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Chapter 2: Sorting

Harry and Lily were in embroiled in the game of Chess.

"LONG LIVE THE LUNA REPUBLIC!" yelled a piece as it died.

"Why did Uncle George get an idea of a racial Princess Celestia VS rebellious Princess Luna set from?" asked Lily.

"I don't know but it's funny!" said Luna.

"Check mate." Said Harry.

"Mwahahahahaah! I will always defeat you dear sister!" said the Princess Celestia piece.

"So what's it like?" asked Sky, who was a very light blue Pegasus (much like her father) but had a light pink mane.

"Well." Said Sweetie (who's Cutie Mark music note with a heart as part of it), "We get to roam the Castle when everyone's in class."

"Just make sure you don't run into Flitch." Said Apple Bloom.

Both of them sighed.

"You miss Scootaloo, don't you?" asked Sky.

Harry had offered Scootaloo to be his Familiar for a couple years but she had decided as there was a temporary stop open on the Wonder Bolts and she decided to take it.

"Yeah…" both of them said.

"Don't worry! You have me!" said Sky.

As the train headed along, they got changed into their uniforms and arrived.

"So I follow you?" asked Sky.

The two older Ponies nodded.

"First years!" they heard.

"Be good." Said Molly.

"We don't ant to hear from dad about how one of you el into the Great Lake." Said Lucy.

"That means you Luna." Said Molly.

They headed with the other first years and were told four per boat.

So they decided to divide in groups of three so they meet their class mates.

James, Fred and Luna went into one boat.

Harry, Scorpius and Dominique went into one boat

And the three flower girls went into one boat.

The first boat…

"Are you Malfoy?" Said the boy in the boat with them.

"So what?" asked Scorpius.

"You know, you're one of the best families there are." Said the boy who was clearly a pure blood bigot.

"Did you know I was raised in Equestria." Said Scorpius.

The boy immediately shut up, he had heard tales of the magical land of Equestria about how girly and how everything ran on magic.

In the second boat…

"How do you get your hair like that?" a girl who was in the boat.

Luna shrugged, due to spending too much with Pinkie and Sky somehow soaked up the poofy mood hair.

"It's just like that." Said Luna.

"If we're in the same house how about I fix it for you." said the girl.

She looked at her brother and cousin… as if saying, "Prank her…"

The two nodded…

In the last boat.

As they approached the Hogwarts Castle the three girls weren't surprised by it's grander, they had been the a Palace quite a few times.

"It's only a model." Said the boy who was with them.

Daisy began to crack up.

"Sorry, I'm going to have to explain it you later." She said.

They approached the cave where they got off the boats. Hagrid lead them to where the School's Deputy Headmistress stood, one Pro. Lisa Turpin who taught Charms.

"You are about to sorted in the four houses of Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin." Said Pro. Turpin, "For the next 7 years, the house will be your family. You will also earn points for the house cup, if you do something commendable you will earn points for your house, if you break the rules you will lose points."

"But it isn't just a competition just to be good and to have bragging right for the next year even though it's mostly pointless…" said James.

Pro. Turpin stared at him.

"You're one of the Weasleys, aren't you?" she asked.

James smirked and nodded.

She sighed, she knew there were 7 of them this year. And the first set of boys… she was also the head of Ravenclaw, she silently wished that none of them would placed in her house.

She lead them to the great hall, along the way they saw the ghosts arguing about whether or not to let Peeves join.

But that wasn't important.

They let into the great hall, as they were lead in they saw the older Weasleys sitting at the Gryffindor Table, with Sweetie and Apple Bloom, they also noticed Sky waiting by the door waiting for Luna to be sorted.

Pro. Turpin took out the sorting hat, which began to sing.

"Many years ago, the founders were in harmony when they created this school. They chose students who each bore the element they wanted. Godric Gryffindor chose Courage, Helga Hufflepuff chose Locality, Rowena Ravenclaw chose Inelegance and Salazar Slytherin chose Ambition. Time and again these elements were perverted, but harmony among the houses would always return. AS they say it is always darkest before the dawn. And I hope that that chaos will not return for many years to come."

The entire school applauded.

"Aaronson, Stephen." Read Pro. Turpin.

The boy who said "It's just a model." Was the first to be sorted, the hat eventually called "Hufflepuff!"

The school applauded as he took his seat.

The first years were sorted, then it was Daisy's turned.

"Dursley, Daisy."

Daisy took her seat, the hat barely touched her head and when it called out "Ravenclaw!"

Daisy took her seat with the other Ravenclaw students.

As they were sorted the girl who wanted to restyle Luna's hair (who was named Samantha Lawrence) was placed into Gryffindor.

After that it was Scorpius turn.

The hat was placed on to his head.

"So, your ambition to bring a new name to the Malfoy family is what drives you… well that and Friendship… such in odd combination. Then again I shouldn't expect anything else from someone who was born and raised in Equestria." Said the sorting had, "It better be Slytherin!"

Scorpius took his seat.

The boy from boat was a Franklin Nott and of course was sorted into Slytherin.

Thought Scorpius knew he was one of the children of Death Eaters with a name like that.

After several more name the last 7 students were left all of them with the last name Weasley.

"Weasley, Dominique." Said Pro. Turpin.

The entire room looked at the blonde Weasley thinking that she would be like the rest of her family.

The sorting hat was placed on her head.

"I see… you're very loyal, but you want to be different… I think I should abide to you wish." Said the sorting Hat

"Hufflepuff!" shouted the sorting hat.

The entire great hall was silent expect for the clapping from Scorpius, Daisy, the Ponies the other members of the Weasley family and all Muggle Born first years.

