Chapter 5: What Have You Done With My Favorite Sister?

After a few hours Buffy went outside to get some air, people were smoking and personally she didn't like the smell of smoke. Angel was inside talking to Alonna and a few other people at the party. She had to admit it was a pretty fun party, the people seemed nice and she was having a good time until she saw a few people take out what she assumed was weed. That was when she went outside. She jumped when she heard someone call her name. She turned to look towards the voice and saw Gunn walking towards her.

"Gunn." She whispered relieved that it wasn't some creepo that had somehow found out her name. "Hey."

"Girl, you must be cold." He said taking his jacket off and placing it over her shoulders. "You're a Californian, born and raised… like Angel right?"

"Yeah." Buffy nodded. "Angel said you want to move there."

Gunn nodded. "You like it there right?"

"I love it." Buffy smiled then looked up as snow began to fall. "The lack of seasons is a blessing. I see that now."

"Yeah, I bet." Gunn laughed.

"Also, I think there are less crazies there." Buffy noted.

"Oh yeah. New York City sure is full of those." Gunn nodded. "Any experiences?"

Buffy took a deep breath. "On the way here some guy kept staring at me. It really creeped me out."

"Yeah but Angel was with you. No one would try something, Angel is a buff man, Buff." Gunn smiled causing Buffy to laugh.

"I don't even think Angel noticed."

"Sure he did." Gunn told her reaching into his pocket to get his phone. He looked at his phone for a few seconds then turned it so she could see what was on the screen. It was a text message that said it was from Angel.

Buffy shook her head and laughed when she read it. "Angel has such a potty mouth sometimes."

"I think he was pissed that someone was checkin' out his girl." Gunn laughed. "It's not every day Angel says he is going to beat a guy's ass 'cause he's undressing a girl with his eyes.. and that is putting it nicely."

"I guess you are right there." Buffy smiled. She loved her boyfriend. "You know, I like you. It would be cool if you moved to Sunnydale."

Gunn smiled, shoving his hands into his pants pockets. "Your pretty cool yourself."

"Thanks. When would you be moving?" She asked her boyfriend's friend.

"Don't know." He shrugged. "Soon. I hope."

Buffy put her arms threw the sleeves of the jacket Gunn had given her. It was cold and snowing, she didn't like it. Why did she think snow would be cool? She is such a West coast girl. "And Angel said Alonna would be going too?"

"Yeah, I can't leave my 15 year old sister here alone."

"Fifteen?" Buffy asked shocked. Alonna did NOT look like she was 15 years old! "Where are your parents?"

"Dead." Gunn said with no emotion.

Buffy gasped. "I am so sorry."

"Nah." He shrugged. "Don't worry about it. They weren't real good parents to begin with. As soon as I turned 18 I got custody of her. Just in case you were wondering… foster care sucks."

Buffy didn't know what to say, she could tell Gunn had a hard life. Maybe moving to Sunnydale would be a good thing for him.

"Angel tell you he is gunna ask his parents if we could live there?" Gunn asked her.

Buffy shook her head. "But I'm sure they would let you… as long as you promise to have lots of babies."

Gunn raised his eyebrow at her.

"Hey, better you get the heat then us!" Buffy said with a teasing smile. "I don't think we will ever have kids anyway. Angel isn't exactly keen on the idea."

"Give him time." Gunn shrugged. "You are both still in high school."

"Oh, I know!" Buffy exclaimed. "I want to at least attempt to go to college before I have kids."


Buffy nodded. "With my grades, I don't plan on actually making it all the way through college. I'm not book smart, that is Angel's department."

"Don't I know it. He was tutoring you right?" He asked. Buffy nodded. "What makes you think he won't just tutor you through college?"

"I don't think we will be going to the same college." Buffy said with a small laugh, but she wasn't laughing because she found it funny. She was laughing because she didn't want Gunn to know that it was something she worried about. "I am community college material at the most… Angel is Stanford, all the way."

"So what if he does go to Stanford?" Gunn shrugged. "You thinkin' about going to another college near there or staying in Sunnydale?"

