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About the story- Wally West didn't gain super speed from his failed experiment. Instead he gained a new power never before seen in the DC universe.


Wally West ran into his room and sat down in his computer chair. He sat there clutching a book tightly to his chest and trying his very best to calm himself down. This was easily becoming the greatest day Wally had ever had in his entire twelve years of existence.

The reason it was the greatest day in the young boys life was because he had just discovered the most amazing thing. His Uncle Barry Allen was the Flash, his favorite super hero and role model. Wally had been rummaging through his uncles desk drawer looking for a pen to do his homework when he found a journal his uncle kept.

Being the curious child that he was he decided to look through it and to his shock it chronicled his Uncle Barry's entire life as the Flash and all the adventures he had been on. It all seemed so obvious now, his uncle's big appetite, him disappearing all the time for no apparent reason, then reappearing just as quickly as he disappeared.

Wally decided to take another look though the journal to read up on more of his hero's adventures. He opened it up and began skimming through it. It outlined how his uncle's powers worked and various adventures he had with the Justice league. After reading for a few hours Wally was shocked to find a detailed outline of the entire experiment that gave Barry his powers.

"I could recreate it and become as fast as the Flash. If this works I could get superpowers just like Uncle Barry!" Wally exclaimed loudly.

"I'll be able to beat up bad guys, rescue people, and save the world. I'm going to need a costume and an awesome hero name!"

Wally could barely contain his excitement. He looked over the experiment and realized that he could use the lab his uncle has in the basement. The experiment seemed simple enough assuming the lab had all the necessary components and he had always been good at chemistry.

"It's just mixing chemicals together. What's the worst that could happen?"


One week later

An entire week had passed since Wally learned his uncle secret. When Barry had come home from work that night he had wanted to run up to his uncle and ask so many questions about his life as the Flash. It took all of his self control to act normal around the man.

After a week of waiting Wally finally had the opportunity he needed to conduct the experiment. Barry and Iris had left to have a romantic dinner and said they would be gone for a few Wally all the time he needed.

No babysitter had been available so they instead trusted Wally to be alone for the night. They had left him with a large pizza and said to call him if anything went wrong. The second they drove off to have their date Wally got to work on his plan on becoming a superhero.

Wally worked fast. He ran up to his guardian's room and opened his uncle's desk. Staring at him was the key to the basement. He grabbed it and immediately bolted for the door to the lab. He unlocked the door and walked in not even bothering to close it as he went in.

The lab was just as he remembered it, he had only been in once before when his uncle had wanted to show him what he did for his job as a police forensic scientist. The room had linoleum floors and the walls were white. It was huge and filled with tons of equipment, racks, and shelves filled with numerous chemicals and vials and machines that Wally didn't recognize.

Once he finished marveling at the lab Wally set off to work. With the journal as his guide he spent the next several hours working on recreating the experiment. Wally soon found himself mixing chemicals together and occasionally glancing at the journal to make sure he got all the measurements correct. He knew that if he didn't do this perfectly things could end in disaster, the last thing he wanted was to come out of all this looking like a mutated blob.

The main problem he was having was how messy the lab was. Wally assumed things would be alphabetized and orderly but clearly his uncle hadn't cleaned in a long time and wondered how the man found anything. This was a huge problem as it took a eternity for Wally to find anything he needed for the experiment.

Wally could tell his uncle was clearly doing some serious research. Half of this stuff he never even heard of, and the equipment was all high quality technology one would expect to find in a well funded government research facility. Barry was definitely holding out on him. After this he was going to ask for a bigger allowance.

"Unless I get grounded for the rest of my life for this." He thought to himself but the very idea he could get super powers kept his resolve strong.

"Then again maybe this stuff has to do with him being the Flash. Maybe he's the Justice Leagues science expert or something." Wally thought to himself. He was still trying to wrap his head around everything that had happened in the last week. Finding out a member of your family is one of the greatest heroes in the entire world definitely took some getting used to.

