~~Our Song~~

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General Fowl approached the chest at the foot of his bed and unlocked it with a skeleton key, what he pulled from the chest was a leather-bound, yellow paged book. Dimitri only stared as he placed it on his desk and began flipping through pages. He signaled a hand to Dimitri to approach the desk. The troll did so sluggishly. Before long, he stood alongside his general, leaning over the heavy, tattered book; though the book was faded and a bit tattered, it could show the images quite well.

"You see, Dimitri, a couple of centuries ago, not long after Malefor was imprisoned in convexity, we trolls had to fight to survive against the Ape King, Gaul. In that time of clash between us and the apes, our leader was Queen Anglantine Carmeleon, ancestor to her majesty Enola Carmeleon," Fowl spoke, turning a few pages to another well-detailed image. It showed three generals standing proudly before their forces: The one in the center was one in a black leather uniform, bearing bright green skulls, most likely resembling the element of poison. In his left hand, he held a glistening sharp cutlass, risen high in the air. His head faced the sky with a half-evil, half-joyful laugh. He had glowing green eyes. The one to the right of the toxic-looking troll was wearing black tight leather, and a steel chainmail vest painted black. Covering all of him from the neck down was a very slightly transparent midnight purple cloak, his eyes were a solid blue. He had drawn and held two 7-inch daggers and stood in a fog of his own dark essence. To the right of the toxic troll was a troll wearing a black uniform simular to his companions, but it had thick orange and yellow lining. He had blood-red hair which draped past his shoulders. His palms unleashed fire towards the sky.

"These were her most loyal generals, who were also triplet brothers. They were the queen's right hand against the apes. They were blessed with elemental powers courtesy of the queen's best shamans," Victor continued, then began to flip through more pages.

Whilist he flipped, his right-hand troll asked, "What does this have to do with what you're supposed to tell me?"

Victor Fowl turned and growled to his companion, "I'm getting there!"

Eventually, he found the page bearing an image of each general, infusing their soldiers with the elements and charging against the apes loyal to Gaul.

"They were like an iron wall between the Ape King and our species, but, one mistake earned them an eternity in Voldor," Victor said, turning to a page bearing an image of the three generals riding their loyal dreadwings over their armies, charging towards the Well of Souls. "The very last battle they saw was at the Well of Souls. They were tasked with the assassination of the Ape King himself."

He turned the pages to an image of Gaul, personally ripping the generals' forces to shreds with his swords, he bared Malefor's essence The Dark Master gifted himself to the apes before his imprisonment. "Their efforts were met by Gaul's merciless resistance, wiping out nearly half their entire army. They were left with no choice but to flee for Valdin," He said turning the pages to another, bearing an image of the three generals on their knees before Queen Anglantine; she was nearly twice as tall as her descendant, Enola, and nearly twice her weight too. She sat on the very throne that queen Enola sits on to this day.

"Queen Anglantine considered this cowardice. They begged for their lives before her, but the heart of Anglantine was three times more blacker than Enola's," He spoke flipping one page over. The image revealed the general's most loyal forces, shackled to tables, being hollowed out alive, and some even being skinned. The skinned soldiers were tossed into pits full of pebble-sized salt which dried them out quickly. The now-dry trolls were glued to the ceiling of the cavernous tomb by a resin from trees native to the Valdin Marsh.

"The generals and their forces, whom remained loyal to them and not of Anglantine herself, were doomed to be mummified alive," He shuddered, flipping to a page bearing an image of the three generals, being forced onto pentagon shaped platforms, being prodded with rapiers.

"As for the generals, Vanthrax, Inferno and Scimitar, they were doomed to endure the Jahn Mori, the worst curse the queen's shamans could bestow. One so horrible, they were the 1st ever to endure it. They were remained sealed inside the Voldor Mountain. If they were ever to escape, they would be a walking disease, a plague. Queen Enola herself has awakened them, believing they would side with us against the dragons," Victor finished, closing the book, releasing dust, and faced the now-wide-eyed Dimitri.

"Why the fuck didn't you tell me this before!? We're guarding our very doom!" He shrieked, "What else are you keeping secret, general?" he added in pure fear.

Victor eyed him maliciously, "Relax. By the time they're able to break free, we will be ready for them." He took the book off the desk and put it back in the open chest at the foot of his bed. He slammed it shut and took his flying goggles off the nob of the bed and enthusiastically put them on. "Now, can you take control for my leave to Valdin?" He asked.

Dimitri rolled his eyes sighed before nodding, "Yeah." He pointed at him before continuing, "But if they break free, don't expect me to hold them back alone."

"That's my boy," he praised as he left the tent via its furry flap. Victor then approached the stables of the fort at an avenue of infantry tents. His ever-loyal mount, Amber, was tied to a post. Looking around to face him, she squealed with joy at the sight of him and pulled on her rope in an effort to reach him. Victor smiled as he closed in on her.

"You miss me, girl?" he asked as he untied her. Amber, as if reading her masters mind, pressed her stomach to the sand, before her rider even told her. Fowl climbed and mounted her "Queen's giving me some leave, Amber. We get to spend a week back home in Valdin," Fowl spoke, taking the reins and snapping them. She shrieked as she ran through the avenue of tents, nearly hitting passing trolls in the process, and taking to the dry, wavy air.

Page Break

In the room she shared with her purple life-mate and her daughter, Cynder slumbers like an exhausted canine, on her belly. Her head supported by a feather-filled pillow. Her life-mate had left to hunt for wild chickens. She slumbers, slowly kicking her legs, dreaming. Little did she suspect, Spyro entered through the front door, a leather bag with 2 wild chickens hanging from his neck. He smiled at the sight of his dragoness, slowly kicking her hind legs in her sleep. He put down the bag and slowly approached his sleeping dragoness. He stood over her and gently laid down next to her, slowly coiling his tail around hers and licking her neck.

"Wakey, wakey, Cyn," he giggled, singsonging his sentences, "Purple Daddy's got the chickens."

"Huh? What?" she awoke, cocking her head up, and baffled by her premature wakeup. She smiled at the sight of her purple life-mate and playfully bit his neck.

"You got the food, Spy?" the black dragoness questioned.

"Yeah, Cyn, but..." Spyro swayed both their tails across the fur with his, "Could we have a bit of fun before we eat?" he plead, nuzzling his dragoness. "I'm so depressed," he added with a sigh.

When they broke from their nuzzle, Cynder shook her head, "I can't Spy, I have a bit of a headache." Her mate's immediate reaction was hangin his head in disappointment, and sighing.

Cynder realized the damage she did and licked him on the neck before saying, with a smile, "Alright, you big purple stud," she said, rising from the fur. She stood before her life-mate, pointing her rear to him. She looked back at him with a smile. Before long, she let out a honey-sounding breath and raised her tail, revealing her sex, glistening with jelly. Her hypnotic opera house put Spyro in mind of red flowers in the spring of Avalar. Cynder closed her eyes, pondering at what Spyro's actions would be towards her playground. To Cynder's surprise, Spyro grasped her and began to feel her hips as he stared into her hypnotic playground. Her tail was risen so high, Cynder couldn't keep it still and began to slowly sway it, making her hypnotic opera house virtually come alive and change shape before the purple dragon.

"I'm waiting, Spy," she said, soft and breathy as he felt her hips and tail-base. Using his paws, being careful not to cut her, he placed them on her scales close to her playground and spreaded it. He then licked his lips and began to gently suck on her clit, gaining a pleasurable gasp from her as she vibrated her tail weakly and pointed her nose to the ceiling, her eyes closed. Spyro knew it was considered somewhat insulting to jump in with an aggressive tongue and savored her pussy. He knew how much a dragoness loves it when they savor and admire her. After a couple of minutes of sucking her clitoris, he decided to slowly lick in horizontal motions, opening and closing her entrance, causing not only her tail to vibrate, but also to kick her hind leg rapidly, moaning. He pretended her playground is like an ice cream cone with three of his favorite flavors. After ten minutes of this, he decided to take it a step further. He took her labia inside his mouth and massaged the innards with his tongue, causing Cynder to stiffen her tail high and dig her claws into the fur. Every few seconds, he switched sides of the labia as the other side would get jealous. He then gave each side of her labia gentle sucks, changing sides every few seconds. After a while, Spyro then pursed his lips and began to randomly suck parts of her sex-the fleshy folds, clitrois and even her entire playground at once, gaining pleasurable yelps and gasps from her. Spyro then grasped her thighs, spread her opera house and began plunging his tongue in and out of her. This caused Cynder to spread her legs as far apart as she possibly could and screamed in pure pleasure, wide-eyed. Cynder was barely able to keep still as his heavenly tongue plunged in and out of her. Whilst Spyro was plunging his tongue in and out, he tried to spread his lips over her playground and suck on the entire playground. Before long, Cynder had veins showing all over her back and tail, and was standing in a puddle of her own sweat. She then gasped repeatedly, feeling a burning sensation in her hips and in her depths.

"Spy, I'm...close," she panted.

That was all the encouragement he needed to stop and form his tongue into a scoop as she let out a pleasurable scream, vibrating her tail and shooting her aphrodisiacy lube all over his tongue. She did so for a good 5 seconds before Spyro swished it around his mouth like mouthwash and swallowed it, smiling.

Cynder walked a couple of paces ahead of Spyro, her sex moving and spilling lube as she did. When she stopped she looked back at Spyro, smiled and stroked her sex with her tail, opening it a different way even further as she stroked back and forth. "Your turn," she giggled, "I've had my fun."

Spyro slowly withdrew his 3-foot long, 3-inch-wide cock and approached Cynder, drooling. When he hopped atop her, Cynder shifted her tail to the side and out of the way. When he first thrusted his cock, it would miss her treasure and slid across her hip, or it would end up probing her urine hole or just moving around aimlessly through her folds. When he finally found her egg hole, he inserted his cock fully inside her. Her inner silky muscles were spread apart, gaining a gasp from her as she closed her eyes and cocked her head up. He waited for Cynder to adjust, spreading her hind legs apart, before he heard her plea, "Spy, please! Fuck me," towards the ceiling. That was all the encouragement Spyro needed, and he began to buck his hips. Her silky insides were heavenly-feeling on his knob and shaft: it caused him to wrap his front paws around Cynder's neck and suck on the side of it, moaning into her skin. When Spyro thrusted, his cock almost left her each time her pulled it out. Cynder moaned and gasped his name as he thrusted in and out. As Spyro and Cynder neared their climaxes, Spyro's tail was risen and stiff, vibrating. Cynder's tail was stiff as well, also pointing to the side and vibrating.

"Spy, I...I-I-" she was unable to finish her sentence and instead, closed her eyes tightly and moaned aloud.

As Cynder exploded her lube all over his cock, Spyro felt his hips aching, his tender seed sack come alive and even felt the head of his member inside Cynder turn inside out. He hugged Cynder's neck tightly and unleashed a gallon into her. The tingling in his member continued as she waved her hips, moaning towards the ceiling. Spyro leaned onto Cynder, groaning as he unloaded barrage after barrage of semen, filling her uterus to the brim with his creamy pleasure juice. Before long, he slipped out of her and collapsed to the floor, moaning with exhaustion. Cynder looked around, pointing her flooded opera house to the wall, and faced her life-mate. She laid down next to him, coiled tails with him, and licked his neck affectionately.

"Thanks, Cynder. I need that," he thanked, moaning.

"Your welcome, you big purple stud," she spoke licking him.

Page Break

As Kiara enjoys the mildly-spicy, sweet chunky chicken meal her troll uncle had given her, her father and her aunt were having a friendly brother/sister conversation, leaving Shigi to serve up the troll cuisine. They laid on their bellies, facing one another. They continuously talked about the good old times at first. Then they changed to current events, and eventually changed to the one thing on their mind: Jeenie and Volteer's wedding.

"So, where's Jeenie holding the wedding, bro?" she asked, tilting her head.

Helix rolled his eyes before saying, "Guess where she wanted to have it at originally? The Den!" He chuckled weakly after finishing his sentence.

"You're joking!?" Venus shrieked. She eyed her brother with her jaw dropped, before she planted her face on the fur she laid on and laughed beyond control. "That's so greedy! The den is a seedy place where dragons, moles and cheetahs get drunk!"

"I know, right?" Helix chuckled, "That's why I told her I would contribute and help her hold it in Warfang. In a palace or cathedral, not some seedy underground den."

"You still a comedian, Helix?" Venus immediately brought up. Her brother's immediate answer was a nod. "What happened to that mole manager of yours, Hakim?" she asked.

Helix smiled sinisterly, "Turns out, he was a gold-digger. So I took him in my jaws and threw him off a waterfall two months ago." He began to chuckle once again, closing his eyes and chuckling towards the ceiling, gaining a slightly malicious look from his younger sister.

"Helix," she growled, seriousness in her tone. Before long, Helix's chuckles were purged and Venus went back to her happy mood. "Couldn't have thought of that ten years ago," she giggled with a smile.

"Well I needed him then, sis. But now I'm a solo hilarity artist, so that gold-digging mole deserved what I did to him," Helix pointed out.

