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This story disregards the epilogue of the Deathly Hallows.

Lilium Stargazer


Lily Potter II:

"Firewhisky, please," Lily Potter said, taking a seat on a barstool at The Leaky Cauldron and shrugging out of her coat, shaking the snow off of it. The barman nodded, cracking one open and sliding it across the bar to Lily, who thanked him and took a gulp.

Lily had just gotten off work. She had graduated from Hogwarts two years prior and was interning with the Daily Prophet under the Astro News section. It was tough and a highly criticized field of work, but Lily got to study stars and planets everyday. She was in heaven. Almost every night, Lily came to The Leaky Cauldron before she headed home. She liked to unwind... and people watch.

Or person watch, rather.

Scorpius Malfoy regularly came to the pub once he was off work, as well. He interned for his father at the Ministry, under Magical Law Enforcement. Lily sat on one end of the bar, and Scorpius sat at the other. They never spoke, but Lily liked to watch him from the corner of her eye. She was fascinated in the way he sat alone in the pub, watching people come and go, occasionally chatting with the barman.

Ever since she had dreamt of him, she watched him. When he had graduated from Hogwarts, Lily hoped her interest in him would wear off. It never did. As he grew older, his arrogance became subdued, and eventually, it seemed to vanish. She was so determined to find something – anything – that reflected the Scorpius she knew in the dream. It ruined her love life, to say the least. She had merely spoken with boys, kissed one or two, but that was it. A Scorpius Malfoy she didn't even know had stolen her heart.

The door to the pub opened, the blustery weather outside blowing in momentarily. Lily looked up to see Scorpius walking in, pulling his gray scarf off, along with his black coat. He took his normal spot on the opposite end of the bar, but today, he glanced up at her once he sat down. She averted her gaze, her cheeks flaring, but for some reason, she looked back at him, unable to keep her eyes away.

Scorpius didn't look away, either. He looked so confused, but there was a weird, out-of-place relief in his eyes that Lily was not about to comprehend.

He was a man now, with a built body and stubble on his jaw. He was as handsome as ever, but the teenage body Lily knew – or thought she knew – was gone. She blinked, wondering why he wasn't looking away. Did she had something on her face? Had somebody died?

Lily's throat seemed to close up. She had to take a few deep breaths. No. Nobody died. This wasn't the dream. Scorpius was not her to inform her that she was under some form of the Imperious curse, and that this reality was a dream, and the dream she had once had was reality. No.

Finally, the barman turned his attention to Scorpius. By this time, Lily had finished her firewhisky. Before Scorpius placed his order, he quickly looked in Lily's direction and at the empty bottle. Lily could hear his quiet voice when he spoke, even over the chatter in the pub. "Two firewhiskies, please."

Lily's heart dropped from her chest to the bottom of her stomach.

When the barman handed them to him, he took one in each hand and walked over to where Lily sat. She couldn't breathe. Scorpius took a seat in the barstool beside her, and held out the firewhisky was paralyzed by his scent. It was so familiar, like something she had smelled as a child. The sweet smell of old books and the crispness of winter. Lily looked at it, and then looked back up at him, before taking it with shaking hands. The glint in his eyes was spectacular and confusing. He was looking at her as if he knew her. Not casually, but intimately. When he was looking into her eyes, Lily felt as if she was trapped in the gaze of a very good friend... or lover.

Lily and Scorpius sat in silence for a few minutes after their stare broke. When Lily looked at his face once more, she was shocked to see that his cheeks were tinged pink.

Scorpius cleared his throat, meeting her brown eyes with his gray ones once again. "I had the strangest dream last night."