He looked over the journals instructions for the fifteenth time to ensure everything was perfect. He was almost done and any screw up now would be disastrous. He needed to find something to be the catalyst of the experiment. He looked around the lab checking every single place but couldn't find anything that suited his needs. According to the journal a small controlled explosion was needed to make the experiment Wally certainly didn't want to get caught in an explosion but he knew he had little choice in the matter, it seemed to be a key phase to gaining the same powers as the Flash.

He needed a liquid that was combustible. The experiment called for Acetone but he couldn't find any in Barry's messy lab. Suddenly a large vial caught Wally's attention.

The liquid inside was colored green and it had the chemical formula on the label that Wally didn't recognize. The label said cortisol and upon further inspection he realized it smelt like gasoline or something very close. Looking at a nearby clock Wally realized he didn't have much time until his uncle came home.

"It smells like it could explode …only one way to find out."

He walked over to the work bench where all the various chemical compounds for the experiment were cooking. Wally poured the vial of green liquid into a larger beaker, the second he emptied the vial the entire work bench caught fire and exploded before Wally could even cover his face.

Wally was thrown back and hit the wall opposite of him. He felt himself soaked in chemicals and he felt like his entire body was completely on fire. Overcome with pain he passed out on the floor amongst the ruined lab equipment.


Barry Allen loved being the Flash. He loved helping people, putting bad guys in prison, and protecting Central city. But even he needed a break from saving the world. When he first started out it was like a dream come true, however when he joined the Justice league things became more difficult. While he loved the job he hated how much time it took away from his family.

Going from stopping petty street crimes to saving the world from mad scientists and cosmic entities was a tough transition and took up more and more of his free time. Especially when your boss is the goddamn Batman. No matter what he did the man was always complaining about what he was doing.

"Don't vibrate through the walls of the watch tower you might damage something Barry, Take missions more seriously Barry, put on pants Barry, blah blah blah I'm Batman." Barry thought to himself doing his best mental Batman impersonation.

Barry shook those thoughts from his head and instead focused on his wife who was relaxing in her car seat as they drove to their house.

That's why he loved nights like this. He had just finished a romantic dinner with his wife Iris and everything was peaceful. "Do you think Wally's mad Iris? I feel kind of bad for leaving him home alone while we went out for dinner."

Iris looked at her husband and shook her head. "He isn't mad, he's probably happy. We left him home alone with a large pizza and all his videogames. Heck he's probably had the time of his life. Besides he always hates going to nice restaurants. Last time we went to a nice place he claimed he was suffocating because there was too much atmosphere. Then he acted like he was suffocating for the rest of the evening."

Barry couldn't help but chuckle a bit. Wally had certainly grown up to be quite the comedian. It was hard to believe that it had been only a year since he brought that small innocent child into his home. Getting Wally to open up had been hard; the boy was shy and didn't trust anyone for the longest time. But once he finally felt safe and secure the boy had opened up and had improved socially by leaps and bounds.

He still had trouble socializing with kids and adults at school. To this day Wally had never invited friend over to their house. He didn't even seem interested in making friends. Barry was just grateful Wally's social skills were as good as they were. He was amazed the boy wasn't unbalanced after the life he had led before coming to live with him and Iris.

"Your right but I still feel bad for leaving him home. I think I should take him to a movie or buy him a new video game tomorrow."

"We were only gone for three hours. You act like we left him alone for a week." Iris responded.

Iris couldn't help but smile at her husband. Barry really was turning out to be a good father figure to Wally. She had been considering bringing up the idea of them having a child of their own. With Wally growing up so quickly she thought maybe adding a new member to the family was a good idea.

"Besides Wally might enjoy having someone to play with." She thought. Maybe after they got home she would ask Barry about what he thought.

They spent the rest of the ride home in comfortable silence. Once they pulled into the driveway they both noticed the kitchen light was still on. "Guess the kids still up. Must be having the time of his life." Barry said smiling. Both of them walked into the house. Iris went up the stairs to put away her purse and jacket. Barry was about to join her but he saw something that made him pause.

