"Hey Scully, you just got a call like five minutes ago." Mulder said as she walked into the office that morning.

Scully sighed, "Did they leave a name or anything?"

"I think she said her name was Abigail." Mulder said as he leaned back in his chair bored. He looked up when he heard her sharp intake of breathe, "She said it was about Clarice and to call as soon as you could."

"Ummm...okay thanks Mulder..." Scully said picking up the office phone and turning her back to him. He observed her as she fidgetted and nervously played with her cross necklace. Mulder could only listen to her side of the conversation, "Abigail? What happened?...Is Clarice okay?...Dammit Abigail!...You and I both know that's not true...I have just as much legal rights as he does, what do you have?...One hour Abigail! I'll be there in one hour!" Scully yelled slamming the phone down.

"Scully, is everything okay?" Mulder asked gently placing a hand on her shoulder. He felt her jump as if she had forgotten that he was even there.

"Yeah...ummm, I'm taking the rest of the day off...and I might need some personal time." She said before picking her stuff up and bolting from the office. They may have only been partners for a few years but Mulder knew that something was seriously wrong with his partner. They didn't have much to do anyway so after a little while Mulder went home. In his car he called Scully and then called her again when he got home but both times it went to voicemail. He was seriously getting concerned. He waited two hours before trying again and when it once again went to voicemail Mulder decided it was time to call Mrs. Scully.

"Hello?" Maggie answered the phone

"Mrs. Scully? It's Fox Mulder..." he said nervously.

"Oh Fox! How are you?" Maggie asked enthusiastically.

"Umm I'm fine, actually I was calling to see if Dana was at your house?" Mulder asked

"No, she isn't here. Is everything okay?" Maggie asked suddenly getting very anxious.

"I don't know." Mulder said with a sigh, "She got a call earlier from someone named Abigail and when she hung up she said she'd be taking some time off and left. I haven't heard from her since although I've called her multiple times."

"Abigail? Abigail called?" Maggie asked her voice distant

"Yeah, she said it was about someone named Clarice." Mulder said shrugging before he remember she couldn't see him.

"Oh crap." Mulder just barely heard her mutter before she regained her composure, "So you called me because...?" Maggie asked

"Dana isn't returning my calls and I wanted to know if you knew anything about what was going on?" Mulder asked desperately.

"Fox, this is really a conversation you should be having with my daughter." Maggie said firmly before hanging up

Mulder sighed extremely loudly. He didn't know what to do. He suddenly turned his car around and headed in the direction of his partners apartment.

After a half hour he arrived and knocked. He waited patiently, then knocked again, this time more urgent. When the door still didn't open Mulder pulled out the key that was only for emergency's. He walked through Scully's apartment and found no sign of her. Mulder finally decided to use his trump card and he called the gunmen.

After asking them to do a search of all hospitals, jails, and foster homes in the area Mulder was informed that a Clarice Scully was admitted to Washington Memorial Hospital about an hour before Scully got her call this morning. Mulder hung up without letting them finish and practically sprinted to his car.

Mulder made it to Washington Memorial in record time and marched straight up to the nurses station, "I need to know what room Clarice Scully is in." he demaned

"Are you her father?" The nurse asked kindly

"No." Mulder said getting antsy

"Uncle?" the nurse asked

"No." Mulder said already knowing where this was going

"Then I'm sorry but I can't tell you that information." The nurse said with a small supposedly sympathetic smile.

Mulder rolled his eyes then slapped his badge on the counter, "What room is she in?" he demanded once again.

The nurse swallowed nervously, "Fourth door on the left."

Mulder smiled and then walked off, "One...Two...Three...Four." he counted softly. Mulder stood out of the room looking in the window and could see his partner sitting in one of the uncomfortable hospital chairs with her head leaning on the bed asleep. On the bed was a young teenage girl with one arm in a cast and an IV in the other. The girl, presumably Clarice, was asleep too. Even in sleep the two women clutched hands. Mulder quietly slipped into the room but apparently Clarice really hadn't been asleep because the second the door clicked shut her eyes were open.

"Are you another doctor?" Clarice asked softly, aware of Scully still sleeping.

"No, I'm Fox Mulder, Scully's partner." he explained pulling the other chair closer to the bed so they could hear each other better because they were whispering.

"Ooh, you're Mulder. I heard you hate your first name." The young girl said, "Well I am Clarice Scully."