Stephan looked at her once she sat next to him.

"I don't get it." Said Stephan.

"My family a reputation for being in Gryffindor." Said Dominique.

Pro. Turpin managed to get over herself and say the next name.

"Weasley, Fred."

Fred got onto the stool.

The sorting hat smiled, "So much like your father and uncle." Said the sorting hat.

"Gryffindor!" shouted the hat.

All of Gryffindor applauded.

"Weasley, Harry."

Harry took his seat.

"I see… you're an interesting one." Said the sorting hat, "Your so much like your father, yet different in many ways… But I think there's one place to put you."

"Gryffindor!" shouted the hat.

Harry took off the hat and took a seat across from Fred.

"Weasley, James."

James walked over to the stool.

The sorting hat chuckled, "So much like your grandfather." Chuckled the sorting hat, "I can think of one place to put you."


James took a seat next to Fred, and the two did their handshake that they had.

"Weasley, Lily."

The sorting hat was placed on her head.

"You can be suited in one of two houses, however I can tell you want to be with your brothers… and I don't think Hufflepuff could handle two Weasleys… better be…"


Lily took her seat next to Harry.

"Weasley, Luna."

Luna ran up the stool and the sorting hat was placed on her head.

"Well now… what the…" said the sorting hat.

"What's wrong?" asked Luna.

"I jus have this weird feeling of people… watching me…" said the sorting hat.

"Can I please be placed in Gryffindor?" asked Luna.

"Fine… just don't put me on again." Responded the sorting hat, "Gryffindor!"

Luna took off the hat and skipped towards the empty seat next to James.

"You almost broke the hat, didn't you?" asked Fred.

"I don't know what you mean." Said Luna as Sky flew to them, and took a seat.

"Weasley, Rose"

Rose, who the last one to be sorted stepped up to the stool and the hat was placed on her head.

"You are too much like your mother and your adoptive aunt… with your knowledge you should be in Ravenclaw." Said the sorting hat.

"But I want to be in Gryffindor." Responded Rose.

"After dealing with your cousin and the near argument I had with your mother, I'm no going to fight it." Said the hat.


Rose walked over to the table and took her seat.

The hat was placed in another room and the headmaster began the feast.

The first years talked among themselves as the older Weasleys managed to scoot down to the where the first years sat.

"So your all cousins?" asked Santa.

"Sort of…" said Lily, "Me, Harry, James and Luna are all siblings."

"Is the rumor true about your father? That he came back from the dead, defeated you know who, had you before going back t the after life." Said a boy.

"Yes…" said Harry not sure how to answer.

"You're dad is the most awesome thing ever!" said the boy.

"So you're from Equestria." Said the final first year girl, "I keep begin my family to take me but they keep saying no."

"You and every other girl your age." Said James.

"Seriously… it's weird…" said Fred, "Most of the tourists are young girls."

"Why wouldn't a girl want to visit a magical land filled with talking ponies?" asked Samantha.

Fred and James immediately shut up.

At the Slytherin table, Scorpius started at Franklin who glared at them.

"You know, you're parents are the reason my father is in Azkaban." Said Franklin.

"I'm not surprised, they did help bring down an end of an era." Said Scorpius.

"You're going to hang with those Weasleys, aren't you?" asked Franklin.

"Yes, and Daisy as well." Said Scorpius.

The two began to glare at each other.

"They're going to hijack everything about the school year aren't they?" asked a girl.

"They are." Responded a boy.

On the Ravenclaw table the first years were talking about the three ponies at the Gryffindor Table.

"So they're from a magical land called Equestria?" asked a boy who was a Muggle born.

"Yes, I have a permanent Visa." said Daisy, "So do my parents."

"Isn't your father a Muggle?" asked a practically snide girl, "How did he get one."

"My mother participated in the Battle of Canterlot." Muttered Daisy, "Even if he is a Muggle, my mother has enough clout to get him one."

The girl scowled when she said that.

At the Hufflepuff table, Dominique was in a conversation with Stephan.

"Wow! Raised in a magical land of Ponies. That beats being raised by nerd parents." Said Stephen.

"What do you mean nerdy parents?" asked Dominique.

"You'll know soon enough." Said Stephen.

The Headmaster of the School approached the podium, he was Pro. Moon, a rather large imposing man but there seemed to be something about him that was clam.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts, Argus Flitch would like to remind you that there is no magic used in the halls and that forbidden forest is Forbidden." Said Pro. Moon.

"We have to go in." James said to Fred.

Fred nodded with a smirk on his face.

"I would also like to reiterate to all students to treat all Ponies from Equestria like you would a human." Said Pro. Moon, "Now sine there are no staff changes I believe it is time to b off to bed."

With the Gryffindor First Years…

"First years follow us!" called out the female 5th year Prefect.

They followed the Prefects to the tower.

"Password?" asked the fat woman painting.

"Wand Wood." Said the male prefect/

They entered the common room, the two prefects explained the dorms the use of the common room.

The first years went to bed because they knew that the next day would be the first day of school.

Back in Equestria, in the Castle Gardens, a "stature" began to crack. Pieces of it began to break off… Any second now, a certain evil would be free to bring in a reign of evil, chaos and confusion…

However it had other plans first… rather interesting plans…

Next Time: 7 Weasley children, Scorpius and Daisy deiced to form a study group since their in different houses, while Sky runs afoul the flying teacher who hates Pegasi from Equestria, why? Because of a "curse" that was placed on him. In Equestria on the other hand something had happened. What is it? Find out next time!