"It's not really something we have talked about."

"Oh, come on." Gunn laughed. "With how obsessed Angel is with education you haven't talked about college?"

"Okay, so we have a few times." Buffy admitted. "… but we have never talked about if I would go with him or not."

"Even if you stay in Sunnydale and he goes to Stanford you would only be a few our away from each other. I mean Stanford is the one in California.. right?

Buffy pouted. "Nine hours and seven minutes… that's if we straight shoot it."

"You have already thought about this, haven't you?" Gunn said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Yeah." She nodded. "I think about it a lot but I don't know what is actually going to happen."

"What do YOU want to happen?" He questioned.

Taking a deep breath she replied. "I want to go with him. There are a few community colleges in that area but at the same time I know my mom and my sister need me so it is hard for me to even think about leaving. When I think about not leaving then I just know we will end up breaking up and I don't want that to happen either… but there is also the fear that even if I do go with him he will find some smart girl at Stanford and break up with me for her anyway."

This girl is crazy! Does she really think Angel would EVER break up with her? He had been talking about this girl for a few years now, Gunn loved Angel but he didn't think he had a shot in hell with her. Then one day Angel called him and told him that he was dating her, he gushed about how much he loved her and how happy he was. He even went on to tell Gunn how it all happened. Gunn couldn't help but compare Angel to a excited little girl when he went on and on about how he asked her to go to The Bronze with him on Halloween but she shot him down only to find out she was taking her little sister out trick or treating, then he got to the good stuff about Buffy going back to his place and how forward she was about taking his virginity. Gunn had liked her already.

"Hey… there you are." Buffy and Gunn looked towards the apartment door when they heard Angel's voice. He looked at Buffy wearing Gunn's jacket and jokingly glared at his friend. "You putting the moves on my girl?"

"Oh." Buffy started to take the black jacket off.

"Nah. Keep it." Gunn said turning to walk away and smiled at Buffy. "It's going to get even colder and you two have to get back to Manhattan. Just give it to me when I see you in Sunnydale." Gunn walked towards Angel, patting his friend on the shoulder and whispered to him so Buffy couldn't hear him. "Bro, your girl has got some serious insecurities." Then walked back into his apartment building.

Angel glanced at Gunn's retreating form with a confused look but recovered quickly and finished walking over to Buffy. "You almost ready to go? It's getting late."

"Yeah." She whispered.

"Tired, Baby?" He whispered back as he pulled her towards him for a hug.

Buffy nodded.

Once they got back to the hotel Buffy collapsed on to the bed and went straight to sleep. Angel unzipped her dress and softly rolled her over onto her back to slide it off of her. He laid her dress over the chair in front of the desk and looked at the clock. It was after 4 AM, from what Buffy had told him about Dawn on Christmas morning she would be waking them up in about 2 hours, if they were lucky. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor, then toed his shoes off as he unbuttoned his pants, he bent down to pull his socks off and slide his pants down. He climbed into the bed in only his boxers, putting his arm around Buffy's waist, he fell asleep.

Half asleep Angel heard Buffy's little sister's excited voice, he opened one eye glancing over his girlfriend's head to look at the clock. It wasn't even 5 AM yet! He felt like he had just fallen asleep and then he remember, he had! He only got 45 minutes of sleep and Buffy didn't get much more than he did. He raised his head, resting it on his bended arm and looked down at his sleeping girlfriend. They had been together for months and sometimes he still felt like he was going to wake up and she wouldn't be his. It all really did feel like a dream.

He smiled down at her when she pouted in her sleep and snuggled closer to the pillow. Hearing Dawn getting closer to the door that joined the two hotel rooms he tried to move to lock the door before she could get in, he wanted Buffy to sleep longer but before he could even make a move Dawn already had the door open. She got surprisingly quiet as she tip toed into the room wearing her white night gowned and holding her light brown teddy bear and walked across the room, giving Angel a smile and then zoned in on her big sister. She stretched her little neck to get a better look at her sister's face to see if she was really sleeping, when she was sure that she was she moved her pointer finger to her lips and softly said "shhhh" as she looked at Angel. Dawn slowly climbed on the bed next to her sister, Buffy must have felt her sister next to her because she lifted the blanket and let Dawn slide in next to her. Buffy put her arm around her sister and mumbled "Mornin' Dawnie." Without opening her eyes.

