Soli Deo gloria

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Toy Story 3.

Inserting the car key in to start up the engine, Andy looked back up to see Bonnie on her porch. She wore a pink tutu and had all his (now her) toys all sprawled about her porch. They lay all about, limp and worn, old and dated, but he knew that they were more than that. They had been his best friends.

Whenever he was down, or lonely, or bored, he'd play with his friends, his toys. He remembered all the times that he made Woody and Buzz and Jessie fight against Evil Dr. Pork Chop and One-Eyed Bart, something that he knew that he should think was childish; something made-up, a fantasy.

But to him, it wasn't. They were real to him. They had listened to him all day long, and just a few minutes ago, reliving those memories with this little girl full of imagination, it all came back to him.

For years, he had kept them in his toy box, trying to convince himself that he was too old for them. He was a teenager; teenagers don't play with old toys. But through every spring cleaning and every time his mom hosted a yard sale, he kept them. They might be childish, but they were his friends, and you don't get rid of best friends.

Now, he realized, it really was time to let go. Leaving them with Bonnie, as bright and cheerful and playful as a child as he had been, he trusted them in her keep.

He knew that he would miss them; the wave that his two favorite toys had just given him was enough to make him tear up. He knew that those days were behind him, but now they would have someone who played with them everyday. They'd be fine.

He smiled ever so slightly and said softly, "Thanks, guys." He had a lot to thank them for. For the fun they had, for the time he spent with them, and for the memories they helped create.

With that in mind, he pressed on the gas and went down the street, taking one last glance at his playmates before he slowly turned a corner.

The end.

Wow. I saw TS3 in theaters and I swear, for the last twenty or so minutes, I was crying like a baby. It was just . . . so sweet and sentimental. Thank you for reading!