Elena stood there, eyes wide heart pounding with uncertainty, with disbelief and fear cascading down her spine sending trembles rippling through her body staring at her, at the woman she now was, the woman of her lover's past…Katherine.

"How is…this…possible…" But the woman her mirrored image moved closer stalking slowly with brown eyes shifting darker dilating into the cores of vampire lure sliding beside her sending Elena over the edge "How do we look exactly alike…" Elena gasped as Katherine moved closer and brushed nails below her neck over the exposed flesh at the top of her chest bringing the girl's pulse thundering with sheer anxiety.

"You're asking all the wrong questions…" Katherine told her, tauntingly teasingly slipping behind her other half's body spinning around contemplating stripping the girl from the Salvatore house but then she heard the footsteps and the call of Stefan's concerned cry.

"Elena!" Stefan spoke running into the foyer. The girl looked from her vampire love then back finding no one behind her at all, turning to him. "Are you okay?"

"N…not really…" Elena panted as Stefan studied her lost and confused face stepping closer until her warm brown eyes met his. "Are you okay?" He closed the distance standing before her.

"Not really…" It was all he could give her as Stefan and Elena embraced with arms tight around one another trembling from their encounter. Immediately his vampiric senses shifted feeling just the faintest of Katherine's scent upon Elena's skin as he pulled back checking her for marks. "Did she?"

"No…I…I don't…her eyes Stefan…" His own eyes widened, realizing she had felt his former love's pull and it alarmed it greatly.

"It's going to be okay…I won't let her hurt you…" He assured her moving across the room quickly to the phone. "I'm calling Damon…" Stefan told Elena reaching for the receiver as his eyes widened again feeling the presence but it was too late. Swinging around, Elena was gone. "NO!" Grasping the phone tightly he was alarmed when it rung hitting the talk button hearing his brother's voice.

"Bro…it's Katherine…she's…"

"She has Elena…" Was all Stefan could say as both brothers felt the fear pierce their souls…

It was all so sudden…one moment she had been standing in the entrance foyer of the Salvatore home and next she was in a completely different house with dark red drapes pulled and a few small candles lit in the vast room quiet cold, desolate and nearly empty accept for a few chairs a couch and candle holders on mantles. Elena went to breathe, but found herself hyperventilating spinning around with dizziness taking her stumbling back until her legs hit one of the black lounge chairs and she nearly fell over. But then she felt the hairs on the back of her neck tighten and perk flipping around with brown eyes widening at whom sat comfortably on the couch before her. The same reflection again, the same eyes but no, these eyes were darker and the smile on her face was full of sinister intent. Elena pushed her body away from the chair taking one ragged breath then another backing her steps further from where she sat.

"Katherine…" The one word, the one name and the woman before her appeared pleased smirking.

"Now that we've grown acquainted…" Elena didn't even see her move, she was just there suddenly in front of her again tilting her head to Elena eyeing her from head to toe with her eyes shifting darker. But Katherine wandered her gaze to what was around the girl's neck. She has my necklace…hmmm…vervain…clever Stefan. Dark eyes lifted to Elena's trembling brown ones.

"Where…am…I…" Elena stammered as Katherine inched closer bringing her footing back yet again until her body met a solid wall and the panic of entrapment slipped through Elena with a hard tremble of terror. She's gonna kill me…Elena thought bracing herself for the quick reaction but it never came. Instead the vampire tilted her head curiously smiling with an ominous curve of her lips.

"You're still asking…all the wrong questions…" Katherine could sense the girl's fear, her shivering form and her pulsing heart, like a hypnotic drum beat luring her closer to Elena in anticipation. Her old plans were tossed out the door, as new ideas began to flood her mind bringing forth a delicious game she had begun with her other half. But then the girl's anxious terror flipped to a wavering curiosity…the girl WANTED to know more. It appealed the vampire, as she resisted the urge to lick her lips with a devious ache of sweet dark contemplation.