Just as Helix finished his sentence, Drake burst through the front door, excitement filling his breath as he came to a complete stop and panted, his hands on his knees as he caught his breath. His actions gained a concerned look from his gigantic, scaly mother and his two-legged troll father.

"What's wrong, Drakey? Was class okay?" she asked, honey in her questions and expression.

"Yeah. You look like you're running from the Dark Master himself," Shigi said, spooning his cooking onto plates bearing halfs of chickens.

Drake was exhausted from running and panted often in his sentence, "I-I'm fine, da, ma. Blaze has..has told me...she can talk to her parents and see if she can come on a shopping night with me, Dasha and Pyro." Drake was still bending down, gaining some breath and allowing his heart to slow back to an original beat. When he rose and stood straight, he spotted his Dark Dragon uncle and shouted joyfully with open arms.

"UNCLE HELIX!" Drake shouted as he rapidly approached Helix for a cuddle.

Helix smiled, "Nephew." He lifted his head high, allowing his nephew to hug his neck. Helix pressed him against his chest with his head in response. Helix's daughter, fearing her abnormal, cross-bred cousin, left her Valdin Chilli Bird half-eaten and backed up to the shadows.

'By our ancestors. He's a demon,' she thought.

When the hug broke, Helix and his nephew separated. Drake stood before his smiling uncle.

"So, nephew, what have you been up to in my absence? You meet any girls?" Helix asked, bouncing his scaly brows up and down.

"Erm no, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but yeah, I have because I met this really sexy dragoness in class who's the daughter of a famous dragon or somthin' or nothin'," Drake replied.

Helix nodded, smiling, and intrigued, "What's her name?"

"Ooh, something really exotic like...er...Blaze," Drake answered.

Helix went wide-eyed almost immediately.

"You mean Spyro's daughter?! Wow, you're a machine, Drake," he complimented with a chuckle.

"Yeah, I am like DRACO-tastic," he giggled. Drake and his uncle laughed for a good moment before Helix cleared his throat, remembering he had his daughter. He looked around and found no trace of her.

"Kiara!" he called out. After a few seconds of looking around the room, he could see his daughter's eyes in the shadow of the corner of the room.

"You can come out, Kiara. Come see your cousin. He's not going to hurt you," he reassured. Kiara swallowed and forced a smile as she slowly emerged from the shadow.

Drake went wide-eyed as he recognized her species.

"Ooh my ancestors...she's a Marsh Dragon. I lurv Marsh Dragons," he smiled, gaining a weak giggle from Kiara as she sluggishly made her way towards him and stood before the humanoid, scaled, cross-bred creature that was her cousin. Drake kneeled down to examine her closely.

"Wow. You're gorgeous, cousin," he complimented, gaining a stronger smile from Kiara as she tilted her head and blushed.

"Thanks...Drake," she thanked.

Drake stood straight and faced his gigantic mother to ask her something, "Ma, can I go on a shoppin' night with Dasha Pyro and possible Blaze? Pyro needs cheerin' up-everybody in class laughed him out when he told them he wanted to be a makeup artist or somthin' or nothin' or some other thing."

Venus tilted her head, confused and astonished, "He said that?"

Helix gained his younger sister's attention when her faced her and said, "Yeah, Drake's telling the truth. Pyro told me while I was visiting Jeenie. Poor Pyro," he hung his head for a moment, sorry for his sensitive nephew.

"Yeah, he's been wearing more makeup than me and Dasha combined. I blame you, Helix-you were always putting your stage makeup on in front of Dasha and Pyro. You should be ashamed," she giggled. Helix stretched out his neck swiftly and playfully bit her on the neck.

"You do stupid things too, sis. Remember what you did to Jeenie when you were heavily pregnant with Drake?" he reminded her.

Drake turned from examining his leathery cousin and faced Helix and his mother.

"What did ma do, Uncle Helix?" he asked, intrigued.

Helix chuckled sinisterly and faced his now-wide-eyed, jaw-hung sister, "Your mother, while she was just days due with you...took off and flew all the way to Dante's Freezer to collect your father, Shigi."

Drake gasped and eyed his mother maliciously, "Ooh ancestors. I still can't believe you did that ma."

"Are...are you angry at me...Drake?" she asked, hanging her head in shame.

"Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but...yeah I am, because that's one of the most reckless things you could do when you're heavily gravid. It's no wonder I have this speech difficulty or somethin' or nothin'," he growled, gaining a sorrowful head-hang from his mother and a nasal laugh from Kiara, trying her best not to break out in laughter.

Shigi approached his wife and rubbed her neck and shoulders in an attempt to comfort her. "You inherited your speech difficulty from me, Drake," he said seriously towards his son.

Helix piped in, "And she had a good reason to go to Dante's Freezer, nephew. If she didn't, your father would never have seen you born before him."

"Yeah, and neither would your aunts, Lizabeta and Kimara. They would never've seen their nephew. So shut up, Drake," Shigi ordered.

"Alright pa, anyway, ma, could I please go for a shoppin'spree with Dasha and Pyro and Blaze?" Drake plead.

Venus smiled, "Of course you can. As long as Aunt Jeenie says it's okay for Dasha and Pyro to go."

Drake shrieked, "Ooh ancestors. I've never been out shopping at night."

"But, Drake, you're being put in the care of the guardians. Your father and I have to go to Dante's Freezer to aid the resistance," Venus said.

Drake growled and rolled his eyes "Ooh, you mean have to put up with Jeenie's dildo-to-be," he remarked, gaining a laugh from Shigi and Venus.

"Pretty much," they said, laughing in unison.

"That was a good one, Drake," Shigi laughed, almost rolling on the floor from all the laughter.

"It's even better than some of my jokes," complimented Helix.

Kiara approached her father and spoke up to him, "I've never been on a real shopping spree before, daddy, much less a night one." she hopped up, placing her paws on his chest "Could I go with Drake, daddy?" she plead.

Helix shrugged, "It's alright with me." He faced his nephew with seriousness, "As long as Drake can protect you. I haven't spent time with auntie Venus and I want to catch up."

"Ooh ancestors, uncle Helix, you can like well count on me to protect Kiara. We're going to have girl's-sorry mixed gender shopping spree in the cheetah village tonight," Drake said, being honest to his word.

"You can't, widdle man. Mommy told you: you have to be in the care of the guardians for the night until tomorrow night when your daddy and I return," Venus said, melancholy filling her son to the brim.

Drake turned to his mother and complained, with open arms, pleading, "But, ma, I want to show Kiara our home. This is the first time I have ever seen her in the flesh." Drake hung his head in disappointment.

Helix gazed at his nephew. He could almost feel his displeasure and felt sorry for him. Before long, however, he smiled, an idea emerging in his normally comic-genius-like mind, and turned to his younger sister with a weak smile, "Sis," he gained her attention, "I could take care of Drake and take him, Dasha, Pyro and Kiara out in the cheetah village markets."

Venus smiled, "You can? Aww, Helix, that be great if you did." She exchanged another brief nuzzle with her older brother.

"Yeah. I'd rather be in the care of Uncle Helix than Jeenie's livin', breathin' cock," Drake cackled, gaining a roar of laughter from his father, mother and uncle and even his cousin, Kiara. Kiara rolled on the floor, fearing her stomach would burst in laughter.

Shigi eventually recovered from laughter and complimented his son, "Shit, son, that's funny. Livin' breathin' cock, I've got to remember that!"

When Venus recovered from laughter, she playfully nipped her brother's neck "Your nephew has developed your perverted sense of humor, Helix."

"Hey! I can't control what my nieces and nephews inherit from me. It's purely genetical," he growled lowly.

Page Break

Meanwhile, Cynder and Spyro sit on the fur in their room, awaiting the return of their daughter from class. They feared she would go to the room of her humanoid instead. They let out a sigh of relief when she bursted through the door. She was joyful and strutting towards them and was about to ask them the question she promised Drake she'd ask her parents, but her smile and joy was purged by the serious expression of her parents.

"M-mommy, daddy why are you looking at me like that?" she asked concernedly.

"Where have you been, Blaze?" Spyro asked.

"I went to the temple kitchen for some salmon. I was hungry," Blaze replied.

"You weren't out with Drake were you?" Cynder asked, seriousness in her face and question.

"No, mom!" she growled lowly, "I'm like 5 minutes late, and you think I'm out gallivanting with Drake! You guys have sick minds." She then faced her father, the Purple Dragon and plead, "Daddy, I wanna go out shopping with Drake and his cousins. Can I please go? We're gonna buy cool stuff and exotic food in the cheetah village markets. They're open until 10PM."

Spyro shook his head, "No, Blaze. Drake only wants to take you out so can violate you."

Cynder gasped and bit Spyro on the side hard, "Spy! Drake may be a half-bred, speech-challenged idiot, but he is no pervert!"

"She's our daughter, Cyn. I'm not putting her in the hands of a boy...All they want is...You know what." Spyro faced his daughter, "Besides, You're getting put in the care of the guardians whilst your mother and I are in Dante's Freezer, supporting the Purple Vulture Resistance."

Blaze hung her head and shed a few tears, "He would never do anything to hurt me, daddy. He's my soul-mate. I know it...and you think...he's a..." Blaze was unable to finish her sentence, "Could I at least tell him I can't go out with him and his cousins?"

Spyro sighed and he and his life-mate rose from their fur and approached their daughter, "Fine, but we're coming with you, Blaze."

"Thanks, daddy," she thanked with a sob, as her parents escorted her out and down the halls.

Moments later, Helix chose the time to ask his nephew some questions for a thrill or two, "So, nephew, your mother tells me you got kicked out of your pre-academy...how? Were you naughty?"

Drake was sitting on his own fur when he answered, "No, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but...yeah, I was a little, but it wasn't my fault, 'cause somethin' happened for somethin' or nothin' I don't know nothin' about. You see, we were put in this class with a dyke cheetah teacher. She was like well tryin' to les up all the dragonesses in class. So some of the dragonesses and cheetah girls come to me for help. And I gave the teacher some peanut chocolates, told her they were caramel ones, She ate them and she nearly dies, and she had to go to the hospital wing of the temple and she well blamed me for it, and I'm like, 'it's not my fault my fault you're so gay, you can't even eat a peanut." His story gained an uncontrollable laugh from his uncle.

When Helix recovered from uncontrollable laughter, he complimented his nephew, "Drake, you're truly my nephew, with the way you make us laugh."

"Yeah, I am like DRACO-tatsic!" Drake proudly stated. It was at that very moment that a knock came from the door.

"I'll get it," Shigi assured everyone, removing himself from his wife's warm belly and approached the door. He answered it and the Purple Dragon, the converted Terror of The Skies an their daughter stood at the threshold. Shigi was dumbfounded at their sudden appearance, "Cynder, Spyro, Blaze? What are you guys doing here?"

Spyro gave his daughter a nudge, "Blaze wishes to speak to Drake, Shigi."

"Erm...okay," He turned to speak to his son, "Drake, it's for you."

Drake got up and approached the door, taking his father's place at the door. "Blaze," he said excitedly, "What's up?" His excitement was, before long, purged by his dragoness friend's tears.

"What's wrong, Blaze?" he asked.

"I can't come out with you and your cousins. Mom and dad are putting me in the care of The Guardians while they're in Dante's Freezer...I'm sorry," She answered hopping up, wrapping her front legs around him, and affectionally licked his scaly neck, paying no heed to her parents presence. Drake, disappointed, rubbed the back of her neck.

He had a sorrowful look plastered on his face, though she could not see it as she rested her head on his shoulder and whimpered, "Ooh...ancestors," he said slowly, a rarity for him.

"I'm so sorry," Blaze replied, beginning to give him kisses on the side of the neck.

Before long, it was time for Spyro turn his back to his daughter and coil her tail around his. "Come on, Blaze," he said as he began to pull her away. Blaze resisted at first and continued her kisses and licks, but before long, she was forced to give in and follow her father.

Cyder, feeling sorry for her daughter and even Drake, faced him and said, "So sorry, Drake." She then turned and followed them through the halls. Drake almost left his room and watched them leave with an open hand, sorrowful. Before long, they left his sight and Drake marched back into his room. Venus, Shigi and Helix watched in astonishment as he proceeded to hit his head on the stony wall, luckily, being half dragon, he was quite sturdy and it had little effect.

"What's wrong, little man?" Venus asked, concerned for her humanoid son.

"Blaze's fucking parents, particularly her dad, look at me like I'm...some sort of...monster." he then hit his head two more times on the wall, before retreating to his fur and cried into the pillow. Shigi and Venus approached their son. Venus craned her head down to Drake, whilst Shigi gave him a hug and a rub. Venus licked his face in an effort to soothe him.

Helix, who had stayed back, felt sorry for his humanoid nephew and got an idea, "Wait, Venus. I have an idea...What if Drake was still in the care of the Guardians...after I take him out shopping with Kiara, Dasha and Pyro? He could still spend time with Blaze."

Drake and his mother faced Helix, "You could do that, uncle? That would be, like, well a favor to me for the century."

Helix nodded, "Of course, anything for a nephew."

Drake approached his uncle and hugged his neck, "Thanks, uncle."

