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The Weasley Children and the Hidden Elements

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: On to Hogwarts

Equestria and the Wizarding World (technically earth). For the past 11 years, the two separate worlds have been having a very stable alliance.

There have been many wizards visiting the wonderful country of Ponies to explore, see the Equestria Quidditch League and all sorts of things.

Some Ponies even came to see earth, but stayed in the Wizarding World… though there was one Pony who kept coming because of her fascination with Humans.

Then again Lyra was always a little strange.

However Ponyville was the hub for humans visiting it was the only place where humans lived in Equestria.

It was the place of the founding population and their children though in the years it had gotten much more complex… would be to say much.

The baby boom after Voldemort's defeat was well known, to most people and ponies Ginny Weasley gave birth to quadruplets James, Lily, Luna and Harry after celebrating with err… lost love the night her defeat Voldemort.

Those who knew the truth, knew that the children's "step father" (after Princess Celestia legalized marriage between humans and the species of Equestria) were their birth father…

It was a complicated matter… no one needed to know the details.

Of course the other children were born shortly after the quadruplets.

Rose Weasley to Hermione and Ron.

Dominique Weasley to Bill and Fleur.

Fred Weasley to George and Angelina.

Scorpius Malfoy to Draco and Astoria

Though that wasn't the end to human population.

Years later Hermione and Ron would have their second child Hugo, and Fleur and Bill would have their third Louis.

Proving the fact that males can be decided from Veela.

Bt this wasn't the extent to the human population.

One Rolf Scamander got a special Visa to find out the creatures of Equestria, he got help form Luna Lovegood, during this time the two fell in love and Rolf was allowed to the first immigrant since Voldemort's defeat. The two got married and had two children. Lysander and Lorcan.

However if it was that simple.

Spike and Ginny weren't the only reasons why Princess Celestia passed the human marriage act.

Sometimes friendships leads to love.

Neville Longbottom and Applejack devoutly fell in love, it took a while for them admit though, with Applejack not wanting to ruin the friendship and Neville's pain over loosing Hannah years before.

But eventually they admitted it and got married.

Princess Celestia even used the same spell on Neville that she used on Spike years before so they can have children by turning Neville into a pony.

The results of their children… well… there was no such thing as a natural born Animagus until now…

Apple Lace/ Alice Longbottom and Little Macintosh/ Michael Longbottom were strange… but hey at least it was voluntary unlike Cormac McLaggen.

Especially since Macintosh/Michel was still a toddler who liked to run away. The fact that a little toddler who would suddenly stumble around suddenly turns into unicorn was very stressful on their parents…

While the human population did expand somewhat when the children were old enough they would go to the human world to attend Hogwarts.

In fact it was time for the mini baby boom to start their first year at Hogwarts. The children and their parents were gathered at a special portal that open at Platform 9 3/4

"Okay!" said Hermione who was in charge of all the children going, considering that Hogwarts allowed Ponies from Equestria as a legitimate familiar she had to deal with more than the ones attending for studies.

Though she was relived that only one choose of the baby choose to bring a pony as a familiar (everyone else had chose to bring an animal).

"Please don't a role call Aunt Hermione." Groaned Dominique, she was a tomboy with a penchant for music.

"She needs to make sure everyone is here." Said Twilight.

In the following years Twilight continued her studies, and after she fished her studies (and having gotten over her fear) started her own magic kindergarten in Ponyville. Apple Lace (in pony form) was her own personal student.

She was one of the few in her friends who didn't end up getting married.

That was when the portal opened.

"The portal wasn't supposed to open yet." Said Hermione, "It's…"

"You're running late… aren't you?" asked Draco.

"No we are not!" yelled both Twilight and Hermione.

"Everyone's here, so why don't we go." Said Spike.

Spike due to certain, greed based reasons was stuck in his small form, Twilight and Hermione were both trying to find ways to jump start his growth somehow that didn't involving greed, but for the time being he didn't mind, even if it meant that his children were now physically older than him.

Besides Ginny thought he was cute.

"Fine…" groaned the two.

The large group headed into the portal and ended up at the train platform.

"Did everyone make it though?" asked Twilight.

"Mione, everyone made though, you don't have to do the while role call." Groaned Applejack.

Applejack was there to see of Apple Bloom, the Cutie Mark Crusaders as they were known in child hood had joined Victoire, Teddy and Roxie for their years in Hogwarts as their familiars. With Roxie in her 6th year, Apple Bloom (who's cutie mark was an apple that was made of thread with a needle) was still attending.

"Hey! Lily! Rosie!" called a voice.

They turned to see a girl of Asian decent running at them. She was Daisy Dursley, the daughter of Dudley and Daisy Dursley, she would often vats her cousins, and had also gotten close to Rose. The three were the best of friends.

And yes, they knew the irony of the names and the three ponies who ran the flower shop in Ponyville.

In fact if something happened they would mock the three earth Ponies.

Lily was very intelligent and the most level headed of the children in their age, she would sort of the motherly figure of the group.

Rose on the other hand was just like her mother (and to the same extent Twilight), it was often joked that the only thing that she got from her father was hair color and freckles.

"Her back is turn." Said Fred.

"All right!" said James.

James and Fred were just like their namesakes. Both were pranksters, skilled and scary pranksters. The fact they were name after two of the most notorious Hogwarts had ever known didn't help things.