"What…sh…should I…be…asking…" Elena's hands spread bracing the wall as Katherine closed the last few inches between them bringing her hand up yet again brushing Elena's hair from her neck slipping it behind her ear then trailing a slight sharp nail over the back of Elena's ear stroking at the spot between her neck and earlobe. The one gesture had brought a shutter through the girl, and with it a deep fear…but it wasn't fear…she couldn't quite place it but it felt…different. Elena's eyes dipped down then back up realizing Katherine's face was inches from her own sending the girl into another heavy breathed stupor.

"Why…" Katherine begun scraping her nail further down Elena's neck a little deeper bringing a gasp from the girl. "…Can't…" The vampire moved her face to the side until her lips ever so softly brushed Elena's cheek. "…You…" Katherine slipped her free hand over the side of Elena's hip sliding behind the girl's body scraping at her lower back bringing yet another hyperventilation from Elena whose fingers spasmed against the dark painted wall. "…Fight…" The lips moved from Elena's cheek to her ear whispering two more words ending with the girl's name in a seductively playful tone. "…Me…Elena…" Katherine felt the last of Elena's mind spark with several unanswered questions knowing the girl was taking the bait just as she expected slowly moving her head back until her dark eyes slid directly into the girl's and her nail scraped downward right to the clasp of the necklace loosening it as the last protection Elena held dropped to the floor between them with a thud. Once the girl's eyes widened Katherine let her own contract then spread watching as Elena's contracted then dilated in perfect unison. "The answer…you…are…mine…" Elena's hands quit quivering and slid down the wall with her arms dropping to the sides and her mind gave to the dark compelling voice. Katherine licked her lips and mouthed what she had yearned to since first laying eyes on her. In that moment it wasn't about the Salvatore brothers, it wasn't about her freedom or anything else…it was about what she had come to claim what was rightfully hers. "You won't fight me…" Elena went to repeat the hypnotic command ensuring the vampire's lure but the finger on her neck brushed over her lips silencing her. "Sshhh…but feel free…to make…as much…" Katherine purred slipping her eyes from Elena's as the girl blinked for a moment then realized she couldn't pull away couldn't lift her arms or make any part of her body move…and it hit her then…she had been compelled. "…Noise…as…you…like…" Before Elena could comprehend what was happening the soft lips that had been on her cheek met the side of her neck and the girl's body began to shiver with a torrent heat, swirling and jumbled thoughts that seemed to melt away on the whim of the kisses trailed over her neck.

"What…are…y…ou…" Elena panted as her eyes slid back with her body scorched in pure dark fire that the vampire had cast over her threatening her knees to give way. Just as Katherine tasted the girl's skin she felt the hunger rise beneath her taunting her game just as much as she was taunting Elena. She felt it then, the ache from such a closed off small minded girl. As she had suspected, Elena wasn't all choir girl…she had desires…that reached beyond her conscious thought, into her dreams where Katherine slipped inside turning the pages of Elena's black book of secrets unfolding every temptation and playing on them perfectly with her movements. Sliding her lips up Elena's neck she reached the base between the neck and earlobe cracking her jaw then scraping her sharp dainty fangs downward slipping her arm tighter around Elena's back tugging the girl from the wall holding her up feeling her legs turn to mush no longer able to stand from what was happening to her. "Wh…at…" Elena had attempted to regain focus but the moment sharp fangs slid against her heated flesh her body yearned, burned for what was to come. Katherine knew the instant it did, slipping her fangs directly to the perfect spot pressing in slicing the first layer of skin sending Elena's body into shock waves of dark preamble and Katherine sunk deeper reaching and pulling at the first of the girl's sweet and irresistible elixir finding the taste of her other half intoxicating and addicting. But as she began to drink the moans the aching noises of dark surrender escaped Elena's mouth. The girl's eyes flicked all the way back with eyelids fluttering and arms finally moving to grasp Katherine's body clenching tight to her jacket as fingers spasmed. Then Katherine took it further slipping out after her fill leaving the girl in between a vampire's draining haze and an undoubtedly needed ecstasy sliding her tongue directly over the marks she had just made and Elena's head leaned further back with her body arching against Katherine's. Who knew…my bite…could do this to her…she's mine…mine…at last…Katherine smiled as a small drop of blood slid from her lips down her chin and she lunged in again sinking into the exact same spot bringing Elena moaning in rich dark pleasure. Vampires knew what would happen to a newly bitten human if they bit in the same place twice…it would release a deep course of lust of ache from their victims until they yearned to be bit over and over high on the delicious fulfillment of what dark fangs could produce on their bodies. Katherine felt it in Elena with how the girl clenched to her like the vampire was the last stable thing in her shattered world. In an instant the game changed the air changed to one thick with pleasure with hunger with want as Katherine pulled away for a moment then ripped the jacket from her body and snatched the dark blue short-sleeved shirt at Elena's chest tearing the material apart along with the girl's white undershirt leaving the vampire marveling at the black silk bra immediately removing it as well reaching for her own dark purple shirt slipping it off along with her own bra. Katherine pressed her bare chest against Elena's kissing down her neck scraping nails against the girl's leg clenching her other hand behind Elena's head sliding fingers into her long straight hair.