Helix pressed him against his chest with his head, "You're welcome, nephew." He then got up and signaled his daughter over to mount him. She responded with an approach and hopped atop his neck. He then approached the door, "I've just got to speak to Jeenie." Helix then ran through the halls to his older sister's room and burst through the door. Upon bursting through the doors, his dragon niece ran towards his feet and hugged his foot.

"Uncle Helix!" She shrieked joyfully.

Helix craned his head down to her height and she hopped up and pecked his snout.

"Good to see you too, Dasha. And guess what uncle's gonna do...He's taking you, Pyro and Drake out for a shopping night." He then returned his head to its normal height, "And guess who uncle's bought from the Dead Marshes?" Helix asked, turning his head and picking up Kiara from his back by the scruff of the neck. He gently placed her before Dasha before saying, "This is your cousin, Kiara."

Dasha went wide-eyed at the appearance of the mammal-like allies of the dragons: a Marsh Dragon!

"Wow! Hi cousin! I can't believe it, a Marsh Dragon!" Dasha nearly jumped on the spot, excited, "I have so many questions..I can barely hold it in."

Kiara smiled, "Great to see you too, Dasha. I can't go shopping tonight though...I've never gone on a decent shopping spree. What's the cheetah village here like?"

"By our ancestors, it's amazing! It's used by small, but now it's expanded and you can buy just about anything there-perfumes, jewels, exotic food , bows 'n' arrows, swords and armor," Dasha said, excitedly.

Kiara was impressed by her cousin's information about the markets, "I can't wait to take a look tonight."

Helix looked around and had a thought and faced his sister, Pyro against her belly, "Where's that 200-year-old light-bulb husband-to-be of yours, sis?"

"He told me that we are going to be married soon and shouldn't see each other prior to that. Plus, he, Cyril and Terador have a few hatchlings to baby-sit tonight," Jeenie said, comforting Pyro after his longest and worst day ever.

"You don't mind if I take Dasha and Pyro out shopping, do you?" Helix asked.

Jeenie shook her head in response, "No, I don't mind, just be sure they get back by eight though, okay?" She made him promise, whilst her son approached his uncle to join him.

"I will, sis," he promised. He then departed with his daughter, his niece, and his nephew. "Come on, kids, we're going to have the best time out in the Avalar markets," Helix assured them.

And so after that, Helix went back to his younger sister's room to collect Drake. Once done, Helix climbed the stairs to the temple's rooftop. Drake and Kiara boarded Helix, being a wingless, leathery dragoness, and a flightless half-breed.

Author: Just a reminder, Alexis is not only Chieftess Zora's second in-command, but also the commander of the Hal Jani warriors.

Meanwhile, in the Zak Noik quarter of the Dead Marshes, Alexis leaves her son, Sirrow, in the care of his uncle, Zax, as she sits atop the Temple of Chieftains, looking out for potential threats to the four clans. Nearby, 4 other Hal Jani Marsh Dragons, sitting high in the branches of the trees surrounding the temple, accompanied her. They were loyal sentries who would spend 12 hours straight at a time and lay out their lives for their life-mates, their younglings and even their siblings.

As the commander laid on her underbelly close to the edge of the temple's rooftop, her eyes went wide like a stalking feline as she spotted, in the far distance, worming their way through trees, ten humanoid creatures. Her eyes went a solid black as she used her reserved superior vision to keep an eye on the creatures. The other sentries in the trees could sense the fear of their commander and they too, looked around with their superior vision to track the creatures. Zooming in with her vision, which only really saw everything in blue and red, Alexis identified them as trolls. Most likely poachers, but why would they come so close to the Temple Of Chieftains? Where all four clans combine their defenses to the point where they're near-impossible to sneak past, much less overwhelm.' Alexis thought.

"Fuck! Trolls!" she shrieked aloud, not caring if all four clans heard. She then rushed to a nearby gong on the rooftop of the temple and slapped it as hard as she could with her tail. The consistent sound filled the land for a few miles around, as Alexis began to climb down a set of spiral stone stairs. Not long after she left the stairs at the bottom floor of the temple, she bumped into her panicking chieftess, Vahali Zora.

"Wha...what's wrong, Alexis!?" she shrieked, terrified.

Alexis stopped to say, "It's the fucking trolls. They don't know when to quit. The two-legged cunts! You should come, chieftess. I need every fighter I can muster."

Vahali hesitated for a couple of moments. She knew she'd be placing herself at the mercy of the trolls if she left, but she would be considered a coward by her clan if she refused. Before long she nodded. Vahali followed the lead of her second in-command and commander of her clan guard. When they exited the temple, Vahali and Alexis were confronted with the six Hal Jani sentries, who mustered themselves for their commander, Alexis.

When in range, one lightly-brown-colored male Marsh Dragon with white cheetah spots spoke up to Alexis concerningly, "Commander, what's wrong?"

"What do you think, dumbass? Trolls are approaching!...Follow me. We'll make them regret dragging their leathery asses to our homeland." With that, Alexis and Vahali ran ahead, the four Hal Jani warriors following close behind. Though the gong clearly scared the trolls off, the chieftess and her second in-command wish to make sure they do not live to raid another day. The chieftess, her second in-command, and the warriors pursued the trolls for a good ten minutes...before they were cornered before a rocky wall, a 3-foot-thick fallen tree nearby. The commanding humanoid troll looked around fearfully, knowing they're being pursued by Marsh Dragons. The trolls then drew and loaded their revolving rifles and leaped for the cover of the fallen tree nearby. It was at that moment that Vahali, her right-hand dragoness and the warriors caught up. They, in near-perfect unison, pressed their tongues to the roofs of their mouths and unleashed a barrage of acid-like vapor from the glands beneath their tongues. The trolls narrowly avoided the deadly mist and pressed their backs against the log

"We've seemed to have stumbled upon a Marsh Dragon colony, captain!" one of the trolls shouted over the angered roars of the Marsh Dragons, turning his head to face his captain.

"Tell me something I don't know, moron!" he insulted, opening his revolving rifle and putting bullets in each chamber. Whilst the warriors were almost aimlessly unleashing their vapors upon the protected trolls, Vahali and her second in-command built up a gallon of acid vapor within the glands under their tongues.

The captain looked left and right as he ordered his men, "On my signal, we open fire!"

"Aye," his men confirmed, almost in unison. Before long, the commander shouted furiously, "Fire!" and he and his men rose on their feet and rested their guns on the log, aiming for the dragons, poised to fire. They each fired a single bullet at the same time, a crackling echo filled the land, but their projectiles could only hit the dragons thighs and shoulders. The troll's efforts were rewarded with a well-deserved, built-up barrage of acid, which doused them, forming a greenish blue cloud of vaporous acid. They screamed in shear agony as they felt their skin melting away, revealing flesh beneath. Vahali and Alexis smiled, satisfied, as they lead the warriors around the log and examined the corpses.

From what Alexis could tell, the trolls were still edible for Marsh Dragons. She faced two lightly-colored male warriors and ordered, "You two, take the corpses back to the grand tree and butcher them." She looked down and rolled one over. Most of its flesh was still consumable for Marsh Dragons, "These fuckers are still edible, and our food storage is a tad bit low."

"Aye, lady Alexis," they nodded, before taking as many trolls as they could carry in their jaws by their legs and headed back towards the Temple of Chieftains.

Alexis faced Vahali with a serious expression, "These trolls...how could they get here? The fucking queen is too afraid to send her assholes here."

"I don't think these are the queens trolls, Alexis. Their uniforms don't match the ones they wore during the crusade years back," Vahali mentioned.

Alexis rolled her eyes, "So who do you think they are? Who else could they be, Vahali?"

Vahali processed her thoughts, pondering over who the trolls could have been. Before long, her eyes widened and she said, "Pirates, that's all I can think of."

Alexis then went wide-eyed, "Shit. I think you're right, chieftess. I remember when I was like...eight. I was swimming at the beach in the Hal Jani quarter and there I saw them." Alexis then began to tell her story:

Alexis was purely a Hal Jani child, swimming at the beach with her twin brother. The beach of the Hal Jani quarter of the marshes was virtually a paradise. Instead of sand, there were silky smooth rocks and pebbles and the like. The green, transparent seaweed that washed ashore was a salty delicacy which they would use to salt their meals of fish and meat. She joyfully splashes with her brother, giggling like the pre-pubescent dragons they are. After an hour of joyful splashing, they decide to return to the dank, pebbly shore and feast on the salty, nutritious seaweed. Alexis ate at one end of it, facing the gigantic trees of the Dead Marshes, whilst her brother ate at the other. Before long, Zax took a chunk in his jaws, raised his head, and chewed. While chewing, he suddenly stopped chewing and went wide-eyed. Alexis was eating her fill when she caught sight of her statued brother and said, with a serious expression, "What the fuck's wrong, Zax?"

Zax rose a trembling finger towards the sea. Alexis followed his finger and she became just like her brother. What they saw was amazing...a 300-foot-long battleship. Skulls with sharp teeth painted on the hull and chimneys of its iron skin. Black smoke reaching the sky from the ship. It had a three-barreled WW2-like cannon on the for (front) half of the ship, and a small rocket-tube-like mortar at the aft(rear) section. It was shaped like a thin diamond from birds-eye-view, but more blunt at the rear. Alexis and her brother fearfully retreated into the trees and back towards the Hal Jani temple.

Chieftess Zora stared awestruck at her right-hand dragoness' information, "I had no idea trolls could perform piracy. I thought they were all worshippers of Queen Carmeleon."

"You thought wrong, bitch. They share one thing with all races-they're both capable of right and wrong." Alexis then turned to her warriors.

Before she could give her speech, a male Hal Jani worrier spoke up with worry in his tone, "Commander Alexis, how are we supposed to deal with heavily-armed troll pirates?"

"Hush! Shut the hell up!" She then walked up and down before her troops, "Don't think you're the only ones who are worried here...I don't know what these trolls want or who the fuck they are...All I know is that they've made the mistake of attacking the Temple of Chieftains...And there's more than our home at stake...think about it...The first trolls to attempt an assault on our temple since the Queen of Blood." She then faced her men, "The glory of gutting them is ours...if you're with me." She then smiled at them, "So what do you say? Shall we go butcher us some trolls?!" Enthusiasm seeped from her voice, and into her troops, who complied with glorious roars to the sky.

"That's the spirit!"

And so Chieftess Zora and Alexis lead the troops towards the Shallow of Whoa, a few miles away. They made haste, scampering towards the famous, continent-dividing shallow. Eventually, after a 20-minute scampering through unpleasant mud and often worming between trees, Alexis and the chieftess made it to the edge of the shallow. Frightened, Alexis ordered, "Behind the fallen tree!" and she and her troops and her chieftess pressed their bellies to the mud behind a thick fallen tree. What they saw was beyond words: in the shallow river, a sinister looking, aerodynamic, 20-foot-long boat with a slender hull that didn't go deep underwater, and of crudely-crafted leathery seats facing one another and, at the very nose of the vessel, a mounted machine gun. At the very rear, was a 4-cylinder engine with a three-bladed, 5-foot-wide propeller. It was, by troll machinery standards...an airboat...but...Queen Enola, nor the Purple Vulture Resistance, used such a craft for any purpose, as they had zeppelins and battleships and the like.

As the chieftess Zora and her second in-command fearfully studied the abnormal craft, Vahali turned to her second in-command, beside her, "Have you ever seen craft like this, Alexis?"

Alexis didn't avert her gaze from the mind-boggling vessel as she replied, "Fuck no...At least not since Zax and I were...like...eight."

The craft the unloaded its twelve seats of pirates, who vaulted over its low railing and made their way towards the other side of the shallow. But a commanding troll in black cuffed overcoat and a sea captain hat, and his three comrades drew their cutlass-swords in one hand and their revolvers in the other. All that remained aboard the craft was the driver and the gunner "To the Zak Noik quarter. We'll bag us some nice skins, lads," he said as he led them through the shallow water-the water line at their stomachs-towards the very fallen tree the chieftess and her loyal commander and warriors were. The Marsh Dragons pressed their bellies and even their heads to the mud, trying to avoid the pirates sight.

Alexis then turned to the chieftess and said, through her teeth with a low growl, "We need to deal with these fuckers."

Vahali shook her head at her second in-command's extreme suggestion, "We can't. If that gunner on that boat spots us, we won't stand a chance." At that very end of her sentence, the chieftess gasped as a horrible noise emerged from the vessel. Its propeller barely spun and the engine cranked horribly: it was trying to start. Before long, it released a bang, flames and black smoke erupted from the exhausts, and it's roaring propeller sent its hum throughout the marsh. The craft moved its fan-mounted rudders and it made an awkward U-turn and headed towards the sea without haste.

Once the airboat was out of sight and almost out of earshot, Alexis turned to her chieftess with an evil smile.

"Now they're helpless-no big scary boat to cover 'em," she giggled sinisterly. She turned her head towards her troops and her chieftess as she planned, "They're heading straight for us. Big mistake. On my signal we pounce, blind them with acid and break their necks, but try to keep their commander alive-we could pump some info from him.

