Hi there! I'm a long time fanfic reader and writer, but first time publisher. U'm not too crazy about this, but it's just a little angsty Spuffy one-shot to get me started. Hopefully, practice makes perfect! Please feel free to criticize constructively!

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and only intend to use the characters for entertainment purposes.

One second, she was stomping along with more force than one would expect out of such a small girl. The next, there were demons coming at her from both sides. Too late, her Slayer senses tingled, and she instinctively struck out both fists to knock them back, giving herself time to reach for her stake. Both supernatural beings fell to the ground, the one on the right with a roar of anger, the one on the left with an indignant, "Oi!"

She sighed at Spike and left him on the ground, spinning towards the demon and neatly landing a kick in its chest.

"What was that for?" Spike asked brusquely, picking himself up and brushing off his duster.

"Don't sneak up on me," Buffy replied, as she swiftly broke the demon's neck. Getting up off the ground, she began to stride away across the cemetery without a second glance at the vampire who was following her.

Ignoring that comment, he asked, "Were you headed for my place?"

"No!" Buffy denied, not looking at him.

Spike grabbed her arms and spun her around, pressing her into the wall of a nearby crypt. "Do you wanna be?"

Buffy looked up at him, eyes vacant. "No…" she whispered.

"Are you sure?" he asked, softer this time.

"Yes," she answered, but her voice wavered, and she looked away.

That was all the signal he needed. He pulled her chin up and kissed her gently.

She pulled away, eyes full of anger this time. "No," she told him fiercely, pulling him back to her and kissing him so hard he thought he might dust from the sheer angry force behind it.

He hated that she felt that. He hated to see the hatred in her eyes, but he hated the blankness even more. So he kissed her back just as hard, meeting her force, blow for blow, just as he had when they fought. He couldn't give her what she deserved, but damn if he wasn't going to give her what he could.