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This story disregards the epilogue of the Deathly Hallows.

Lilium Stargazer

Chapter One:

Lily Potter II:

Lily flicked the curtains over the sink shut for what seemed like the thirtieth time in the past hour, hiding the now completely dark sky once again. She pulled on the hideous yellow rubber gloves that her Aunt Hermione kept in cabinet below the white porcelain sink and began scrubbing the dishes that were concealed underneath the scalding water.

It had been three weeks since she had seen her parents and her most beloved aunt and uncle. They had left on a raid on Halloween night, claiming that a new clan of Death Eaters had been reported in Bulgaria. She had not heard from them since. It was not unusual for her mother, father, aunt, and uncle to leave for weeks at a time without sending words pertaining to their wellbeing, but that did not make it any less nerve wracking for her and her siblings and cousins. Tonight, Lily was particularly anxious because her brothers had turned on the small radio placed in the dining room and had almost immediately heard that a number of aurors had been killed in a massive battle against Death Eaters in London.

Though her family had left for Bulgaria, that did not mean that they stayed there. Three weeks was a long time, and in that time, they could have easily ended up in London. At the mere thought of her parents and aunt and uncle being in London during the time of the massacre, she began to shake. The plate she had been scrubbing in the sink splashed back down into the water, clanking against other dishes loudly. Water slopped on the floor and she cursed herself for only being fifteen and unable to use magic to clean it up.

It was when she was on the floor sopping up the mess that her brothers - James and Albus - entered the kitchen. They were unusually solemn. Albus said nothing as he leaned against the island across from the sink and James leaned down and helped Lily clean up the mess, not bothering to use his wand which was surely stowed away in his back pocket. Once they were finished, James helped her to her feet. She stared at her brother for a long time before finally asking, "No word from them?"

"None," Albus said gruffly, stuffing his hands into his jean pockets. Albus looked like their father - black hair, green eyes - with touches of their mother here and there, like her long, slim fingers and her upturned nose. James and Albus were basically spitting images of each other, aside from the fact that James had more attributes of their mother. Their mother's brown eyes and her more olive skin tone made James only slightly different from Albus. Their father said that he looked like their grandfather, who was also James's namesake.

"They won't make and appearance here tonight, I suspect," James said, leaning around Lily and opening the curtains to peer out before pulling them back into place. James and Albus held a small grudge against their parents every time they left and didn't allow them to go with them. They had perfectly good reason to be upset - they were of age after all, James being eighteen and Albus being seventeen - but out of respect for Harry and Ginny, they did not make a fuss. Plus, they probably knew that if they left Lily would be completely alone at the manor they stayed at aside from her cousins and-

Suddenly, a haunting tune played on a piano began to sound throughout the giant mansion.

Albus cringed. "Scorpius is feeling rather… unsettled tonight."

The Malfoy family also resided in the manor, though they had not always. One of the first memories Lily could collect was the night Draco Malfoy had shown up at the manor, begging her father to find his wife and son. They had been taken captive by Death Eaters, and the only person Draco knew who could get them back was Harry Potter. There was an uproar from the residents at the manor, but Harry was calm and courteous, claiming he would find the two missing Malfoys and bring them back there. He and Draco left the manor at once.

Lily's father's promise fell through, though it was not his fault. Once they had found the Death Eaters who had taken Scorpius and Astoria, it became apparent from the bloody, mangled body on the ground that Astoria had been murdered. Scorpius - only four at the time - was huddled in a corner of the now-abandoned shack, his shirt and pants stained with his mother's blood.

When Draco and Harry had brought him back to the manor, Lily was sitting in her mother's lap, her eyes drooping shut in exhaustion. Ginny had stood up so fast she had nearly knocked Lily on the ground. Someone might expect that Scorpius would be in his father's arms, his face hidden in the crook of his neck. But he stood tall - or as tall as a four year old could be - beside Harry and Draco, his face an expression of something someone his age should never wear on his face.