"Got it, commander," her warriors confirmed in near-unison, poising their bodies to strike when the trolls came near enough. Before long, the trolls stood before the log. The Marsh Dragons leapt forth. While the Marsh Dragons were in midair, the trolls unleashed bullets upon them, but they could not hit one vital spot and their efforts were rewarded only with a broken neck as the Marsh Dragons took one each in their jaws and swung them around, throwing their limp corpses away. Only their pudgy leader remained, who drew his pistol and clicked it, poised to fire at the Marsh Dragons. His efforts were met with his gun arm in Vahali's jaws. He screamed in agony as his squeezed the trigger and fired rounds into the water. Before long, Vahali doused his arm with a concentrated shot of acid. It ate nearly to the bone, and she released him. Once the chieftess had her fun with the humanoid creature, her second in-command took the troll in her jaws by the back of his uniform and approached the fallen tree they previously cowered behind.

Alexis dropped the troll in the clay-like mud and growled down to him, "Who the fuck do you work for, troll?!" Alexis put her tail scythe to his neck, "What are you doing here?...Talk!" She then placed a paw on his chest and he nearly sank into the mud.

"We...we're under the queen's command...she...she told us to search for the Hal Jani and Val Jani temples." Alexis gave him a stab in his pudgy gut, gaining a scream from him.

"You're one lousy bullshit artist, troll. What are you really here for? Tell me, and your death will be quick and painless," Alexis threatened.

"We were sent by our admiral...Vocher. She demanded we hunt for a Hal Jani skin for the Valdin black market!" The pirate commander admitted.

"And what about those trolls who headed into the Marsh?" Vahali asked, pointing her scythe to the other side of the shallow "The rest of the marshes have been un-habitable since the crusade...more than ten years ago."

"They're heading for our camp a just a couple miles that way," he said, scared for his life.

Alexis smiled sinisterly, "Thanks, troll." She then plunged her tail scythe down his throat. Blood erupted all over her tail as he gargled to death. Alexis and her warriors then piled up the dead trolls behind the log and she faced the chieftess, "Looks like we have an entire mob of those blue-green bastards to take on. I'm gonna need more warriors, chieftess."

Vahali nodded, "I could muster more Hal-" The chieftess was cut of by the sound of Chief Sakwai and 10 of his Zak Noik worriers, worming between the trees.

Sakwai's eyes widened at the sight of the chieftess and the fallen trolls, "Chieftess Zora, commander Alexis, we heard gun shots and roaring. Can we be of assistance?"

Alexis smiled sinisterly, "Hell yeah!" She pointed out the dead trolls before her, "Before I melted this troll, he told me they have a camp nearby. I could use five of your warriors and we could lay siege to the fuckers!"

Sakwai nodded, "I can provide warriors...but do you have any idea who these trolls are loyal to? I don't recognize their uniforms or their guns or their tactics."

"My second in-command says they're pirates." Vahali motioned a paw towards Alexis, who nodded in response "If they're pirates, I don't think they're loyal to the queen."

Sakwai turned to all his warriors on the right-hand side of him "You're supporting Chieftess Zora. She's got command of you for the day. Follow her as if she were me."

"Yes, chieftain," they approved as they joined Vahali and her warriors.

"I'll return to the temple and inform the other chiefs," Sakwai said before he took a bow to the chieftess and turned back for the temple.

Alexis then walked ahead of her chieftess and her warriors. She pointed her snout to the sky and screamed "Lets crush some pirates skulls!" she roared triumphantly, followed by a Marsh Dragoness, raptor-like roar. The chieftess and the warriors backed up her roaring, before they ran through the shallow water towards the other side. Under the glow of the setting sun.

Page Break

Meanwhile, Helix take his child, and the children of his beloved siblings, shopping in the market of the expanded cheetah village. The stalls were connected by a rope of red lanterns. Among the products were: fresh fish caught the day of being sold, jewelry and jewels and geodes mined from near and far. Bows, crossbows and arrows fletched by the finest cheetah archers in the land. Drake held his uncle's tail, fearful of how the browsing cheetahs and moles and few dragons would react to him on his own. Kiara kept at her father's front feet. Dasha and Pyro bought up the rear of the group, coiling tails and rubbing sides. Dasha occasionally tried to nuzzle her twin brother, but he moved his head awkwardly and got it on the neck instead, and she rested her head on his back. The eyes of shopping dragons wondered to them, thinking she is romancing on him.

Drake had 30 ounces of gold in his pocket that his father gave him before he departed with his gigantic Dark Dragon uncle. As he walked, his eyes widened at the sight of a stall selling intriguing bows and arrows. His intrigue was overwhelmed by a yew bow, half Drake's own height, with a glistening sinew string.

"Ooh ancestors, I've always wanted a bow for hunting!" he laughed joyfully as he released his uncle's tail and approached the stall, a cheetah vendor smiling him over. He took a closer gander at the finely-fletched weapon, decorated with fine red patterns resembling a snake. The reptilian animal of stealth and swift killing was surrounded by blue stars on the bows limps. It was shaped liked flattened W.

"I see you like this bow, yeah?" Asked the pale cheetah in a black hunter's hood with an unhealthy voice.

"How much How much how much how much?!" Drake asked, excitedly bouncing up and down.

The joyous jumping of Drake was purged by Helix nudging him immediately. "If you get something like that nephew, your mother will kill me," he chuckled.

"Uncle Helix, pa lets me use his turret pistol when we go out hunting. I think he would appreciate it if I learned a bow," Drake replied.

Helix rolled his eyes and sighed, "Venus will kill me."

Drake slapped him on the chest, "She will not, uncle." He then turned back to the cheetah vendor, "How much?"

"For you, young 'un, 20 ounces o' gold. Comes with three free arrows and a basic quiver," the vendor answered. Drake cackled triumphantly as he dug in his pockets and took out the gold. He put it in the cheetah's paw, who gave him the bow almost at the same time. He also gave him the promised quiver and arrows free of charge.

While his nephew drew the bow empty, gaining a feel for it, Helix approached the vendor with a serious expression, "A cat should no better than to sell a weapon to a minor."

The vendor shrugged, "We're not in the troll kingdom of Valdin, Sir Helix O'Van Sea. I'm having trouble selling these daggers and bows." The cheetah smiled and reached for the box under his stall, "But I have something...a gift from our troll allies of Dantes Freezer." Before long, he held before Helix a slightly curl-bladed, 7-inch-long dagger with a green, slightly transparent, slightly jagged blade.

It gained the intrigue of not only Helix, but his humanoid nephew, "Ooh ancestors! Is it made of glass?"

"No...it's made of Sky Glass, mines from asteroids which hit Dante's Freezer. Even to date, only the trolls have the technology to mine and craft these kind of weapons. They're special, because they can absorb the elements dragons can master-Fire, Ice, Electricity and Earth. One of reasons the trolls of Dante's Freezer give us these weapons is because they do not have enough mages who can infuse the swords with elements."

Drake had a thought about this vendor, "Why are you selling it to me? I'm not a mage. I'm just a half-breed."

"I've heard about you, Drake. You're not as invisible as you think. Don't you know you're are the first ever child of a Troll and a Dragon? Before you were born, they thought it was physically impossible for trolls and dragons to make babies together," the vendor answered.

"No, but yeah, but no, but yeah...I am...but that still doesn't answer my question or somethin' or nothin'. Why are you selling that to me?" He asked, pointing to the dagger and himself in sequence, "I don't mind the bow-I've always wanted to learn, but why the dagger?"

"Word's around that you can harness Fire and Ice," the cheetah replied.

He smiled and conjured a small flame in his left hand and a bitting mist in his other, "Yeah, I can make it shoot out of my hands and my mouth."

"So you can take advantage of this dagger's abilities. It's yours for 10 ounces of gold, young Drake," the vendor offered.

Drake gave him the gold and he sheathed the dagger and gave it to Drake, "Ooh ancestors. Can't wait to tell ma 'n' pa!"

As Helix and the children walked away, Helix let out another sigh, "Little sister's going to kill me."

"Ooh, she is not," he laughed frustratingly, slapping his dragon uncle on the chest between each word. "She and pa let me use pa's gun. A bow is no different."

After a few minutes, Kiara cousins grew curious and began to ask her questions of her homeland and her species.

Dasha walked ahead and alongside her and asked, "Is it true that 75% of the year, the marshes are hazardous?"

"Oh, yeah. It's so foggy, you can't see beyond 30 feet in front of you. And so cold, you can't be outside for more than 10 minutes without getting frostbite," Kiara answered.

Dasha pulled a face of astonishment, "Whoa, thats heavy!"

Drake walked alongside her other side and asked, "Forgive me if this is like a personal question or somethin' or nothin' but..." his hands met and he eyed her with intrigue, and she eyed him with confusion. "Is it true that Marsh Dragonesses have...boobs?"

The group came to a halt and Helix eyed his nephew maliciously, "Drake! How dare you ask your own cousin such a thing."

Kiara stood before her father and shook her head, "It's okay, daddy. He's just curious."

Kiara then stood before Drake and nodded "Yah, we do. Look," she commanded as she rolled on her back and revealed her the small, still-developing, Marsh Dragoness breasts. They were a softer leather than the rest of her body which was a tough leather. They were like humans, except they had four nipples and, even at Kiara's young age, were wrinkly and more pale than the rest of her body, much like other Marsh Dragonesses. They tumbled with the slightest movement of her body.

Drake and his cousins watched with astonishment, except Pyro stuck his tongue out in disgust.

"Oh ancestors. I still can't believe I'm lookin' at Marsh Dragon jugs!" Drake spoke out.

"Eww. No offense, but they look like ape boobs with four nipples," Dasha giggled weakly.

"Shocking," Pyro stuck his tongue out in disgust.

Kiara looked up at them, concerned for her cosmetic beauty, "Something wrong with them?"

"Nah," Drake shook his head, "Look just like troll boobs...except they're much bigger than yours. They're also more enthralling."

Kiara smiled weakly, flattered, "Thanks."

"Also troll boobs aren't pointy or funny-looking like yours...or spaced too far apart," Drake also managed to say.

"Okay, I get it!" Kiara surrendered.

Before long, Helix heard a wolf whistle emerge from the crowd, "Hey! I heard that!" Helix shouted with a low growl.

It was at that moment Kiara chose the moment to stop showing off her utters and roll back on her four feet. She and the group resumed walking through the avenue of stalls. Kiara hung her head in shame, earlier exposing herself to her cousins.

"It's OK. I thought they were great jugs," Drake complimented, gaining a giggle from her and a malicious look from his uncle.

"Drake!" Helix growled.

He looked up at his uncle as they walked and shrugged "What? I like boobs." He then faced forward and made masturbation movements with his clawed hand at his crotch.

"I know what I'm a thinkin' of, tonight...pullin' me sea dragon," he cackled, gaining giggles form all his cousins and a growl from his uncle. They continued to browse stalls under the glow of sunset, enjoying all the time they had.

Page Break

Meanwhile, Alexis leads her troops through the marshes towards the troll pirates camp, which location she leaned earlier from that commander she removed from the planet. Her chieftess, Vahali Zora, walked alongside her. As they traversed the spongy terrain, one of Hal Jani warriors caught sight of Alexis's engorged utter, bouncing between her thighs.

He giggled and turned to his companion and whispered, "Check out the jugs on the commander."

He lowered his head to take a gander and giggled himself, "By our ancestors. They're huge." they both giggled amongst themselves.

As the chieftess walked beside her second in-command, Alexis gained her attention with a pained look and a grunt.

"What's wrong?" Vahali asked, concerned.

Alexis eyed her slightly maliciously and slightly pained, "Wh-what's it to you, Vahali?"

"You're my second in-command and I'm concerned," Vahali replied.

She rolled her eyes and sighed aloud, "If you must...know my fucking utters are engorged since I started weaning Sirrow, five months ago. I've had pull on 'em to relieve the pressure. When...when did you start weaning Kiara?"

"When she was eight. Why?" the chieftess answered back with another question.

"And you don't have engorged utters. Lucky bitch," Alexis cursed, gaining a giggle from chieftess Zora.

Before long, Alexis stopped, a feeling of fear swimming in her gut. She turned to the warriors, "I need volunteers for a sentry pair. C'mon, fuckers, step forward." She encouraged two Hal Jani warriors to step forth before her and chieftess Zora.

"Ah, yes, you two. I need you to climb some nearby trees and stay guard. I have gut-wrenching feeling those fucking troll pirates will bring reinforcements at any time. If any come near, roar and try your best hold 'em off. We can't risk being flanked from the rear." Alexis ordered.

"Aye, commander!" The two warriors affirmed. She shouted in approval as they approached two trees opposite to each other and climbed as high as they could.

"Alright, let's crush some troll skulls and eat their hearts!" Alexis and Vahali continued with the warriors towards the camp. After another 5 minutes of walking through damp terrain, Alexis, Vahali and the warriors stopped in their tracks, hearing the noise of orders being shouted and wood being split with axes.

"Down!" she ordered, pressing her body to the mud, the chieftess and the warriors copying her.

Vahali whispered to Alexis, "What's that noise?"

"What the fuck do you think? Trolls!" She motioned a paw towards the camp in the distance. It was a large camp. The border was a circular formation of tents. Within it, Trolls lubricated their guns and split wood. But some set up machine gun tripods

"It looks like they're planning a long stay, Alexis," Vahali said, worryingly.