"Nice to meet you Clarice." Mulder said smiling, "Do you mind me asking why you're here?"

"My dad and I were in a car accident this morning." Clarice said quietly, "Apparently the left side of the car got the worst of the damage, dad didn't make it."

"I'm sorry Clarice." Mulder said gently laying a hand on her left arm, above the cast encasing it up to the elbow.

"It could have been worse. At least I didn't lose my mom too." Clarice said

"Clarice? Who are you talking to?" Scully asked not lifting her head up.

"Mulder." She said simply. Scully's head whipped up immediately and her eyes were wide open.

"Mulder? What are you doing here?" Scully asked panicky.

"You left really abruptly this morning and I wanted to make sure everything was okay." Mulder said shrugging, "I had the gunmen search Clarice Scully and found her admittance papers online."

"Wait, so you know?" Scully asked shocked.

"And suddenly the injured one feels oblivious." Clarice said. She had been watching the two adults interact, her head whipping back and forth like it was a tennis match.

"Oh, I'm sorry baby, how do you feel?" Scully asked brushing her hair back.

"I'm okay considering..." Clarice said with a small smile.

"Does your arm hurt? Should I ask the doctors for more painkillers?" Scully asked

"I'm fine. I don't like what those things do to my head. They make me think weird." Clarice said shrugging

"Clarice, you really oughta take them. You'll feel better." Mulder said trying to help Scully out.

"And to think I was getting an allie from the likes of you." Clarice said crossing her arms, "You only take her sides 'cause moms pretty."

"Whooo wait what?" Mulder asked shocked, "Did she just say mom?"

"Mulder, I thought you figured that out when the gunmen did that search?" Scully asked now as confused as he was.

"No, I figured out where Clarice was and assumed you were here too. I hung up on them before they finished. I thought she was your niece or a younger cousin or somethin. You have a daughter?" Mulder was seriously confused and desperately wanted answers.

"Yes Mulder Clarice is my daughter." Scully said rolling her eyes about how single minded he was getting over this

"Explain!" he said simply. Now looking between them Mulder could see the resemblance. Clarice had Scully's hair, eyes, mouth, cheeks, nose...hell she was the spitting image of her mother!

"Well when I was in med school I met this guy. Rickie and I had a whirl wind romance that ended after a couple of months but I found out six weeks later that I was pregnant. Clarice was born in August. Rickie and I tried living together, to give her a stable home but it just wouldn't work out. When Clarice was eight months old Rickie sued me for custody. It was his mother Abigail's idea. He came from money and I was still in school. He won." Scully said sadly.

"Mom," Clarice said gently grabbing her hand, "Abigail was here before I fell asleep and she told me that dad didn't make it..." Clarice said simply.

"Oh baby!" Scully said carefully pulling her daughter in for a tight hug, "I am so sorry."

"Mom you and I both know he turned into a rich jerk like Abigail. I'm sad but it's not Earth shattering like when you went missing." Clarice said, "He didn't love me, he loved keeping you from me and vice versa."

The group sat in relative silence for a while until Clarice's doctor came in to announce that she was ready to be released into her mothers custody.

"Umm Mulder...can we take your car?" Scully asked nervously as she filled out the necessary paperwork.

"Sure, but what about your car?" Mulder asked

"I was to shaken up to drive so I took a cab." Scully explained shyly.

"Okay whatever works for you is fine." Mulder said

The door to the bathroom opened and Clarice walked out wearing jean short shorts and a black tank top while trying to fix her hair, "I can't believe how messed up my hair got!" she almost yelled. She was having a slight issue with the hair brush, her light blue cast kept bumping into it!

"Clarice? Would you like some help?" Mulder asked smirking. Clarice gave him Scully's usual skeptic look and he almost started laughing, "I used to do it for my sister all the time." he explained. Clarice shurugged and sat on the ground in front of Mulder, handing him the brush.

Scully watched the whole scene play out. The man she was secretly in love with and the daughter she had kept a secret were getting along perfectly. They continuosly whispered something and then burst out laughing so the mundane task took much longer than it should have. Scully loved this. Mulder was acting more like a father to Clarice than Rickie ever had been.

"Hey mom!" Calrice suddenly called out, "Can Mulder stay for dinner then hang out? We need to show him my namesake!"

"I told you Clarice, that isn't why I picked your name!" Scully said exasperated, "But if Mulder wants to hang out he's more than welcome to."

