Timeline Info: Chapter 13 takes place just before episode 1.11

Chapter 13: Ke 'Aelike

Coroners Office, Honolulu; Oahu

The group of people currently standing in the coroner's office was not the kind of people you would expect to find there on a Sunday morning. Lt. Cmdr. Steve McGarrett and Detective Danny Williams were regulars at the coroner's office but the two older men, the middle aged woman and the tall black man were not people that Dr. Max Bergman had met before. They were most unusual fellows. One of the older men looked as if he was in his 90s, with a long white beard braided at the ends and wearing the loudest Hawaiian shirt Max had ever seen. The other older gentleman was obviously a native Hawaiian and based on his current clothes Max guessed he was a Kahuna of some sort. The older woman and the dark skinned man looked more normal and if he had to guess Max would state that they were likely Police Officers of some sort, though obviously not local. Both spoke with a strong English accent. The woman herself was tall and lean with a broad, square-jawed face and very short gray hair. She looked like a woman not to be trifled with. The dark skinned man was also tall, though he towered over the woman. He was close to 7 feet in height with a bald head and a golden hoop earing that made Max think of pirates strangely enough. He seemed to be serious as well, though more prone to a warm smile based on the wrinkles he had around his mouth. Both he and the woman were dressed almost too professionally in their suites. They stood out, though not as much so as the man with the long beard.

"Thanks for this, Max," Danny said as Steve led the four other people into the other room where the bodies of the victims from the park were laid out.

"Of course." Max looked away from where the woman was lifting the sheet off one of the victims, a look of anger flashing briefly across her stern features. "If I may ask, who are these people and why are they being given access to the bodies?"

"It's classified, but there is a possibility that these deaths tie into a case of theirs back in the UK."

"Ah." Max nodded and went back to typing up his paperwork.

"Did you find anything," Danny inquired.

"No. It is most curious. There appears to be no cause of death. All of the victims appeared to be healthy and I found no outside cause of death."


"Still processing, I shall send you the results when they come in but I am doubtful that poison of some sort was the cause of death. There would have been some physical sign of most poisons that could cause such a quick death. The victims all perished within minutes of each other."

"Freaky," murmured Danny, thinking back to that day. Danny shivered as he remembered that cold seeping into his bones, settling somewhere in his soul, leaving him to feel as if he could never be happy again. Freaky was an understatement.

"Indeed." Max nodded and looked back to where Steve and the others where standing over one of the victims. They appeared to be talking quite heatedly, though Max could not hear them. Something else that was rather odd as sound traveled quiet well from the autopsy room to his little office. He should've been able to hear them, but he could not. In fact he could hear absolutely nothing from that room, most curious.

"I heard that Commander McGarrett's cousin was there at the time of the deaths?"

"Yeah. All of us were, actually." Danny nodded, watching the others talk. The woman, Madam Bones, was standing very rigid, her posture getting sharper by the minute. Auror Shacklebolt looked displeased as well, though not nearly as close to a true rage as his fellow Wizard. Or was it Witch since she was female? Professor Dumbledore still had that slightly manic look about his eyes, but Danny was sure it was only a defense to hide what he was truly feeling. You didn't let children see when you were going to break down under any emotion and the man had been teaching children for longer than Danny had been alive. So, it was probably an unconscious action for the man at this point.

"That must have been most distressing. Is he alright?"

Danny smiled a little sadly and glanced back to Max. "He's unhurt but seeing all those people die…and so close to when the house was attacked…I don't know. He'll probably have nightmares for a while. It wouldn't surprise me even a little."

Max nodded again. "I could recommend a good therapist if needed."

Danny snorted. "Honestly, I think Steve needs a therapist more than his cousin. Harry seems to be able to cope surprisingly well and in a fairly healthy way. He's willing to talk to us at least, which is more than I can say for Steve. I think we'll be okay for now."

"Very well."

"Though, I would take that list just incase. Maybe we can get SuperSEAL over there to accept that he needs professional assistance with his mammal to mammal communication."

Max looked up at Danny confused before glancing back to the other room and mouthing 'mammal to mammal' with a confused expression.

A moment later Steve led the rest of the group back where Danny was sitting. Steve gave Danny that look again, aneurism face as Danny was wont to call it. Obviously things were worse than they had thought.

