…" Harry shook his head. "I don't understand."

"Someone in power at the time of his arrest was corrupt. They made sure the real killer, a follower of that Voldemort fellow, escaped. They didn't know Voldemort had already been killed, but once they did they used the confusion to have the man who was to protect you after your parents' death, put away in the hope that it would leave you vulnerable and they could kill you."

Harry blanched, clutching his hands together and looking down at the floor. "I don't…I don't know what this means."

"It doesn't have to mean anything if you don't want it to, Harry."

"But why is he here?"

"He finally got a trial and was proven innocent and once free he wanted to come see you. Is that so surprising, babe? I know I'd wanna go see Grace first thing."

"Yeah, but you're her Dad."

"And he's your godfather." Danny squeezed Harry's shoulder. "Give him a chance to know you like you did with Steve and the rest of us. That's all he wants."

"Okay." Harry curled into Danny for a while and just rested. When he had come into the office with Steve this morning all he thought was they were going to be here a couple hours while the team finished up their paperwork and then they could all go fishing and then head back home for the barbeque Steve had promised. A long lost godfather was never a factor he had considered when he had thought about what they'd do today. This changed things.

"Hey, Danno?"

"Yeah, magic-man?"

"Does this mean the barbeque is off tonight?"

- - - H50 - - - HP - - - H50 - - -

A Couple Hours Later, Hawaii Kai Beach, Oahu

Harry sat at the wooden pick-nick table just up from the sand and surf of the public beach. Kono was seated next to him, playing with his hair as she carefully watched Sirius shuffle around off to the left of them, hesitating on approaching. Steve and Chin had already stripped down to their board shorts and were in the process of getting all of the fishing equipment ready. Danny was watching them and ranting about how they were "most certainly NOT taking Harry spear fishing, they could do fishing the right way and sit in the sand or on a boat and cast out a line with a good old fashioned rod and reel." The other two men were of course ignoring him, because they knew, as did Kono, that Danny was ranting only as a distraction. He was trying to keep Steve focused on something other than Sirius and Harry getting to know one another. They were trying to keep their Boss, their friend, from going down that 'dark winding path in his brain that led to bad things,' as Danny would say. They didn't need Steve thinking he was going to lose another family member and going off the deep end.

Still, Kono was happy for Harry. He had Steve who could, and did, tell him all about his mother. But up till now Harry had no one who could, or did, tell him anything about his father. And despite Steve and Snape mumbling about how much of a bully James Potter had been in school, neither was really willing to say much about the man to Harry. On Steve's part that was likely because everything else he knew was based on the letters Lily had sent him while she was at Hogwarts, plus he had only meet the man twice, the first time at his wedding to Lily and again shortly after Harry's birth. And Snape, as one of the kids bullied by James Potter, was holding his tongue about his memories of James in honor of the love and friendship he shared with Harry's mom. Other than those two, up till now all Harry had gotten was a photo album from his schools groundskeeper, Hagrid, and a handful of comments about how he looked just like his father. But now there was someone here who knew both of Harry's parents. A man who had been locked away for over ten years because of his love for Harry and his need for retribution, for vengeance in the names of James and Lily Potter. Kono hoped Sirius was up to the task.

Harry, who had been watching Danny yelling at Steve and Chin, had at some point turned to watch her watching Sirius. Blushing lightly, Kono ruffled his hair making Harry let out an irritated huff, pushing her hands away to try and flatten his hair back down. It didn't work of course. Harry's hair seemed to have a mind of its own. It always looked as if he was in a windstorm, wisps of black going everywhere, floating about his head as if there was a perpetual breeze ruffling the dark locks. Sirius' hair was much less wild. Just as dark a black but with a blue shine, it flowed down his back in long gentle waves. Air and water, that's what the two reminded her of, Harry with his floating, wind blown hair and Sirius with the long smooth locks that floated about like gently lapping waves. It was so not fair. Why was it that the guys she knew were all so beautiful? It wasn't fair that these two had such striking eyes and hair that made any woman who saw them jealous.

Shaking her head, Kono banished the thoughts. She couldn't let her mind wander right now. She had to make sure this meeting between Harry and Sirius went alright. Harry needed his Godfather and it was very obvious that Sirius needed Harry just as badly. Looking at Sirius over Harry's shoulder she gave the man a pointed look, forcing him to stop pacing. Nervously licking at his lips he cautiously approached.


Harry nervously tugged at the edges of his shirt. "Hi."

Kono sighed. "Would you two just talk to each other? This is painful to watch."

The two Brits turned to look at her, startled.