"Cool!" Clarice said jumping up becuase Mulder had finished. They handed in the paperwork and headed for the parking lot. Clarice walked ahead and Scully walked with Mulder's hand pressed firmly against the small of her back.

Mulder helped Clarice hoist herself into the back seat and made sure that Scully was in okay before he moved to the drivers side.

"Mom, can you turn the radio up please?" Clarice asked as a new song came on

"'Cause when I'm with him I am thinking of you
(Thinking of you, thinking of you)
Thinking of you, what you would do
If you were the one who was spending the night
(Spending the night, spending the night)
Oh, I wish that I was looking into your eyes

"No offense Scully but she sings much better than you do." Mulder said winking at her

"Shut up Mulder." she said even though she was smiling.

Clarice observed the partners interact and it just added evidence to her theory. From the way her mother used to talk of Mulder and what he did for her she had already guessed that they loved each other. The more time she spent with both of them the more that seemed to ring true.

"So Clarice, what's your favorite type of music?" Mulder asked. He wanted to get to know her.

"My favorite song is 'The Scientist' by Coldplay but my favorite artist is Eminem." Clarice said as she continued to sing along to the radio

"Movie?" Mulder asked glancing in the rear view mirror.

"I can't tell you. It would give away our plans for tonight." Clarice said simply.

"Okay fair enough..." he said skeptically, "How 'bout favorite tv show?"

"Remington Steele." she said right away.

"Good choice. I watched that all the time when I was in college." Mulder admitted.

"I hated the ending..." Clarice mumbled attempting to cross her arms but the cast got in the way, "Ugh! I hate this stupid thing!" she yelled slamming her fists into the seats on either side of her, "OWW! Not smart..."

"Baby, calm down. It will be off in a few weeks, just be patient." Scully said turning to face Clarice in her seat

"So new subject!" Clarice announced after a couple of minutes, "What's for dinner?" she asked eagerly.

"What do you want?" Scully asked

"I don't know." Clarice said laying her head back and studying the cars roof, "Food." she said shrugging

"What about you Mulder?" Scully asked rolling her eyes at the teenager and making both of them giggle quietly.

"How 'bout...tacos?" Mulder asked watching both of the girls reactions.

"OH yummm! I want tacos!" Clarice announced sitting up.

"Tacos it is." Scully said smiling.

She loved that suddenly she felt like she had a family. Before today she was lucky if she got to see Clarice a few times a month. Now her baby girl would live with her permanently. She was so excited but beyond nervous. And Mulder. Mulder was being amazing. She knew when Clarice wasn't around Mulder would sit her down and demand a better explanation than what he was getting, but he was being Clarice's father today. He was having fun and loving Clarice more than Rickie ever even tried to. She realized in that moment how lucky she was.

"Okay here we are!" Mulder announced proudly, pulling into Scully's garage.

Thirty minutes later they had eaten and were now sitting on the couch as Clarice moved to put a dvd into the player. Scully sat next to mulder on the couch with her legs pulled underneath her. Clarice finally got everything set up and sat on Mulders other side. Clarice quickly leaned her head on Mulder's shoulder so Mulder moved his arm to wrap around her and make themselves both more comfortable.

When the movie finally started playing Mulder couldn't contain the laughter that bubbled up in him, "I can't believe I didn't guess this. This is one of my favorite movies."

"Mine too." Clarice whispered contentdly.

"Starling!" The movie yelled, Jodie Foster stopped running the course and the three settled into the couch for a quiet evening.

As the movie ended Scully stretched and looked over at the couches other occupants, "Oh Mulder." Scully said as her hand covered her chest where her heart was, "That is so completely adorable." she breathed. Clarice was snuggled into Mulder's side fast asleep.

"She is adorable Scully, no matter what." Mulder said brushing a small piece of Clarice's long wavy red hair behind her ear, "Just like you." Mulder said turning his head from the teenager to her mother.

"Thank you Mulder." Scully said giving him a small smile, "I should probably wake her and put her to bed." Scully said standing up.

"Don't do that." Mulder said shifting on the couch, "She weighs nothing. Let her sleep, I'll carry her."

Scully watched as Mulder carefully lifted Clarice and wished in that moment she had never even met Rickie, Clarice wouldn't have had to live with people who didn't love her. Maybe she would have been Mulder's daughter, would have gotten the love she deserved.

Scully gently pulled back the covers in Clarice's room and Mulder laid her down. Scully tucked her little girl in and kissed her forehead, "Good night baby girl, sleep well." she whispered

"I think this is the only room in your apartment I haven't been in before." Mulder whispered not even realizing he'd said it alloud.

"Come with me." Scully whispered grabbing his hand, "We have alot to talk about."

The partners sat down in the living room and faced each other. They stared at each other for a good five minutes, niether knowing how to start this conversation, "I suppose we could start by you asking me what you want to know..." Scully said quietly

"Why? Why did you keep her a secret?" Mulder asked.

"I was going to tell you after a couple of cases." Scully said honestly, "I didn't tell you right away because if the rumours were true I didn't want anything between us to get to personal. Then I started getting attacked and people like the syndicate emerged. I knew that if you knew you would want me to fight for more legal rights and you would try and help me. You would come to love her. I didn't want them to be able to use her against us Mulder. I wanted so desperately to tell you believe me I did but until now the risks outweighed the rewards..." Scully brushed a few stray tears from her face, "I am sooo sorry I never told you Mulder. So so sorry."

"Scully don't apologize." Mulder whispered wipping her tears himself, "I understand, okay. It makes complete sense and if I were in the same situation I probably would have done the same thing. Never apologize for protecting your daughter, okay? Never."

"What else would you like to know?" Scully asked after a few moments.

"What does she know about our work?" Mulder asked quickly.

"Anything she want's to. If she asks I answer." Scully said right away. After a minute she added, "She met Emily you know..."

"She did?" Mulder asked shocked.

"I brought her to the hospital the first night Emily had been admitted." Scully admitted, "She needed to understand what had happened during my abduction, why I had been taken. Clarice needed to meet her little sister."

"What are you going to do now Scully?" Mulder asked sincerely.

"I'm not sure..." Scully said looking down at her hands that were in her lap, "I am taking full custody of Clarice, no matter how much Abigail fights me on it. Clarice is going to move in with me no matter what. I just don't know beyond that. Any decisions I make will be based on what is best for her."

Mulder stared at his partner or a few moments before standing up and heading for the kitchen. A few minutes later he returned with two glasses of wine and the bottle, "Can you just tell me about clarice now?" Mulder requested

The two spent the rest of the night chatting and drinking and just being normal people for a while...

In her room Clarice slept comfortably. She had the same dream she had had for just under two years, almost.

Clarice walked slowly across the pure white sand, hers the only foot prints she could see for awhile. She was looking for the house. A white house with black shutters, that was about a mile off the beach. Finally she saw it coming. Clarice started scanning the sand now, looking ahead of her now that she knew where she was. Suddenly her name was called out.

"Clarice!" a young girl, maybe five or six years old, started running to her. She wore the same flowing white dress that clarice wore and both were barefoot. When the girl was close enough Clarice crouched to her hieght and caught the girl in a tight hug, "I missed you Clarice, I didn't see you last night..."

"I'm sorry Em." Clarice said pushing the girls hair behind her ear, "Last night I wasn't sleeping normally. Rickie and I got into and accident so I was on pain killers to make me sleep, they didn't allow me to dream."

"It's okay Clarice, at least your okay." Emily said grabbing her older sisters hand, "I need you to meet someone." she explained.

Emily started pulling Clarice up to the house. Clarice was confused, she had never left the beach before, Emily had always stayed there. This was the first time her dream had been altered at all, "Where are we going Em?"

"We can finally figure out why you and I have linking dreams." Emily said.

Clarice suddenly stopped moving, "What do you mean linking dreams Em? I-I thought you were dead, maybe just visiting me in my dreams." Clarice was so confused.

"I am not dead Clarice, just in hiding. Maybe now you can find me, but we must make it to the house before they wake up!" Emily said running faster towards the house now.

Clarice followed, hoping this would explain something finally. They made it to the house and Emily threw the door open. The house was beautiful. The walls were all in a cream white, the furniture all black and a chandelier hung from the ceiling in the center of the huge open hall, "Em, this is beautiful!" Clarice exclaimed.

Suddenly a young boy ran out of the room to their left, "Claire!" he yelled wrapping his arms around her legs.

"What is going on?" Clarice asked shocked, "Emily, who is this?"

"Clarice, this is William. He is going to be our younger brother." Emily explained.

"Why is this dream different?" Clarice asked sitting on the cream colored floor so the boy could sit in her lap.

"Because they are asleep in each others arms." Emily explained.

"What do you mean they?" Clarice asked. This was making no sense to her.

"William's parents. He can only visit us when they sleep in each others arms, until of course she becomes pregnant then he will meet us on the beach so you will know." Emily explained sittting across from her sister, "Until then he cannot leave the house."

"Who are his parents?" Clarice asked still not understanding

"I cannot tell you that Clarice, but there is some important information you must know." Emily said, "The place I am hiding, you need to come and save me. Mom has explained the syndicate to you?"

"Yes." clarice said simply.

"Well one of them is still alive, faked his own death so they'd leave him alone. He has a house in England, on the country side where he and his grandchildren live. I live with them, he has me pretend to be his grandchild. You need to come and save me."

"I will Emily, I promise." Clarice said grabbing her hand. Suddenly Clarice started to feel the tug, "I'm waking up Emily, I have to go." she said pulling her little sister into a hug, "I'll see you tomorrow night." then she lifted William so he was facing her in her lap, "Bye William I love you."

"Love you too claire." he said hugging her.

She stayed holding him until she opened her eyes. "Holy shit..." she breathed suddenly very concerned for her little sister and unborn younger brother.

Clarice jumped out of her bed and ran out to the living room. She saw the couch and suddenly her strange dream made sense. Her mother and Mulder were asleep on the couch in each other's arms! She realized who William's parents were and why this was the first time she had seen the boy, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" she yelled getting insanely happy. She was right! Her mother and Mulder loved each other and they were going to get together!

"MOM!" Clarice announced making both adults jump up and grab for their guns, which thankfully were not in place, "We need to go to England, right now!" Clarice exclaimed.

"England?" Scully asked shocked, "Why on Earth do we need to go to England?"

Clarice sighed but sat down on the couch, motioning for each of the adults to sit next to her. She proceeded to explain her dreams, that she had been having for years now. She explained how they started from the night Emily had 'died' until last nights dream. She even mentioned William and why he was there but left out the fact that she had discovered who his parents were, they could figure it out themselves. Her mother stared at her in shock while Mulder was practically thrumming with excitment.

"England here we come!" Mulder exclaimed excitedly, earning a huge smile from Clarice and a completely disbelieveing look from his partner.

"You are both crazy!" Scully yelled, "First of all, Clarice, we have to go to your fathers funeral. Secondly, I can almost guarentee a custody battle is going to ensue because Abigail just wants to fuck with me. Third, Mulder we have work, and Clarice you have school!" Scully exclaimed.

"But mom!" Clarice yelled, "Emily is out there. She isn't dead. Can you really live with yourself knowing that she is out there scared, wanting you and me and Mulder to come save her? Can you?"

"Dammit Claire..." Scully said holding her head in her hands, "Did you have to put it that way?"

"Yes mom! She needs us!" Clarice exclaimed.

"Clarice, how about we wait until after your fathers funeral?" Mulder asked laying a hand on her shoulder, "That way it will only be a few days before Christams vacation and you won't miss much?"

Clarice sighed, "I can do that, maybe Emily will tell me more about where she is before then too." Clarice turned to face her mom, "Please mom, she needs us..."

"Okay okay, you win. We'll go, but only for a little while..." Scully gave in.

Clarice squeeled and hugged her mother tight, "Thank you mom, you won't regret this!" Clarice ran off to her room to look up plane tickets on her laptop.

"Mulder, don't flip on me before I finish saying this okay?" Scully asked after a few minutes.

"Scully what is it?" Mulder asked getting worried.

"I-I need to leave the bureau." she whispered, "I know your probably mad, and want to yell at me but let me explain. The first timeI lost custody of Clarice because I was still doing my residency and my hours were to chaotic and unstable. The bureau is even worse. It is unsafe, chaotic, and the courts will take her from me. I can't let that happen again. I'm sorry Mulder." Scully said quickly.

"Scully I'm not mad okay? Like I said last night never apologize for keeping your daughter safe! I wanted to tell you to quite the bureau myself but I didn't know how. Hell Scully I'm considering quiting because it will keep us away from the darkness. I don't want to be a part of the FBI if you aren't there anymore."

"Thank you Mulder." she said hugging him tightly.

"God would you two just kiss already! It's been twenty four hours and I'm sick of this already!" Clarice explained, "I'm gonna call grandma, see if maybe she'd wanna come over so we can all talk about what's gonna happen now." she walked into the kitchen where the phone was muttering under her breathe.