At the same time Luna and Sky also ducked out to explore the train station.

Luna Weasley, spent too much time with Pinkie as a child, it didn't help that she had become best friends with Pinkie's older daughter Sky Pie, who much like her father Soarin' was a Pegasus.

The two were hyperactive and had too much energy.

Hermione groaned and turned to the children.

"So…" said Hermione.

She groaned, she saw the biggest troublemakers were gone.

"I give up! Just everyone do whatever they want…" muttered Hermione.

"She shouldn't have tired to control us." Said Scorpius Malfoy.

HE was the spitting image of his father. While he was ambitious, his ambitions where else where. His goal was restore the Malfoy family for a brighter tomorrow… make it so that they weren't all pure blood bigots.

Harry tried to com up with a response, but couldn't.

Harry was clam collected boy who thought things though. He was also Scorpius' best friend. That was extremely ironic considering how their fathers got along in school.

"Just do whatever you want! Just make sure your on the train by 11:00..." mumbled Hermione.

"There you are." Said Dudley looking at them.

"Hey Big D." said Spike, "So…"

"Still as obvious as ever." Said Dudley.

Dudley had still yet to tell his parents that Cho and Daisy were witches.

"So what's the school called?" asked Spike.

"Madame Rowena's School for Gifted Girls." Said Dudley.

"I came up with the name." said Cho.

Spike laughed.

"So it looks like everyone in the family is here." Said Percy joining the conversation.

"What's wrong with Hermione and Twilight?" asked Aubrey.

Both Hermione and Twilight were sitting in a corner looking depressed.

"It's what you think happened." Said Ron.

"Ah… their organization didn't go as they planned." Said Percy.

Elsewhere in the station, Victoire and Teddy were having a tender moment.

"It's my first year no attending." Said Teddy.

"I'm going to miss you do much." Said Victoire sneaking in another kiss.

This was Victore's last year attending, but it was also the first year that they would be separated since they started dating.

"When you get back, I have a big surprise for you." Said Teddy.

"Why not give it to me now?" asked Victoire.

They heard a wolf whistle. They turned to see Sweetie, Apple Bloom, Roxie and Dominique watching them.

"Mama and papa wants to say bye to us." Said Dominique.

Victoire gave one last kiss to her boyfriend, and she joined her sister in saying good-bye to her.

And so all of the children went to say good-bye to their parents.

"There's nothing I can say to you Fred that I can't say front of your mother… so here's a letter to give you information about certain things about Hogwarts." Said George.

Angelina glared at her husband.

"Remember Lucy, Molly to keep an eye on your younger cousins, most of them should wind up in Gryffindor." Said Percy to his daughters.

"Why aren't you saying that to Vic or Roxie?" asked Lucy.

"Oh my little Sky! You're going to Hogwarts!" squeed Pinkie.

"It' going to be so much fun!" squeeed Sky.

"So… Dominique…" said Bill who didn't know how to respond to his daughter.

"Don't worry… it won't be Slytherin I'll get into." Said Dominique.

Fleur and Bill exchanged looks.

"Now Rosie." Said Ron.

"Don't worry daddy, I already read all of my books in advance" said Rosie.

Ron tried to come up with a response, but was completely dumbfounded.

"Now Daisy, remember what Luna told you…" said Cho, "Even if you end up in Ravenclaw you can still be their friends."

"Okay." said Daisy.

"Scorpius, if you are sorted into Slytherin… it will be up to you what you do with Harry." Said Draco.

"It doesn't what house me and my friends are sorted into, they will be my friends." Said Scorpius.

"So…" said Spike, "I don't know what to say…"

"Yes, we know our dad's life was horrible when he went to Hogwarts." Said James, knowing that few people knew the story of his dad (he and his siblings were told at a young age).

"All that mater is that it's peaceful there and we won't get into trouble." Said Lily.

"And if something does happen strange, to contact you." Said Harry.

"And to try to avoid it as much as possible unless it's chasing after us or it wants to eat us or something like that." Said Luna.

The last one confused Spike.

"Remember." Said Ginny, "Nothing like that will happen."

"I kind of what something like that happen." Said James.

Both of them looked at James.

"I'm kidding!" said James.

They hugged their parents and onto the train, the train departed and so the children was head to Hogwarts. All of them were in a large compartment that that was made especially for their extended family.

"I can't believe my mom." Said Sweetie rubbing her cheek.

"Hey, she's been missing since this your last year" said Victoire.

"So…" said Lucy to the younger group, "Which house do you want get sorted in?"

"Gryffindor." Answered James, Lily, Luna, Harry, Rose and Fred.

"Slytherin." Answered Scorpius.

"Ravenclaw." Answered Daisy.

"Hufflepuff." Said Dominique.

Molly was drinking some water when Dominique answered that she did a spit take.

"Why Hufflepuff?" asked Daisy.

"Come on! It's Hufflepuff! Everyone's considered a dork! I plan to start a revolution! Just because your "everyone else!" doesn't make you a boring old duffer!" said Dominique.

Daisy who was sitting next to her scooted away a little.

"Does anyone want to play chess with me?" asked Harry.

And so this little group headed to Hogwarts, not knowing that what they would face was going to be far worse than what their parents faced…

Next Time: The kids sorted, will they be in the houses they wanted? Meanwhile in Equestria something is stirring in the Castle Gardens what is it? Find out next time!