"Oh, for…I'm gonna go set up the barbeque. By the time I have the fire going I want to see the two of you sitting here and talking. Not staring off in different directions. Got it?"

Both Brits nodded eyes wide.

"Good." Kono stood up, pushed Sirius down onto the bench and then stomped off to the barbeque that was set up a few feet away from the table.

"She's a pushy one," muttered Sirius.

"Yeah, and she can shoot a sniper riffle too and she's absolutely brill on a surfboard."

"What's a sniper riffle?"

"It's a Muggle weapon. You know what a gun is, right," asked Harry.

"Yeah I've seen one before when I did Auror training with your Dad. They taught us about common Muggle weapons. But I don't remember anything called a sniper riffle."

"What's an Auror?"

Sirius smiled, the dull light of his eyes sparking, warmth beginning to fill the blue depths. "An Auror is like a Muggle Copper. They track down and arrest Wizards and Witches breaking the laws and even in some cases used like the Muggle Military to hunt down and either capture or kill Dark Lords and their supporters."

"And that's what my Dad did," Harry asked in a small voice, as if afraid of the answer.

"Yeah, Yeah, he was a bloody good Auror too. Could have been the next Mad-eye if things hadn't turned out as they did."

Harry giggled a little. "I don't know if I'd want Mad-eye for a Dad. He's kind of creepy and maybe a bit lolo too."

"Lolo," Sirius asked confused.

"It's Hawaiian. It means 'crazy'."

"Ah." Sirius nodded and glanced over at Steve and Chin who were running down to the water, spears in hand while Danny chased after them, yelling in his thick east coast accent. "That sounds about right for the Mad-eye I knew. How do you know him?"

"He comes to teach me DADA some days. Professor Lupin has once so far, but I guess Dumbledore is going to ask him to come by a bit more often, didn't say why though."

"Remus is a great guy. He'll be a better teacher than Mad-eye will. Remus is much more patient and he can teach you some cool magical pranks." Sirius smirked, eyes twinkling in a way Harry had only ever seen Dumbledore's do.

"Do you know Professor Lupin?"

"I do. He was one of your Father's and my best friends while we were at Hogwarts."


"Yup" Sirius smiled widely and scooted closer to Harry. "The stories I could tell you about the Marauders…" Sirius chuckled. "That's what we called ourselves, your Dad, Remus and I. We pulled a lot of pranks, although not all of them were probably the nicest things to do. We used to pull all kinds of pranks on Snivillus –"



"Why'd you pull pranks on him?"

"He was in Sytherin, we were all Gryffindors and there was a rumor when we were firsties that he knew more curses than the seventh years."

"So if he knew so many curses why would you pick him to prank? Wouldn't that just make you targets?"

"Yeah, yeah it would. And it certainly did. Snape doesn't pull any punches and he gave as good as he ever got. But he was also you're Mom's best friend and your Dad had a crush on her from the moment they first met. I think he saw Snape as a rival, one that wasn't worthy of Lily."

"Why wouldn't he be worthy? He's brilliant with potions and defense spells. He was one of the teachers in charge of the Dueling Club last year too."

"I suppose he was pretty good with potions. Best in our grade, which used to tick off some of the other Sytherin's and it certainly pissed off the Ravenclaws. He was also poor though and I think he's a half blood. Then there is also the fact that he certainly wasn't a good looking kid. His nose was too big for his face, he was all pale and his arms and legs just seemed a tad too long. Though I suppose he grew into them in the end. And his cloths were always a bit too big and faded as if they had been bought second hand or been passed down from someone else who wore them for years."

Harry looked down at the table suddenly uncomfortable. He couldn't help but think his Dad wouldn't have liked him any better than he liked Professor Snape. Until this summer all his clothes, except his school uniform, had been Dudley's hand-me-downs. He had those horrible coke-bottle glasses and was the shortest boy in his year. Some of the Sytherin's even teased him that he was shorter than the girls, so that must mean he was a girl. That had been enough to give the feeling they had the right to take every opportunity to call him Harriet Potter. It looked like maybe Professor Snape and he had a lot more in common than Harry had ever realized. He supposed he understood why Snape seemed to hate him so much. If Harry was faced with someone who looked just like the kid who had spent seven years bullying him, he probably would hate the kid as well.

"Harry," Sirius asked, worried.

"My Dad was a bully."

Sirius winced. "I suppose you could see it that way. Lily certainly did."

"Then why would she marry him. How could she marry someone who treated her best friend that way?"