Max pulled out a print off sheet containing all the therapists' names from his desk drawer and handed it to Danny. Looking over the group that had left the autopsy room, he still felt that bubble of curiosity arise, wondering what they knew about the deaths that he did not.

"Thanks for letting us stop by, Max." Steve gave Max a grim smile.

"Were your associates able to get the information they needed," Max asked a little curious.

"We were," the woman said. "Thank you for allowing us into your autopsy room."

Max looked her over and nodded. "Then their deaths do tie in with your own case."

"Unfortunately, yes."

"Ah. Well, Commander McGarrett and the Five-0 task force are quite competent at their jobs. Their assistance should be of great help to your case."

She smiled, the shadows lifting briefly from her eyes. "It does seem that way." Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a business card looked it over carefully and then handed it to him. "If you find anymore deaths similar to these please contact me."

"Of course. Do you expect more death?"

"Expect? Sadly yes. I hope I am wrong though."

"Then I shall keep my eyes open."

"Thank you, Dr. Bergman."

Max nodded and looked down at the card in his hand as the group strolled out of his office.

Amelia Bones; Agent MI5

Head of D.M.L.E.

The international phone number to reach her was carefully listed below the rest of the information, but Max ignored it for now, wondering what exactly the D.M.L.E. was and why exactly it gave her permission to access his medical reports. It was almost as curious as a large number of people dying so suddenly with no apparent natural or unnatural cause.

- - - HP - - - H50 - - - HP - - -

The Kahuna's House, Honolulu; Oahu

Steve wasn't really all that comfortable leaving Harry alone with Sirius at his place right now. He worried that who ever sent those Dementors might send someone, or something, else after Harry. He was sure Sirius was quite capable of protecting Harry, but all the same Steve did not like leaving his cousins safety in the hands of someone else, someone they had only just met. Even if said someone was Harry's Godfather, and a wizard to boot. He knew he really shouldn't worry. The wards that Professor Dumbledore put up were pretty good from what he could tell. This time there were multiple layers of wards rather than just the one. And from what had been described to him it would take someone trained as a Ward Smith or a Curse Breaker to drop each ward without anyone in the house being aware of their presence. So really he had no reason to worry. And yet he was still a bit terrified that Sirius would pop in holding Harry's limp and lifeless body because Steve wasn't there to protect him.

Steve blinked at the sudden pressure against his arm, jerking him out of the heart clenching thoughts. Looking over he saw Danny's hand gripping his arm, squeezing it gently. Steve gave Danny a nod, which Danny returned before letting go of Steve's arm. Now was not the time to wallow in his emotions regarding Harry and Sirius. He had a job to do and people to protect.

The two of them trailed along behind Ope'ape'a Kahuna as he led their strange little group into his yard, beyond his own wards and into his home. Behind him Professor Dumbledore, Madam Bones and Auror Shackelbolt made impressed sounds as they crossed the wards. Steve didn't know enough about magic to know if the wards guarding the house were impressive or not. But he did know that the group of people waiting inside for them was. They may not hold any true political power but the other Kahunas, Honu'ea Kahuna and Kahuna Kaho, held great spiritual power among the native Hawaiian's of the islands. Of course there were more than just the other Kahuna's here. Steve recognized the leader of the Kapu, Kawika, as well as the Governor's aid, Laura Hill. The third person he didn't recognize, but the uniform told him enough to know this person was from Hickman.

Ope'ape'a Kahuna introduced everyone swiftly and Steve was surprised to find out that Laura Hill was also the American Magical Government's official representative on the island and was also in charge of insuring that magical crimes were assigned only to those in the know. The Officer from Hickman held a similar position within the local Military branches. That calmed Steve a bit to know that he, his team and the Kahuna's weren't the only people on the island aware of real magic and the dangers it could bring down on them.

"How's the keiki," asked Kawika with a smirk. "He's as good at causing property damage as his cousin."

"Could be better" Steve gave the Kapu a nod. Harry had already told Steve about the training punishment he had shared with the Kapu leader. "No more property damage, fortunately."

"Then he's learning." Kawika gave Steve a proud smile. "He's strong. The island spirits like him. They whisper about him on the wind."

"I have no idea what to say to that," mumbled Steve.

Kawika smirked again. "You will."

