It was a foggy morning in the hills of New York. In the fog there was a boy. The boy had black hair and sea green eyes. The boy was alone. Alone with his thoughts. Thoughts that for so long he had not been able to think. His thoughts, feelings, and chooses up to this point were not his own. They had been made for him. This boy, who had looks that were shockingly feminine in nature, was looking back upon all the decisions that he had never been able to make himself. Ones that were forced on him by his supposed friends and girlfriend. He realized that they were controlling him, using him. The boy was growing stronger and smarter every minute that he thought. He realized, that what he was fighting… was the side he wanted to be on, if only to exact revenge on the ones who manipulated him, and then throng him away, as if he were nothing. That boy was named Percy Jackson.