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Ch 1.

"Who's that?" Blaine whispered, standing at his locker next to his sister.

A boy slightly taller than him strode down the hall in a white t-shirt, gray skinny jeans, boots and a leather jacket. His right eye looked as if a bruise was fading, and his hair was perfectly coifed, in danger of being mussed up by his mochicaned friend walking next to him. The two shoved each other playfully but the rest of the student body made a wide berth around them, even though they were just kidding around. Rachel glanced around quickly before answering in a quiet whisper.

"That's Kurt Hummel."

"Who's Kurt Hummel?" Blaine asked, shutting his locker gently.

Rachel just shook her head lightly and signaled that she'd tell him later. She pointed him in the direction of his first class and was off. Blaine made his way quickly to Calculus with his head down. Rachel had told him that gay kids didn't get picked on at McKinley, but he wasn't taking any chances. He took a seat in the back of the classroom, trying to blend in as much as possible. This is until a pair of heavy black boots propped themselves on his desk.

Blaine's eyes traveled slowly up the long legs housed by the gray skinny jeans that he had seen earlier on none other than Kurt Hummel. The boy with the mohawk sat next to him, his feet propped on the back of the chair in front of him. They were talking animatedly about something, neither noticing Blaine. He took the opportunity to really look at Kurt. He was slender and his legs were long with his jeans clinging to him just perfectly, not too tight. His simple t-shirt rode up slightly revealing his pale toned torso as he twisted in his seat, laughing at something his friend had said. His jacket had been slung over the back of the chair in the heat of the classroom revealing muscled biceps and forearms. His face seemed to be made of porcelain and his hair was a beautiful shade of brown. He was quite the attractive boy Blaine decided.

"Blaine Anderson" The teacher called, taking role.

"Here" Blaine said absently, dropping his eyes from Kurt and down to the shoes on his desk, then to his lap.

"Blaine Anderson," a voice echoed the teacher from his right, drawing out his last name.

Blaine turned to see Kurt removing his feet from the test and lean over towards him, placing one of his muscular arms on his knee. Blaine bit his lip slightly and nodded carefully.

"Rachel Anderson's famous gay twin." He said with a smirk. People knew about him?

Blaine swallowed and gave another slight nod.

"Well, I've got to say Anderson, you're much hotter than your sister." He said with a wink.

Blaine just gawked.

"Mr. Hummel, Mr. Anderson, are we paying attention?"

Blaine nodded again while Kurt just snorted. The rest of the period passed without incident besides the funny looks Kurt sent his way, and Blaine all but jumped out of his seat when the bell rang. Rachel had said there was no bullying of gay kids, but he wasn't sure he believed her just yet.

His eyes happily found his sister and her friend Mercedes in his AP American History class. He slipped into the seat beside Mercedes.

"Good morning Blaine Warbler!" Mercedes sang out.

Blaine blushed. He had boarded at Dalton for two years so he only knew Mercedes from her weekend and summer visits, but she loved to tease him.

"My last name is Anderson, Mercedes, just like Rachel's" he commented wearily.

"Warbler's just more fun." Mercedes said with a shrug.

"So how was your first class at McKinley, baby brother?" Rachel asked cheerily.

"You are two minutes older than me Rach. I'm hardly your baby brother." Blaine groaned. "I sat next to…" Blaine groaned again.

Kurt Hummel had just walked through the door. Thankfully the seat next to him was taken. Kurt decided once again on a seat in the back, behind Blaine.

"I sat in the back." Blaine corrected himself. "Class wasn't hard. We were doing stuff that we were doing in the middle of the year at Dalton last year." Blaine said with a shrug.

"Calculus? Isn't that a senior math class?" Mercedes asked.

Blaine nodded. "They don't offer any AP Math classes until your senior year. Until then you just get bumped up a year. Next year I'll take AP Calc and AP Physics." Truthfully he had been hoping that Kurt was a senior in the Calculus class, but his appearance in American History when seniors had World History disproved his optimistic theory.

"He's like really, really smart" Rachel whispered loudly to her friend, as the teacher stood up from her desk to signal the start of class.

Kurt ended up in all of Blaine's morning classes, Calculus, AP History, AP English, and AP Biology. It seemed like all of the juniors taking senior Calc had the same schedule, besides Puck, whose name Blaine had learned from Kurt yelling it out in the hall to the terror of a few tenth graders.