Lily had always assumed that having watched his mother be murdered at such a young age was what made Scorpius so strange. He had an odd sense of humor that nobody understood; a bizarre sort of humor that made Lily wonder if Scorpius even understood it himself. Sometimes he spoke of things that made Lily wonder where he had even learned it, since they were taught at the manor by an ancient, completely crazy live-in tutor - Maverick Hawk, who Scorpius had a strange fondness of - since Hogwarts had been shut down when the Death War had began. Scorpius always had a vague explanation for things that the adults questioned, but the honesty showed in his eyes, so they never had any suspicions.

There were periods of time when Scorpius would disappear into his bedroom for days on end, the only sounds ever leaving his bedroom were loud bangs from only Merlin knew what. Lily guessed he was having a fit - throwing furniture around or something. Whenever this happened, Draco would apologize sheepishly, but everyone knew that when Scorpius got that way, nobody could do anything about it.

The only people who might know what went on in Scorpius's mind was Lily's cousin, Rose, and Albus, but the two would never say. Their friendship was an unusual one, more out of convience than anything else. Lily, herself, rarely spoke to Scorpius unless it was, "Can you pass the peas?" at dinner or telling him where Albus was when he asked. Lily was completely fine with the non-existent relationship she had with Scorpius. She hated to admit it, but his behavior creeped her out a little. His strangeness was not something she wanted to delve into.

That was everything Scorpius was - strange.

"Well," Lily sighed, finally responding to Albus's previous comment. "We're all a little unsettled tonight, aren't we?" The chilling music continued to float throughout the manor. All of the children living in the manor - James, Albus, Scorpius, Rose, Hugo, and Lily - had all been forced to learn an instrument by Hawk, their tutor. Scorpius had taken up the piano, and was particularly talented at it. James had the violin because his mother thought it was pretty, Albus had taken up the oboe because he thought the name sounded funny, Rose with the flute, Hugo with the trumpet, and Lily had taken up the clarinet. Nobody played their instruments anymore aside from Scorpius. It was an odd day at the manor when Scorpius had not sat down at his piano to play at least once.

"I suppose you're right," James answered for Albus, taking Lily by the elbow. "Come on, Lils," he said softly. "You've been alone a lot today. Come up to the tower with us." Lily rarely went to the tower with her brothers, mainly because they were not supposed to go outside when her parents were on a raid. But, also because it was where her brothers went when they were having "brotherly bonding time," Rose called it. Albus and James were nearly inseparable, only apart when Albus was with Rose and Scorpius or in tutoring.

"I need to clean," Lily protested. "We have made a huge mess over the past three weeks and-"

"Bullocks," Albus said, ushering Lily and James out the kitchen door. "You shouldn't be alone so much. It's not healthy." As she and her brother passed a mirror hung on a wall, Lily caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She did look rather ill. Maybe it was nerves, or maybe Albus was right… Maybe she didn'tget enough human interaction. She surveyed her pale, freckled skin and her big brown eyes. She looked more like her mother than either of her siblings did. She was small, unusually so, with delicate features and long, straight auburn hair. She supposed she was half Weasley, so of course she would get ginger hair. Most of the time, she wished she had her father's black hair just so she would be a little bit unusual from her massive family, like her brothers were.

But, it did not matter. She did not have anybody to impress here, stuck in the giant manor her father had managed to ward so efficiently that they had never once been attacked by Death Eaters. With the wards, not even the nicest of wizards would be able to find her here and sweep her off her feet. The only time she saw people other than the residents of the manor was around Christmas time when the entire group of Weasleys and Lupins came to celebrate the what was supposed to be the cheery holiday season.

Lily and her brothers made their way through the giant mansion, Scorpius's piano music slowly get louder as they approached the music room. The tune was getting progressively more dark as Scorpius continued playing. Lily shivered as James muttered, "He sure can make a place feel happy, can't he?"