"Like hell they are," Alexis growled. Before long she got up and ran ahead of the chieftess and the warriors.

"Alexis!" Vahali called out to her.

"Charge!" Alexis ordered before roaring to the sky. The warriors charged with their commander and even the chieftess Zora was forced to charge with them. The trolls were as disorganized as decapitated turkeys as the commander let out another roar and leaped over the tents, her warriors following and crushing tents. She took trolls by the neck and swung them away before they could load their guns. Her warriors did the same. Some merely doused them with acid. One near Alexis was cocking a scatter shotgun, his actions were met by her swinging her tail and opening his throat with her scythe. After a good 3 minutes of carnage, the trolls were all deceased and draining blood. Alexis's eyes wondered to one troll who was dead from the waist down and pointlessly used his arms to crawl away, whimpering. Alexis approached him and her shadow consumed the troll before she said, "The Dead Marshes belong to the Marsh Dragons, you green fuck." She then stamped a foot on the trolls, shattering his ribs, and he chocked to death on his own fluids.

Vahali stood beisde Alexis and admired the carnage she and the warriors caused and the damage they dealt. Before long, she cackled, "You're insane, Alexis." Alexis turned her head and eyes her chieftess maliciously, gaining a frightful look from her as she complimented, "But you know how to command and conquer." She gained a weak smile from her second-in-command.

Alexis then ordered, "Glue two of these bastards to the trees as a warning. The rest are food!" Her warriors roared triumphantly in response. The Hal Jani and Zak Noik warriors used their corrosive spray as glue and glued the fallen trolls to the trees. Once done, they gutted the remaining ones as if they were caught fish, leaving their guts as compliment to the glued corpses. The warriors then took the hollowed-out bodies in their jaws, and share the meat evenly between their clan members.

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Author's Reminder: The original character band ahead belongs to JourneyofShadows. He plead me to include them and I couldn't say, "no!" to a friend. Again, this band, Voyage and Rest, does not belong to me. JourneyofShadows has begged me to include them for this chapter. I will only have them in for a short time, of course. I won't use them past this chapter, as they do not belong to me, and I do not have a clue what to do with them afterwards.

JourneyofShadows' band

As Helix leads the children through the market, his humanoid nephew had his new bow secured around his body, and his new special dagger in his leathery pouch. He held his uncle's tail, whilst his cousins stayed close to his feet, feeling secure in the closeness of him.

As Helix lead the children through the markets, an echoing and pumping bass emerged from the distance. At the same time, Kiara unleashed a short flatulence. The noise intrigued Helix, and he stopped in his tracks, the children copying almost immediately.

"What's that noise?" Helix asked

Kiara blushed shamefully. "Oops," She cackled, "I farted. I didn't think you'd hear me, daddy," she confessed, gaining a giggle from her cousins.

"No," Helix shook his head, "That music."

Drake put a hand to his ear and his dragon relatives listened with great care. The beat and drums of the music gave it away as the infamous Rock N' Roll song "All Night" by Kiss.

"Ooh, I like this song. Dunno who's playin' or somethin' or nothin'," Drake replied. It was at that immediate moment that a small party of moles and cheetahs darted passed them.

One pale-colored cheetah collided with Drake as he ran by them.

"Whoops sorry, man," he apologized.

"Like what's the damn rush or somthin' or nothin'!?" he growled, rubbing his hit shoulder.

The cheetah looked back at Drake as he ran, "Voyage and Rest! The concert...I'm missing it!" The cheetah then ran breathlessly into the woods. Above the trees, the low clouds were lit by flashing lights projecting from the ground.

Helix smiled, "Voyage and Rest. I've never seen them live." He then craned his head down to his daughter, his niece, and his nephews, "C'mon, kids, a concert! Drake, Kiara, climb aboard!"

His humanoid nephew boarded his neck and he took his Marsh Dragoness daughter in his claw and took to the air, Dasha and Pyro bringing up the rear. The three dragons glided over the trees and, before long, hovered as they stared awestruck at the said concert. They played with their backs against a rock formation, which acted like a natural sound shell for the band.

Drake stared with a hung jaw from his uncle's neck, clinging to him, "Who the troll queen on the sauce are they?!"

"Yeah who are they, daddy?" Kiara asked from her father's claw, amazed at the band with 100 screaming fans before them.

"One of daddy's favorite bands, Voyage and Rest. They play just about anything and all the classics too," Helix answered.

"Are they good, uncle Helix?" Dasha asked, flapping her wings in unison with her twin brother beside her.

"Good?! They're great, and they're just starting out. I've got a feeling they're going to be one of the best bands in the realms. There aren't that many anyways. They play 70's and 80's songs. The best ones," Helix replied.

They were situated on a rocky platform with foamy mats beneath them. The crowd, contained with only a mere party of Dark Dragon and Fire Dragon guards from the temple, waved their hands in the air for them, screaming at the top of their lungs. The lead singer was a red-furred anthro-cheetah with black stripes which looked like small burning dark flames. He was running back and forth from the edge of the rock, occasionally performing back flips for the crowd. His name was Stael Nu'vih. On the drums was Stael's life-mate, Dani Nu'vih. She was was a snow-white cheetah with usual black cheetah spots. She had a bit of a belly as she was two months gravid with Stael's cubs, but hasn't had a choice but to play as she is the only one who can drum with skill. She was wearing a slightly transparent midnight purple cloak with blue stars, which glistened in the stage light. Playing the lead guitar was Stael's younger brother, Recks. His fur was the same base color as his brother, but with light grey stripes. As he played, he had a habit of showing off with full splits. On the triple keyboard was Dani's longtime friend, a dark brown mole named Daki Remisa. His special triple keyboard, with 2-and-a-half-inch-wide keys, allowed him to play a song on his own without any backup pianists. On the bass guitar was a young Wind anthro-dragon named Samuel. He had light grey scales and a snow-white underbelly. He used his black, blunt claws to pluck the bass with great skill, occasionally playing a kiss to the females in the audience. He also had white horns, which were painted with some clear nail polish to give them a glistening appearance. At the far left of the stage, was a gigantic acoustic piano for later use. Its open canopy faced the rocky formation so its sound could bounce off and cover the crowd.

"C'mon, Dasha, Pyro!" Helix said as he and his niece and nephew touched down in the grass and observe the loud concert.

Once the band concluded the well-known Kiss song, Stael swung the microphone cord around his neck and then swung it around again to unwind it from his neck.

"Alright, Avalar, you've been a great, great crowd," he praised their fans, barely able to keep still, exhausted "But after 3 hours of kick-ass rock 'n' roll and alternative and a few anchors on top of that I'm afraid-" He was cut off by his fans, surprisingly booing at them. He pulled a confused face and shrugged, "But we're exhausted. C'mon, Avalar, be fair," he commanded.

Stael's life-mate smiled. Sensing the displeasure of the crowd, she removed herself from the drums and approached him. She gave him a cuddle from behind and kissed him, causing the crowd to laugh at her out-right romancing.

"Get on the drums, baby," she commanded him with a giggle. He did as he was told and she snatched the microphone from him. Stael felt nervous as he took his wife's place at the drums, he wasn't nearly as good as a drummer as her. Hopefully though, she would pick an easy song. For a brief moment she approached Recks and whispered with him for a moment. She did the same with Samuel and Daki. Samuel approached the gigantic acoustic piano and situated himself before the keys. The lights which lit the rocky formation they played under glowed a soft light blue and dark blue combination and Dani tried her best to sing "Somebody To Love" by Queen.

Dani began with a honey-tasting tone, breathy,


All else joined in,

anybody find me somebody to love?

The band dropped out and left Dani to sing alone,

Each morning I get up I die a little

Can barely stand on my feet

The band sung and Dani dropped out,

Take a look in the mirror and cry

They dropped out, leaving her to sing alone,

Lord what you're doing to me

I have spent all my years in believing you

But I just can't get no relief,

Lord! Somebody,

All but Dani,




All but Dani,


All sang with Dani,

Can anybody find me

The rest of the band dropped out again,

somebody to love?

Dani sang,

I work hard

The band sang,

She works hard

Dani sang,

every day of my life

I work till I ache my bones

At the end

The band sang,

At the end of the day

Dani sang alone,

I take home my hard earned pay all on my own -

I get down on my knees

And I start to pray

Till the tears run down from my eyes

Lord somebody

The band sung,


Can anybody find me

Dani sung aloud,

somebody to love?

The band sung aloud,

She works hard

Dani sung,


The band sung,


Dani continued alone,

I try and I try and I try

But everybody wants to put me down

They say I'm goin' crazy

They say I got a lot of water in my brain

Got no common sense

I got nobody left to believe

All sung with Dani,

Yeah - yeah yeah yeah

The guitar solo began and Recks made his way to the front of the stage. The spotlights of all but the one shining on him dimmed and the volume of all other instruments lowered. Towards the end, he performed a full split, leaving the females in the crowd to cheer and cry his name out loud.

Dani began again,

Oh Lord


The band sung,


All sang wit h Dani,

Can anybody find me

She sang alone,

somebody to love?

The band sung,

Can anybody find me someone to love

She sang alone,

Got no feel, I got no rhythm

I just keep losing my beat

I'm OK, I'm alright

Ain't gonna face no defeat

I just gotta get out of this prison cell

Someday I'm gonna be free, Lord!

The band sung without her,

Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love

Dani joined in,

Can anybody find me...

The other band members and instruments dropped out and complete silence took place as Dani stood at the edge of the stage and sung with one paw high in the air,

...Somebody to love?

The crowd roared in triumph for the band. Dark Dragons in the audience breathed gorgeous clouds of midnight purple smoke into the air, which combined into the image of a human hand with only its index finger and pinkie drawn.

Author: Just a reminder: This band does not belong to me. JourneyofShadows has plead me to include them. I will only have them in this chapter and the wedding scene.

Helix and the children were laying in the grass, the hatchlings against his belly and Drake laying on his uncle's back.

"Ooh ancestors, that was the best live performance of 'Somebody To Love' by Queen or somethin' or nothin' or some other thing," Drake praised aloud in his usual tongue.

Dasha nuzzled her twin brother with a tear in her eye, "Remember when uncle sang to us when we were younger, Py?"

Pyro tried his best to avoid his sister's flirtatious tongue. Stroking his neck, he smiled weakly as he stared at the concert, "Yeah, sis. The only song I've seen performed live is 'It's Raining Me-'" Pyro cut himself off and shook his head, "'It Started With a Kiss' by Hot Chocolate."

Kiara removed herself from the warmth of her cousins and gigantic father and stood to gaze at the concert.

"I've waisted my girlhood in the Dead Marshes," she said with a joyful tear, "I wish they could have concerts in the Zak Noik quarter."

Helix stared at the band with amaze. Before long, an idea came to his mind and he smiled widely, wide-eyed; he now knew how he would further contribute to his sister's wedding and get her the perfect gift as the icing on the cake, so to speak. The crowd began to slowly disperse, ushered away in an orderly fashion by the Dark Dragon armored guards and the band's mole roadies began to pack up, whilist the band gathered in their gigantic tent nearby, guarded by two Dark Dragon guards in light armor. Helix then rose to his four feet.

"Come on, kids. Let's go meet them," he said with a joyful laugh, as he began to run down the hill, Kiara and Drake following with a scamper, and Dasha and Pyro following in flight.

"Ooh ancestors, I get to meet Voyage and Rest or somethin' or nothin'!" Drake yelled excitedly, following on his uncle's heels.

"We can meet them?! You're the best, daddy," Kiara complimented.

"Good thing our uncle's famous, Py. He should be able to meet Voyage and Rest with no problem whatsoever," She said, flapping alongside her brother.

Before long, they landed near the band's gigantic tent and Helix and the children approached the guards with a skip in their steps. Helix was about to ask the guard for entry when he and his partner growled, "Halt! Voyage and Rest are tired of reporters and scholars pestering them." The Dark Dragon guards pressed their sides together to block the entrance.

Drake walked ahead of his uncle and said to the guards, "Ooh ancestors! You're well outta order to say that," Drake spoke, pointing a thumb back at his uncle. "My uncle Helix is a famous comedian or somethin' or nothin' or some other thing," Drake added.

The guards' eyes snapped open and they tilted their heads, "Wait... do you mean Helix O'Van Sea?"

Helix nodded, "Yeah."

Kiara, Dasha and Pyro were hiding beneath him.

"THE Helix O'Van Sea...The Comedian!" shrieked the other guard.

"Yeah, the funny dragon of Warfang and Twilight Falls and...all the realms really," Helix chuckled.

The guard then craned his head down to Drake's level, "And this is your nephew, son of Venus and Shigi O'Van Sea, the former Cloaked Widow-Maker...The first ever child of a dragon/troll couple."

Drake then began in his usual tongue, rubbing his head, "No, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but...yeah, I am, but it's not my fault I'm the son of a troll and a dragoness, because something happen' for somethin' or nothin' that i don't know nothin' about. What happened was: Me ma, a dragon, and me da, a troll, were like always bakin' cookies every chance they got, 'cause me ma was a bit of a draconic bimbo. And eventually, da mutated and grew a massive sea dragon enough to get her preggo with me or somethin' or nothin'...And then she went to Dante's Freezer to give birth to m in front of me troll aunts and grandma, so they could all see me come out head first outa her lolly pop. And me ma was about to bite the cord off when she realized it was my dong."

