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Summary: What if when Trafalgar Law was 6 he found an infant Monkey D. Luffy and decided to take her in as his little sister/assistant?

Warning: Fem!Luffy Fanfic with different Devil Fruit, Luffy does not act like a complete idiot in this. Seriously, I don't think canon Luffy is actually as dumb as he acts. Devil Fruit will be explained at the end of the chapter, unless I forget. Sorry in advance if Law seems a bit OOC. (Or a lot. Depends on how bad you think it is.) Anyways, please enjoy and tell me what you think.

Luffy is about 10 months old in this first chapter. Oh, and before I forget, Law hasn't eaten his Devil Fruit yet.

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Porlogue: Hello Luffy.

An island in the North Blue-

He was tired of it, really he was tired. And not just physically, mentally too. He could still remember it. The day his whole life changed.

He could still remember it, the blood, the screaming, the fire. The fire and blood were the most vivid of his memories of that day. It was a nightmare, and he was mentally still trapped in it.

He had lost all of his family, both his mother and his father, in that horrible attack. They had been docters when they were alive, and boy was Law proud of them. Or had been. Now they weren't around to make Law proud. They were gone, dead, just like all the others from his village. All brutally killed by marines. He wouldn't forgive them, not ever. He'd make sure they all payed, but he had to get stronger first.

He didn't how he would go about doing that. So the first thing on his list, was getting his priorities straight. He'd find out how to get stronger first, then he'd go about becoming strong enough. And last, he'd hunt down the murderers that had killed his family and friends. But then what would he do after that? Meh, he'd figure it out when he finally got that far. He had more important things to worry about.

Waah! Waaaah!

Like he had said before, he had more important things to worry about.

Like what the hell was a baby doing in this godforsaken jungle. He was no longer on the island where his village used to be, and from what he could understand, this island was, for as far as he could tell, uninhabited. Appearently there was life here besides himself.

More crying. He needed to find that baby, maybe it had family, unlike him. They'd probably be worried. But wait. 'What kind of family leaves a baby all by themselves?'

Yep, he defintely needed to check this out.

Sometime later-

It had taken him awhile to find the source of the wailing, but he found it. A baby, a baby girl from the looks of it, was laying in a basket, floating precariously in the water. He fished the basket, baby and all, out of the salty water and brought it to dry land. Again, he had to ask, what was a baby doing floating in the ocean?

"Hey there. My names Law, Trafalgar Law." The baby ceased crying immediately and started giggling happily, obviously glad to see a human face. "For someone who had to be fished out of the ocean, you sure are a happy baby." Law found himself saying to the baby. He offered his finger, and the baby grabbed hold of it, her grip so tight, Law wasn't completely sure if he could ever get his finger back. The baby giggled at his expression again, easily entertained just be the faces he was making.

"So what's your name huh? Let's see. And no grabbing my hat." he warned the infant, not completely sure if she would understand him or not. She must have, as she only squirmed slightly as he reached into the basket to see if he could find the child's name somewhere in or on it. She mae no move to grab his hat, though she looked like she wanted to, a lot.

"Well at least you listen." Law stated absentmindedly. He was wondering why in the world he would be talking to an infant. She couldn't have been much older then 10 months. She couldn't understand him yet, let alone talk.

The baby made another noise, before performing what Law could only describe as rolling half-way over, revealing a name sewn into her blanket.

"Well, hello. Maybe you can understand what I'm saying." Law said as he looked at the infant. She gave a drooly smile, causing Law to wrinkle his nose up, which only resulted in another entertained giggle from the baby. "You're just full of laughs...Luffy." The baby looked at him at the last part.

"So your name is Luffy, huh? Doesn't sound like a girl's name, more like a boy...'Least in my head it does. But you seem to like your name." Law looked at the baby, before carefully picking her up. Luffy giggled a bit louder then she had been doing before. She was even more happy, as she even bothered to smile, this time minus the drool, which was temperarily substituted for a spit bubble that made Luffy giggle even more. "Yep, definitely a happy baby." Law said with a nod. He carefully moved her so that she was sitting in his lap, her head resting on his shoulder. She gave a tired yawn, before slowly beginning to nod off.

"Hey, no falling asleep just yet!...Where's your family huh?" Law asked with a sigh, "Don't they care that you're missing?" Luffy shuffled a bit, giving another yawn before cooing slightly.

"All alone huh? Just like me...Well not anymore!" Law said determinedly. "I'll be your big brother, and you can be my little sister. That way, we're not alone anymore. We'll be each other's family." Law nodded his head as Luffy looked at him. Her big brown eyes showing that she was tired, but still paying attention to him. Suddenly she began making noises, which became slightly clearer the harder she tried.

"L-L-L-Law...B-Br-Bro-Brother..." She giggled before settling back down into what had become a very comfy position. Soon her breathing evened out, leaving Law alone to his thoughts.

"I thougth babies weren't supposed to be able to talk until they were twelve months old at least, and it's not even supposed to be elligible...Oh well. Better a smart baby then no baby, I guess." Law stated as he carefully picked Luffy up again, gently laying her back down into the basket, before picking it up and going off into the forest again. He'd need to find food soon. Luffy would be hungry when she woke up from her sleep, or was she taking a nap?

Anyways, it looks like he had to reassese his priorities.

First things first, raise Luffy. Revenge could wait, heck, Law could care less about it now. He would never forgive the marines for what they did, but right now, Law had more important things to worry about. His new little sister needed him. He could do without his revenge, as long as she was okay.

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