Merry Christmas

Batman didn't mind monitor duty on Christmas. Gotham was always quiet, it seemed even psychopaths wanted to spend time with their families. Batman leaned back in his chair watching the computer screens that haven't changed in the pass few hours. He doubt they would have, aside from last year, but Hal had taken care of that before it became a League problem. Not a creature is stirring, Batman thought, Not even a mouse. The rest of the league was off doing some gift exchange. He couldn't recall who had forced him into, but he had ended up with the Flash. He reminded himself to ask Alfred what he had gotten Barry.

There was a knock behind him, causing him to turn around. Diana, Wonder Woman stood in the doorway, a sticky bow pressed on her head. "You didn't stay long..."

"I have monitor duty."

"Didn't even stay to get your present. Do you know who your Secret Santa is?" Diana didn't move, as if the door frame was holding her up.

Batman looked at Wonder Woman, his head cocked slightly, something was not right about her. Then it dawned on him. "Have you been drinking?"

Diana tried to make her way over to him, slowly as if she was walking on ice. "Guy was my Secret Santa...gave me these earrings," She stopped, leaning on the panel next him. Bruce leaned back in his chair, watching her for a minute. She was drunk, that was clear. And Guy was behind it. He crossed his arms, remembering when he caught Dick drinking with his buddies at 18.

He tried to remember what look he had use to get Dick to spill the beans, but it did not have the desired affect on Diana, "Don't look at me like that, I am getting to it! Well, he gave me these earrings, telling me how they remind him of me ...because... because... " She pulled the earring from her own ear, after a few tries, and is was a small loop with a claddagh symbol on it. "See, they symbolize loyalty, courage, and friendship, which are all things that Guy said I had! And then Barry was his Secret Santa and gave him a bottle of some kind of whiskey! So Guy said we should all share, and...and...Why are you looking at me like that?"

"How much did you have?"

"Only a few shots..." The word came out more like shit. Batman couldn't help but to laugh. "What? I had never had whiskey before!"

"I can see that. Why are you here?"

"Why are you here?"

"I have-" She pressed her finger to his lips, leaning in close.

"No, no, why are you not at the gift exchange? You didn't even stay long enough to get your own gift."

Batman pulled away, she was getting too close again. He turned back to the monitor, it suddenly become more interesting, even though there was nothing on the screen. Diana didn't seem to like that causing her to pull the chair toward her and plopping herself in his lap. "Don't you want to know who got you? Don't you want your present?" Diana seemed to be full of the liquid courage tonight. Batman shifted uncomfortably.

"I have a feeling I know who..."

"Oh really?" She leered at him a little, running her finger across his chin.

"Yes. What is with the bow Diana?"

She looked at him, and blinked a little. "Well...I didn't know what to get you..."

"I see you mulled it over...marinated in it."

"You aren't funny right now." She got up.

"I wasn't trying to be." He got up. They were close, dangerously close. "You are my Secret Santa...So, Where is my present?" She inched closer to him. Their noses were almost touching. I should stop this...shouldn't I? Bruce asked himself. He didn't know the answer. And that scared him.

She leaned in, taking his lips with hers, wrapping her arms around his neck. Batman stood stunned for a second, and slowly putting his arms around her waist. It was chaste and yet full of promise. This was different than the kisses they had shared before. Not something as a ploy to hide themselves. Something honest. Well, this is going to change a few things, Bruce thought. They parted, Diana placing her head on his shoulder.



"How big was that shot glass?" He whispered. This was an important question.

She with drew one of her arms, and demonstrated with the hand the size of the glass. "It was this tall," She should about three inches, and then turned her hand sideways, "By this wide. You know, a standard shot glass." Oh he was going to make them wish they were never born.

"Any ice?" She shook her head no,"You should get back to the party...I will join after my shift." Batman stiffen up a bit and she pulled away from him.

"Are you lying to me? Because I can tell you know."

While this was usually true, Batman was sure she couldn't given her current state."I know you can. And you should already know the answer to that."

She headed for the door, then stop to look back at him. "I...I am tired...I think I am going to go to bed...You are welcome to stop by my room later. We could...brood together...or something." That seemed more dangerous.

"Sure. Goodnight Diana."

"Goodnight Bruce." And with that she left.

Batman turned back to the screen, thinking about the best way to deal with Guy Garner and Barry Allen. Oh, they were going to get it.