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Sea Spray

Chapter 1: Life by the sea

Sea spray, the ocean's form of snow, with beauty unlike the light flakes that fell from the sky. It crystallized in the air, forming rainbows on clear days, and dark demons on stormy ones. The spray sometimes arched so high, forming back into droplets of Pacific blue, more blue than the sky could ever be. Sasuke used to say how my eyes were sea spray, light flakes of white dancing around in the rest of my blue eyes. "Eyes more blue than the sea and sky combined," he say. I miss Sasuke. The way he would always make fun of me when I just lay under the waves, letting the sea spray hit me.

I always replied, "It washes away the worries." I remember that is how we actually met was sea spray. Dancing around the waves, when I was about five at the time, I stumbled upon Sasuke sitting alone by the rocks. A young boy, my age, sitting by himself, when the beach mostly had families together; except for me of course. Really, his looks were out of place from the beach town I was still growing up in. Most people had tans, and bright colored hair. He was quit the opposite, with his black hair, eyes, and extremely pale skin. He looked so upset, so curious, I went up to him. "What's wrong?"

Glaring at me in his emo way, "Nothing, go away." He turned away from me, pouting. I blinked, and then sat down by him on the rocks.

"It can't be nothing the way you're pouting," I replied. He looked at me in the corner of his eyes, glaring all the same. Getting a sudden five year old idea, I grabbed Sasuke, pulling him toward the ocean.

"Hey!" He struggled against my grip, but I was persistent. Finally, we made it to the rocks, hanging by the edge of where the ocean met the shore; waves crashing against the rocks every few seconds. "I don't want to get wet."

"We're not gonna get wet, just let the snow flakes hit us," I explained happily. Sasuke gave me the look that said, 'You're insane.'

"You mean the water." He had a sarcastic tone in his voice, but I ignored it. I learned to ignore many of Sasuke's sarcastic remakes over the years. Suddenly, a huge wave slammed into the rocks by our feet. The sea spray arched high into the air, making a rainbow in the sky, and then rained down upon us. I laughed with glee, Sasuke just grumbled, shaking his head from the salt water.

"Great, now I'm wet," he complained.

I smiled brightly at him, "The snow flakes help wash the bad things away."

He glared at me. "Have you ever, even seen snow?" I frowned, looking back to the water.

"No, but this is the closet I got." I turned back to him smiling, "But you feel better, don't you?" He blinked for a minute, seeming to notice that he had in fact, forgotten what he had been upset about.

He shook his head, "You're crazy you know that?" But he was smiling all the same. I smiled back as well; it was the very first day I had made Sasuke Uchiha smile. From that day on, we were best friends. Though, it took a while to get Sasuke to admit he was friends with the likes of me. But he really did that just to annoy me. Really, if Sasuke did not want anything to do with someone, he would not even bother to acknowledge they were there. Sasuke always gave me his undivided attention. Or at least he used to.


The morning of September third, was like any other first day of school. With most kids it's the grogginess, the refusal to believe it's really back to school they must go, and the falling asleep into the cereal bowl. It used to be like this for me, but I would always wake up eventually when I knew Sasuke would be there to meet me. On the first day we always hang out in the library, peace and quiet before the mess later in the day. Sometimes Sasuke would bring donuts for us to share, he knew my favorite too. Cream filled with chocolate icing and sprinkles. He used to grimace every time I eat the sticky mess, him hating chocolate he never did understand why I loved it. But he bought it every time anyway; just for me. Now, things have changed. I could not sleep well the night before, so I was beyond groggy; down right exhausted. I lay in bed as the sun slowly rose up above the horizon, then at six in the morning, my alarm went off; time to wake up to hell. I turned off the alarm, but stayed in bed for a minute, enjoying the peace. Then I heard Iruka, my thirty year old guardian, coming up the stairs.