Sitting on the kitchen table was the Pizza they had left for Wally to eat for dinner. The box looked like it hadn't been moved or opened. Barry walked up to the dinner table and opened the pizza box and saw that the Meat lover's special was indeed completely uneaten and stone cold. A horrible feeling settled into Barry's stomach. Wally would never ignore pizza…

Barry immediately checked every room of the house using his super speed. When every room was empty he began to freak out. A million horrible thoughts entered his mind about what could have befallen his beloved nephew.

"Oh God what if he's been kidnapped…or dead? Or kidnapped and dead?"

Before he could do anything else he noticed a strange smell. Following it he found it led to his lab…and the lab door was open. He never left his labs door open. He always made sure it was locked to make sure Wally couldn't get hurt. He felt a cold chill run up his spine. A million possibilities entered his head and all of them were bad.

Running into the lab he saw a scene that was all too familiar. He saw his work station ruined in the process of duplicating an experiment that he was very familiar with. Barry looked at the opposite wall and saw his nephew lying on the ground unconscious. Without hesitating Barry ran over and checked him over. He had suffered minor burns and chemicals in his eyes but his heart was still beating strongly. He saw his old journal sitting next to Wally and he filled in the blanks quickly.

"Don't worry Wally I know someone who can help." Barry said as he lifted his nephew into his arms and ran out of the lab. He ignored Iris as she tried to ask what was wrong. He ran as fast as he could to the large shed he had in the back yard. He opened the shed and ran in and pushed a button hidden under his woodworking table. The button triggered a mechanism that caused the wall in the back of the shed to open up revealing his private Zeta beam transporter.

"Computer reset destination from watch tower to Wayne manor." The second those words left his lips he felt the all too familiar beam envelop around him and he was sent to his destination.


Batman punched the training dummy shattering the lifelike mannequin into a hundred pieces. He always hated days like this, Gotham was unusually peaceful and that left him on edge. He had even gotten four hours of sleep last night which left him more energized than usual. So he decided to train in order to keep his skills sharp, he couldn't allow himself to grow complacent. He was about to get a new training dummy when he heard his computer announce a visitor.

"Recognized Flash 0 4."

Batman mentally groaned, as much as he liked Barry the man was getting a bit too familiar with him. Last week he had come over to borrow a leaf blower. He knew giving the man his own Zeta beam transporter was like giving him a key to the bat cave.

He turned around to greet his guest. "Look Barry whatever it is I'm a little busy wi-"Batman stopped talking the second he saw Barry.

The man was dressed in nice civilian clothes and looked like hell. But what caught Batman's attention was the injured child he was holding in his arms.

"My nephew needs help."

Batman didn't need any more explanation. He rushed them into the bat caves infirmary and started the taking care of Wally's injuries. Meanwhile Barry waited outside the infirmaries doors talking to Iris on his cell phone ensuring her that everything would be alright.

"Don't worry he's being taken care of by the very best. Just relax and I'll see you at home as soon as possible dear." With that Barry shut his cell phone and sat in a nearby chair and waited for Batman to finish taking care of his nephew.

After an hour Batman walked out of the infirmary. "He'll be fine. He has a few minor burns and scratches that will heal over the next few days." Batman said calmly.

"Now…do you mind explaining just what the hell happened?" Batman asked his voice turning serious. Barry sighed to himself and began his explanation of how he left Wally alone for the night and came home to find him unconscious after recreating the experiment that gave Barry his powers. As the story went on Batman's eyes continued to narrow.

"Then I brought him over here to you." Barry finished lamely rubbing the back of his head. He knew he screwed up, he never should have written down the experiment in the journal but he had wanted to record it for future scientific endeavors.

Batman glared at Barry full force. "Why exactly did you leave your journal and key to your lab in an unguarded desk drawer?"Batman asked angrily.

