HE Is Actually A SHE?

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Summary: Momo Hinamori has pretended to be a guy ever since she was born. Her identity has been kept a secret, but not all secrets can be unspoken of forever. Can Hinamori keep her true gender a secret…even to the person she loves most?

My 2nd Bleach HitsuHina Fan Fiction! *Claps* I was inspired to write this from a few other FanFics. And I was thinking at the time: I really REALLY REALLY wanna write a FanFic about a girl cross dressing and hiding her identity! So finally, I decided that I would and I did! :D

By the way, this chapter is from the episode when Momo was in the Academy with Renji and Izuru.

Anyways, Enjoy~

ミ コ ト • Mikoto


"Momo, listen to me. You must keep your true identity hidden and pretend to be a boy. Never, ever trust anyone but your family."

"But Father…why?" the young Momo asked, innocently.

"It's for your own safety and protection."

"F-Father…" Momo was confused about this. Ever since that incident, her parents had become more worried and stressed than ever.

"Please, Momo. Promise me that you will never reveal your true identity to someone beyond the family. Keep it hidden for as long as you can. Make sure No One you don't trust finds out."

"I understand, Father."

"No One…"

Chapter 1: Bonds Of Friendship

All the students in the advanced class were chatting excitedly to one another. The teacher walked into the room. "Okay class, settle down. Today we are going to be focusing on Kido. Now, tell me. What do you already know about Kido?"

A student with glasses put their hand up. "Kido is a Spellcraft, one of the four types of fighting techniques of Soul Reapers. There are also two groups in the Kido Section- Hado and Bakudo."

The teacher nodded. "Anything else?"

Izuru Kira raised his hand. "Well ,Sensei… usually, the larger the number of the Kido Incantation, the greater it's power.

"Good. Now someone explain to me what Hado and Bakudo are."

Renji Abarai waved his hand in the air, enthusiastically. "Pick me, Sensei! Pick me!"

The teacher sighed. "Yes, Abarai?" Everyone started to giggle but then the teacher silenced them.

"Hado is one of the forms of Kido. It consists of techniques to attack the enemy."

"That's right. Hinamori, what is Bakudo?"

"Um…Bakudo is the other form of Kido. It consists of auxiliary techniques." replied Momo.

"Also correct."

"Follow me everyone, we are going to go to one of the training areas for Kido."

Once they reached the destination, the whole class watched the Teacher perform a Hado in front of them.

"I want all of you to aim for these targets using Hado Number 31." The Teacher pointed to a round target with a few circles in the middle.

They all started to line up in rows and each took turns.

Okay, I'm going to try my best! Thought Momo.

Heh, this'll be a piece of cake! Once the whole class sees me get it right on the target, they'll be on their knees worshipping me! Thought Renji, confidently.

This doesn't seem to be that hard but I better not get too confident. Thought Izuru.

Momo stepped up and raised her hands, aiming for the target. She took a deep breath in and started to chant the Incantation.

"Ruler! The mask of blood and flesh, all things in the universe that fly, that which names all! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges. March on to the south! Hado Number 31, Red Flame Cannon!"

The blast of fire came shooting out from Momo's hands and was flying towards the target. D-Did I manage to hit it?

The smoke cleared around the target, and Momo was surprised to see the results. Nearly half of the target was blown off. "I-I did it! I really did it! Yes!" Momo almost jumped up into the air until she realized that that's not how a guy acts. Plus her voice was a bit too feminine. "Er-Hem…I think I need a drink of water. Ahahahaha…" she scratched the back of her head.

A lot of the students just thought that Hinamori was strange. Safe… She sighed a sigh of relief.

"It's my turn." Izuru mumbled.

He calmly stood up and got into position.

Izuru started to chant the incantation. "Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges. March on to the south. Hado Number 31, Red Flame Cannon."

The beam of fire hit right on the target, causing most of it to be blown off. Some of the burnt target was already crumbling to the grass.

"Kira-Kun, that was amazing!" gasped a girl.

"Whoa, way to go, man!" cheered a boy.

"Good job." praised the Teacher.

Wow, He's really good! Momo was amazed at his skill in Kido.

Hmph, looks like I've got some competition here. Bring it on! Thought Renji.

Renji stood up. Now it's my turn! I'll blow these guy's socks off!

"Don't stuff up, Renji." snickered a random classmate.

"Hmph! You just watch me!"

"HADO NUMBER 31, RED FLAME CANNON!" yelled Renji. Concentrate…CONCENTRATE! "Haah...!"

A huge amount of heated force formed in his hands. "O-Oh no…" gasped the Teacher.

"W-What the? What's going on?" From far away, you could see a mini explosion that went 'BOOM'!

Dark grey smoke started to clear and Renji was burnt, he looked like he had just failed to climb out of a lit chimney.


99% of the students cracked up laughing at Renji's failure. The Teacher sighed. "Renji Abarai, head over to the Medical Room…

"Y-Yes, Sir…" he felt horrible. Worst of all, he had just embarrassed himself in front of everyone, but he also realized that two people weren't laughing at his reckless mistake. Izuru Kira and Momotaro Hinamori…strange, I thought they'd be laughing at an idiot like me (who just failed at Kido) since they're both the top students in the class at performing Kido.

The Following Day…

"I'm going to hand out these small pieces of paper out. Each of you will get one and depending on the pattern you get, will decide your team. Afterwards, line up in front of the spirit gate and I'll take you to the World of the Living. There, we will start our training session." instructed Shuhei Hisagi.