Sirius sighed and looked down at his hands. "I could say that we were kids and we didn't understand what we were doing, but that would just be an excuse. There really isn't anything I can say to you or to Snape that would make up for the way we treated him. I can only hope that you might be willing to listen and accept that none of us were prefect, and Harry you have to believe your father tried to make it up to Snape. He tried to become a better person. He tried to apologize to Snape but by that point there was no way to put things right between us. Snape and your Mother had stopped being friends once he realized that she was falling for your father. He never believed James had changed, that he was ashamed by the way we had treated Snape, so he couldn't understand how your Mother could choose James over him."

"I don't understand either. He doesn't sound like he was really a good guy."

"I suppose it does seem that way, but he really did change." Sirius licked his lips and debated telling Harry about the incident that actually forced James Potter and the rest of them to grow up. If he told then Harry would know the most shameful moment of his life and he would risk losing any chance to know his Godson. Rubbing at his eyes he realized he had to tell Harry. It wasn't fair of him not to be honest, not when Dumbledore had made sure he understood why Harry was living here.

"He changed for the better before I did. I suppose I was so focused on not being Sytherin like the rest of my family that I was making myself hate everything and everyone that had any tie to Sytherin House or what I thought Sytherin House was, and Snape was an easy target for all my pent up emotions. It came to a head when we were fifteen. I did something that could have caused a lot of pain for Snape and for people I cared about, people I love like brothers. I did something that could have gotten us all killed or sent to Azkaban because I hated being born from a Dark family, from a family that hated Muggles, who expected me to be the person they wanted, to be a Sytherin like the rest of them. Because of that I told Snape a secret that not even James or I was supposed to know, a secret that led me to luring Snape outside the castle on the night of a full moon. I-"

Sirius and Harry froze looking up at the sky as the air around the park suddenly dropped. Sirius looked over at Harry and realized he could see Harry's breath coming out in little puffs. A sense of dread crept up his spine as the feeling of failure and grief, the sensation that he could never be happy again began to creep up on him, digging into his chest like the talons of some dangerous primeval creature. His voice came out like a sharp doggy whine as he grabbed Harry and ran towards Kono. He had to get them out of here. He had to get them all to safety. Yelling at Danny, Sirius tried to force them all to run towards the cover of the trees and the cars parked nearby. Steve and Chin should be safe as long as they remained underwater. He had to get the rest of them into the cars out of the reach of the Dementors.

"What's going on," yelled Danny.

"Dementors," Sirius yelled back.

"What! I thought you said the trial was over and you'd been cleared!"

"I was!"

"Then why are those demon prison guards here," Danny helped Sirius shove Harry into the back seat of the Camero, Kono diving in from the other side.

"I don't know! They shouldn't be here." Sirius dove into the passenger side slamming the door shut just as a Dementor swooped down out of the sky, which had turned into a cloudy gray mess as if a massive storm had come out of nowhere. "Obviously we didn't find all of Voldemort's people in the Ministry. Only a Ministry official, one high up, could order the Dementors to leave Azkaban."

"Shit." Danny looked out through the windows, jerking back as the window suddenly iced over. "So where are these things?"

"Right outside," Sirius replied. "You won't be able to see them since you aren't a Wizard."

"Danny," Kono cried from the backseat.

Sirius and Danny twisted in their seats, looking into the back of the car where Kono was clutching a very pale, very unconscious Harry.

"What happened," Danny asked, suddenly very worried they didn't get Harry out of the Dementors grasp in time.

"Shit," Sirius leaned over the chair, grabbing Harry's arm and checking his pulse. "He's unharmed, just passed out. The presence of the Dementor's is just affecting him more than it is the rest of us."

Sirius glanced at the two Muggles, surprised and pleased at the amount of worry he saw on their faces as they looked at his Godson. He was glade that Harry had been brought to people that obviously loved him. Licking his lips he watched Danny squeeze Harry's free hand as Kono ran her fingers through his hair. Turning back to the front of the car, Sirius looked at the ice that was growing thicker over the glass. Soon enough the glass would shatter and they would all be in danger. He couldn't let that happen. He couldn't let those monsters get close enough to hurt Harry.

Grabbing the door handle Sirius pressed his weight against the door, cracking the ice enough to force the door to open wide enough for him to squeeze out. He shivered as the crippling effect of the Dementors presence grew stronger.

"What are you doing," demanded Danny, grabbing his arm and forcing Sirius top pause halfway out the door.

"I'm going to drive them off."

"Are you insane? I thought these things ate souls! You must be an idiot! I am not letting you get out of this car, Sirius Black."