Looking over at the other people in the room who had been watching the interaction, Kawika gave a silent nod to the Kahuna signaling that he would quiet down. There were dangerous games afoot on his island and he, along with the others in this room, wanted to prevent future incidents like the one that had happened yesterday.

The Kahuna turned to look at Madam Bones. "Let us start from the beginning if you please, madam."

Madam Bones sighed but began to tell the tale of the rise and fall and rise again of the Dark Lord Voldemort. It was a long tale considering it started long before Harry was born, back during World War II. The group had to break twice for tea and sandwiches while Madam Bones, occasionally interrupted by Professor Dumbledore, finished telling the tale and then began to go over the current situation in Magical Britain. Things could have been far worse, but Steve still had a bad feeling about the whole thing. If what Madam Bones and Professor Dumbledore said was true then this Dark Lord had people in high places in magical society, people in a position to bribe, buy or otherwise coerce politicians to do the Dark Lords work for him. This meant that it could have been almost anyone in the Ministry who sent the Dementors after Harry.

"This isn't narrowing down the suspect pool," growled Steve.

"Actually it does. There are a limited number of people who could order even one Dementor away from Azkaban, let alone a dozen." Madam Bones leaned back in her chair, her eyes narrowed. "Unfortunately, the people who could do so are the Minister, the Under Secretary, Professor Dumbledore as the head of the Wizengamot, or Myself as the head of the DMLE."

"We already know Minister Fudge has been bribed or influence by Lucius Malfoy, one of the Dark Lords Inner Circle leaders. So he could be the one who has done so, but I doubt it," Dumbledore said. "He may be a bought politician, but Fudge is not a supporter of the Dark Lord. He wouldn't kill Harry. He'd be more likely to use the press to get the masses convinced that Harry was deranged and not to be trusted."

"That leaves the Under Secretary and you two." Danny looked at Madam Bones before glancing over at Dumbledore, who gave a small, barely noticeable nod.

"True." Madam Bones nodded.

"And why should we believe that it was this Under Secretary who unleashed these demons into our land," demanded Kawika. "If you could do this as well, why are you not a suspect?"

"I would hope that my mere presence here would put any doubts as to my character at rest, but I am realistic. You don't know me, and since I have the authority to release them from their position as the guards of Azkaban, that means you have every reason to believe me a suspect." Madam Bones looked each man in the eyes before continuing. "You can take my word or the word of Headmaster Dumbledore, but as only Commander McGarrett and Detective Williams, have any relationship with the Headmaster, I can understand your hesitation."

"That is not entirely true," interrupted Ope'ape'a Kahuna. "I have worked with Professor Dumbledore before, back during World War II. I was very young then. Much younger than Albus was then. But the man I remember would not have been capable of such a crime."

"Thank you, Ope'ape'a," Professor Dumbledore said with a small smile.

Madma Bones nodded, surprised and yet not. Albus had been busy during the war following any leads possible of stopping Grindawald and Hitler. It was not too terribly surprising that he may have come all the way to Hawaii in search of some new magic that could stop the war before it took too many more lives. "Then, if it would ease your mind I would be glad to allow you to question me under veritaserum."

"Which you would provide," Honu'ea Kahuna stated with scorn.

"I could, but somehow I think you'd rather get your own to dose me with."

Ope'ape'a Kahuna watched them politely argue the various ways to prove that the haole Witch, Madam Bones (such an auspicious name), was a true ally to them. Kawika and Honu'ea Kahuna could both be somewhat judgmental and biased when interacting with haoles. They had their own reasons to distrust the mainlanders, but right now that distrust would only cause more problems for them all. Kahuna Kaho seemed to be of little help as well. While he was much more receptive of haoles and their magical traditions, he was also more laid back and less likely to interfere with Kawika and Honu'ea Kahuna's argumentative nature. They didn't have time for allies to be arguing with each other. They needed the assistance that Commander McGarrett and young Harry could bring by providing them access to Witches and Wizards who were more familiar with the men and the monsters that would be darkening Hawaii's doorstep.

"I would offer a different solution," the Kahuna spoke into the midst of the angry words around him. The room silenced at the sound of his voice and he looked over them all again, letting his eyes linger on his fellow Hawaiians. "Let me have access to your thoughts."

"That is quite the request."

"As is your request to trust you in such troubling times."