"Well excuse me Bruce but not all of us have the resources you do, we can't all be billionaire playboys. Besides I feel bad enough already I don't need you reminding me what an idiot I am." Barry said angrily.

Barry was angrier at himself than anything. He couldn't even bring himself to be angry at Wally.

"I pretty much gave a twelve year old a guide to superpowers. What kid wouldn't try getting superpowers?" Barry thought to himself.

"Has there been any sign of the experiment working?" Barry asked suddenly. The thought hadn't even crossed his mind. He was more busy thinking about Wally's safety.

Batman shook his head. "From the looks of it no. His body isn't showing any signs of your speed or hyper metabolism, although I will say that his brain activity is off the charts and his muscles are acting unusually. I'll need to do further tests and observe him to be sure. Until then it's best if you returned home."

Barry was about to protest but Batman cut him off. "Go home calm your wife down and come here tomorrow. You're no use to him when you're upset."

Barry reluctantly agreed. He really did need to get some rest and Iris no doubt wanted a full explanation of tonight's events, she sounded hysterical on the phone. He went over to the bat caves transporter and went home.


Three days later.

Wally groaned as he stood up groggily. He opened his eyes and began to take in his surroundings and noticed he was in what looked like a weird hospital. The walls were made of grey steel and he was sitting on a comfortable bed surrounded by medical equipment. He rubbed his eyes and tried to remember what happened, he was almost done with the experiment then…it all blew up in his face. Wally felt his spirits sink; his Uncle must have brought him here.

Wally got off the bed and unhooked all the medical equipment hooked up to him. He began to flex his arms and check his body over. "I feel strangely good." Aside from the ache of a few muscles and the pain of a few particular burn marks he felt great.

He walked out the door of the room and was surprised to see a large dark cave with limited lighting.

"What the hell kind of hospital is this? It looks like the place mole people would hang out in."

Wally began exploring and what he saw astounded him, the cave was a natural formation yet there were electronics everywhere. As he continued his trek he saw a trophy area displaying numerous weapons and mannequins. However before he could investigate further he saw something that made his jaw drop. It was a black car situated on the other side of the cave. Walking closer he easily recognized it. It was a Batmobile…The real Batmobile was staring at him.

"I'm in Batman's hideout…this is the greatest day of my entire life." Wally thought to himself excitedly, his uncle was the Flash and he was now in Batman's hideout…it was like Christmas came early and brought all the other holidays with it. After the shock of realizing where he was wore off he had to ask himself. Why was he in Batman's hideout?

Wally could only guess that his uncle brought him here to get patched up.

Content with his own theory Wally decided to walk around the Bat cave a bit more, carefully trying not to damage anything. The last thing he wanted was for Batman to be angry at him; he was already on his uncle's shit list at this point. Then it suddenly hit him, the experiment…did it work?

Throwing caution to the wind Wally began running all around the cave. He did this for twenty minutes until he finally got tired and leaned against one of the caves walls. "All that work and the experiment didn't do anything…it was all a waste." Wally thought to himself sadly, this was quickly turning from the best day ever to the worst day ever.

He angrily slammed his fist against the wall and was naturally surprised when the wall opened up revealing a doorway. This would have amazed Wally but after all the surprises that happened today he was just too tired to care how strange things were getting.

"At this point lizard people could invade and I wouldn't be surprised." Wally mumbled to himself, he was tired and wanted to go home and forget this all ever happened.

Throwing caution to the wind he walked into the door way and began walking through what seemed a dark hallway. He walked up a flight of stairs until he found a door. He opened it and found himself in a really nice room, it was luxuriously furnished and numerous paints and statues added a good deal of atmosphere to the place.

Looking behind him he realized the door he entered through was hidden behind a grandfather clock.

"Very clever, much more clever than hiding your secret entrance behind a bookcase."

Wally decided to investigate the room further. It was…plain. Everything was clearly expensive and much of the furniture looked custom made but for the most part is was plain.