"Wake up, Naruto. Time for school," he proclaimed cheerfully. Iruka, a very cheerful man with matching brown hair and eyes; hair always put into a short pony tail, and a long scar running across his face that he would never tell me how he got it. Poor innocent Iruka, he still did not know how broken I still am. He knew about the bullying at school, and of what happened with Sasuke, but he thought I got over my lost friendship. He had no idea the broken heart I still carry. "Come down for breakfast, I made your favorite, pancakes!" He gave me a bright smile before exiting the room. I lay there, wishing I could have a few more minutes of peace before the storm that lay at school. Time was ticking though, and I knew Iruka would not wait forever. So I slowly stood from bed, and put on the normal clothing for my first day wear. Normally, I would make sure I looked presentable, if not for school then for Sasuke, but through the three years he has been gone from my existence I just do not care. I throw on the closest orange shirt with a pair of faded, blue jeans, and my worn tennis shoes. I ran my fingers through my un-godly messy, blonde hair, then made my way down stairs.

Iruka was there, making breakfast just as he said he would be. A stack of pancakes were already made on the table with my favorite toppings of strawberries, whip cream, and maple syrup. "Good morning sleepy head," he said over his shoulder. I nodded in reply, sitting down gently upon the seat to start my meal. Iruka frowned lightly, turning back to his cooking. He is still not used to my new demeanor. Before Sasuke had left me, I had been loud, excitable, hyper, joyful, and outgoing. Now, my new self, is quiet, shy, withdrawn, and depressed; but mostly depressed. I quietly eat my pancakes, while glancing out to the ocean. I love the ocean, have all my life. I have always had this strange connection with it. I could tell when the tide was in or out. I sensed when a storm was on the way to shore. Then, when I was in the water, I could swim like a dream. Or so Sasuke used to say. I really could though, I was never cold by the water even in the winter time, and I could move with the current of the water while others would struggle against it. The water and I were one when I used to swim; but not anymore. Since Sasuke left three years ago, I stopped visiting the beach; too many memories for me. I turned away from the view, ignoring that urge inside of me. Lately, I have been having strange dreams of the ocean, and strange desires to just run to the water. I could ignore the urges most of the time, but some days were just unbearable. The strange thing was they only started when I turned the age of sixteen only a few weeks ago. I did not know if it were just a phase of me missing the ocean or if were something else.

Iruka came over with the last of the pancakes; I let him grab some for himself before I reached for more. "So, do your friends want to come over today? I could make some snacks for everyone," he asked lightly. I gulped a bite I was chewing, pushing my plate away as I did; sudden loss of appetite. I still could not tell him the fact that I had no relations at the school, friend wise. He knew about the bullying and of Sasuke, but still I had lied to him over the years on me having at least some friends. He always asked on when they would come over to hang out as friends usually did with normal lives. I always told him they were busy or had other plans. But I just could not bare to make him worry about me being lonely the way I was. So, I lied once again.

"They have other plans today," was all I said.

"Oh." He looked down continued eating. I sensed that he must know something was up with my stories, but as long as he bought them that was all I needed.

"Why don't you go hang with Kakashi later, you guys haven't had a chance to in a while." Changing the subject to Kakashi seemed to lighten the mood a little. Kakashi, the thirty-one year old pervert, was Iruka's partner as well as Sasuke's guardian. Unlike Iruka whom adopted me a year after I meet Sasuke on the beach, Kakashi has been Sasuke's guardian for only about three years now. Though, Kakashi had been around even before becoming Sasuke's guardian. He had been the 'nanny' for Sasuke, for years; friend of the family too. Kakashi was pretty cool. He always taking Iruka and me to cool places to hang and have fun. It used to be all of us, including Sasuke. But lately, Sasuke just hangs with his "new crowd". Which is fine by me, I could not deal with the pain of being around him too long.

"Good idea, I think tonight we could have game night," Iruka said excitedly. "I can make snacks, Kakashi and you can pick the game, and then afterwards Sasuke can . . ." He stopped in mid sentence, I winced, Sasuke was usually the one who picked a movie after we finished a game. I quickly stood up, grabbing my backpack by the back door, and exiting outside. "Naruto, I'm sorry I wasn't thinking!" Iruka went outside to give chase but I was already half way down the driveway.

"It's alright, I'm just gonna go to school now," I said loudly back at him. Iruka looked sad, but he stayed by the door watching me go. I sped up, rounding the corner past the front gate, and down the gravel road toward hell. I glanced back at our beach shack, if we could even call it that. It was a very old house, with screen porch, and old faded paint. With wide open windows facing the beach, we got the perfect view of the ocean. Our house was at the very end of town, very secluded from the neighbors by being surrounded by giant pine trees. It came in handy hiding from the bullies. I walked out of the pine forest, off the dirt road, and on the first block sidewalk. The school only five blocks away from our house.

On the way, I thought of Sasuke. I knew Iruka did not mean anything harmful by saying my ex-friend's name, but it still hurt. Everything hurt these days. But the pain I've been experiencing during these few weeks was nothing compared to what happened the day Sasuke left my life completely. I remember the pain so well. I was thirteen; we had been playing in the water as usual. We had sat down by the water, relaxing in the sun, and enjoying just being together. Then, someone called from the parking lot a few feet away. We both glanced up to see Iruka and Kakashi; when we walked up to where the men were standing, I could see Iruka crying and Kakashi looking every upset.

"Sasuke, something happened," was all Kakashi said. Sasuke froze in fear be my side. I quickly held his hand, squeezing in comfort. He just let it be slack. Quickly, he jerked his hand out of mine and ran; Kakashi went quickly with him toward the direction of Sasuke's house. I stepped forward to give chase, but Iruka held me back shaking his head gently.

"What's wrong," I asked. More tears felling down his face.

"Naruto, Sasuke's family has been in an accident," he whispered. That was all he needed to say. I ran as fast as I could toward where Sasuke and Kakashi had gone. Iruka did not protest. I reached the giant house in no time to see the police, Kakashi standing outside talking with them. No one paid me mind when I walked past them. I went up the two flights of stairs, reaching the third floor of where Sasuke would be. When I reached Sasuke's room, I stopped just at the door frame. Sasuke was there sitting on the bed, just staring blankly at the floor. I had never seen him like that before. The look of total loss and depression across his face, it had brought tears to my eyes. I walked slowly up to the bed, and sat down beside him. I gently place my arm around his shoulder, holding him in comfort. He shook lightly; suddenly he whipped around and slapped me across the face. It threw me off the bed, and onto the floor. I held my cheek, looking to Sasuke with confusion, whom towered over me. The face of pure hatred looked down upon me.

"He was right," he whispered. I felt more tears falling down my face. Sasuke had never hit me before and he had certainly never looked at me that way before either.

"Sasuke," was all I was able to say before he quickly hit me again, punching me in the eye that time.

"Shut up! Get away from me you demon! It's all your fault! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you," he screamed this in my face over and over again. Each causing a blow worse than his punches. I cried then ran out of his room, down the stairs, and out of the house. Iruka and everyone else looked at me in confusion as I ran past them. But I just could not stand being there anymore. It was later that Iruka told me the full story. Sasuke's parents and Sasuke's brother, Itachi, whom had always been traveling for their work, had died when their plane crashed into the ocean. I understood completely then. Sasuke had all the right to hit me, to take his pain out. Though Iruka disagreed and said how he threatened Sasuke to never hurt his baby ever again or else. So, at the funeral Iruka and I stood at the back while Sasuke and Kakashi stood in the front standing by the coffins. When the ceremony was done, and the coffins lowered, I waited until Iruka walked away as well as Kakashi to approach Sasuke by the graves. He just stood there stiff as a board, no emotions upon his face.

"Sasuke, I'm so sorry," I whispered. He clenched his fists, turning toward me to glare.

"You should be," he growled. He then pushed past me, shoving me hard in the side. As he made his way past he said, "Don't ever talk to me again, ever." I thought at the time that I should just give him space, and let him be ready to talk about it when he was willing. I waited, and waited; waiting for days, weeks, and then months. But he never once spoke to me again. I tried to after a few weeks, but he refused to. Then he started to hang around with his "new crowd". He let them beat me up whenever I tried to talk to him. The worst part is, he would not even look at me. While I was screaming, begging for the bullies to stop punching and kicking me, he would just sit there, staring off to nothing. Really, it was because I was nothing. I was not worth his time. So, after our many years of friendship, it broke. I gave up completely, staying away from him and the others. Iruka and Kakashi tried to make us be friends again. Iruka many times threatening Sasuke with his life for letting the bullies use me as a punching bag. But it never worked. So, over the three years my personality changed. I stopped eating as much, so my already skinny, thin body became boney, and I gave up on society all together. Without Sasuke, there's just not much worth living for.


I reached school ten minutes before the bell rang. The usual line of cars and buses were outside the school by the main front court yard, the one with the flags out front. On one side, far off in the plot of land was the elementary school, then in the middle was the middle school, and far off on the other side was the high school. Each building was about the same size, the high school being just slightly bigger. It was not a very big town, just a small port area for boats, so not that many children in the schools. The buildings were pretty old and worn themselves. The consent sea breeze really wears on the paint job. I glanced out cross the town toward the distance view of the ocean. I felt the slight jumping and pain in my stomach again, but I just ignored it and walked on. I just entered the commons when the noise hit me. The laughter and squeals of back-to-school happiness was seen all over the commons. People sat at different tables catching up with each other, most just talking about what they were going to do after school today.

My eyes went directly toward a certain table in the back corner. There I saw Sasuke, along with his new crowd. There was Jugo the real big guy with bright red, spiky hair. He usually is the one who holds me for the others to hit, but sometimes he gets worse than them, once he starts he does not stop till an hour or so later. Then there is Suigetsu who likes to do most of the hitting. He always seems bored when he does it. Finally, there is Karin. She's the worst. It's not that she abuses me with hits or punches but words. The words are the worst, and she knows how to use them and where to hit with them. Saying things like, demon or I was the worst thing to ever happen to Sasuke, are her favorite. They were all sitting on the back table, all but Sasuke were laughing. Jugo and Suigetsu were pointing toward people and laughing about who they beat up on occasion. Sasuke was just sitting there with his arms folded and eyes closed, and Karin holding on to his upper right arm practically rubbing herself against him. I looked away quickly. I take it back, Karin's words and their beatings were not the worst, it was seeing her with Sasuke like that broke my heart every time.

Their table sat by the hallway which leads to the library, so I braced myself as I started toward that direction. Suigetsu was the first to notice me.

"Hey, look it's demon boy," he leered. Both Jugo and Karin gave me wicked looks while Suigetsu smirked. But as always, Sasuke just ignore everything, keeping his eyes closed. I quickened my pace, and walked past keeping my head down hoping they would just ignore me this time. Just as I reached the hallway, which was my junior hallway, something hard hit me in the back of the head. I stumbled, falling to my knees. An apple that I saw by Suigetsu earlier rolled away from me with a big indent on it. I rubbed my head, feeling the juices from it on my hair. A roar of laughter came from behind me. I glanced back to see the bullies laughing, Sasuke just sitting there. He had opened his eyes, looking toward my direction, but chose to pay more attention to the ceiling than me. I just looked away, feeling that same pain in my heart.

I started to stand back up, when my legs gave out. There was a sudden loss of all feeling to them, completely numb. Then, the pain hit me. It was like molten lava and knives going in my stomach. Like someone was stabbing me with a molten lava knife over and over again. I crumpled to the ground in a ball, holding my stomach tight, and my knees pull up to my face. Oh, god. It hurts! Make it stop! Make it stop, please! Please, oh god, make it STOP! I heard these words and screams, I realized they were coming from me but I did not care. I just wanted the pain to stop. I heard shouting, and whispers all around. Some were with concern, but most were jeering remarks how I was a baby. Heard my name being called a few times in the mixture, I did not know who it was. I felt cold hands on me; someone was trying to pull me out of my ball position. They got me out of it, laying down flat on my back, but I refused to let go of my stomach. I wanted to open my eyes, to see who it was, but it just hurt so badly. Someone was calling to me again, rubbing my face to relax. Just as I blacked out, I opened my eyes to see Sasuke, leaning over me, touching my face, and looking at me for the first time in three years.


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