For a long moment the room was frozen watching the two of them in their silent battle of wills. Eventually a small smile formed on Madam Bones lips. "I do believe I like you, Ope'ape'a Kahuna. You've got some stones."

The Kahuna inclined his head, a small twitch of the lips the only sign that he might feel similarly.

Madam Bones stood, brushing down the back of her pants, and moved to sit by the Kahuna. Kahuna Kaho, who had been sitting at his side, stood, offering his seat to Madam Bones with a smile. She gave him a nod of thanks and sat at the Kahuna's side.

"I shall not speak of anything I might see in your mind unless it proves you to be an enemy of those we are entrusted to care for."

"My thanks," she replied, looking up into his dark eyes.

The Kahuna reached forward, gently taking hold of the back of her head and guiding her to rest her forehead against his own. "I will use a magic similar to your European Legilimency spell. We shall begin by sharing breath. When I breathe out, you shall breathe me in."

She made no sound but they all understood she accepted as she closed her eyes and parted her lips. Long moments passed by as one breathed out and the other breathed in, then the Kahuna let out another breath and a glowing pale blue mist came out on the breath and passed into Madam Bones as she breathed in.

Steve shivered at the sight of it. There was something terribly intimate that seemed to be passing between the two at that moment. It almost made him feel like he had just walked in on his parents making love, which was just terribly uncomfortable to even think about. Danny scooted closer to him on the couch they shared, his shoulder pressing against Steve's and his hand stretching out to brush against Steve's own, seeking reassurance perhaps. This was certainly out of his partner's comfort zone. Hell, it was out of Steve's comfort zone and his comfort zone was far larger than Danny's.

Glancing at his partner from the corner of his eye, Steve watched Danny grow more uncomfortable as the Kahuna and Madam Bones seemed to slump forward into each other, their mouths now so close they were practically kissing. Danny shifted in his seat, his strong thigh pressing against Steve's. The warmth from Danny's leg quickly seeped through his slacks and Steve's cargos, sending an electric tingle through the point of contact straight to Steve's groin. Steve looked away carefully, hoping no one caught sight of his dick going half hard in his pants. This was not the time or place for an erection. Not when the others in the room might notice and put together the fact that it was Danny pressed so closely to his side causing the not so little problem.

Steve glanced back at Danny in time to catch sight of Danny's gaze flitting from the Kahuna and Madam Bones to Steve's dick, making Steve's dick twitch and grow even harder. Steve cursed in his head. This stupid attraction, no he would not admit it was anything more, was going to cause too many problems. What was he supposed to say to Danny if he asked about Steve's sudden hard on? He couldn't say the smell of Danny's shampoo combined with the heated press of his body against Steve's own made his dick so hard he could pound nails with it, 'cause that would really go over well with his straight, formerly married, Jersey Detective of a partner. Because he was so lucky in life that of course Danny would return his feelings and they would pounce on each other after a lingering glance, and Danny would bend Steve over the Kahuna's coffee table and fuck him bareback while Kawika and the others watched...

Steve swallowed hard and cut the thought off before it could go any further. He really was a deviant. Shit. As if masturbating to fantasies of his partner while out in the open on a public trail wasn't bad enough, now he was imagining Danny fucking him in front of some very important natives. Fucking Hell. He needed to visit Cath. Surely a long night, maybe a weekend, in bed with her would wipe away these inappropriate desires? He would call her later, after this meeting and after he spoke with the Governor. If he was lucky she would be in port and Harry could stay with Chin or Danny for the weekend.

Okay. He could do that. That would work.

Shit, why was Danny's thumb rubbing circles against his thigh?!

The muscles in Steve's thigh jumped under Danny's touch, stopping only when Danny pulled his hand away when Kawika looked over to them.

Steve swallowed the sudden panic that the Kapu leader had seen what Steve was trying so hard to hide. He let his blank SEAL face slip on, only a small purposefully raising of his lips appearing to slip through, hiding his increased panic as Kawika glanced down at Steve lower body, still pressed against the line of Danny's own. One of Kawika's dark eyebrows rose up in silent amusement and Steve screamed in his head at the knowing look on the Kapu leader's face.

He was so fucked.

