"…I'm not supposed to hear what Master says?" Matthew asked himself when Ludwig left his room, after being forcefully escorted there. "But why? My last Master practically talked to me like I was a real person! And – and I heard him clear as day! Or so, I thought I did…"

He was sure all of those praises his last Master gave him weren't in his head. He could've sworn he heard a French accented voice laughing before he bragged about his work and how well Matthew pulled it off. He heard it, there was no doubt.

Maybe there was some sort of process to hear what Master had to say? Or maybe it was the computer? The operating system code was different; he was probably on a desktop from the looks of it.

"Hmm," The singing synthesis program sat on the floor and thought aloud, "Maybe I did something when I had registry errors on the last computer… I'm certain I did. During my trial I didn't hear my previous master at all."

The thoughts came to him slowly, sneaking into the file room and messing up his own files would result in another registry error, migraines, night sweats, and soon, he'd have to be uninstalled and reinstalled again, and the thought of uninstallation made him shiver. (The experience wasn't that bad the first time, but that was only because he was new and didn't care whether he worked or not. The second time, however, was horrifying).

A sudden pounding on his door broke Matthew from his thoughts, sitting upright while the door opened to his chamber, "Matthew, if you would please come with me." Ludwig's voice echoed inside. More than eager to leave this dark place, now that he thought of it, Matthew leaped up and quickly followed him.

In the hall, Ludwig began talking, "After double checking to make sure you weren't dangerous to my computer's community, I arranged your room for you. You're lucky you get a spacious area; this computer only has maybe two or three other programs living here. I'm lucky to be a unit here."

Only three other programs at most? Matthew was pleased, the thought of nine or ten other programs running around while he was trying to sing for master no longer needed to bug him. "I agree, come to think of it."

"You come from a crowded computer?" Ludwig asked, turning to the left while Matthew almost kept on going straight.

"S-somewhat, my last Master had at least three other VOCATALIA that I had to room with, before they all got sick, a translating program, a very overworked internet program, three art programs who were always eating, and four movie making programs."

"Must've been a busy man," Ludwig muttered, opening a door on his left without any indication that he was going to slow down for it, "Here is your room. If you get lost, call for me and I'll lead you back."

"Wait! Wait!"

Matthew and Ludwig turned around to see a woman running up to them, her brown hair flying out behind her from under a green beret with a world symbol on it, boots clapping against the floor annoyingly.

With a sigh, Ludwig addressed the woman, "Yes, Elizabeta?"

Elizabeta came to a halt before the two, taking a second to catch her breath before speaking, "I wanted to meet the newcomer! A singer, eh?" she asked while circling Matthew, admiring his attire, "I got notes that said I had to be on the look out for updates for a VOCATALIA, and I'm guessing it's you. This is a colorful get up you got, much like what I've been seeing has been gaining popularity in the online shopping area."

"Ahem, Matthew, this is Elizabeta, or, as her program name is, Elizanet Explorer. As internet, she takes her job a little too far sometimes," Ludwig eyeballed the woman, "Always bringing up disturbing ads for master when he uses her."

"They're not disturbing; you're just embarrassed to be scanning them!" Elizabeta laughed.

"W-well, nice to meet you, Elizabeta," Matthew said, "I'm sure you know plenty of information about many topics."

"Yes, yes I do, like me to search something for you?" She smiled, staring back at Matthew with translucent green numbers flowing across her lighter green eyes. "I can contact anyone you want me to, such as Ivan at Google or Natalia at Yahoo! or Kat at Bing –"

"Actually, I wouldn't recommend Natalia; I found some viruses from her trying to get into the file room last week." Ludwig snapped, causing Matthew to cringe – both in fright and in bad memory.

"Oh…" Elizabeta blinked, "Alright then."

Matthew then spoke up, "Would it be alright if you looked to see if I'm getting any updates soon?"

"Can do!" Elizabeta pushed into Matthew's room, followed by the other programs as she plopped herself down on a couch. "You requested updates for VOCATALIA CANADALOID? Using Google. Https colon slash slash www dot google dot com slash pound sign hl equals en amp sclient equals psy-ab and q equals canadaloid plus updates and oq equals canadaloid plus updates and aq equals f and aqi equals and aql equals and gs underscore l equals hp.3...6994.7949.1.8..1237.1j5j2.8.0...0.0.N58rZlvOv-c and pbx equals 1 and bav equals on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf., and fp equals 84fc3fb1fec5f40d and biw equals 1280 and bih equals 667..."

"Um, does she have to say everything she does?" Matthew asked quietly.

"Yes, even when she doesn't need to," Ludwig rubbed his forehead at Elizabeta's monotone voice listing off codes and websites she was looking at, "Otherwise, she's very useful."

"Uh huh." Matthew's eyes lit up when he heard Elizabeta mutter 'redirecting to www dot vocatalia dot com slash updates slash canadaloid…'

"It seems that she's found something," Ludwig smiled when the woman finally silenced, "Well, Elizabeta?"

Matthew held his breath, face turning red, hoping he was going to get another update very soon.

Elizabeta blinked, at the two before she said, "No more updates planned for VOCATALIA ONE, CANADALOID."


Well, this was fun to type. I'm excused from all of my final exams, but I sat in my English teacher's room with the kids who did have to do the final exam to type this. Hope it came out well, it was really silent and I was trying to eat spaghetti without making too much noise. **