"I'm ah gonna go take a shower, you know where everything is, or Clarice does..." Scully said standing up trying to avoid the awkward moment her daughter had created.

"Okay then." Mulder said walking into the kitchen to find Clarice.

"Yeah grandma, I'm fine...No, Abigail was just being her usual self...you know what she's like...fine pardon my french but the woman's a bitch...I warned you!...yeah I was wondering if maybe you could come to mom's place, we all need to talk...okay see you then...love you too, bye." Clarice turned around and jumped when she noticed Mulder standing in the doorway.

"What times Maggie coming by?" Mulder asked pushing himself into a less slouched position.

"She will be here in like an hour." Clarice said sitting down at the small table in the room. She put her head in her hands and sighed heavily.

"Is everything alright doll?" Mulder asked sitting next to her.

Clarice turned her head slightly so she could see him and he saw all the emotions playing across her face, "I think the events of the past twenty four hours just kinda hit me." she admitted softly.

Mulder gave her a soft reasurring smile and pulled her closer into him so her head rested on his shoulder, "It's gonna be okay." he whispered, "I know you probably miss your dad-"

"As if!" Clarice exclaimed, "I don't care how awful this sounds but this is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me! I get to live with mom full time, I don't have to live with someone who never loved me, and I may never have to see Abigail again, and I met you Mulder. None of this would have happened if it weren't for that accident. And now you, mom, and me are getting Emily back. I don't care if she won't admit it but she is so excited, I can feel it."

"Was your dad really that awful?" Mulder asked shocked.

Clarice stared at him a moment before saying, "He has not once remembered my birthday, hell mom told me he wasn't even there when I was born, he had something more important to do. Every year mom somehow manages to get me on my birthday, we spend the whole day doing whatever I want, I get to pick every meal we eat, then every year since I turned 10 we watch silence of the lambs, because it's my favorite. Dad went to my parent teacher night once, I decided to spy on my parents phone conversation the next day so I could see what my teacher had said about me, apparently they didn't even discuss me...dad slept with her and then he told mom that he had forgotten about me and hung up on her." Clarice was shaking her head by now with a malicous smile on her face, "Dad was an asshole and I am so glad I never have to deal with him pretending to give a damn about me anymore, 'cause I don't give a damn about him!"

Mulder stared at her a minute before he gently ran his thumbs under her eyes, catching the tears that Clarice hadn't even realized had fallen. Clarice just looked down, before the first sob escaped her mouth. As the others followed Mulder pulled her into a tight hug, trying to comfort her. The only problem was he couldn't tell if they were tears of grief for her fathers death, or relief for having the dispicable man gone.

Scully walked out of her bathroom a half hour after entering. She towel dried her hair and it was pulled up in a messy bun. She wore a black tank top and dark jeans because even though it was December her apartment was hot. She walked into the kitchen and couldn't find Mulder or Clarice, so she quietly walked into the living room. They were sitting on the couch, both with coffee cups, just talking. Scully could tell right away that Clarice had been crying and she was slightly relieved. Her daughter needed to let the emotions from the last day loose and she was glad she didn't feel the need to hide them.

"What are you two up to?" Scully called circling the couch so she could sit in between both of them.

"Oh just talking." Clarice said giggling, "You know the usual."

"Hey Scully, do you mind if I take a shower?" Mulder asked standing up.

"Nope, actually I think I might have a spare set of your clothes. Check the bottom drawer in my dresser." Scully advised as Mulder headed for the shower.

"Grandma will be here in like twenty minutes." Clarice said when her mother had turned to face her.

"Okay." Scully said nodding her head, "Do you think we should tell her about Emily?"

"I think we should tell her we are taking a trip to relieve some stress, don't tell her why until we bring Emily home." Clarice advised

"Good idea." Scully said. After a minute of comfortable silence she looked up at her daughter again, "Can you tell me about William?" she asked sheepishly.

Clarice smiled warmly at her mother, glad that she had asked, "He's adorable." she said right away, "He has the same red hair as me and Emily. By the way Emily's hair has gotten redder over the years. His eyes are like this greenish color, it's so pretty. In my dream we all are wearing white so obviously he was too. He didn't say much, just kinda layed in my arms while I talked to Emily."

"He sounds perfect..." Scully said sadly.

"He will be mom, I promise." Clarice said grabbing her moms hand.

"Claire, you know I can't have children. It's just a dream." Scully said softly.

"Never give up on a miracle mom." Clarice said simply.

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