He continued investigating the room until he saw a large group of what appeared to be family portraits. "Is this Batman's family?" Wally wondered to himself, he look at the paintings and read out the names in his head. "Solomon Wayne, Thomas Wayne, and Martha Wayne." Those names really sounded familiar. He continued his trek around the room but then he found something that made him stop dead in his tracks. It was a trophy display and every single one of the trophies shared the same name. "Bruce Wayne? No way, Batman is the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne?"

Everyone knew Bruce Wayne; he was one of the world's most influential and powerful men. Half the electronics Wally used was made by Wayne tech. But he was based in Gotham city and there was no way he could be in Gotham…could he? Wally ran to the nearest window and looked out of it. Sure enough he saw Gotham city out in the distance.

"I'm in Gotham and from all the evidence Batman is Bruce Wayne…why not? It's not like this day could get any more surreal." The second those words left his lips he felt a large hand slap onto his shoulder and he was turned around roughly.

Glaring at him was Batman himself in his full glory dark glory. Wally wanted to run but he knew he wouldn't be able to run far enough or fast enough.

"Now I'm really wishing the experiment had worked, If I had the Flashes powers I could outrun Batman." Wally thought angrily to himself, still depressed about his lack of powers.

"Been having fun exploring Mr. West?" Batman asked his voice deep and angry.

Before Wally could answer Batman began leading him away from the room. His death grip on Wally's shoulder didn't loosen one bit.

"Look Batman I can keep a secret I've known my uncle is the Flash for a week and I haven't told anyone and-"

"Look kid just be quiet. Let me check your injuries, we will discuss your need for discretion regarding who I am later."Batman said with a tone of finality that made Wally shut up.

Batman led him into what looked like a training room. There were weights, treadmills, and even a sparring area. He was sat down onto a nearby bench and Batman began checking his injuries. "You seem to have healed well these last three days. I'm going to go inform your uncle."Batman stated and he finished checking Wally over.

"Three days? I've been asleep for three days?" Wally asked, he couldn't believe he was unconscious for that long. Batman simply nodded and got up to leave.

"I'm going to get your uncle. He's been spending most of his time watching over you and investigating what you did in his lab. He's going to be happy to hear you're up and about."

At mention of the experiment and the news of his uncle worrying about him Wally's face fell. "Man I feel like crap. I really screwed this one up." Wally thought sadly. He looked up and saw Batman was leaving the room.

"I'll be back soon; my ward will make sure you don't misplace yourself again." With that said Batman left the room. Wally simply sat there with a confused expression on his face.

"Ward? What the hell's he talking about I'm the only guy here..." Just as those words left Wally's mouth he felt someone tap his shoulder. Wally quickly turned his body around and saw a boy a few years younger than him standing behind him.

"Don't sneak up on me like that!" Walled screamed, he didn't even hear the kid. Upon closer inspection the boy wore a red and black outfit with a cape and had a large R on the front. Along with a black domino mask that covered up his eyes.

"Sorry Habit I picked up from the big guy. I'm guessing since your wandering the manor you already know who the big guy is?" Receiving a nod from Wally he continued. "Allow me to introduce myself I'm Robin the boy wonder."

Wally had heard that Batman had recently gotten a sidekick. Some were even calling them the Dynamic duo. But he never imagined Robin the boy wonder who fought alongside Batman to be younger than him.

"You're so…young." Wally stated plainly "I mean you must be like nine."

Robin's eyes narrowed angrily. "I'll have you know I'm ten years old and I've been fighting crime for over a year."

"Dude your still ten. Is Batman a fan of child endangerment or something? I mean look at you, you're so tiny." Wally said while gesturing towards the boy wonder.

Robin began checking himself over, true he was a bit short but he was tall for his age. He was definitely taller than most boys in his class.

"That's not fair; you're older than I am. Besides it doesn't stop me from being an awesome crime fighter."

Wally was still trying to process the fact that Robin looked like the kids that would get beat up at his school. There was no way this kid could pull off intense ninja moves or beat up criminals.

