The Mad Marauders

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Chapter six: Suspicion

What is that white thing above me? Thought Remus. A...snowball? Suddenly – CRASH. And Remus snapped his eye opened. He registered three things at once: One, he is in the hospital wing. Two, Madam Pomfrey just broke a cup. Three, the white thing above him was not a snowball, it was a light bulb. Thinking that he was rather foolish for thinking that a light bulb was a snowball, Remus sat up.

"Oh sorry Remus darling. Did I wake you up?"

"No, it's fine, Madam Pomfrey. What happened?" Remus asked.

"Oh, I accidently let go of a cup and it smashed."

"No, not that. When I was at the Whomping Willow."

"Oh. Well, I went in to the shack to find that you were unconscious. You lost too much blood, dear. Come on, now, lie down. Let me give you some medicine."

"Where is Remus?" Sirius asked. "We need him for our prank!"

"He went home to visit his sick mum, remember?" replied James.

"What? His mum is sick?"

"Yeah, apparently his mum had this long term sickness disease thing. I can't pronounce or remember the name. The school allowed Remus to visit his mum every month."

"Oh. Well...That's sad." Sirius frowned.

"Yeah, I know."

Sirius sat on a sofa for the rest of the evening, a bit suspicious about Remus and his story.

"Hi guys!" Remus closed the door behind him. There was silence.

"Oh my gosh. What the hell happened to you?" exclaimed James, gesturing at the bandages on his face and arm.

"I...fell. Let's not talk about it. So, how was your weekend?"

James started talking about the prank they're planning on Halloween, but Sirius didn't listen. Something was very wrong here, and very suspicious.

-At midnight-

Sirius might not be the best or the smartest in the class, but his Slytherin heritage made him more cunning and more alert. While James, who is pretty easy to trick, and Peter, who is very easily tricked, were asleep, Sirius grabbed a calender and began to record the date when Remus left Hogwarts, the reason Remus left Hogwarts, when Remus came back, and how did Remus look like when he came back. Little did he know that someone was watching him, stomach churning, wondering why Sirius Black, the sleep lover, was writing in a calender at midnight on the day of his arrival.

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