Angel smiled again. He loved watching the interaction between the two Summers girls, it was almost like Buffy knew her sister so well that she didn't even have to think, she already knew what the little girl was going to do.

"It's Christmas, Buffy." Dawn whispered, snuggling closer to her big sister.

Smiling softly Buffy whispered back. "Merry Christmas, Dawnie."

Angel was surprised when Dawn fell back to sleep cuddled next to Buffy. It was one of those moments where you wish you had a camera on you because it was so sweet, you just wanted to capture that moment forever. Angel's eyes widened when he remembered that he had undressed Buffy when she fell sleep in her dress. Her little sister was in the same bed as her when she was in her underwear! Looking down Angel realized he was in his boxers too, he quickly got up and went to the drawer he had put a few of his clothes in and grabbed a pair of lounge pants. He put them on and climbed back in to bed. If everyone else was going to sleep even a little longer then he was too!

Buffy opened her eyes and looked at her sister oddly. She didn't remember Dawn getting into bed with her, but then again she normally didn't. She would just wake up with her sister cuddled against her like she just did. Looking at the clock she saw that it was 9 AM. She pursed her lips and looked back down at her sister. "Who are you and what have you done with my favorite sister?"

"I'm your only sister." Dawn smiled up at her sister sleepily.

Buffy smiled back. "I know, that is why you are my favorite." Buffy felt movement on the other side of her and looked over her shoulder and saw Angel turning over in his sleep to face away from them.

"It's Christmas, Buffy." Dawn repeated.

"I know." Buffy whispered trying not to wake her boyfriend. "That is why I want to know who you are. It's 9 AM on Christmas morning and you are still in bed."

"You were sad yesterday, I thought maybe you were tired." Dawn said. "Sometimes I get cranky when I don't get enough sleep, right Buffy?"

Buffy nodded. "Yeah, you do."

"Can I go get Mommy now?"

"Yeah. Go get Mommy." Buffy smiled.

Dawn got up and ran back into the hotel room she was sharing with her mom. Buffy slowly got up from the bed and looked down at herself, she was only wearing her black bra and panties. Clothes were needed. She grabbed a tank top and shorts to put on then knocked on Lydia and Jim's door. When they called for her to come in she opened the door a little, when she saw Lydia sitting on the bed reading and Jim was on his laptop.

"Merry Christmas, Buffy!" Lydia smiled. "We were wondering how long everyone was going to sleep. If I remember correctly kids Dawn's age were up before the sun on Christmas morning."

"She was." Buffy laughed closing the door behind her. "She just got in bed with me and went back to sleep."

"I remember those days." Jim laughed looking up at Buffy then back to his computer screen. "How are things with Angel?"

"I found out he was with Gunn yesterday." Buffy shrugged and sat down on the bed next to Lydia. ".. but he won't tell me why he said he was with you."

"I'm sure he will…" Lydia said with a reassuring smile.

Dawn ran into Jim and Lydia's room where all the presents where. Her face light up. "How did Santa know where to find us!"

Jim laughed.

"Shhh, Sweetie." Joyce told her daughter. "Angel is still sleeping."

"That boy is still sleeping?" Lydia asked getting up from the bed. "He is lucky we aren't home or I would have his father flip the mattress!"

"Angel told me about that!" Buffy laughed.

"I could still flip the mattress." His dad smiled, hoping his wife would give him the go.

"Can I dump warm water in bed with him first?" Buffy joked.

Jim nodded. "I always liked you!"