The guards tossed their heads back in laughter.

"Wow, my daughter was right about you, Drake. She's in the academy, too!" one of the guards managed to speak up during his laughing fit.

"Ooh ancestors, Vina's your daughter, isn't she?" Drake asked.

"Yes," the first guard nodded.

"I know her 'cause she's the only Dark Dragoness in class, save for my lady-friend, Blaze. Yeah. She's a good girl, Vina, but she sorta blends in with the training dummies. Never really 'wowed' anybody in class," Drake said.

The conversation was interrupted by Stael, flapping open the tent to see what's going on "Hey you guys, were trying to practice and-" He cut himself off at the sight of the Dark Dragon comedian and the children at his feet. "By our ancestors...are you..." He pointed a claw at Helix, "Helix Oblivion Vanguard Sea?...the comic genius of Warfang himself?!"

Helix nodded with a smile, "That's me."

Stael put his hands behind his back and smiled deviantly before saying, "Oh really?" He examined Helix further from his front claws to his snout; he looked like the infamous comedian he virtually worships thus far...but he needed to test Helix. He pointed to him and asked in a single breath; "Who's your younger sister, Venus, married to? And what species is her life-mate?"

"A troll named Shigi O'Van Sea, formerly named Shigi Hasethsmalvena," Helix answered almost quickly and easily.

"How many children do your siblings have in total?" Stael asked in a single breath, still unconvinced.

"Three," Helix asked, now mildly frustrated.

Stael then tried one of Helix's racial, but most famous jokes, "A zeppelin full of politicians and a zeppelin full of apes crash and burn in a race...who burns to death first?"

"Who cares?" Helix answered with a smile.

"You really are Helix O'Van Sea," Stael said, smiling as his comedic hero is standing before him. Stael then asked, confused, and a little concerned, "What are you doing around my band's tent though?"

"I have a little request," Helix said. Stael scratched his chin and nodded, he waited about 5 seconds before Helix finally said with a smile, "You know my older sister, Jeenie, is getting married to the Electric Guardian, Volteer, right?"

Stael immediately went wide-eyed and hung his jaw, as though he was reading the Dark Dragon comedian's thoughts.

. He then stepped aside and opened the tent "Come in, Helix, kids," he invited, waving his hand, ushering them in.

Upon entry, Helix and the children gained confused and concerned looks from the practicing Dani, on her set of Kiss-like drums, and Recks tuning his guitar.

Dani was first to speak, "Stael, honey, what in ancestors name?" at the sight of Helix and the younglings.

"Bro, press conference is over," Recks complained.

Stael nearby leapt in joy as he stood between his wife, brother and bandies, "Don't you recognize this dragon?"

Recks and Dani moaned and scratched their chins in unison, confused and a bit embarrassed.

"It's Helix O'Van Sea...the comedian." He then pointed a hand to them in sequence as he introduced the children, "And his daughter, his niece and nephews, Drake, Pyro, Dasha and Kiara."

Dani rolled her eyes and groaned, "Urg. That sexually-obsessed comedian you're so fond of." She slapped herself face, "Let the snuff film begin."

"Dani," Stael groaned towards his wife with a sorrowful face "Just 'cause you can't gain a laugh from anybody to save our species."

Dani gasped, crossed her arms and turned her body away with a, "Hmm."

Stael casted his wife's 'cold shoulder' act to the back of his head with a roll of his eyes and shakes of his head and announced to his band, "Everybody, you're not going to believe it but Helix here," He pointed both his paws at Helix and eyed him, waved his paws for Helix to continue his speech for him.

Helix smiled "Wants you to perform at my older sister's wedding...She's marrying the Electric Guardian, Volteer."

All the band members and even Dani, having given her love the cold shoulder, turned her head back to the dragons and...the half dragon, Drake

Dani removed herself from the drum set and approached her love as he said up to Helix, Rubbing the back of his head, "Whoa, Helix, that's a...big step I dunno know if-" He was cut off by Dani's tight hugging.

"How much are you going to pay us, Helix?" Dani asked.

"How does...five thousand ounces of gold sound to you?" Helix asked with a smile, "It's my wedding present to my older sister," he added.

"It's a generous offer, Helix, but we've never played at a wedding before, much less one of the Electric Guardian and the older sister of you," He pointed a paw to Helix, ",one of the top ten comedians of Warfang and...well all the realms of any species."

Dani pulled him closer for a whisper, draping her arms around his neck and down to his chest, "Honey, with the gold Helix is offering, we can refit our house for our future kids."

Helix and the children watched the couples soft argument, silently praying to the gods and ancestors that they will approve.

"What if we screw up at the wedding, Dani? It could make or break the band," Stael argued.

She rotated him around and took his hand and stroked it on her slightly swollen belly. Their eyes met as she said, "It'll be for us, the band," she rubbed his open hand on her half-developed fetus, "and the babies."

Recks got up from his guitar seat and confronted his brother and sister-in-law, "Listen, Stael," he began in a serious tone, gaining the attention of his brother and his sis-in-law. He pointed a paw at Dani before continuing, "This is your life-mate and practically my sister. Are you going to make her raise her children in a drafty attic or leaky basement or a small noisy apartment building even?" He pointed a thumb to himself.

"Because I'm not letting my niece and/or nephew live in such places." He pointed a paw to Helix, "This comedian-one of the best in Warfang-has given us the opportunity to perform at a wedding in front of ancestors knows how many guests...for his sister and one of the guardians. Do you have any idea how much we could step up in our career?!"

Dani smiled widely at Recks, silently thanking her brother-in-law for his hearty contribution.

Stael sighed before approving, "Alright, we'll play at the wedding." The band members triumphantly rose fists to the air, cheering, while Dani screamed joyfully and began to maul Stael in kisses. She squeezed him tightly and was unwilling to let go "Alright, hon, that's enough," he attempted to say, trying his hardest to wriggle free of her grasp. "Dani, please!" he plead with a low growl. When he broke free of her grasp, she returned to her drums and Stael faced Helix and the children "Where's your sister's wedding being held, Helix?"

Helix rolled his eyes upwards and thought, bitting his lip. His mental condition made him think twice as slow as a normal dragon. Before long, however, his face snapped joyful as he said, "Haven't decided yet. I'm taking her out tonight so we can get her an outfit and find a place to hold it. But will be in Warfang in a palace, a temple or cathedral, and not some club or chappal."

"Wherever it is, Helix, we'll play there," Recks smiled.

Page Break

Meanwhile, in the dam-aired, heavily-forested Dead Marshes, Vahali curls up on the furry bed in her room in the Temple of Chieftains. She tosses and turns in stress; her life-mate nor her daughter were their to keep her company and warm her. She was trying to slumber alone for the first time since she gave birth to Kiara. After what seemed like forever to her of tossing and turning and grunting on the bed, she let out a frustrated sigh and rolled onto her feet and approached her door to go for a night walk around the temple. She walked through the halls of the temple towards the gigantic double doors of the entrance. At the doors, she was greeted by he siht of the night-working Zak Noik guards of the temple

They stomped their front feet and bowed for her, saluting, "Chieftess," Marsh Dragon style.

She smiled at their loyalty to not only Sakwai and the Zak Noik clan, but also to her "I can't sleep, guys. Let me out for a walk?"

"Certainly, Zora," they smiled before they stood before the doors and pushed them open in unison. It groaned loudly as it opened just so she could fit through. The guards held a bow until she was outside. Then they took the thick ropes of the door in their jaws and closed them. The chieftess climbed down the massive set of stone stairs and took a walk to the watering hole, behind the temple, where Marsh Dragons of all four clans drank. Though she knew it wasn't chief or leader-like to drink at such a pool, she thought it was merely a way of bonding with the common Marsh Dragon as she liked to do, as her dearly departed friend, chieftain Frex, loved to do. There wasn't a dragon in sight for a mile around in the moonlight. When she reached the wide, healthy, clear supply of water, she craned her head down and began to lap it up. While she drank, she was awestruck as she heard a familiar voice singing "Freaks Come Out At Night" by Whodini.

She hummed, "Hmm," as she raised her head and frantically looked around. Looking behind her, she was relieved that it was merely her second-in-command's child, Sirrow, in the short distance, also taking a stroll around the temple.

The freaks come out at night

The freaks come out at night,

he sang, also mimicking the instruments of the song;

She smiled before calling softly, "Sirrow," causing him to cut off his singing and quickly turn his head towards Vahali.

He was relieved as it was the Hal Jani chieftess who called him and not some random Marsh Dragon. He smiled, "Zora," as he approached the massive dragoness.

Looking down at him, Vahali asked concernedly, "What are you doing outside the tree, Sirrow?"

"I got insomnia. I haven't slept well in two years, chieftess. And I'm a freak, because I'm half Marsh Dragon, half Electric Dragon. I'm a freak, and...'The freaks come out at night...the freaks come out at night'," He sang, gaining a giggle from Chieftess Vahali Zora.

When chieftess Zora gathered herself, she asked concernedly, "Doesn't your mom care about your being out here at this hour?"

He shook his head, "No. She's in the Hal Jani tree tending to the clan. She said it was safe for me to go...he she nudged me away and said, '*feminine negro voice* just go, you little bastad," he mimicked.

Vahali smiled with a weak nod, "That's Alexis alright." Vahali tilted her head in confusion, "What about your uncle, Zax?"

"Checking the fishing net at the shallow. Should be back soon." Sirrow was about to depart when he remembered something horrible his mother did recently "Oh, and...my mom bit a hole in one of the other females by the mud pools. They're stitching her up right now," he giggled.

Vahali shook her head, "What?!" She stared down at Sirrow with a horrified expression whilist he nodded. "Why'd she do that?" Vahali asked.

Sirrow shrugged, "I dunno. Something about rolling in mud, the Mountain of Malefor, and vaginas...Urg. I can't remember." Vahali was too horrified to continue conversing with Sirrow and instead ran towards the Hal Jani tree. "Nice talkin' to you, chieftess Zora," he called out to her as she ran towards the tree.

Upon entering the tree, and reaching the top of its spiral stairs and into the living area, she was confronted by the sight of a maroon-colored female, moaning in agony, having a flesh wound at the base of her neck stitched up by the Hal Jani nurses. And a length of silk, rolled up and soaked in a healing, pain-killing syrup from local trees...was being dabbed against her injured vagina by another nurse. Before long, the nurse allowed the female to press the cloth against her injured pussy on her own with her tail.

This horrific sight caused Chieftess Vahali Zora to inhale loudly and hang her jaw. "W-w-what happened?!"

"Your right-hand-dragoness bit me! On the neck and the pussy...That's what happened!" She whimpered.

One of the nurses, at the time examining the wounded female, approached and stood before Vahali "Chieftess, about your second-in-command...the commander..."

Vahali concentrated on the nurse dragoness. "Yes," she nodded slowly, her mouth hung

"She seems agitated, Vahali. You should speak with her. She's been punching walls even," the nurse confessed.

"You should lock her up until she's off the rag!" the wounded female piped in, whimpering.

"I'll speak with her at once," she smiled weakly to the nurse, before she walked around her and approached the set of carved out stairs leading to Alexis's quarters at the top of the tree. Her quarters were curved out into a room, just like the rest of the livable parts of the tree. It's just large enough to fit herself, her twin brother, and her son. There was a large rug-like fur where she and her brother would share warmth as well a large basket lined with blankets where her son would slumber, as he was too old now to share warmth with his mother or uncle like he did as an infant. Alexis paced up and down, muttering less than kind words and scratching the floor with her kind claws.

Vahali was awestruck at her right-hand-woman's behavior; it was abnormal, even for an angry dragoness such as her. "What's wrong with you, Alexis?" she said with a serious expression. "You bit a helpless female!" She said with a low growl, gaining her attention.

"That fucking bitch made a personal remark about my baby canon," she said, staring maliciously at the chieftess, before returning to her angered pacing.

Chieftess Zora tilted her head in confusion "Why would she do that?"

She stopped and faced the chieftess again, "You remember how I'm always complaining about my engorged udder?" Vahali nodded "Well you also remember how I keep complaining about my damaged, mage-sleeved cunt ever since I gave birth to Sirrow."

"Yeah. I got that too after I had Kiara," Vahali answered.

"Well just a couple hours ago, before the sunset disappeared, I and a lot of the Hal Jani dragonesses went to the mud pools nearby and rolled in them to exfoliate and make our skin softer." Alexis then began to tell her story-

While ten other females rolled in the rough, sandy golden mud, softening their leathery skin and peeling off the dead skin, Alexis moaned pleasurably, on her back in the mud. She stretched her body and then lets loose like a canine rolling in the grass. While on her back, she swayed her tail across the mud to make it softer and scrape away the dead skin. Her belly was already soft enough and didn't require this treatment.

Alexis was so engrossed in rubbing her back in the mud with her eyes closed, she didn't realized that a previously mud-bathing Hal Jani female, leaving the mud pools and approaching the tree, was eyeing her and caught a glimpse of her damaged, foot-wide, mages-sleeve-like magenta opera house.