Finally Blaine sat down at an empty lunch table, glancing around for the thin brunette boy who had seemingly followed him around all morning. He breathed a sigh of relief when Mercedes sat down next to him, a blonde boy trailing behind her.

"Hi Blainers! This is Sam." She said fondly.

"Hi Mercedes" Blaine said looking through the crowd for his sister. "Hi Sam" he said absent mindedly.

"Rachel said something about doing something or other in the choir room." Mercedes explained.

Blaine nodded his head, and scanned the court yard once more for any sign of Kurt or his sister.

"So," Blaine said leaning forward on the table. "What's the deal with Kurt Hummel?" He quickly glanced over to where Puck was holding court with a Latina and two blonde girls. "Rachel didn't seem to want to talk about him. Do I have to be worried about him?"

Mercedes glanced toward Sam nervously.

"He um… He had a pretty rough year about two years ago." She took a deep breath, sighing before starting her explanation. "We used to be friends in Middle School. In fact I actually had a crush on him at the beginning of our freshman year. But, he had a really hard time that year. At the beginning of the school year, he came out."

Blaine's mouth dropped open. Kurt was gay?

Mercedes paused and allowed him to be shocked for a moment before continuing. "He had come out to his family and me over the summer. They were accepting and everything, but the school wasn't exactly as open as we were. He got picked on for it. A couple of weeks later his mom died in a car accident on her way to work. He was devastated; she had been in a coma for a little bit until she just completely shut down and they had to let her go. Then after Christmas his dad had to move to Columbus to work. They were going to lose the house because they couldn't afford the house payments and the hospital bills, so he moved in with his friend to work. But, he couldn't spend the money to move the whole family out there. He comes home on the weekends to work at the garage he owns. Kurt had to start taking care of his little sister during the week." Mercedes paused for a minute and her eyes fell to her tray of food, a forlorn look passing across her face. "Toward the end of the year this kid in our class named Karofsky started bullying Kurt pretty badly. He was getting pushed around and slammed into lockers. One day Kurt snapped, no one really knows what finally did it, but he chased Karofsky down the hall and beat the crap out of him." She took a deep breath, taking in Blaine's wide eyes. "He was suspended for the rest of the year. He was allowed to sit his final exams, and he still passed with flying colors. The next year he came back to school the way he is now and Karofsky didn't. He quit glee club, joined up with Puck, and became top badass at McKinley. A couple of kids tried to mess with him that year, but nobody has since. Until Azimio, he started messing with Kurt this summer. He used to be Karofsky's best friend. I heard they got into a fight last night." Mercedes said, her voice full of warning.

"Wow" Blaine mouthed. He looked around for the boy again. "I just had fourth period with him. Shouldn't he be at fifth period lunch?"

Mercedes shook her head. "He does a work study, so he can open his father's garage in the afternoon to make extra money. He takes a half hour of French and a half hour of Chem during fifth period and then goes to work. The school makes an exception for him because he still wants to get all of his core classes in. I think he does an independent Physics study."

Blaine nodded wordlessly. "Does everyone know?"

"Not everyone knows everything. Most people don't know how smart he is, and that he takes extra classes than normal work study students. Or that he's in the top five in our class. A lot of people don't know that his dad is only around on weekends. They just know that he's the gay kid who lost his mom, got bullied too much, and decided he wasn't going to let anyone mess with him anymore."

"How do you know?" Blaine pried, too interested in Kurt's story to care about being rude.

"I used to be his best friend, and I still talk to Emma, his sister sometimes. She just started ninth grade this year. I guess Azimio showed up last night when Kurt was leaving the garage after their Dad had left for Columbus. She overheard him on the phone with Puck talking about how they kicked his ass."

Blaine looked to Sam who had been sitting silently through the whole story. He shrugged. "I just moved here last year. All I know is that by the time I got here it was known that Kurt Hummel wasn't to be messed with because he had run a kid out of school. I saw 'Z' earlier though, one of his eyes is bloodshot and he's got a huge bruise on the other side of his face."

Blaine jumped as the bell rang. He quickly slung his bag over his shoulder and dropped the remaining contents of his tray in the trash. He was making his way to Chemistry when he bumped right into Kurt Hummel heading to his locker.

"Better watch yourself, Anderson," he said with a smirk. "Next time you run into me, I may not let you go." He winked seductively at Blaine before pulling a helmet from his locker and walking off. Once in his classroom Blaine glanced out the window to see a blue motorcycle pulling out of the parking lot.