"So beautiful…delicious…" Katherine purred and without a single thought watched the last of Elena's resolve slip away with the contraction of her pupils and the vampire smiled deviously brushing her lips directly over Elena's sending a groan from the girl whose eyes once again rolled back into her head. Elena couldn't think couldn't breathe all she knew was the temptation before her had never felt so good so enticing and when Katherine kissed her again then again more hungrily Elena could no longer hold back pressing her lips against the vampire's. Katherine purred as Elena moaned with the vampire commanding entry between her lips to which the girl willingly gave and her tongue found the Elena's dancing theirs together. With impeccable timing she slid her hand forward and scraped nails directly over the puncture marks she'd given Elena bringing more moans and a deeper ache Katherine would gladly fill. Tugging her other half from the wall she dropped them to the floor and grabbed both of Elena's wrists slamming them to either side above her head pinning her straddling the girl's body kissing her heavier, hotter deeper. Leaving Elena breathless Katherine pulled her head away staring into the girl's hazed and lust filled eyes full of need knowing compulsion wasn't necessary this time. "You're mine…" She cooed then slipped her head down kissing one of Elena's exposed breasts sliding her tongue over the hardened pink nipple then moved to the other breast doing the same torturing the girl until Elena was bucking and fighting to be taken, fighting for Katherine to take her body in ways she had never experienced but now darkly craved. The vampire smirked then bit right above Elena's breast and the girl threw her head back gasping, moaning louder thrashing her head back and forth and with one solid word Katherine knew Elena had given herself completely over to the darkness.

"Yours…" Elena moaned over and over as Katherine let loose both arms knowing the girl wouldn't raise them unless she wanted her to sitting up.

"Yes Elena…you will be…from now on…" Katherine purred pulling her hand up to her own neck dragging a sharp nail over her skin until it broke and red seeped from the cut entrancing Elena whose eyes rolled forward and fixated on the dripping life that slid from her neck downward about to reach the vampire's chest. Flicking her gaze upward the vampire nodded to her. "Drink." Katherine whispered clenching the girl's head bringing her face directly to the escaping elixir as Elena surrendered to her desire sliding her tongue right over the blood that had rolled down between her breasts licking upward and right over the open wound suckling. The moment the blood hit her mouth and slid down her throat Elena had never felt such power such thirst or darkness. The taste was metallic at first a little spiced but then it became sweet like candy and she HAD to have more. "Yes…" The vampire mouthed in a sweet dark command, "…Drink…thirst…take…" Katherine growled playfully throwing her head back in pure ominous laughter and pleasure feeling Elena drink willingly hungrily what would forever change her. She pulled Elena's head back as the girl began to kiss down the front of her body lapping at the blood that still resided from its escape with Katherine lunging her hand down directly to the button on Elena's jeans intent on removing the rest of their clothing before both burst into sensual flames.

It was only the beginning of Katherine's sweet seduction, only the first hint of what was to come. She was in her Paris retreat far from the Salvatore brothers far from everyone that could cause trouble to them, far from the curse of their meet and the fate that eventually would hunt them down. It didn't matter at that moment, because Katherine had gotten what she came for and Elena gave to what Katherine had wanted.

There were no more words no more compulsions…just heat, passion and the start of Elena's new life…as Katherine's claim...