At that point, they had gotten to the music room. As they had passed, Lily peered through the crack in the door to see Scorpius's long, lanky figure placed at the piano, his body tensing up at the more extreme parts of the piece and then relaxing when the notes became lighter. When James had spoke, Lily had just looked away, sure Scorpius would not have been able to hear her brother over his playing. But, a clutter of keys clanged together loudly in a rather angry fashion as he came to a sudden stop.

By now, Lily and her brothers were going up the stairs that led up to the tower. Once they had opened the door and stepped out into the ice cold November air, Lily regretted coming with her brothers almost instantly. The night sky was as dreary as ever, the clouds hanging low, the only source of light being the faint glow of the moon behind the fog. "Where's Rose?" Lily wondered. Rose was usually hanging around with Albus, if not with Scorpius.

Albus shrugged. "Don't know, don't really care. She cries too much when her parents are gone."

"Ah," Lily said sadly, leaning against the ledge of the tower, picking at a thread on her dress.

"Poor Hugo," James said, grinning emotionlessly. "He get's the brunt of it, doesn't he?"

The three siblings laughed lightly as a cold breeze swirled around them. A sudden squawk of a night bird sounded throughout the forest surrounding the manor, silencing them. The harsh sound seemed to remind them all of the thought that always hung in their mind. Where were their parents? Were they okay?

"Do you think…?" Lily trailed off, knowing the answer before she had to finish. Her brothers did not know if her parents were okay any more than she did. They were as helpless as Lily was, barely finding a way to get through the days. All of the children in the manor had different ways of coping with their parents absence. When they were gone for a long time, everyone seemed to isolate themselves to their own coping methods. Lily was known to clean. James and Albus seemed to lean on each other for support while their parents were gone. Rose shut herself way in her room, probably reading or crying or doing other things that she did best. Hugo stayed in the basement, toying with muggle objects. Scorpius had a couple different ways of coping - all of those ways being very loud or involving alcohol. Either playing his piano, banging around in his bedroom, or getting drunk off his ass from the hard muggle liquor or firewhisky that was kept in the pantry.

"They'll be home soon," Albus said, partially to himself. "They'll be home soon…"

"I wonder who the aurors were who were killed tonight," James said to no one in particular. "Do you think we knew them?"

"More than likely," Albus answered. "Dad's surely introduced us to them before. I just hope it wasn't someone too important to the Ministry." Though the Ministry was in shambles, it still had a loose form. Kingsley Shacklebolt was the Minister, probably the greatest Minister in history for being able to keep the Ministry intact. Lily's father, Harry, was Head of the Auror's Office, and when he wasn't off on a raid, he was usually at the Ministry planning them. Most witches and wizards were drafted to fight in the Death War, not having a choice in the profession they went in to. There were so many people being killed that there was hardly enough aurors to protect the ones left.

Albus and James sighed in synchronization, only grinning half heartedly at one another when they realized what they had done. Their solemnity really was unusual, though understandable. The two brothers were normally always teasing in a fashion that would make their grandmother gasp. Perverted jokes seemed to be their specialty. Then, once they got Scorpius in on it, the three of them could easily write a book of X-rated sex jokes and references.

"I don't care if they were important or not," Lily said softly. "I'd rather nobody died at all-"

The door leading back into the manor burst open and out stalked Scorpius. It was so sudden that Lily jumped, but Albus grinned lazily, the spark of his usual self seeming to dance in his eyes. Scorpius and Albus being nearly the exact same age - only three days apart - had been forced together during their time at the manor, eventually becoming best friends. Though, as Lily thought previously, it seemed more out of convince than anything else.

Scorpius returned Albus's grin, though his expression differed from the one Albus wore. The forever prominent glint of wicked amusement shown in his silver-gray eyes as he smirked and placed himself on the thick ledge of the tower. He laid back slowly, one arm dangling off the side. Lily resisted the urge to tell him to stand up, that if he fell over the side he would surely meet his death. Without saying a word, he lifted his hand and began twirling a piece of overgrown, platinum blond hair between his slender fingers.

