**Me and my amazing typing skills…**

"Please don't delete me; I have so much I could do for you…" Matthew looked up at the screen, eyes growing big as the man from the other side ignored him completely. He smugly continued to click around the folder, looking for the uninstall option.

Matthew began to panic, "P-please master! I can still sing for you! You just don't give me the chance!"

The man on the other side of the screen found the uninstall option.


The option was selected, and a box popped up asking about confirming the uninstallation.

"Please don't do this to me master!" Matthew continued to plead, "Please give me a second chance!"

The man hit Confirm, and smiled before saying, "Finally, my computer will have more space. This program took up too much of it."

"Master!" Matthew cried, "Master, please stop! Master!"

The last Matthew saw of the man was him getting up from his chair and leaving the desk before the screen went fuzzy, blank, and then the box showing the progress of the uninstallation popped up.

"No… no, no!" Matthew cried.

Instantly, the rest of the room he was in fizzled away, replaced with black walls with running green numbers and letters hurriedly being deleted.

Matthew gasped, "Stop! My codes! My program!"

Boxes began appearing on the walls with text in them, such as names of recent songs that Matthew had sung with their lyrics. The man could hear his voice ringing through the air, singing the songs in reverse as the computer deleted them.

"No! My lyrics! My songs!" Matthew ran over to a wall and began banging against it, "Stop deleting my songs! Save me at least one!"

The computer seemed to give Matthew a little mercy, a box appearing in front of him with a song title and the question, Would you like to remember this song?

"Please… I'd love to…" Matthew replied quietly, "At least one…"

The box disappeared, and the computer continued deleting numbers and songs. Matthew stumbled back to the middle of the room, sitting down and resting his head in his arms. "Master… why did you do this to me?" he asked in between tears. "I was your best singer; you loved me so much…"

Anger overcame Matthew suddenly, causing him to freeze up and look at his progress of being uninstalled. "Well then, if you don't want me anymore, I'll leave you one last gift," He returned to his feet, "A virus, I'll cause one for you." Turning around, he ran towards the back wall, screaming as he did.

He punched as hard as he could, the wall breaking like glass and some numbers pouring out through the hole. Matthew grabbed some as they went by and spat on them before throwing them out. "Uninstall me, I'll show you!"

Finished, Matthew began stepping back towards the middle of the room before falling suddenly – exhaustion overcoming him. "W-what?"

Boxes appeared on the sides of the walls, "Now deleting CANADALOID, interface and appearance."

"What?" Matthew screamed, "Not this soon!" He tried to push himself up, but his body was too weak to help him. He kept trying, only to tire himself out even more.

Finally, he collapsed flat on the floor, gasping for air and crying even more. "Master, why did you do this to me? I didn't mean to take up so much space…"

Matthew rolled onto his back with the last bit of energy he had, watching the progress of his uninstallation on the roof of the room.

A new box appeared, "Now deleting CANADALOID, avatar appearance."

"Wha…?" Matthew raised his hand to his face, eyes widening in horror as the color started to drain from his skin and arm accessories, replaced with his 3D base – ugly white and black lines.

His hand returned to the floor next to him as the rest of his body lost color, Matthew gasping and moaning in fright and pain, looking around as his program began to delete even faster. "This is what's becoming of me. Will I ever sing again? Will I ever be reinstalled?" he whispered to himself as the color from his face disappeared – the last thing to have color being his scared, violet eyes.

"Now deleting CANADALOID, voice."

"I guess this is the end," Matthew whispered, "Thank you for using me, master, and goodbye. I wish I could have told you –"

Matthew's voice had been replaced with static, and silence. His vocal cords felt frozen with slick, burning ice.

He made fists as he tried to scream, only tiring himself out to the point where he had to collapse.

His body then slowly began to fade away, numbers replacing parts of him before fading away, slowly moving up and up until they surrounded his face.

"Uninstallation of CANADALOID complete. WARNING: A virus has been detected on your computer; a red code virus has been detected on your computer. WINDOWS HAS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM."

**How'd you like that, huh?

So, my new obsession for Vocaloid has caused me to write this. It was originally a story for the Mario section where Waluigi was going to be the program, but my Mario stories never get reviews *glares at Author Alerts* I'm kidding… somewhat…

So, this might be continued, it may not.

Written to The Disappearance of KAITO by KAITO Shion. **