He handed the small bits of paper out and everyone started to find their assigned teammates.

"Hm… who else has this pattern?" Renji looked around but couldn't find anyone.

"Abarai-Kun, it appears that I'm with you." smiled Izuru Kira.

"Ah! I-It appears to be so..." Renji didn't want to admit the fact that he almost jumped up in fright at Izuru's sudden appearance. "But, who's our third member?"

They watched a boy with dark brown hair run up to them. "Abarai-Kun, Kira-Kun! I think I'm with you guys!" said Momotaro Hinamori, cheerfully.

"Well, this is quite a unique team, isn't it?" chuckled Izuru.

"I guess it is…" muttered Renji. How the hell did I get in a team with the two top students in my class?

They lined up and descended into the World of the Living. It was night in the World of the Living, while it was day in the Soul Society. Streetlights glowed with fluttering lights and the wind was calm. Once all of the students arrived, Hisagi started to give out instructions again.

"There are dummy hollows everywhere around this area. Today's training session is: Annihilate them all, with Teamwork. Even if you don't like the people on your team, you still have to learn to work well with them, because when you graduate and be put in the 13 Court Guard Squads (Gotei 13) you may be assigned to work with other people that you are not very fond of. Understand?"


"Good, now go." And all the students departed and spread around the area in their teams to hunt down the dummy hollows.

"Hyaah!" Renji yelled as he tried to slash down the fake hollow. But it dodged with efficient speed and continued to stomp on.

Damn it! How could I miss? A bead of sweat slid down his forehead. "Momotaro, it's coming your way!"

"Right!" Momo concentrated on the artificial hollow before her. I can do this! I have to! I will not disappoint my team, nor will I get in the way of anyone!

"Hado Number 31, Red Flame Cannon!" The Hado managed to blow off one leg out of six, but the hollow continued to walk on.

No! I thought I hit it right on the head! I guess it's up to Izuru-Kun now… "Izuru, get ready!"

"One step ahead of you." He kept his eye on the speedy hollow. "There! Take this!" He sliced at the hollow. Momo and Renji held their breaths as they watched. Izuru had his back to the hollow and he put his sword into its sheath as the hollow split into two parts. It crackled and sizzled, after all, it was just a robot. "The job is finished."

Renji and Momo jumped down to join Izuru. "Great job, Izuru-Kun!" beamed Momo.

"That was awesome, Izuru!" grinned Renji. Maybe these guys aren't so bad after all…

"Thanks, but I couldn't have done it without you guys. Thank you for slowing it down, Renji-Kun, Momotaro-Kun."

"Just Renji is fine. The Rukongai where I come from, don't really use suffixes and formalities that much."

"I see."

"I'll report to Hisagi-Senpai that we finished the last hollow." Momo got out the wireless communicator and put it to her ear. "Hisagi-Senpai, we've finished the last one."

"Great. Tell your team to come back to the meeting point. The rest of the students are all here."

"Hai. Over." Momo looked at the two boys. "We have to go back to the meeting point now."

"Then we shall." replied Izuru.

"It's too bad we have to go back so early…the air here in the World of the Living is so fresh and nice!"

"Heh, well if we don't go back, then we'd be disobeying Hisagi-Senpai's orders." chuckled Momo in her most manly way. And they started to walk back; the three of them chatted happily to each other while walking, but then something interrupted their happy moment.


Renji snapped his head in the direction of the sound. "What was that?"

"Someone's scream…it came from behind us." Izuru scanned his eyes around the place, suspiciously.

They heard a small buzzing sound from Momo. Momo quickly grabbed out the wireless communicator. "Bzz…Bzz…Can you… hear me...Bzz…"

They all wondered what was going on. "Y-Yes, we can hear you!"

"Get…out…Bzz…of here…Bzz."

Renji snatched the communicator. "Who are you? Is this some sort of prank?" he yelled.

"Renji-Kun!" Momo snatched it back. "Renji just stay calm. We need to listen to this person." said Izuru.

This time, a female's voice talked into the communicator in place of the male. She spoke fast and desperately. "Bzz…You… get out…Bzz…here! As fast as you…Run! Tell…Hisagi…Not…Bzz…safe…"

Then another distant scream could be heard and it was in sync with the scream that they heard from the communicator.

Renji started to panic. "We have to get out of here! Otherwise, we'll be next!"

"And while we're running to the meeting point, we have to notify the others. Especially Hisagi-Senpai."

"So…she's dead? The woman we were just talking to…?" Momo said quietly in shock.

Then they heard a different voice shout out from the communicator Momo had dropped.

Izuru quickly picked it up.

"It's coming…Bzz...Leave…Now…Bzz...Hurry-!" Then another scream followed.

Renji, Izuru and Momo did what the voices had been telling them to do the whole time. Run.

To Be Continued…

-End Of Chapter One-

Sneak-Peek Preview: At the darkest hour of night, in the World of the Living, what will happen? Momo, Renji and Izuru run for their lives but when they reach the meeting point, all they see is blood and death. It seemed like all they ever heard were screams of agony, it seemed like all they ever saw was blood, death and no sign of life, it seemed like they were the only ones left. But they're wrong. The killer is still lurking around the place…or killers. Luckily, they're not the only survivors, but the survivors might not survive at all. 'Why are they all running away? Why won't anyone help him?' "Momotaro!" shouted Renji. Izuru exclaimed: "We have to leave now! No-What are you doing?" Chapter Two: The Assault

Japanese Translations:

Sensei- Teacher

Hai- Yes

Senpai- Senior/ Upperclassman

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