"Please, you're so small I bet all those news stories about you being a ninja were exaggerated. Besides it doesn't look like you could fight your way out of a wet paper bag." Wally said teasingly, trying to get a rise out of the younger boy. He was surprised how at ease he felt around Robin. He would almost never talk to other kids at school but now he was having a full conversation with Batman's sidekick.

"I bet you a thousand dollars that you can't do even a single one of my moves!" Robin challenged .All he had to do was show Wally one of his more complicated moves he learned as an acrobat and he would win easily.

"Fine you're on bird boy; let's see these so called moves of yours."

Robin immediately ran towards a training area littered with numerous pieces of equipment. The floor was soft to cushion falls. Dick grabbed two small trampolines and set them up.

"Remember you owe me a thousand dollars, and I won't take a check from you."

With that said Robin jumped on the first trampoline and did a front flip onto the next trampoline, bouncing off of that one he did a backflip before landing on the group perfectly. Wally simply stared at the amazing display of skill and acrobatics but what surprised him was he wasn't intimidated. He knew he should have been but he wasn't, for some reason he felt like he could mimic the move perfectly.

Acting on this instinct Wally put himself in position ignoring the young acrobat's confident smirk and statement's that he has no chance. Running at the trampolines Wally executed the movements perfectly just as Robin had seconds before.

Robin had his jaw hanging to the floor he couldn't believe what he just observed. "It took me months to get that move down when I was a kid. How the hell did you do that?"He asked confusion evident in his voice.

Wally shook his head. "I've never done anything even remotely like that before, after watching you it seemed…easy to me. I can't explain it but I just felt like I could do it…and you owe me one thousand dollars." Wally said happily.

Robin's eyes narrowed. "He's lying there's no way that was a fluke. I'm going to get to the bottom of this." He thought to himself.

"Best two out of three?"


"I'm telling you your tests are wrong there's no way that's even possible." Barry said, as he and Batman walked through the Bat cave. Batman had managed to calm Barry down enough to walk, so that he could explain his test findings about Wally's health after the accident.

"Your faith in my abilities is very encouraging" Batman stated plainly, all his findings pointed towards the Wally having powers but Barry seemed to be in denial.

"And I'm saying that you're wrong, I looked at what Wally did and I can tell you with complete certainty that the experiment was done incorrectly, even if it was done correctly the chances of him getting any superpowers is one in a million."

"Except my tests show he was somehow exposed to the adrenal steroid cortisol that you created." Batman said making Barry duck his head in shame. "The dangerous drug that you left unattended in your lab for any child to play around with."

Barry didn't know what to say. He didn't think Wally was exposed to that chemical. It was his secret side project meant to help memory and maybe even someday cure Alzheimer's patients. He never expected anything like this to happen.

He knew that his lab didn't have the best security but he never expected a twelve year old to break in and try to give himself super powers. He never expected Wally to fumble around in there unattended; he thought his own words of warning and a lock on the door would be enough.

They continued walking until they were finally out of the bat cave and entered Wayne manor. Batman opened the door to the training area and what they saw astounded them.

Both Robin and Wally were practicing acrobatics that would have given any circus a run for its money. This was mainly surprising due to the fact Wally was doing moves most people took years to master, with no previous training.

"What did your tests say about my nephew Bruce?"


Authors note- First story ever written so please be gentle. I know it's an odd premise but for some reason this idea wouldn't leave my head. I have no Idea why I like the Idea of Wally getting a different power from the experiment that gave him Flashes abilities. I really didn't want to write this because the premise is so weird but then again…comics are weird. I've been reading more and more comics and I've come to the conclusion that the silver age never really simply became a bit more serious and dark. Also I didn't want to write this because I love Wally as Kid flash and seeing him without super speed is weird but I wanted to try this out as a experiment in writing. After all I've read a million stories from other genres of fiction where they completely change a characters powers so why not young justice?

This story was a challenge from a friend to give Wally superpowers that weren't in the DC universe, so I went with one from the Marvel-verse.

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