"You have to. If I don't get out then our time alive is limited. They aren't going to leave." Sirius turned to look at Danny, his expression just as determined as Steve's ever was.

"God damn, Aneurism face," bemoaned Danny.

"Please, Danny. I have to protect Harry."

"What happens when those things kill you? Huh? What then?"

"They won't. I can protect myself." Sirius held up his wand. "Trust me."

Danny cursed but released Sirius' arm.

"Thank you." Sirius vanished through the car door, closing it solidly behind him. There were already a few people lying in the grass, either passed out or killed. Sirius couldn't spare a moment to check. There were just too many Dementors circling above them and Chin and Steve would have to come up out of the water soon, if they hadn't already.

Raising his wand, Sirius closed his eyes and pictured the moment that James had told him he was to be a Godfather as he had held Harry in his arms for the first time. Warmth blossomed in his chest, a smiled spread across his face and his arm rose. "Expecto Patronum!"

A silvery mist exploded out from the tip of his wand, shifting and dancing through the air into the ghostly, glowing form of stag. The stag reared up on its hind legs before charging the closest Dementor, chasing the monstrous shade back into the cloudy sky. The stag ran swiftly through the air chasing off one Dementor after another.

Sirius gasped, feeling the world grow cold, gray closing in around his vision as one of the monsters dropped down behind him, reaching out to grasp his shoulder with a cold, clammy, corpse-like hand. The patronus flickered for a moment as the sight of James' dead body, broken and bloody on the floor of his house swept over the happy memories of a giggling baby Harry.

His knees felt wet, heavy, his head felt too heavy as he looked down. He was kneeling on the grass. Why was he kneeling? The Dementor's hand was there again, touching him, lifting his drooping head up as it's faceless head leaned down, the jaw gapping black hole of it's mouth stretching wide as it leaned closer and closer. It's foul breath leaving a kiss of frost against Sirius' face. The screams in his head got louder and louder as the cold crept closer and closer, deeper into his bones.

As suddenly as it appeared the Dementor lurched back with a high pitches shriek of alarm as the glowing forms of a lynx and a doe jumped at it, forcing it further and further away from Sirius. The flickering form of Sirius' stag joined it, chasing the Dementor away.

Gasping, Sirius collapsed into the grass, chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath, his lungs feeling heavy with the frosty touch of death. He couldn't stop shaking. Someone was touching him though, squeezing his shoulder. Another set of hands were gripping under his arms, lifting him to his feet. Standing on shaky legs Sirius finally caught his breath and looked to his side where the tall, well-dressed form of Kingsley Shacklebolt was standing next to Steve and Snape. Sirius blinked at them for a moment, confused at the presence of the other two Wizards. They were saying something, but Sirius couldn't quite make it out over the sound of his heart beating wildly in his chest.

Kingsley gave him a long look before pulling out a large chocolate bar, snapping off a chunk and handing it to him. Sirius ate it without hesitation, knowing full well it was the best thing that Kingsley could offer him. Steve had already gone to the car, pulling out Danny, Kono and a still unconscious Harry, while Chin and Snape went about checking on the bodies of the other patrons of the park. Sirius tried not to watch the two dark haired men as they went about checking over the bodies of men, women and even some small children. He already knew the likelihood that any of them were still alive was very small. The Dementors had come here to feed. Not just on the emotions of the people but on their souls. Someone had released them from their bindings and allowed them to come here, far out of the Ministries boundaries, to kill innocents as long as it meant getting him and Harry. Horror hung heavy in his chest and Sirius couldn't help but vow that he would make them pay. He wasn't going to let this moment be swept under the rug. Whoever had freed them would find justice at the end of his wand.

Sighing in relief at the sight of Harry safely tucked into Steve's arms, Sirius relaxed into the familiar shape of Padfoot. The bit of his mind paying attention smirked with amusement at the sight of Danny and Kono's shocked expressions at his body's sudden transformation into a very large black dog. If they had known more about magic they may have realized that he was in essence a Grim, A species of dog only found, and rarely at that, in the Wizarding World. The Grim was seen as a specter of Death, even now, a fitting shape for the head of the House of Black.

- - - H50 - - - HP - - - H50 - - -

McGarrett House, Oahu

Steve thought they made an odd procession. Two Wizards, Chin with his shotgun held high, Kono watching everything with a suspicious eye, Danny wearily trudging along with a tired black dog at his side and Steve carrying Harry. His neighbors, if they are watching, must think him even crazier than ever. Once they got inside Steve knew he needed to ask some serious questions but at the same time he was just so tired. He would get his answers quickly then, and tell the Wizards to bugger off so he could curl up in his bed and sleep for the next twelve hours.