- - - HP - - - H50 - - - HP - - -

5 Hours Later, The McGarrett House, Honolulu; Oahu

If Steve never had to speak with another politician or Wizard again, it would be too soon. It had taken almost two hours after the Kahuna and Madam Bones had come out of their 'kiss' to sort out the details on what should happen next. In the end it was decided that Madam Bones would have Shacklebolt and a witch called Tonks, officially assigned to work with the Kahunas to make sure every witch or wizard on the island, that could, was capable of casting a patronus to protect themselves from the Dementors. Professor Dumbledore and Madam Bones also arranged to have Sirius Black assigned as an MI5 liaison to Five-0. That little bit of fiddling forced him to drop Danny off at HQ before heading to the Governor's office. He spent nearly three hours explaining that MI5 was assigning him to help with the recent mysterious deaths in the park as they had several similar cases across the pond.

The Governor had not been pleased to say the least. But she had made it official on her end as well.

Unfortunately, this also meant that Steve was stuck with Sirius stealing his Harry time, since Sirius would be staying at his place. At least until they found him an apartment. Dear God he had to find the man an apartment! Everything in his house now smelt like wet dog! There was fur all over the furniture, not to mention the fact that the man licked himself while he was a dog! And Harry...Harry seemed amused by it all. He liked his Godfather. He liked the man's stupid jokes. He liked taking "Padfoot" for a walk. He liked him too much.

Steve tried not to glare at Harry who was throwing a stick out into the surf while Sirius, in dog form, chased after it. It wasn't fair to be mad at Harry for wanting to know his Godfather. And it wasn't right to be mad at Sirius either. The man had lost almost twelve years of time with Harry because he was unjustly imprisoned. But Steve had also lost twelve, almost thirteen, years that he could have spent with his little cousin and he found Harry first.

"Quit giving Sirius the jealous gopher face, Steven."

Steve turned to glare at Danny, who was watching him with an amused and knowing grin. "I do not have a face. Let alone a jealous gopher face. I don't even know what a jealous gopher face is!"

"Oh, that is a lie. A big fat lie." Danny smirked at Steve and playfully punched his shoulder. "You, my friend, are a lying liar who lies."

"I am not," growled Steve.

Danny gave him that look again that said Steve was being childish, but strangely endearing. "You so are. But! But, I am willing to be the bigger man here and concede this argument."

"There's no argument, Danno."

"Then you agree that you had jealous gopher face?"

"What? No! No, I do not agree with that." Steve turned away from the door to the lanai, where he had been watching Harry, to look back at Danny.

"Then we are, in fact, arguing, because I am positive that you had jealous gopher face. Now you just have aneurism face."

"I do not!" Steve huffed out a loud breath and stomped away from the lanai door, past Danny and towards the stairs. "I have no reason to have any kind of jealous face. I am perfectly happy."

"No you are not, but I can completely understand why you are not happy. I, my friend, am not happy. We just spent most of our day off arguing with politicians and wizards about an event that never should have happened. That none of us, Harry especially, should have been witness to. So, yes, Steven you can be unhappy."

Steve rolled his shoulders, trying to release the tension that had been building in them all day. His back was aching and he had a migraine sitting behind his eyes that had been plaguing him since those Dementor things had tried to kill them. Neither pain seemed like it was going to fade anytime soon.

"You okay," Danny asked.

Steve sighed, his hand gripping the railing, and looked back to where Danny was standing a few steps below him. "It's just a migraine, Danno. I'll be fine."

A frown twitched the corners of Danny's lips, drawing attention away from the frustrated crease between Danny's brows. His partner was so expressive, even when his hands were still. It always amazed Steve, who had been trained to be still, to keep his emotions locked away and guarded. A little more tension faded from his shoulders as he realized the frustration on Danny's face was on his behalf. He hated that, but he loved it also. He loved knowing his partner, his best friend, cared about him that much. Until he met Danny it felt like there was no one alive who cared that much for him.

"I'll be fine, Danno. I'm just going to lay down for a bit, see if a nap won't help."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, just...Can you keep an eye on Harry for me? I know those wards should protect him, but-"

"But you'd feel better knowing one of the team had an eye on him," Danny said with a knowing grin. "Welcome to parenthood, Steve." Danny reached up to squeeze Steve's hand before turning to walk back towards the lanai.