Scorpius's golden looks were always tinged with a roughness that Lily could never explain. The boy had lived in a confined manor, which he could hardly ever leave, after all. She had no clue how he managed to look like the ultimate predator of a forest. His jagged hair was always over-grown, yet chopped unevenly where some fell into his face and some stuck up in different directions. It was like he took a knife to it and slashed at it to keep it from getting more unruly than it already was. His sharp features and almond shaped eyes defined his face entirely, the only delicate parts being his thin blonde eyebrows and soft lips.

"Scorpius," James said, nodding toward him.

"You interrupted my song, Potter," Scorpius accused indolently, his eyes drooping shut, one eyebrow raised. "I don't interrupt your songs."

James rolled his eyes, tugging at his coat. "You call that a song? I thought that was a funeral hymn."

"It was."

There was an uncomfortable silence before Albus cleared his throat, and said, "Did you need something, Scorp? You hardly ever come out here to simply hang out."

At this point, Lily tuned them out, looking up just in time to see the clouds break apart. The stars shown through now, and it brought Lily back to a simpler time - or what she had thought was a simpler time; it was really only when she was too young to understand the complexity of the Death War - when her father would take her out in the back courtyard to look at the stars when she couldn't sleep, and tell her stories about the small wizarding town of Diagon Alley, now taken over almost completely by Death Eaters, or how great the feasts were at Hogwarts, the beautiful school Lily and her brothers would never know. He never spoke to his youngest child of anything negative. Harry kept Lily safe in only a way a father could.

He never spoke of his defeat of Voldemort, or his shock and devastation when the left over Death Eaters formed an army. Of course, they weren't nearly as powerful as they were when Voldemort had been alive, but with as many of them as there were, they might as well have been. The unspoken leader of the Death Eaters was a man named Jester Shroudrouge, with his son, Andre, as his heir. Shroudrouge didn't have advantages as Voldemort did, but his whereabouts were unknown, making him about as dangerous. "The Masked Murderer" was what he was known as, for nobody had ever seen his face, not even Harry. Nobody even knew that Shroudrouge existed until a few years prior, when the Ministry had taken a Death Eater captive and tortured it out him - not one of the Ministry's finest moments, to say the least. The Death Eater died before he could say where his leader was.

The Death War was a complex thing. Harry himself couldn't even explain it completely.

Suddenly, five cracks sounded throughout the air, one after another. Then… three more.

Lily nearly jumped out of her skin at the sounds as her brothers ran to ledge to look over at the ground. Even Scorpius bolted upright, having to grab onto the wall to keep himself from falling. Lily scurried over to the side, and nearly wept in relief when she peered over.

Her mother, father, aunt, and uncle were walking up the front path, with Draco Malfoy on their heels. Though their clothes were dirtied and torn, they looked as if they were in one piece. Trailing behind them were four more familiar forms. Teddy Lupin - someone Lily basically thought of as another older brother - and his wife, Victoire, with her siblings Dominique and Louis Weasley. Victoire, Dominique, and Louis were three of Lily's cousins that she only ever saw on Christmas. It was odd that they were there, and even odder that their parents were not with them.

Without a word, Lily, her brothers, and Scorpius were practically sprinting down the tower stairs, past the music room, and back to the first floor where they'd meet their family at the foyer. Their feet pounding on the stone floor must have alerted Rose - who was in her room - that something was happening. She burst out of her room, flaming red hair wild, and one look at her cousins told her that her parents were home.

Once they were on the ground floor, it only took milliseconds for them to fly into their parents arms. Even James, the eldest of the children at the manor, was clinging to his mother for dear life. Albus, usually a man's man, was swallowing back tears as Ginny pulled him to her and crushed him against herself and her first son.

Lily was the first to come in contact with her father, tears spilling down her cheeks as soon as his arms encircled her. She didn't know what was going on around her or how the others were reacting or why her cousins and Teddy were at the manor, only that her mother and father were home, and at least for tonight, they were all completely safe.


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