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After Josh walked away, Maddy slowly made her way to the soldier barracks. She passed the market place and was about to round about the corner of the science division when she overheard Commander Taylor and Malcolm arguing, something not out of the ordinary for the head of the science department. She bet that the man would argue with himself if he was left with no other option. It made her shudder at the thought of her mother and him dating back in the day. What did she ever see in him? There weren't many good qualities about Malcolm besides him being possibly one of the smartest men she had ever met and the most passionate about his field. But then again, who was she to judge? As far as she was concerned, Mark fell in love with her brains…Or so she thought.

"Malcolm you need more scientists!" Taylor's voice rose.

"With all due respect, Commander Taylor, you know very well we don't have many actual scientists here with all the qualifications for this mission as well as you know that they must be volunteers!"

"Well round up more volunteers!"

"The mission leaves in an hour!"

"Then I will have to cancel it. There is no use putting my men in danger if there are no scientists on the mission. My men fight well and will defend them if they see necessary but for God's sake they are no Dino experts. They know enough to fight and kill them and keep them away, but I have a feeling that for this mission, those are not the only requirements!" Taylor banged his fist on the counter, and she saw Malcolm shrink back.

"You cannot cancel it! Right now is the perfect time to observe them! It's right on mating season and for some odd reason, they are less aggressive! If we chose another time to observe, they will be more aggressive and more likely that the mission would be a failure!"

"Fine then Malcolm… I give you half an hour to round up one more scientist, just one, and your mission will continue as planned." Taylor turned to leave.

Mark was going on that mission…

It was now or never, Maddy Shannon had to make a split second decision. She just hoped she would make the right one.

"I volunteer!" she stepped in the lab, and smiled at the commander and the shocked head of the science department.

"Perfect. The mission will continue as planned" Taylor left the building leaving only Maddy and Malcolm.

"Commander! No she cannot! She is only an intern!"

"Malcolm, you know I can do this" she insisted "I know almost everything there is to know about the wildlife in this place and you need one more scientist…"

"Maddy I have no doubt that your addition into this mission would be wonderful, however that being said, your father will never let you go, he'd skin me alive if he found out I was going to authorize it!""So you are authorizing it?" Maddy smiled.

"I- uh-ah" Malcolm groaned and sighed, rubbing his face with his palm.

"Do I have a choice?"

Maddy laughed.

"I don't think so.. Leave my dad to me. I'll be at the front in an hour" She called as she raced home.

She would just surprise Mark at the gates.

When she got to her house, she haphazardly started throwing clothes, supplies, and her precious plex into a duffel bag. She was double-checking to see if she had everything, when her dad walked into the room.

"Maddy, what are you doing?"

She sighed, and took her duffel bag in one hand.

"I'm leaving on the OTG mission"

Jim stared at her, and the burst into laughter.

"I'm not joking"Then his composure changed entirely.

"Absolutely not"

"Dad, they need me"

"You're too young"

"Dad I'm just as knowledgeable as the next scientist"

"You forget you're just an intern"

"And you forget that I can take care of myself"

"Of course you can sweetie, but not against slashers"

"Carnotauruses. We're observing Carnotauruses" she calmly corrected.

"Even worse Maddy. You're not going."

"Yes I am dad… I know you're worried because I'm your little girl and everything, but I'm growing up and you need to let go. Besides, if you're worried about my safety, Mark is going on it too and I can guarantee that when he finds out he will be monitoring me 24/7."

"And that's supposed to make me feel better? Knowing that my daughter and her boyfriend are going to be all alone in the jungle?"

"Dad, Malcolm is going"At this her father laughed.

"I'm getting nowhere with this, am I?" Maddy bit her lip.

"You're damn right you're not going anywhere."

"Jim" her mother's voice appeared out of nowhere.

"Elizabeth, what are you doing here, I thought you were on duty?" her father asked.

"Maddy will go on the mission" Her mother stated and Maddy nearly fainted with relief while her father had a heart attack at her words.

"What are you saying?" He asked.

"She will go because I will accompany her. Taylor just appointed me into the mission because the field doctor has fallen ill."

"If you're going, then so will I"

"No Jim, the mission could take five days at the most, and the Zoe and Josh need you here." Her father walked over to her, put his arm around her waist and kissed her forehead before sighing in resignation.

"Fine… But both of you… Please be careful" Jim pleaded, his forehead resting against his wife's.

"No Maddy! You are not coming with me!" Mark threw his stuff in the back of his rover.

"Mark, stop being difficult! I'm coming and there's no way you're changing my mind!"

"Maddy, it's dangerous out there! You have no idea!"

"I don't? Oh yeah of course I don't, because our first date wasn't spent sleeping on a Goddamned tree covered in muck!"

"That's not what I meant, and you know that!" Mark ran his hand through his hair, clearly upset that not only were they having this conversation in plain view, but that they were even having this argument at all.

"No I don't. Because I'm just an ignorant teenager who-"

Her words were silenced immediately when Mark brought his lips forcefully to hers, ignoring the catcalls that followed. She held on to him, her arms wrapping around his neck and just when she was about to really deepen the kiss, he pulled away and murmured in her ear.

"You're not going"

Maddy kissed his jaw and whispered passionately.

"Of course I am"

Mark groaned, and gave in when she began nibbling on his earlobe.

"And if I go, we'll spend a lot of quality time together"

"You're evil" Mark laughed, deep in his throat, and took her bag from her and tossed it in with his.

"So does this mean I'm riding with you?"

"I would hope you ride with him, my rover's full" her mother passed by with a wink and a silent promise in her eyes.

It said:

I won't tell your father

With that, Maddy climbed aboard the rover, plex in hand, and Mark walked around to the driver's side.

Once they raised the gates, Mark drove them away from the colony, and turned to her.

"Hope you're not having second thoughts"

"I could never, knowing that I am in such capable hands"Mark laughed once again and grabbed her hand while maintaining one on the steering wheel.

"You trust me too much" "Well, you did promise to take care of me" Maddy wiggled her left hand.

"You're wearing it" he smiled.

"Of course, a promise is a promise, right?" Maddy smiled and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

"Now take me to those carno's, soldier" she winked.

"Maddy... Carno's are not a joke" Mark said, all playfullness gone .

"I know, I'm just making light out of the situation" she looked down at their joined hands and sighed.

"Its okay babe, just stay with me most of the time please, I'll worry much-" Mark stopped when he felt her gaze

You called me 'babe' " Maddy laughed.

"I can't call you babe?" he raised an eyebrow and smirked at her.

Maddy grinned, and shook her head playfully.

"Well then... Too damn bad babe"

She threw her head back and laughed, glad that he was here with her, because she wouldn't have the courage to be around the carnos, if it was anyone else sitting next to her, smiling like she was the only other person in the universe.

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