Steve glanced down at his hand, which felt electrified from the casual touch. His fingers ached from clenching the railing so that he didn't reach out for Danny. He wanted to pull Danny back to his side, to lead him up the stairs to his lonely bed. He wanted to curl up with him and sleep with the sound of Danny's heart beating beneath his ears.

Shaking the thoughts off, Steve continued up the stairs and down the hall to his room. The room that had once been his parents, the room his father had slept in not that long ago. The mattress may have been changed, but the room still felt like he should walk in to find his Mother folding clothes on the bed while his father hovered behind her. His father had not changed it since his mother's death and Steve hadn't changed it since his Father's death. Maybe after the Governor's assigned Five-0 "holiday weekend," I.E. team building camping trip, he would have Harry and Danny help him redecorate the bedroom, and maybe the rest of the house. There was nothing wrong with it as it was, but it didn't feel like his home, like it was his and Harry's home, just yet.

Dropping on the mattress Steve reached down to untie his Wolverines, tossing them to the side wall near the door, before rolling back on the bed. In mere minutes he was dead to the world.

- - - HP - - - H50 - - - HP - - -

Downstairs, Danny was sitting at the dinning room table, drinking a cup of tea. Hedwig, who had been roused from her sleep by Sirius's loud, barking, had taken to sitting on his shoulder and alternating between nuzzling his ear and playing with his hair. It should have pissed him off but Danny had worse things to worry about than an owl messing up his carefully coiffed hair. He did not like knowing that they had a magical government official out there gunning for Harry. He did not like that this nameless person didn't see non-magical people as human, that they were considered somehow less, more like an animal simply because they couldn't use a wand. It was bigotry and racism at its finest in Danny's mind. And the fact that this person was a figure of authority, that they had the power to send demon assassins to kill a child, without it bringing up any red flags in the minds of any other Ministry official, was terrifying. Either this person was powerful enough to terrify others into willful blindness, or the other Ministry officials were just unforgivably incompetent. Either way it was a bad situation.

On his shoulder, Hedwig gave Danny a gentle head butt, followed by a soothing 'hurr' sound. Sighing, he reached up to scratch her, smiling at the feel of the soft feathers under his fingers.

Outside Harry looked up from the sand where Padfoot had tackled him, and was currently drenching his face in dog slobber, to smile at Danny and Hedwig. At least, for the moment, Harry looked like he was doing okay. Danny was sure the kid would be having nightmares again, just when he'd finally stopped having the ones about the shoot out.

"It's the downside of law enforcement," Danny told Hedwig. "Your family is left to worry for you coming home injured, or not coming home at all." Danny pushed a hand through his hair. "Now Harry has to face the bad guys coming to his home as well. This whole situation is a shit storm waiting to happen."

Hedwig hooted her agreement, nuzzled Danny again and turned to look out at Harry as he twisted out from under Padfoot.

"We all need to keep our eyes open. Something wicked is coming."

Danny took a long drink of his tea before setting the cup back on the table. He was hoping that Professor Dumbledore and Madam Bones would be able to dig up something concrete on their end that they could use to take down whoever sent those monsters after Harry. He hoped they could take whoever did this down before they could send another attack.

Danny felt sick thinking about what happened, about what those monsters had done and could still do. Danny didn't want to see Harry lying limp and pale like that in anyone's arms. He didn't want to see Steve lying that still either. Danny's heart spammed in his chest thinking about Steve coming up from spear fishing only to get his soul sucked out by one of those flying corpses. And Jesus, Mary and Joseph, he didn't want Grace exposed to those things. God, what if she had been with them! Three of the most important people in his life, and the thought that any of them could have been taken that easily from him was terrifying. Facing the reality of your partner being killed in a shoot out on the job was one thing. But how were any of them supposed to cover each other from monsters like that?

Danny pushed down the irrational urge to throw his cup at the wall, run outside to drag Harry back into the safety of the house, and to run up and lock them both into Steve's room. Hiding would solve nothing and would only make Harry more scared about what was happening. For the moment Danny needed to focus on the fact that they were all safe and alive. None of them had been hurt physically. They were all safely in their homes, protected under the wards Professor Dumbledore put up. And in all likelihood the unsub who attacked them, this witch or wizard, would be backing off until they could form a new plan. So they had time on their side, time to figure out who this person was, why they were attacking and how to stop them.

They had time and that is all Five-0 had ever needed to close a case.