Saria + Link Fanfiction! Chapter 1: Link's Return.
Once Link was returned to his childhood age, he retreated back to the safety of Kokiri forest. He darted through the now familar Lost Woods to find Saria. Saria spotted him far off in the maze while she was wondering when she could tell him how she felt. Link was feeling the same way, but it was harder for him to hide it. He would constantly say the wrong things when he was trying to act normal. Saria knew he was hiding something, but she didn't know that he actually liked her. When Link got to the top of the stairs, Saria was asleep sitting on the tree stump... Link decided this was his only chance to help her, so he put on his Goron Bracelet and carried her through the Lost Woods, all the way to her home. Mido was watching with envy, he was going to Lost Woods everyday just to get lost and end up at the entrance. Mido was trying to make Saria like him, it didn't work, but today Mido knew it was going to change... Link set Saria down on her bed and started to creep out of her house silently, but Saria was waking up... " L...L...L...Link?" Saria said with a tired voice... " Y...Yes, Saria?" Link said with a scared voice. " Why am I in here? " Saria said finally waking up... " I should be at the Lost Woods..." Link started to say " Sari-" Then Saria darted over to Link and hugged him tight. " Link I have something to tell you." Saria said into his ear. Link said while shaking her off of him, "Yeah, me too, You first." Saria said " I've been hiding this, but I like you a lot Link..." Link said more confident this time " Same here! " Then they both started to kiss when Mido busted through Saria's door yelling " SARIA, LINK WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?" Link took out his sword and put it to Mido's neck and said " None of your business, why are you busting in here?"
Mido was now studdering saying " J..J...J...Just" And Mido ran off. Saria started to walk towards Link a little more Seductively and said " Now that he's gone, where were we?" And they both kissed each other passionately... Link was amazed at how Saria's behavior changed after that one confession. Link said after the kissing " Hey, I've wanted to know, do you... Want to go to the future?" Saria nodded. They ran to the Temple of Time, Link started the time travel, and in an instant they were off! When they arrived back, Link ran to Lake Hylia, with Saria following close behind. Once they reached Lake Hylia, Link made sure no one was there... He was right, no one was there. Before he could react Saria playfully tackled him to the ground right by the water. They wrestled around for a little bit, but when they started kissing someone came by and said, " What are you two people doing near Zora's Domain?"