This is a true story in Transformice, when I became a shaman. Anyways my Transformice username is Tastycakez, I wear a rainbow dash wig, nerd glasses, a ribbon, and a lollipop. If you want to meet me, I'm always in room 1 since its fun there :D.

PS: I wrote this in 1 day, it's cool isn't it :)

Being the Shaman

Tastycakez's pov

Here I am dashing off back to the mice hole with the cheese riding on my back. My paws were sweaty and numb, I was next to being a shaman right now, why should I worry?, is it due to the fact I might mess up and get called a 'noob' by the rest of the mice. Or is it due to the fact I was working alone with my powers with noone helping?.

We stayed in the mouse hole for a minute readying ourselves for the next destination, then I saw my sister Twinski, she was giving me a thumbs up. I was happy that she was wishing me goodluck after some of my shaman fails.

The mouse that was a shaman a while ago gave me the feather he used. I placed it at the back of my head, then magically it was stuck to my fur, markings appeared all over my body, and an ornament with a leaf hung under it was tied to my tail. I feel the power of magic running through me, with the minute of resting done, we all ran outside of the hole ready for the new room.

As I emerged out of the hole, my eyes widened as I saw the sight, 5 lava blocks were aligned straight in front of me, I jumped to get a better view, but the view was horrible, each block had spaces before the next block.

Then one mouse jumped over the lava block, but his timing was wrong, so he ended landing on it and being flung high. Others started jumping over blocks, while some were waiting for me to make a move, so I fixed my glasses then got to work.

I summoned an anvil from front to back on the first block and proceeded to do the same on the remaining ones. After seconds of summoning, I finally reached the cheese, mice were going back to the hole, but I can only see few of them, others must've failed in jumping over the blocks.

I took a piece of the cheese and placed it onto my back, as I leapt on the anvil, I wondered how many saves I got... until I felt force threw me upwards. While I flew, I was yelling "FUUUU" at the top of my lungs, since I was a good mouse I never completed that bad word. Everything went black, then after a few moments I woke up, I was back inside the mouse hole, the shaman feather was now given to the next mouse, who was very nervous.

Then suddenly a paw landed on my shoulder, "you did well, a total of 13 were saved out of 28 mice" Twinski smiled, I smiled back too. That means 15 mice weren't successful in reaching the cheese or the hole. I guess everything still went well, but I'll try my best to summon things faster, it won't be 28 mice for long.

Thank you for reading my short story, please review nicely!... now I go back to playing Transformice :D