Jim stood on the side of the bed that Buffy had been sleeping on, with her standing beside him, cup of warm water in hand. Jim sideways glanced at Buffy then held up one finger and started his count to three. As soon as he lifted his third finger he gripped the bottom of the mattress and Buffy slowly poured the warm water on the bed near his hip where the covers had moved down in his sleep. Angel began to stir but before he could register what was happening his dad pulled the mattress up causing Angel to fall to the floor. Jim let go of the mattress and let it fall back down to the box spring, it bounced a few times and landed uneven with the box spring. Angel was still trying to figure out what was going on. He felt his pants and looked up at his father and girlfriend. The first thing he noticed was Buffy with a now empty cup in her hand. Looking from his girlfriend to his father and back again, he saw the smug look on his dad's face and Buffy's surprised giddy expression. He quickly got up and darted for Buffy, knowing very well not to try to take on his dad.

Buffy saw Angel grab the side of the mattress to pull himself up, his eyes locked onto her. She knew he was coming after her. Buffy gasped with large eyes as she saw him start after her, she bolted. Running through the door and into his parents room, she didn't know where she was going but she didn't know what he would do. She looked around the room for somewhere to go as she ran, not wanting to stop with him hot on her heels. Her eyes landed on the door leading to the hallway, she ran to it and quickly opened the door. Once she was out in the hallway the door wasn't completely closed yet as he pushed it open. Buffy started to run again, she got half way down the hallway before he grabbed her by the waist and took her down to the floor.

"Did you find that funny?" Angel asked has he turned her over and pinned her to the floor in the middle of the hotel hallway.

Buffy nodded. "For a few seconds."

"Oh really?" He smiled and started to tickle her. "Teaming up with my dad now, huh?"

Buffy laughed as he tickled her.

"I thought you were always going to be on my side!" Angel laughed still tickling her.

Lydia, Jim and Joyce stood in the his parents hotel room door way smiling at their kids. "I take it they worked it out?" Joyce asked.

"It seems like it." Jim smiled, crossing his arms over his chest and leaned against the door frame. The two women walked back into the room. "I don't think anything could actually get in between those two." He said to himself.

Buffy sat on the floor in their hotel room glaring at Angel, where he was sitting at the desk. He was in big trouble.

"What?" He asked not looking up from his phone, he knew she had been glaring at him for the past hour as he text Gunn. He knew why she was glaring at him too and it made him want to smile but that would only make things worse. The situation was amusing, really.

"You know." Buffy said crossing her arms. "and if you actually don't know then you are in fact the stupidest person on the whole planet."

Angel tried not to laugh at her comment. He had been texting Gunn, almost every text from him was 'What is she doing now?' or 'Did she kill you yet?'. Gunn knew what had happened and he wanted to know Buffy's every move. She seemed to amuse him.

"Do you actually want sex?" She asked raising her eyebrows at him. "Like… ever again!"

Angel tossed his cell phone on to the desk and turned to look at her. "Would you actually cut me off over something so… trivial..?"

"Damn straight!" She nodded.

"Baby." He said slowly. "You got me a gift card too."

Buffy scuffed.

"Everyone got everyone a gift card." Angel noted.

She shook her head. "No! You got Dawn season passes to Disney!"

"Because I knew she would like them." He shrugged picking up his celling phone again to tell Gunn the latest.

Buffy's mouth hung open in shock. "And I wouldn't?"

Angel rolled his eyes but smiled at the same time. "You really are something else."

"Plus, yeah everyone got everyone else gift cards but you threw it at me!" She said throwing the gift card back at him.

He shook his head, still smiling. She was throwing such a fit. "I didn't throw it at you, I tossed it to you. You were too far away."

"I was right next to you!" She exclaimed.

"Exactly." He said turning to look back at her. "You should have been in my lap!"

Buffy pursed her lips and glared at him as he put his phone back down and got up. She watched him walk over to the night stand by their bed and pull something out. Walking over, he knelled down in front of her and held an envelope out to her. Still glaring at him she took the white envelope and carefully looked inside. Her whole face light up, she threw himself towards him causing him to lose his balance. "Snoopy On Ice!"

Angel laughed as he looked up at his girlfriend. "All access pass."

"I love you! I love you! I love you!" She laughed, giving him a kiss.

Placing his hands on her hips, he asked "Does this mean I'm not cut off?"


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