Danny and the other members of Five-0, along with the two Wizards, moved into the living room, dropping tiredly into the seats available. Heading up the stairs as quickly as possible, Steve made his way to the back of the upper level, where Harry's bedroom was located. Sirius, still in canine form tromped up the stairs after Steve, following him into what had been Steve's childhood room and was now Harry's room. Standing near the bed, Sirius watched as Steve carefully laid Harry down on the bed, pulling off his trainers. Steve walked over to the closet to grab out an old knitted throw blanket his Mother had made. When he turned around he found Sirius, still in his canine shape, curled up on the bed alongside Harry. Rolling his eyes, Steve draped the blanket over Harry.

"You can stay up here if you want."

Sirius' tail thumped the bed happily as Steve nodded and stepped out of the room, heading back downstairs. Stopping at the base of the stairs, Steve looked out over the living room and the people sitting within it. They were talking to one another, the black Wizard explaining that Madam Bones had sent him to speak with Sirius, to offer to reinstate him as an Auror and as no one knew where Sirius had gone except for Dumbledore (and apparently Snape), he had picked up Snape to make sure he got to the right place.

Steve slumped into the couch next to Danny and just listened as everyone talked quietly about what had happened, what to do next and, of course, about how Harry was doing. At some point in the evening Steve and Chin got up and cooked up some of the steaks left in the fridge, while Kono ran out to get some other groceries. Beer was retrieved and chilled when she returned with everything needed to make a mac and potato salad. The atmosphere relaxed further and a short time later a sleepy looking Harry came downstairs followed by an again human Sirius. Plates for them were quickly dished up so that they could head out to the lanai to sit with everyone else as they ate.

"Glad to see you are both up and able," Kingsley said with a smile. "There's more chocolate available for both of you in the kitchen if you need it."

"Thanks," Sirius said shoving a forkful of potato salad in his mouth. "Oh Merlin, This is good."

Kono chuckled and smirked at him. "It's a secret family recipe."

"If you'd make this once a week I would marry you and make you Lady Kono Black of the Most Ancient and Nobel House of Black."

Kono's smirk widened even further. "I'll keep it in mind, Lolo 'ilio4."

Chin gave Sirius the stink eye while Steve just chuckled. Danny, sitting next to Steve, just continued to watch Harry, making sure he ate a little of everything. The night continued, filled with warm talk of things past and plans for the future. Kingsley promised to make sure Madam Bones and Headmaster Dumbledore were made aware of the Dementor attack, and Sirius promised he would stay to teach Harry how to cast a Patronus in case they ever came back. And if Steve pulled Sirius aside and told him he was welcome to stay for as long as he liked, well Snape was willing to ignore it,after all Black had been willing to die to protect Lily's son.

AN: In case you wondered what was in the box Severus gave them here is the full list of the contents…

2 Jars of Gillyweed

8 Bottles of Blood Replenisher

4 Bottles of Fever Reducer

8 Jars of Bruise Balm

4 Bottles of Calming Draught

1 Jar of Concentration Capsules

2 Bottles of Confusing Concoction

2 Jars of Polyjuice Potion

8 Jars of Burn Healing Paste

1 Large Bottle of Skele-gro

2 Bottles of Draught of Living Death

8 Bottles of Pepper Up

2 Bottles of Draught of Peace

4 Jars of Exploding Fluid

1 Small Bottle of Felix Felicis

2 Bottles of Fire Protection Potion

4 Jars of Garroting Gas

4 Bottles of Dreamless Sleep Potion

8 Bottles of Wound Cleaning Potion

2 Large Bottles of Antidote to Common Poisons

1 Large Jar of Bezoars

1 Vial of Phoenix Tears

1 Vial Basilisk Venom

1 Box of Banshee Bombs

1 Jar of Petrifying Powder

1 Steel, Silver-Plated Dagger w/Basilisk venom coating

Lily's Childhood Diary

A Framed Photo of Lily and Severus' first day at Hogwarts

A Framed picture of Lily holding baby Harry

A Framed picture of a teenaged Lily, Steve and Severus on the beach

Snape's old Potions and DADA Books (filled with helpful notes)

1 Lost the plot – British slang for "Gone Crazy"

2 Balls Up – British slang for "A bungled or messed up situation"

3 Done Up Like A Kipper – British slang for someone who has been "beaten up" or "framed"

4 Lolo 'ilio – Hawaiian for "crazy dog"