Title: Feelings Never Told
#: Track 01. Le Chemin
Author: Lucifer Rosemaunt

Fandom: Phantom of the Opera
Pairing(s): Erik/Raoul
Summary: Series of ficlets with songs used as inspiration.
Warning(s): slash
Word Count: 401
Rating: K+

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Story note: This is supposed to be one of those challenge type fics where you listen to a song and within the time frame of the song you write a fic. So, it should be fast to complete, but who knows with me. Also, I say 'supposed' because I cheated this first one because it took like three times listening to the song to finish this little ficlet. In my defense, I had to look at the translation to the lyrics a couple of times just to get it. I'm sure I'll succeed in the next one (or at least I have 23 other times to attempt to succeed). After the song's done, the only editing I've done is spellcheck – even with the ones I cheated on.


Kyo - Le Chemin [French]

We overcame the paths

We held the distance

And I hate you with all my body

But I love you

We overcame the paths

We suffered in silence

And I hate you with all my body

But I love you still

Erik stared at the blonde as he spoke first with Christine, then the ballet corps, gradually making his way to the managers who were in a heated discussion with Monsieur Reyer about the most recent production. He was mulling over the unfamiliar reactions the viscount inspired within him lately. The familiar rancor was still present, as it had been since he first laid eyes upon him, but it simply wasn't the focal point of their interactions any longer.

Madame Giry waylaid Raoul, pulling him close in a way that brought Erik to his feet. She whispered something, monopolizing his time for long moments. It wasn't until she released him that Erik sat back down. He was certain no one had seen him in Box 5, but still scanned the stage to see if anyone were looking in his direction. He chided himself for his inattentiveness, and once he realized that he had lost sight of his patron, who was no longer on stage even though the managers were still present, cursed Madame Giry as well. Erik waited long moments for him to reappear once more and found himself disappointed when he didn't.


Erik wouldn't admit that he was startled, not having heard Raoul enter the box seat.

Raoul lingered by the curtain, clearly ready to bolt if something in their encounter went awry. Erik did have his Punjab lasso with him and Raoul was empty-handed. How entirely short-sighted of his patron; how entirely Raoul.

"How…?" he shifted where he stood.

More than his reactions had altered if the boy thought that he could be disturbed without repercussions. He unhurriedly got to his feet and turned to glare at Raoul. "Since when are you exempt from the rules of the opera house?" He pulled the lasso from his jacket and let it hang unobtrusively at his side. He knew Raoul had seen it by the brief glance given it.

Instead of cowering, Raoul simply grinned and some of the tension released from his shoulders.

"What?" Erik asked, taking a threatening step forward.

"I'm glad," Raoul replied seemingly non sequitur, but he did look it. Still, he stepped partially out of the box, curtains falling around his shoulders. "Madame Giry said you have been acting oddly." He shrugged and his grin became wider, "And, that I should check on you."

The Punjab lasso cut through the air, but Raoul had already escaped.


End ficlet

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