Chapter 15 – Epilogue

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The lights shone brightly on the dance floor, lighting the Asphalt Café up with neon beams. It was Hollywood Arts 2nd 'Prome', and for once, Tori did not insist on doing anything. She twirled around the dance floor in a sea green dress that fell to the floor, with a silver cross pattern across the top of it. It had a slit in it, just over her left leg, and when she twirled it showed her tan leg. Andre's tie was the exact same colour, and he was happy to finally have the girl he'd had a crush on since the very first day he met her. For once, Tori actually felt as if things were working out. Sure, Trina was still in her thoughts, but she was happy to have Andre to talk to, and he was just happy to see her smile.

"Andre?" Tori asked, once the song ended and she had stopped dancing.

"Yeah, what up?"

"Do you think that Trina's watching?" Tori asked.

"I don't know. I'd like to believe she is, but I'm sure if she was she would be proud of you" Andre smiled, taking her small waist and swaying gently to the song playing.

"For what?" Tori asked.

"For just being you" Andre muttered.

"Awww" Tori whispered, before pulling him into a tight hug and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I love you" Andre smiled. Tori pulled back and looked at him. That was the first time he had said that and she couldn't help but let a smile cross her face.

"I love you too" she whispered, and the two began to dance once again.

Over at the tables that had been set up for the dance, Cat sat alone, playing with the pink frills on her dress. Her dress had to be the biggest, brightest, most poofiest dress at the prome, but she felt like a princess in it and that was all that mattered to her. She glanced out to all the couples dancing on the dance floor, and smiled to herself. She could see Tori and Andre and grinned as she watched Andre spin Tori around and dip her. As she watched, Robbie sat down at her table and smiled.

"Oh, hey Robbie" Cat giggled, absentmindedly playing with her dress.

"You look beautiful" Robbie muttered, hoping she wouldn't here him. But Cat heard him, and she glanced up at her nerdy friend.

"You think?" she asked.

"Oh, um yeah" Robbie blushed, playing with the sleeve of his shirt.

"Where's Rex?" Cat asked, looking at the vacant space in his arms where the puppet usually sat.

"I left him over by the bar with a bunch of Northridge Girls who crashed the prome" Robbie laughed.

"Sounds like…fun" Cat trailed off. There was a long pause and Robbie played with his fingers, nervously.

"Do you, maybe, want to go dance?" Robbie asked. Cat sat up straighter and cocked her head to the side, before smiling a million dollar smile.

"I thought you'd never ask" Cat giggled, before letting him lead her to the dance floor. As the two of them spun around, Robbie fought the urge to confess everything to Cat, but he bit his tongue. He wasn't sure that she could take it, after her brother's death. But he mentally promised to himself that one day he'd tell her, and he'd accept the outcome. But right now, all he needed to think about was the girl who spun around in his arms, giggling like she was high on life. That was all he needed.

High up on the rooftop of Hollywood Arts, Beck and Jade sat, watching their friends dance and laugh. They watched at Robbie tried to dance as if he was a cool rapper or something, only to land on his back, and for Cat to help him up.

"It sure took those two long enough" Jade mused. Beck nodded, playing with his girlfriend's dress. He had convinced her to get a blue dress, with black tulle over the top, and as much as she didn't want to admit it, it looked pretty good on her.

"Do you think things will go back to normal?" Beck asked, resting his chin on Jade's shoulder.

"I hope so. If Sikowitz texts me one more time, I'll take his phone and-" Beck cut her off by pecking her lips, stopping her from what might have been a long rant.

"I really hate how you do that, you know?" Jade muttered, leaning back against him.

"Yeah, well. It's the only way to get you to shut up" Beck laughed. Jade glared at him.

"I'm kidding" Beck smiled.

"Mmmmm" Jade muttered.

"You're being nice tonight. That comment before would have ended up with a punch in the stomach usually" Beck speculated.

"It's prom. Consider yourself lucky" Jade whispered, taking his hand and intertwining it with her own.

"Don't you mean prome?" Beck pressed, a boyish smirk crossing his face.

"Beck, don't push it" Jade muttered.

"Knew it wouldn't last" Beck laughed, before kissing her on the lips. Maybe things would be okay after all?

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