The red-skinned female pulled a disgusted face and, loud enough for Alexis and all nearby bathing Hal Jani females to hear, said, "Urg, looks like the Mountain of Malefor."

All of the dragonesses let out a loud gasp as Alexis snapped back into reality, got on her own four feet and stared down the female, stomping towards her. "Excuse me, bitch!" she growled, barring her teeth at the red female.

The female put her tail between her legs and lowered her head in fear, "I'm so so sorry, command-"

Alexis cut her off growl and began to circle the fearful female who insulted her vagina, "A torn cunt is like a disability. How many infants have you shoved out of your lolly, huh, Miss Perfect Minge?"

"I don't have any children, Alexis," she said with a crashing, fearful voice, trying her best to face her and not take her eyes off Alexis. Before long, the two females were circling one another like two poised-to-fight felines.

"Hmm, no children aye?" Alexis cackles sinisterly, "Well, then I bet nobody'll miss you."

All the nearby bathing dragonesses gathered around to witness a fight between the Hal Jani commander and the helpless female.

"Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight!" the surrounding dragonesses chanted in unison.

The cheering from the other females was all Alexis needed to let out a roar and leap for the red female. Alexis knocked her on her back and began to squeeze her with her legs and bite at the female's neck. The surrounding females roared triumphantly towards the sky.

"Bite her neck, Alexis!" suggested one pale-colored female aloud with a sinister cackle.

"No, even better, bite her on her hiding place!" another darkly-colored female suggested, gaining odd looks from a few dragonesses.

Though the idea of vaginal violation was lesbian-like, Alexis found both the ideas intriguing. Alexis then gave the female a hard bite at the base of her neck, gaining an agonizing scream form the female as she bit hard enough to sink her teeth to the flesh. She then removed her self form the female and backed up. The whimpering female was trying to rise to her feet, when Alexis caught sight of her opera house, poking out of her leathery hiding place.

'See how she likes a damaged vagina,' she thought before she let out another loud growl as she sprinted towards her again and then bit down on her labia(lips) with a crunch. She agonizingly screamed towards the sky, tears spilling from her eyes like a waterfall, trying her hardest to kick Alexis' head with her tail and hind legs, desperate for a way to remove her. Alexis treated the female's opera house like a tug-of-war toy and shook her head, nearly ripping her labia. When Alexis finally set her vaginal lips free, she used her tail to club her on the head.

All were statued in a shocked, mouth-hung position at what they just witnessed, "I can't believe you actually bit her on the cunt!"

She laid on her side, covering her injured pussy with her tail and pleading, "Help! Guards!" with a scream, causing Alexis to flee for the Hal Jani tree. Two Zak Noik guards rushed to her aid, but they were too late. One of the guards took the whimpering female on his back and headed for the Hal Jani tree to get her treated at once.

Vahali stood awestruck at her right-hand-dragoness' story, "You bit another female on the pussy...Alexis!" she shrieked.

Alexis almost entirely ignored her and returned to pacing, "I don't know what's wrong with me or what's causing it. Lack of sex. My engorged breasts. Could be anything." She then faced the chieftess and said, "Look, Vahali, can you please overlook this for me?" she plead, her tone sorrowful, a rarity for her. "I promise I'll never do that again, once they find out what's wrong with me."

She smiled "Just...this once. But if I hear anything like this of you again, Alexis, so help me, you're fired and part of the common rabble."

Alexis let out a short, loud sigh towards the ceiling and approached the chieftess for a hug "Oh thank you thank you thank you," she thanked gratefully as she laid her head on the back of her neck for a moment. The chieftess was about to leave her room when Alexis turned back to her, "Oh and please apologize to that female for me. Tell her I promise not to do that ever again."

"Sure," Vahali bluntly replied.

Alexis then collapsed on her sleeping fur, waiting for her brother to return with the fish.

When Vahali reached the bottom of the stairs and stood before the vaginally-injured dragoness she informed "My second in command wishes to apologize for your...opera house and neck. She says she'll never do it again."

"You...You're letting her roam free! She's heartless and soulless, chieftess. HEARTLESS AND SOULLESS!" Soon the nurses were choice-less but to sedate her.

The Hal Jani nurse took a foamy sponge infused with sleeping vapors and waved it in the dragoness' nose, whilist the others rubbed her back all over "Shh. Sleep...Dream...You'll feel much better when you wake," she reassured in a soft tone. Soon the female's head rested on the floor and she fell into slumber.

Chieftess Zora silently hoped she would get better as she departed for her insomniac walk, though she wasn't an insomniac herself. As she walked around the temple, she crossed paths with Zax, a large net full of fresh fish. "Hey, Zax," Vahali said.

He stopped in his tracks. "Chieftess Zora," He said, the net in his mouth muffling his speech "What'cha doing? I've never seen you out alone at this hour."

She sighed, "I can't sleep. With Helix and Kiara gone, my room feels empty. I bumped into your insomniac nephew while I was walking around. Should he be walking around at night?"

"Ah, he's fine. He's been doing this since he was like...four. Don't worry 'bout him, chieftess Zora," he assured her.

"There's something else you have to know, Zax. About your sister..." Chieftess Zora had a worried look on her face, gaining a concerned look from Zax, who dropped the net almost immediately.

"Yes?" he asked worriedly.

"She attacked a another Hal Jani dragoness by the mud pools while she was exfoliating. I think she has something wrong with her. You're her brother. Do you have any idea what might be wrong with her?" she asked concernedly.

Zax was wide-mouthed and wide-eyed, "She attacked another female?!"

"And bit her on her...auditorium," Vahali replied.

"The only time I remember her being this angry was when we went to Warfang for some time out. She was so angry, she even tried to bite my throat out..And then she met this electric dragon, and then ditched me and went somewhere to bake cookies...That's were Sirrow came from. Then she bought him back to the Dead Marshes and wanted to be life-mates with him...You know rest after that," Zax said.

"Zax, I think you should give your sister a massage or something," Vahali said.

"Yeah, she likes massages and smoked fish. It always calms her down...but," He hesitated and began to grind his teeth, gaining a concerned look from Vahali.

"But?" she asked.

"She'll...only accept massages from me, her brother. I don't know why," Zax replied.

Vahali smiled widely and rotated her head as she said, "Because you're her twin brother. You share that kind of bond. I know because I've known you two since I was Kiara's age. You've hardly left each others sides. You even held her hand when she gave birth to Sirrow. That's one of the best things a brother can do for his sister."

Zax blushed, "Thanks, chieftess."

"So go give her a massage," she said in a single breath, looking back at him as he walked away.

Zax took the net back in his jaws and approached the Hal Jani tree. Once inside, he made his way up the carved-out stairs to the top room. There, he caught sight of his twin sister, staring out a small window, breathing heavily as if she were stalking pray. Her attention was grabbed by Zax when he set the net of fish on the floor from the sound.

She turned her head to the source of the noise and smiled at the sight of brother. "Zax, you got the fish," she said joyfully as she approached him for an nuzzle. The two smiled and rubbed sides of their faces on one another "I'm so hungry, you wouldn't believe it." Alexis then took a salmon from the pile and used her hind claws to gut the salmon, and threw the unappetizing organs out the window. While she laid on her gut and held the fish in her paws and began to munch at the raw delicacy, her brother laid down next to her and wrapped his tail around hers and began to kiss up and down her neck from collar bone to lower jaw, just the way she liked it when stressed. As he licked, she gradually smiled and kicked her hind leg, pleasured.

Once she finished her fish, Zax finally asked as calmly as he could, "Vahali tells me you've been acting weird lately, sis. What's wrong?" he asked before he gave her another calming lick form the collar bone up. "You can tell brother anything," he reassured.

She hung her head and said, "I'm just under so much stress lately, Zax. Between my constant being Vahali's right-hand-woman and the recent attack of troll pirates." She let out a pained grunt, rubbing her engorged udder with her kind paws, "And my swollen breasts from weaning Sirrow. I hate to admit it, but I'm a low bitch even for me," she then hung her head with a sigh.

"You'll get over it, sis," he assured with a quick series of kisses from the collar bone up just how she likes it.

When her brother finished his series of pecks, she smiled widely and faced him and plead, "Zax, I know this might be too much to ask, but," she swayed their tails across the floor before she continued, in a soft, honey-like, breathy tone, "Soothe sister's pain?"

Zax tilted his head in confusion, "What did you have in mind?"

Alexis smiled widely, gave him a lick from the voice box up, and then got on her feet. She just before her brother with her rear to him. She slowly shuffled her hind feet, spreading her hind legs. She slowly lifted her tail, and revealed to Zax her engorged, four-nipple, light-grey Marsh Dragoness udder and the slit of her vaginal hiding place.

Zax gasped in shock, "Sis, I can't do that! You're my sister."

She looked back at him and plead with a sorrowful expression, "Just do this one favor for sister...I wont tell anybody...You'll," she began to sway her tail in an attempt to appeal to her brothers nature before continuing, "You'll be relieving a world of stress for me," and then she plead, in a breathy honey-sounding tone, "Please."

Zax swallowed hard, "Ancestors forgive me," he plead as she shimmied closer to his sister's engorged Marsh Dragoness breasts.

Seeing him approach, she smiled with her eyes closed towards the ceiling, awaiting his first action. After he smelled his sisters breasts, his muzzle tickled her and causing her to gasp pleasurably, he then took his tongue and gently stroked one of her nipples, moving his tongue back and forth across it. This caused her to produce a strickle of her rich, caramel-tasting, creamy milk, which flowed down his tongue and into his throat like a flowing stream. This caused Alexis breath and moan towards the ceiling. Zax began to smile at the taste: it reminded him when he and his sister were hours-old, blind infants fighting over the udder of their own mother for the delicacy. Before long, she took a pace back, rubbing her bouncing breasts in Zax's snout.

"Zax, please...suckle! Gulp down my milk," she plead.

Zax enthusiastically licked his lips, pursed them and took her back left nipple and latched on, gaining a please moan from Alexis. When he began to suckle, Alexis breathed, orgasmic, as she felt half-a-gallon of milk every second, flowing from the inner glands of her udder and down to the nipple Zax suckled upon. Zax began to moan against her nipple as her heavenly-tasting milk doused his tongue on its way down. While Alexis moaned and breathed towards the ceiling, she swayed her tail high in the air, even stiffening and shaking it. Zax then tried something a little different; he opened his mouth slightly more and took her nipple and a small area around it in his lips. Then, while he sucked in milk by the gallon with every few seconds, he quickly used the tip of his tongue to play with her nipple, causing her to snap her eyes open and unleash a consistent moan towards the ceiling. Before long, the left side of her udder was drained of milk and the pressure was relieved, and he took her back right nipple in his lips. Before long, he grabbed a hold of her hips with his paws and began to sway his tail. Her milk was heavenly and nourishing. He had not tasted its equal since he was days old. After five minutes of suckling on her left breast, she felt as though a thousand-ton burden was gone, and Zax's belly was filled near bursting point with her sweet milk. She pulled away and her nipple made a pop sound when it left his lips. She turned around in a flirtatious manner as she faced him with a wide smile. She then began to lick his neck affectionately from the collar bone to snout.

Before long, she laid her head on the back of his neck and he did the same, "Thanks, Zax. That udder hasn't been sucked on for two years."

"I've got 20 gallons of milk in my belly," he cackled.

Zax was about to get up and depart, but when he was on his feet, Alexis hugged him and wouldn't let go.

"You know...I think you've earned yourself something, Zax," she cackled sinisterly, before she pushed him on his back and then hopped atop him. Zax breathed nervously as she began to kiss his snout down to his neck and slowly towards his penile hiding place. Once she reached his hiding place, she began to peck it with her wet lips. Zax shook his tail at this action. She continued pecking until the head on his member was revealed before her, causing her to go wide-eyed. She then took it in her lips and un-reeled his four-foot-long cock. She let it go and stood astonished at its size and thickness, drooling.

She licked her lips before complimenting "That's a nice cock you got there, bro." Alexis then faced him, "Get on your feet. I've got a present for you." Alexis removed herself and Zax got on feet. Once he stood, Alexis crawled between his front legs and towards his soft penis. She laid on her belly and took his member in her maw, gaining a surprised yelp from her brother. She then motion her head back and forth, sucking. Zax gasped and then pointed his snout to the ceiling, his eyes closed, moaning aloud. His member was only 50% erect and still quite soft. Alexis then did to his knob exactly what he earlier did to her nipples-took it in her maw and wriggled her tongue sideways across it. Zax was engrossed in this pleasurable moment, kicking his hind legs on the floor, so much, he didn't come back to reality the moment, Alexis released his cock and walked in front of him. Zax was then astonished as she looked back at him with her gorgeous and slowly moved her tail to the side, revealing to him her magenta opera house.

"Please, Zax...mount me," she plead with a smile, her voice aching for release from her growing insanity. "You'll be doing me a favor for the century," she said, swaying her tail high in the air, changing the shape of her sex with every movement of her tail. She kept swaying her tail until he showed intention to mount.

"Sis...suckling and blowies is one thing, but...intercourse...Urg," Zax disgustingly replied.

