I looked up from the microscope as Lucas walked into the room, and up to the moon pool. Darwin the dolphin came up above the water. "Lucas play! Lucas play!" He said.

"In a little bit," Lucas replied. I looked around the room, there was a Christmas tree in the corner, that was completely decorated, and there was only five more days till Christmas.

"So, Penny what are you doing for Christmas?" Lucas asked, walking over to me.

"Staying here, and working on this paper," I said, looking back down at the microscope. My long brown hair got in the way, so I pulled it back in a ponytail.

"Oh come on you can't work on Christmas. It's just wrong," Lucas said, pulling the microscope away.

"Hey I've gotta finish that paper, and besides I don't have anyone to spend Christmas with, I'd much rather sit here and work on my paper," I said, grabbing the microscope. My paper was due to Kristin by the end of the week, after Christmas.

"Well then I guess I'll just have to stay here with you," He said, sitting down on the table.

"No you go and enjoy Christmas, don't let me stop you from having a good time," I said.

"Please my dad's probably out working and I have no idea where my mom is. I'll be by myself on Christmas most likely," He said. I smiled. Being the only teenagers on the Seaquest me and Lucas had grown very close. I remember the first day I came to the Seaquest, it was around this past Halloween…

I was standing next to the moon pool, petting Darwin. An older man and a guy about my age came walking into the room. "Hello," I said, turning to face them.

"Hello," Said, the older guy looking around. Kristin walked over.

"Ah Nathan, Lucas I'd like you to meet Penny. She is the newest member of my science team," Kristin said. Lucas stared at me for a second.

"Oh um hello," Lucas said.

"Hi," I said. At that moment another guy ran into the room, holding a water gun.

"Hey Lucas," He exclaimed. Lucas turned and the man pointed the water gun at him. Lucas ducked out of the way just as the man fired the water gun. He completely missed Lucas and hit me square in the face. The only problem was that instead of water, it was some sort of purple goo. It was all in my hair, and covered my face.

"Oh crap," The man said.

"Krieg I think you better run," Lucas said. Krieg dropped the water gun and ran out of the room.

"Are you okay?" Asked Kirstin giggling.

"Yeah, I just have to go kill someone," I answered, grabbing the water gun and running after Krieg. I could hear Kristin, Lucas, and Nathan laughing behind me…

…"All right fine. But don't complain to me when you get bored because I'm going to be working on my paper," I said, writing something down on a piece of paper. We were about a day away from land. I couldn't wait till we reached Baltimore. I hadn't seen snow in ages, and I'd heard it been snowing none stop since yesterday in Baltimore. Lucas's PAL rang.

"You've got Lucas and Penny," He said, into the PAL.

"Hey get down to the docking bay we've got some guest's, and I want you guys to help them get settled in," Nathan ordered, over the PAL.

"Who are these guests?" I asked. I never really trusted anyone but the people on Seaquest. Growing up on the streets will do that to you.

"We rescued them. Their tour sub had a leak. We're giving them a ride back to Baltimore," Nathan replied.

"We're on our way," Lucas said. I followed Lucas down to the docking bay. A group of people where standing around talking with each other. There were four adults, and a girl and guy that were mine and Lucas's age. One of the adults was a woman, and the rest were guys. I saw Krieg headed our way.

"Hello we will be showing you to your rooms," I said, walking forwards towards the group of people. One of the men stepped towards me.

"Hello I'm James, this," He said, pointing to the guy who was my age, he had short brown hair, and green eyes, "is my son Tony. And this," he pointing to the girl, she had long blond hair, and the same green eyes as the guy, "Is my daughter Tailor,"

"I'm Nickie and this is my husband Lenny," The woman said, pointing to one of the other guys.

"And I'm Tom," Said, the last guy.

"I'm Penny, this is Lucas, and that's Krieg," I said, introducing us. Krieg led the adults off to show them to their rooms. Leaving me and Lucas with Tony and Tailor. I looked at the both of them, and a chill went up my spine. I had to admit Tony was cute, but something seemed weird. I could feel a sort of tension in the air. Tailor was staring at Lucas.

"Well how about we show you to your rooms," I said.

"Sure why not," Tony replied. Tony grabbed his bag and followed me down the hall, followed by Lucas, and Tailor. We stopped by Tailor's room first. Tailor pulled Lucas to the side and asked him something. Lucas nodded his head.

"Hey I'm going to show Tailor around meet me by the moon pool in a couple of minutes," He said, to me. I watched Lucas lead Tailor down the hallway. I glared daggers at the back of Tailor's head.

"Follow me," I said, turning back around. We arrived at Tony's room a couple seconds later. Tony put his bags on the floor of his room.

"Hey would you mind giving me a tour of your beautiful ship?" Asked tony.

"It's a sub, and yes I'd be happy to give you a tour." I said. Tony walked back into the hallway, and shut his bedroom door. Well if Lucas was gonna be giving the new girl a tour, I guess I could give the new guy a tour. I lead Tony through Seaquest. We walked to the moon pool to see Darwin.

"So he can really talk?" Asked Tony.

"Well you see, this device which we call the vocorder translates all his clicks and whistle's. Lucas made it," I answered, smiling down at Darwin. I felt that tension in the air again. I looked up to see James and Nickie standing behind me. Tony, James and Nickie were all exchanging glances. Then Lucas and Tailor walked into the room.

"Oh hey guys," Lucas said, walking over to us with Tailor right behind him. I scowled. James and Nickie left leaving me, Tony, Lucas, and Tailor together. Tailor was hanging all over Lucas. I wanted to reach out and slap her. I looked over to see Tony staring at me. I shivered.

"So Lucas did you really build that Vocorder thing?" Asked Tailor, batting her eye lash's at him. I wanted to throw up.

"Yes," Lucas said, smiling at her. Ugh. I rolled my eyes.

"So when will we be arriving in Baltimore?" Asked Tony staring at me.

"We should be there by tomorrow afternoon" I said, reaching down to pet Darwin. I spent the rest of the evening with Darwin and Tony, who wouldn't leave my side. I watched as Lucas walked Tailor back to her room.

"Well seems as if my sister really likes Lucas," Tony said.

"Yeah," I mumbled.

"Would you like me to walk you to your room?" Asked Tony.

"Sure why not," I replied, standing up. He followed me out into the hall. I lead him through the hall and to my room.

"Thank you. Do you know how to get to your room from here?" I asked. He nodded his head and I said goodbye, and closed my bedroom door. I sighed and plopped down on my bed. What the heck? I hate today. Lucas was all over Tailor, and Tailor was all over Lucas. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep…