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Chapter 13: Secrets Revealed

I woke up the next morning, comfy under the covers of the big bed. I sigh contently as I cuddled into a pillow. I sort of absently reached over to feel for Sasuke. My hand touched nothing but the cool side of an empty bed. I sat up quickly with a start, only to quickly lie down again from the sharp in my lower back. I groaned, trying to rub my back and look around the room at the same time. I felt a sharp twist within my stomach, not knowing where Sasuke made me feel uneasy. A noise came from down the hall outside the room. I heard a flush of a toilet and shuffling coming from the hall. Sasuke walked in, rubbing his wet hands onto his sweat pants and smiling brightly seeing me awake.

"Morning, Dobe. Did you sleep well," he asked lightly. He sat down next to my legs, taking my left hand and kissing it. He kept ahold of my hand after kissing it, rubbing the palm of my hand with his thumb in slow, smooth circles.

"Yes. Did you, Teme," I answered. I giggled and Sasuke smiled.

"The best sleep I've had in a while," he replied. I leaned up from the bed to give him a kiss, but the pain in my back only made me hiss loudly and fall back into the bed again. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed, a worried look dancing within his eyes. "Did I hurt you badly?"

I sat up again quickly, and gave him a reassuming kiss. I did not want him to regret our actions in any way.

"I'm fine, it's a good kind of pain." I even gave a small wink. He smirked, suddenly seeming proud to make me sore. In a flash, Sasuke whipped me out of bed and carrying me out of the room bridal style. "Sasuke! I can't leave the room yet! I'm naked!"

"I think you look just fine," he said huskily. I scoffed and hit the back of his head lightly. He just chuckled, but turned back around to the room. He hurriedly placed some boxers on me. His boxers I might add, which repeatedly slipped down my hips. I think he did it on purpose. Then he scooped me back up, taking me down stairs to the big kitchen. He sat me on one of the stool chairs at the long, marble counter. A big plate of pancakes was already on the table, with a vase of flowers and glasses of orange juice.

"You made breakfast?" I glanced to Sasuke, who sat down beside me. He just shrugged.

"I thought that you would be hungry." He said this in his bored, no-big-deal tone as usual. But I could see a hint of a blush on his face. I giggled lightly, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Then I dug into the pancakes. After a few bites, Sasuke cleared his throat to speak. "Naruto, I've been meaning to ask you something."


"What's with the mark on your belly?" I froze my hand in midair with a slice of pancake on the fork. The piece of pancake slid off, falling back onto the plate with a splat. I had not thought about the mark since Sakura explained what it was. I had completely forgotten about it almost. It was a piece of me just as my tail was, so it never seemed like a new thing. More like it had always been there. I never even thought about what Sasuke would think of it. I mean he did give me a look when he had pulled my shirt up when we were kissing on the couch. But it was such a quick look and I did not get a chance to think about it with him kissing my chest.

"Well . . .," I started to say. I paused, thinking. I only thought of one explanation which would be logical. For humans at least. "On my birthday, I sort of . . . got a tattoo." I looked at him sheepishly. He just raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you always said you would never get one," he said curiously. I gulped, suddenly remembering that I did say that a long time ago.

"Well, I changed my mind. I was kind of going through rough patch, and depressed . . .," I trailed off, not sure if Sasuke would buy it. But he nodded, seeming to understand. "Just don't tell Iruka about it. He'd kill me, then bring me back just to kill me again." We both laughed at that, knowing full well Iruka would do much worse than kill me if he ever saw the mark.

"There was also another thing I wanted to ask," Sasuke finally spoke after the laughter subsided.

"What's that," I asked curiously. He frowned, seeming to gather his thoughts.

"On the day you saved me from the water, I thought I saw—" He was cut off suddenly by a loud cough from behind us. We both turned quickly in our seats to see Kakashi standing behind us. He stood in the doorway of the kitchen, smiling and waving.

"Good morning you two. Have fun last night," he asked humorously. "You made sure to use those supplies I gave you?" He directed this question to Sasuke, who immediately flushed bright red, spluttering in embarrassment. Kakashi laughed loudly at Sasuke's reaction. I did not really pay attention to Sasuke's yelling at Kakashi. I was more focused on Kakashi gazing at me. It was only a brief few seconds. The gaze was not directed specifically at me. No, he was gazing intently at a spot on me. I was a second too late to cover my belly with a hand. He had seen it clearly. Then he glanced up into my face. At that moment, both of us knew. Both of us understood exactly that this mark was not of human nature, was no tattoo. In those seconds, I saw a flash of sadness wash over Kakashi. But then it was gone completely, him smiling and laughing once again. The whole exchange between us happened in a few quick seconds.

"Well, I'll let you two get back to your breakfast," Kakashi exclaimed happily. "Afterwards, both of you are going to face the wrath of Iruka. He is furious that you didn't come home last night, Naruto." With that said he waved us goodbye, and walked away. Sasuke shook his head, turning back around to eat the rest of his pancakes.

"Can you believe him," he grumbled to me. I turned back around too, starting to eat my cold pancakes. They tasted like cotton in my dry mouth. I could barely swallow. My brain whirling with only one thought on my mind: how much longer can I last on land, before I'm taken away?

"No, I can't."


Christmas break was over. It was the day after New Year's, and school was just letting out. I walked and weaved between the many students heading towards the exit. Usually, I would be waiting by my locker for Sasuke, but today I did not bother. He was busy being in detention today. Both him and Sai. They had gotten into a fight during class. Not against each other, thank god. No, they teamed up together against Suigetsu. Apparently, he made a rude comment towards them, and they both retaliated. Afterwards, when I had asked them about it, neither would tell me exactly what Suigetsu said. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with me.

I wanted to stay after school, to wait for them. But they both told me to just go home, they did not want me to wait around for them. We all knew that if I waited it would have to be outside for the teachers would not allow me to wait inside the building. With all the snow, both Sasuke and Sai did not want me to check a cold. So, grudgingly, I walked home. Home. I still have one . . . but not for long I'm sure. I am still surprised I'm here actually, after Kakashi saw my mark I was sure he would turn me in or take me away. But still I was here. I'm sure he's just bidding his time. It's been a restless time for me. I barely got any sleep, afraid that in the middle of the night the half-mer soldiers would come get me. I made a pack filled with traveling things, just in case I had to leave at a moment's notice. During this time, in my mind, I have been slowly saying goodbye to everything and everyone I love.

My mind continued to drift as I walked through the quiet streets of the town. With it being so cold, no one was really out and about. In fact, the streets were completely empty and I did not see anyone working at the docks either. I paused to stare at the empty and quiet boats. They lazily bobbed in the water. The last car from the school just passed me, leaving no vehicles in sight. I was all alone. I started to walk again when the voice rang out.

"Hey! Demon!" I froze in my tracks. In front of me, towards the road to my house, are the last people I would want to be caught alone with. Suigetsu, Jugo, and Karin stood in front of me, standing side by side blocking my path. Each had a nasty look upon their face, each had the same look I knew too well; the look hungry for fresh meat.

"What are you doing all alone, demon," shouted Suigetsu again. "Oh, that's right; I had gotten Uchiha and that pal of yours in detention." They all sniggered like it was some kind of joke. Maybe it was.

"What do you mean," I asked weakly. I felt my whole body shaking in fear as they crept closer. Suigetsu smirked widely, waving his arms out like he wanted to be praised.

"Well, we've wanted to get back at the Uchiha and you for a while now. But getting you all by yourself proved almost impossible. Luckily, I know how to push a person's buttons." He started to punch into his hand playfully, as though his open palm were me. "Getting Uchiha and that emo boy into detention was the perfect way to catch you."

"Come on, Suigetsu! Quit talking! I want to hurry up and get back at the twerp for taking my Sasuke-kun," shouted Karin angrily. Suigetsu rolled his eyes, but seemed to agree with Karin on the hurry part. Jugo stepped forward, ready to grab me to hold me down just like every other time. But there was no way I would let them get ahold of me. I bolted down the docks, as fast as I could. I hear them shouting angrily, running after me. I threw off my backpack to lighten myself, helping me run even faster. I knew if I could get to the end of the dock, I would be able to jump in the water and swim off. The water by the docks was murky enough to hide me so my chasers would not be able to see my tail.

Fortunately, I was able to get the end of the dock. Unfortunately, Jugo was faster than I remembered. Just as I was about to jump into the water, Jugo grabbed me from behind to pulled me back. He slammed me into the dock so hard it knocked my breath away. Stars danced around my vision and I gasped like a fish trying to get my breath back. I felt myself be rolled over onto my back, my hands held down and something heavy set on me. I blinked rapidly, clearing my vision to see Jugo holding my arms down and Suigetsu straddling me. There was a flash; Karin was standing to the side taking pictures. What? This was nothing like the beatings from before.

"Gets some good pictures, Karin," laughed Suigetsu. She held thumbs up and kept snapping pictures. I was stunned. Are they going to take pictures of beating me up? Suigetsu leaned in close to my face; I felt my body shake in fear. "We're going to show Uchiha what a whore you are for any dick available." My eyes widen in fear, I realized what exactly they planned to do.

"No!" I cried out. I started to thrash, to fight them off. I could take the beatings, heck I would love to just be beat up right now, anything but what they planned to do. Anything but that! I bucked, trying to get Suigetsu off. I felt a scream building up in my chest, ready to cry out for help. It deflated the instant I felt the cold metal press to my throat. I stopped moving completely, my wide eyes staring in terror at Suigetsu. He smiled wickedly as he pressed the knife harder into my throat; I even felt a trickle of blood start.

"Now, now, we wouldn't want your thrashing to make my hand slip. Now would we? And don't scream or else this knife is going straight into your chest." He pulled the knife away from my neck. Moving it down to my shirt, he sliced my shirt open from belly to neck leaving my chest exposed. He grinned at my wimper of fear, then gave a few swipes at my chest. I cried out as I felt the pain and blood flowing out of the cuts. I shut my mouth quickly though, afraid he would keep to his promise from earlier. Tears streaked down my face; tears of fear, disgust, and pain all mixed together. All I could think about was Sasuke. Was he done with dentition? Was he at my house this very moment, wondering where I was? I prayed for some miracle, for someone, anyone to find me.

"P-please s-s-stop," I cried.

"Oh, but the fun's just started," Suigetsu said lightly.

"W-why are you doing this? Why do you hate me so much?"

"Why? I'll tell you why," he growled angrily. "Because of your whore mother, going around and spreading her STDs knowingly to guys she slept with. Then she gets preggers and dumps you on the town. I'm doing everyone a favor." With that said he lifted the knife high and brought it down onto my arm. I screamed in pain as I felt it stab straight into my flesh. The pain was so much that I blacked out. But I was brought back when Suigetsu twisted it, and then yanked it out. My whole left arm spasmed and twitched in pain. I felt myself fade in and out of consciousness. I wished I could just stay unconscious, then maybe it wouldn't hurt so much.

I felt Jugo's grip loosen on me, and Karin stopped taking pictures. They both looked pale.

"Um, Suigetsu," Karin asked in a wavering voice. Suigetsu whipped to look at her and pointed the bloody knife harshly at her.

"Keep taking pictures," he ordered. She gulped and quickly started snapping pictures again. I guess both her and Jugo never thought Suigetsu would actually use the knife. Too bad for them. Suigetsu suddenly grabbed my face and forced his lips onto mine in a harsh kiss. At that moment, something within me awoke. Instead of reacting as it did with Sai that one time, neutrally, it reacted violently. It hated the kiss, it boiled over with rage from this stranger touching what should only be touched by its mate. I felt my whole body heat up from this rage. I felt the electricity spark up, but this electricity was different from what I usually felt with Sasuke. This electricity was anger, hate, rage, ready to kill what dare touch it.

There was a bright flash. At first I thought it had been another flash from Karin's camera. But then I realized it was too bright to be her camera. Then I realized that Suigetsu and Jugo no longer had ahold of me. In fact, Suigetsu was a foot away from me rolling on the dock, holding his face in pain. Jugo had fallen off the dock completely into the water. Karin stood there dumbly looking at her smoking camera which lay burnt up on the dock. What the hell happen?! I really did not care, I was just glad Suigetsu was off of me. I tried to move, wanting so bad to run away, but when I moved my left arm the pain itself held me down. I almost blacked out again.

"God, my fucking face! What the hell happened?!" Suigetsu stood up wobbly, still holding his face. I was frantic to get up. I started using my right arm to crawl away. I managed to roll over onto my stomach and push myself up on my feet. I staggered up, trying to keep my balance. The pain was too much, I felt sick. My stomach reacted, and empty itself onto the dock.

I gripped my left arm, looking to see my whole left side covered in blood. There was a gaping hole in my upper arm. Would I ever be able to use it again? I couldn't even feel it or move my fingers. I did not care at the moment; I just wanted to be far away from here. I started staggering down the docks, but my vision kept fading in and out. I was losing too much blood.

"Shit, I can't see anything," I heard Suigetsu say. "Where's the freak? Where is he?" I glanced back to see Suigetsu's face was completely red and raw looking. His eyes blood shot. "Where's my knife?" He stumbled around looking for it. The knife, by his feet, got kicked into the water as he shuffled around for it. I quickly picked up my pace, only halfway away from them.

"Karin, Jugo, go get him. Hold him down!" Karin, who had been frozen staring at her camera, looked up quickly at me glaring. Jugo managed to pull himself out of the water. I saw his hands were as raw and red as Suigetsu's face. They both started towards me. At this point my legs gave out on me. I fell on my knees and leaned against a pole on the dock.

I gathered the rest of my remaining energy and screamed out, "Help! Please, someone help!" I tried screaming more but Jugo slapped his large hands across my mouth to shut me up. He started to lift me off the ground when I heard two pairs of feet running down the dock. All I could see were fuzzy outlines, but I almost cried with joy someone hear me.

There was a loud smack and Jugo's hands let go of me. I felt myself titling forward, but strong hands caught me. I heard some yelling and hitting behind me. The rest was a blur for the next thing I knew I was laying down on the wooden dock with Sasuke's worried face hovering over me.

"You . . . you found me . . . Sasuke," I whispered. My voice was hoarse; I could barely get the words out. His hands rubbed my cheek, funny usually his hands were cold and now they felt really hot. It dawned on me that it was me, I was cold.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Naruto. I shouldn't have left you," he cried. Tears slowly leaked down his face. I tried to reassure him, tell him not to cry, but it came out as muffled. Sai's face came into veiw; he leaned over and looked at my arm.

"Shit, they cut an artery open. How far is the nearest hospital?" he asked Sasuke.

"It's in the city. About fifty miles away from here." Sasuke started tearing up his shirt then wrapping it around my arm. I waited for pain when he pressed it on the wound; I did not really feel anything.

"That's too far; he won't make it in time." Sai frowned, looking as though he were thinking hard. "Uchiha, we have to get him to the water." Sasuke looked at him and glared in question.


"Just trust me he needs to get to some water, the ocean preferably. Quick, let's get him to the car." Everything faded out at that moment. I woke next in a moving vehicle. My head lay in Sasuke's lap, both of us in the backseat. I guess Sai was driving.

"Naruto, needs medical attention! Turn around now," Sasuke shouted at Sai.

"By the time we got him anywhere he'll be gone! Do you want that," Sai shouted back. I blacked out again and awoke once more on the beach with Sai taking my shoes off. Sasuke held onto my hand for dear life, seeming scared and confused on what to do. I felt myself slowly go numb. I let my head roll to the side to look out, seeing we were at the beach back behind my house.

"Lift him up and take him to the water, quick," commanded Sai. Sasuke did as he was told, and started walking into the water. Sasuke walked until the water reached his waist, slowly lowering me into the water. As the water started to touch me, my whole body seized up. I felt like I was suddenly on fire. I squirmed in Sasuke's grasp and cried out in pain. Sai suddenly was by my other side, holding my empty hand. "Just deal with the pain, Naruto."

"But it hurts," I whimpered. Sasuke's grip tightened on my other hand. He looked strickened that I was in pain, but he stayed as though he trusted Sai's judgment. It was a minute after the pain started that it lessened, then disappeared altogether. Then I suddenly felt more aware. Suddenly felt more alive. My vision cleared, I was no longer numb or in pain. I could actually feel my left arm again, which a funny tingling sensation running up my arm. I glanced at my arm and saw the hole slowly closing up. I looked up to Sasuke. He stared at my arm in amazement, his eyes looking as though they would pop out. I was just amazed and confused as him. Cuts and scrapes always healed fast for me, but never this quickly.

At that point, I realized it was not just my arm that was tingling. My legs were fusing together as well. I started thrashing wildly, wanting desperately to be back on land. If Sasuke or Sai saw my tail, I just know something terrible would happen. At that moment, my tail fully formed and splashing in the water, Sasuke turned towards the sound to see my bright, orange tail. His eyes got even wider than before and his jaw even dropped. He stared hard at my tail as though it were a mere allusion. I quickly turned to Sai to see if he was freaking out too. He just smiled at me and gave my hand a gentle squeeze. I blinked in confusion. If Sai was not freaking, even was not even fazed by the sudden appearance of it. Then, that must mean . . . he knew. He knew all along. If he knew then . . . is he?

The question must have shown within my eyes. He stared hard into mine and nodded slowly; answering all questions. I glanced down quickly to see his tail, but there was none to see. He stood on legs in the water, not even any scales on his legs. His hand on my own shifted. He lifted it up, the moon shining enough light for me to see web fingers. A thin, clear layer of skin lay between each finger, resembling closely to a frog's. I stared at him and the fingers in curiosity. He just sort of grinned and shrugged. We both looked at Sasuke, who continue to stare with mouth wide open and blinking hard. Almost as if he thought he had something in his eye to being seeing my tail. He then turned to me, closing his mouth quickly when he saw me staring.

"Naruto, how . . . what . . . you have a tail," he finally managed to get out. I bite my lip and nodded slowly.

"Well, as you can see clearly Uchiha, yes Naruto has a tail. It is also not very polite to stare," said Sai smoothly. "Why don't we go back to the beach and talk things through." This seemed more of a command than a request. Sasuke shook his head slowly, letting go of my hand and waded through the water, back to the beach. He did not even glance back at me. I bit my lip even harder, closing my eyes tight feeling tears come up. I forced them back down, refusing to cry. I have cried too much already over Sasuke, I will not cry any more. I opened my eyes again when Sai gave my hand a hard squeeze. "It'll be alright, don't worry."

"How did you know the water would heal me," I asked quietly.

"It's a defense system all mers have. Salt water heals all wounds. Come on, lets go to shore I'll explain more there." We both sort of swam back to the beach. He helped me pull myself back on land, then sat down next to me. Sasuke sat a few feet away from us. He watched my legs slowly form back, with my pants returning as well. He sort of shook his head again, as if not sure what to think about it. We all kind of sat in awkward silence then; almost as though none of us was sure what to say first.

"So . . . you're some kind of sea creature . . . a mermaid," Sasuke finally asked. I pulled my knees up to my chest, nodding yes. "How?"

"Well, firstly he's a merman," Sai spoke up for me. My voice was lost to me for the moment. "It's pretty simple really, when a mommy and a daddy really love each other they . . ."

"Enough," Sasuke cut Sai off quickly. "I meant I've know you, Naruto, for years now and you never suddenly sprouted a tail whenever you swam in the past." My mouth suddenly felt dry, afraid to speak. I gather up my courage though, knowing I would have to explain everything to Sasuke. Tell him all my secrets. I shouldn't have kept any secrets from him in the first place.

"I didn't get it until my sixteen birthday," I spoke quietly. "I got it when I turned of age. It happens sometimes with other . . . half-mers."

"Half who?"

"Half-mer. It's a person who is half mermaid or merman and half human. It's what they call people like Naruto and I," explained Sai. Sasuke turned and looked hard at him.

"I didn't see you have a tail," he spoke hard.

"I don't have one, not entirely at least." Sai scooted closer to the water, placing his hand under it. A few seconds passed by, then the web formed between his fingers again. "I can breathe underwater, swim faster than a normal human, but I do not grow a tail like other half-mers. I only get webbing between my fingers and toes." He pulled out his hand again, the webbing disappearing in an instant. "As far as I know, I'm the only half-mer like this. I'm sort of a half-mer gone wrong." He shrugged as in a no big deal. Sasuke shook his head in even more dismay and I stared in amazement.

"So, you're both some kind of 'half-mer' or whatever?" Sasuke gripped his hair, placing his head between his knees like he was going to be sick. "This is just too weird. I knew I thought I saw something strange about your legs on the day you saved me, Naruto. Plus, you swimming so far to land. But I never thought of something like this. I thought maybe I had just imagined it. But you to have a tail . . . it's just too freaky." He just kept lightly shaking his head while keeping it in the position it was. I suddenly felt angered by this statement. So what if we're weird! So what if I'm weird! I'm tired of Sasuke always finding a reason to hate me. Yes, true it's not every day you suddenly find out someone is a mer. But it shouldn't matter. Especially not after all we've been through.

I stood up quickly, walking over to Sasuke to tower over him. He looked up quickly in surprise as I glared at him. "So what!" I yelled. "So what if I'm a half-mer! If you can't accept my tail, then you can't accept me! It's a part of me Sasuke, it shouldn't matter. But I guess it does to you. Bye Teme, I'll never bother you again."

I stumbled a little bit storming off into the woods. I was still a little woozy from the all the blood loss. I was too mad to care. Angry tears fell down my face as I stomped through the woods, I wiped them away quickly. I won't cry, I refuse to cry. I won't cry ever again, not over Sasuke. Not over something as stupid as him. I heard someone calling my name off in the distance behind me. At first I thought it might be Sai or possibly even Sasuke calling me back. Then when my name was called again I realized it was a higher pitch, a girl's voice. Sakura's voice. I quickly spun around and ran back to the beach. I arrived in time to see Sai helping Sakura onto the beach. Something must be terribly wrong for her to show herself to Sasuke and Sai since she really did not know them yet. Sasuke stood off to the side, looking at her the same way he looked at my tail earlier. I crouched down next to Sakura to talk to her. She gripped onto both of my hands in her's tightly with wild fear in her eyes.

"Sakura, what is it? What's wrong," I asked quickly.

"Naruto, it's them, Neptune's workers. They know you're alive, and that you're a half-mer. They're coming!"


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