Alexis hung her head in disappointment, "But...I need the release. No other male will do it," she said in a sorrowful tone.

When his sister's sorrow reached his heart, he felt guilty and let out a loud sigh before surrendering, "Just this once, sis," with a smile.

Alexis smiled, cackled sinisterly before she faced forward and pointed her snout to the ceiling. She then lifted her tail high for Zax and swayed it, urging him closer. Zax tried his best to cast away the fact that he would be mounting a sibling and approached with his gigantic hard-on. Alexis was filled with joy the moment he hopped on and plunged in.

He waited her to adjust her hind legs for bucking, before he he heard her urge, "Fuck the misery out of me, bro!" That was all the encouragement he needed to pump in and out of her. He closed his eyes and put half his effort into fantasizing about a female he had protected during the troll crusade, pretending Alexis's silky innards are that of hers. His cock became thick at the base and it spread her vagina when fully inserted. The feeling of his bumpy penile shaft made her produce thick jelly to eliminate friction and leaked down her hind legs and doused his cock. She moaned his name every few seconds. After five minutes of bucking and leaky vaginas, Alexis then cackled, "If...mom...was alive...she'd kill us." She then called towards the ceiling, "Look, mom! Look what me and Zax are doin'," she cackled sinisterly, "And there's nothing you can do about it!" Alexis didn't have anymore time to mock their departed mother, as she felt a burning feeling in her hips and veins showed all over her body. The veins beneath the skin of Zax's member pulsed furiously as he too shared his sister's feeling.

It was at that moment that a certain little dragon came pattering up the curved-out wood stairs, a bunch of midnight-purple flowers with red stems in his little maw. He was not yet witness to his uncle and mother's naughtiness when he called out, "Mom! Uncle Zax! I got some flowers so we can make some antibiotic potion and-" He cut himself off, dropped the flowers and was jaw-hung and wide-eyed at the amazing sight of his mother and uncle making love.

They reached their climaxes within three seconds of each other. Zax bit on the scruff of her neck and she screamed pleasurably towards the ceiling. As Zax felt as though his guts were traveling through his cock and into her, he moaned half-pleasurably and half-painfully into her skin. She unleashed a vaginal flatulence and exploded both their juices all over his cock, spilling all over the floor. The two let out sigh of relief and afterglow just as they heard the chattering teeth of a nearby trembling young dragon. They both turned their heads to Sirrow and gasped, "Sirrow!...Oh shit," embarrassingly in unison.

Sirrow trembled and moaned-disgustingly as if he stood before the Dark Master himself. "You guys were...baking cookies...You're brother and...sister," he shivered in disgust and shook his head. "This can't be true. It's all a nightmare, it's gotta be," she shook his head misbelievingly.

Zax pulled his soft member from his sister's playground and they both faced Sirrow. Zax's member had become like a an elephants trunk and dragged on the floor, leaving a trail of seed. "Now, Sirrow, your mom and I can explain-"

"Then you're telling me this is true?!" before he could say another word, he pulled a face of disgust and fell unconscious before his irresponsible mother and uncle. The siblings stood before his unconscious body and faced each other. "Looks like we got some explaining to do," They said in perfect harmony with humiliated expressions.

"Fuck," Alexis cursed before she approached the solid wood wall and proceeded to bang her head on the wall once a second.

Zax was quick to place himself between her and the wall and nuzzle her, "Hey hey hey. Don't do that-you'll get autism," he said in a soft tone, rubbing heads with his twin sister.

"By our ancestors. This is even more humiliating than when mom..." She pulled a hurt face and trembled, letting her brother finish her sentence.

"Caught us playing doctor in the bathtub...Yeah, I remember," Zax began to tell the horrific story of one of the cruelest punishments they endured.

It was when they were twelve-years-old and no bigger than Sirrow that they were born and raised within the Hal Jani temple. Their black-colored, silver-tiger-striped mother, second in command to the chieftain and having her own room within the temple, runs a shallow, soapy, steaming bath for her twins, playing in the cool grain grass just outside. They played tag with some of the other Hal Jani, leaping with every step they ran. The temple's water was heated by a wood-fire furnace in the sub basement of the cathedral-like temple...well it looked like a stoney cathedral from outside, it was like an ancient hotel within. The mother pulled a lever on the wall with her tail and the large circular tub filled with steamy water from a tap overhead. She filled it just enough for her son and daughter to soak.

She then stood at the temples mammoth-sized double doors at the top of the gigantic set of stairs and called out, "Alexis, Zax, bath time!" in a husky, feminine, negro voice. Zax and Alexis scampered p the stairs and walked at their mother's feet towards the their room. Once they arrived in the bathroom, she picked them up at the scruff of their necks and placed them into the warm water.

Her gigantic head peered over the tub, keeping an eye on them as they rolled in the shallow water to clean off the swamp grime of their bodies, which builds up merely by being outside in the fog. She turned her head, hearing a loud knock, most likely the Hal Jani chieftain of the time, Frex, "Stay put, you two," she commanded a she left the bathroom and approached the door, revealing her master Frex at the threshold.

While their mother was conversing with the Hal Jani chieftain, Alexis took this opportunity to playfully nip her brother's neck, before giving him a lick from the collar bone to snout, astonishing him as he eyed her with a hung mouth.

When she finally ceased her erotic licks she plead with her sparkling eyes and honey-like tone, "Sister hurt herself this morning, Zax. I was climbing up a tree to find some Sweet Vine and I fell and landed on my giny," She laid her head on his neck before pleading, "Could you kiss it better for me?" She then turned her rear to him and lifted her tail to reveal her small, still-developing opera house. She looked back at him, "You kisses always seem to soothe me."

Zax swallowed hard before he surrendered, "Alright," He then slowly stretched out his neck towards her magenta vagina. He licked his lips and kissed the left side of her soft labia...then the right side. Each kiss was soothing feeling on her treasure. He pursed his lips, moaned, and was about to land one more kiss on the wet center...when the shadow of their gigantic mother consumed them and a loud gasp resonated through the bathroom. They both looked up at her, their jaws hanging.

"Oh fuck! Mom, it's not what you think. Zax was just-"

"About to eat you out!?" She growled.

"No, that's not it! She fell out of a tree and hurt it. She wanted me to kiss it!" Zax said, trying his hardest to make the real story sound reasonable to their mother.

"Likely story, now out of the tub you two!" she growled again. "And I'm going to make sure that you two keep your distance from each other until the day I die!"

"But mom-"

"NO BUTS! Alexis, you will sleep in my room with me while Zax sleeps in his own room. And you both will be helping me with chores around the house until I die," she growled, putting them to bed early. "You both will also be under my watchful eye, and if I ever catch you two at that again, I'm having you both fixed, permanently

Meanwhile, having successfully made arrangements with Voyage and Rest, Helix takes his daughter, niece, and nephews back to the Twilight Falls Dark Dragons Temple. There, Drake would be placed in the care of the guardians...and, more importantly for him, would be able to spend time with his dragoness friend, and only admirer, Blaze. He takes his daughter in his claw and his humanoid nephew on his back, Dasha and Pyro following in flight. They land on the temple rooftop and make their way down towards the temples academy, where the younglings of dragons assigned to aid the Purple Vulture Resistance would sleep in the care of the guardians within the training room. When Helix and the children stood before the mammoth-sized doors of the temples training room/academy, Helix pushed them open and he and the children entered. Inside, they gazed upon the guardians laying out furs and blankets on the floor side by side-one group of furs at the north side of the large circular training room, and another large group at the south. 30 younglings stood before the guardians as they prepared make-shift beds for their stay in the guardians protection.

Their entry gained the attention of the children as well as the Electric Guardian, who enthusiastically approached, knowing Helix as the brother of his dragoness "Helix, wonderful, stupendous to meet you," he lowered his head to the height of the children "And escorting in the children, too," he said with a smile.

Helix gained Volteers attention when he said, "Yeah," with a nod, "And I'm taking Jeenie for a midnight shopping in Warfang. So," He nudged Dasha and Pyro gently towards him, who in turn scampered towards their substitute for a father, "could you take Dasha and Pyro into your care while me and Jeenie are in Warfang?"

Volteer smiled, "Of course. It's no trouble, as we have plenty of beds for the young ones to slumber, fall into dreams. As Jeenies male, I shall treat them as if they're my own " he then asked, "But, Helix, could you please make sure Jeenie looks her best and that her attire is unique to her and not traditional, mass-produced rubbish?"

Helix smiled, "I promise, Volteer."

Volteer then caught a glimpse of Kiara, who stood between her fathers front legs and examined Volteer out of curiosity. He gasped in astonishment "By our ancestors, who's this gorgeous, dazzling, beautiful, Marsh Dragoness?"

"My daughter, Kiara. Like what you see?" Helix asked with a smile and chuckle

"Like what I see?! It's an honor, privilege, and rarity to meet a Marsh Dragon in our homeland. Please come closer, young dragoness," he plead, eager to examine Kiara, a fascinating, mammal, leathery Marsh Dragoness. Kiara took two steps closer, and into the light, gaining an astonished inhale from Volteer "I say, Helix, I've never seen a Marsh Dragoness up close in my years, much less one as exquisite, fine-looking, ravishing as she." Volteers eyes then met Drake's, though it didn't ruin the good mood he gained from Kiara's presence, "I see even Drake agreed to be in our care."

Drake crossed his arms, "I didn't do this for my parents, my aunt, or you, Volteer, I did it to " he said, eyeing the Electric Guardian maliciously. Volteer walked away, his eyes still on Drake as he approached the other guardians "Don't go given me evals!"

Casting the humanoid creatures words away and motioned with his head for Drake and his cousins to scamper to his feet "Come, Drake, Dasha, Pyro," he commanded, causing the children of Helix's sisters to scurry to his feet

"Drake, Dasha, Pyro, you behave for the guardians."

"We will, uncle," the two dragons and half-breed called back at their uncle as Volteer escorted them into the group of younglings.

Helix and his daughter departed for Jeenies room. As Volteer lead the O'Van Sea younglings into the group, Blaze smiled widely at the sight of Drake, and motioned him over with her tail for a cuddle. He obliged and she hopped up, wrapped her arms around him and gave him affectionate licks on the face and neck. He kissed her on the snout and throat in response

When she stopped licking him, she faced him with wet eyes and said, "So glad you decided to spend time with me."

"Well I may as well. I mean my parents are goin' to Dante's freezer too... My uncle was going to take care of me, but," He gave her a stroke from the cheek down to her neck with his fingers, "I wanna be with you."

he gained a smile from her and a tail sway, her scythe touching the floor "That's so sweet of you," She then sighed angrily "And my stupid parents think you're a monster."

"Yeah, but no, but yeah. I still can't believe your da thinks I'm gonna violate you. I would never do anything like that. Sick bastard."

Blaze shook her head "No, Drake, he just loves me so much. If you had a daughter, you'd think the same."

The two lovers didn't have much time to converse, as the guardians had done speaking amongst themselves and turned to the children

"It's bed time, younglings," Cyril began. He motioned with his tail the area behind the guardians with sleeping furs "Dragonesses sleep here," He motioned with his tail the area before the guardians "Males sleep there."

The dragonesses began to separate from the group and head towards the guardians, while the males approached their half of the training room. Before Blaze and Drake departed, they exchanged playful bites on the neck, followed by a lick on the face from Blaze and a kiss on the neck from Drake.

"And I don't wanna see any bed-sharing," Cyril warned as he approached one of the many torches in the room, "We'll have no underage flowering in this academy."

Drake scoffed playfully "Yeah, you wish, you cold bending point," He whispered, gaining a snicker from nearby children, holding their snouts, being careful not to unleash laughs.

Cyril then slowly moved around the room and used his ice to purge the many torches one by one. As he did, the room began to fade, while the children curled up on their furs.

When the torches were out and the children were falling into slumber, the guardians then approached the threshold of their own room. Though they left the gigantic doors open, incase the children needed to wake them in the event of emergency or need. They then collapsed on their gigantic sleeping furs on their sides and backs.

Blaze had fallen on her side upon a snow-white fur inside the dozens it shared a few cubic meters with. She cringes and tosses, feeling lonely. She had never slept like this, with such a thin cover and a hard fur. Before long, she couldn't take it and removed herself from the fur and slowly approached the group of furs that the males slumbered upon. She carefully stepped through the tightly packed slumbering male dragons...until she smiled widely at the site of Drake, slumbering on his back. She lowered her snout to his feet and began to slither under the cover to join him. She was trying her best not to wake him, as she could get into trouble for being so close to Drake in such a G-rated environment. Soon, she was sharing his warmth and his eyes snapped open and met hers


She put a paw to his lips "Shh, Drake. It's so cold. I wanna share some warmth," She wrapped her tail around his legs

Drake smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer. She laid her head on his neck and wished she could sink into him as she too wrapped her paws around him. Drake's body released a soothing warmth which helped them both fall into slumber more quickly...though this was unacceptable from the guardians point of view and they might assume the worst at the sight of it. Blaze was also most likely oblivious to the fact that she is sleeping with her half-breed boyfriend, within a group of slumbering male dragons...what they think of this when morning came?

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