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Episode Summary: Law and Luffy over the past 11 years! Enjoy!

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Episode 1: Trafalgar Luffy!

Law: 9 years old

Luffy: 2 years old

Luffy was smart, Law knew that. He made it his personal mission to tell her that every single day, because lord knew nobody else understood that. The other kids kept calling her stupid, and the adults treated her like any other child her age, like she couldn't understand half of what they were saying. But Luffy understood, she had understood him when she was an infant, and without a doubt, could understand them as well.

So it really pissed Law off when Luffy, his little sister, had come up to him one day, and asked,

"Nii-kun...I'm I stupid?" Law blinked, and then blinked some more, before he got down to Luffy's eye level, and spoke to her.

"Luffy, who told you that?"

"Some boys in town said I was stupid. So am I?"

Law sighed, making a silent note to himself to beat up whoever it was that had called his little sister an idiot.

"Luffy, you are not and never will be stupid. You may act like it, but you are not stupid."

"But Law...The adults talk to me like I am."

"Their dumb! Luffy listen to me." He picked up his younger sister and placed her in his lap. "You are smart, you are not and never will be an idiot. Everyone else, all those people who can't see just how brilliant you are, they are all the dumb ones. Do you understand Lu?" Luffy was silent, thinking over his words, before nodding.

"Yeah, I am smart. Not stupid, everyone else is, 'cept Nii-kun. Nii-kun can see that I'm smart." Law smiled, that was why Luffy was smart. She would remember what he said, she understood. She learned, and absorbed the things that were taught to her like a sponge.

She was smart, not dumb. And Law would always be there to tell her that.



"Can I keep it?" Luffy suddenly brought out a white polar bear cub. It cooed as Luffy grinned mischievously. "Well?"

"Fine..." Luffy gave a very girly squel as she jumped up and down. "We need to name him." Law said, having noticed that it was indeed a boy bear, and knowing Luffy, if he didn't point out the gender, she'd call him a she and give him a really girly name.

"A boy huh...Bepo." She stated simply. Law thought for a moment before grinning,

"Yeah, Bepo's a good name." To this day, he still doesn't know how she got that bear and where.

Law: 12 years old

Luffy: 6 years old

Law had never expected it. Really he hadn't. How was he supposed to know that when he left Luffy alone with nothing to do, for four or so hours, she would read every single book in the house. Including the dictionaries, especially the ones with all the medical terms in it that he was sure that though Luffy was smart (Luffy would always be smart.), he didn't think she would be able to understand all the words in it. Most of them she still couldn't pronounce.

"Luffy...Did you really read every single book in the house?" Law aksed warily, not even he could do that. And in under four hours no less.

"Yep, we need new books." Law just nodded. His sister was far smarter then he realized initially. Maybe he out to have one of those IQ tests done on her...Nah. Too much trouble, besides, Luffy wouldn't sit still for it.

"I'm smart, right Nii-kun?" Law smiled at Luffy, helping her stand up.

"Yes Luffy, you are very smart."

"What about Bepo?" Law chuckled, somehow,t hey had taught the bear cub to talk human language. He was smart too.

"Bepo's smart too." Law answered, "Where is Bepo Lu?" Luffy blinked, which was never a good sign.

"Uh...i think I lost him in the kitchen." Law blanched as he stood up. Time to go bear hunting, no pun intended.

"To the kitchen!" Luffy declared from behind him, before summarily leaping onto his back, finger pointed in whatever direction she pleased. "Mush puppy!"

"I'm not a dog Lu."

"You could at least pretend..." Luffy said pathetically. Law sighed before making sure his sister wouldn't fall off while he was giving her her piggy back ride.

"Time to find Bepo, let's go."

Law: 14 years old

Luffy: 8 years old

Law had been studying to be a doctor, he still was. But he was thinking of maybe going for another profession too, something he could do while still being a doctor. His siter was obsessed with Pirates, where she had heard of them, he had no idea. But she kept going on, and on, and on about how she was going to be "King of the Pirates". It was amusing, but he knew that despite her age, she was dead serious.

Luffy was always serious when she talked about her dreams. They were important to her after all, and Law ould never joke about it, at least, most of the time he wouldn't.

"Hey Nii-kun?"

"Yeah Lu?" Law was currently busy, dissecting a dead frog his sister had brought back from one of her adventures in the forest, how she hadn't gotten eaten yet was a mystery to him.

"What are you gonna be when you grow up?"

"A doctor." he said.

"What else?"

"Waht do you mean?" Luffy laughed, as if it was the silliest question she had ever heard. She was still a happy baby, or rather, a happy child.

"You can still be a doctor, but you could also be something else at the same time. Like a...Like a pirate doctor!" Luffy stated after some thought.

"A pirate doctor?"

"Yeah, a pirate doctor. It's a doctor who's also a pirate!"

"Ah..." Law went back to his dissection when he head the sound of somebody eating fruit, wait a minute, they didn't have fruit at the house. "Luffy what are you...Oh no..."

"What?" Luffy asked after she had eaten the fruit.

"Luffy...What did you just eat?" Luffy got out of her seat and went to go find some blank paper. She came back, and drew a picture. It was a far better way for her to explain things to her brother, she wasn't good when it came to explaining things with words. It got confusing.

Law's eyes widened at the picture she had drawn. There were swirls all over it, and it was a very odd color. Last time Law had checked though, the only type of fruits out there with swirls and odd colors, were Devil Fruits.

"Luffy are you sure that was what you ate?" Luffy nodded, no doubt. "Luffy! You jsut ate a Devil Fruit! Now you can't swim! And lord knows what ability that thing gave you!" Law immediately got up and went to calm down his now panicking sister. He sighed as Luffy calmed down. She caused trouble. She was smart, and his little sister, but she caused trouble. Then again, that's what made Luffy, Luffy. His littler sister, and he wouldn't replace her for the world.

"B-but Nii-kun..."

"Shh, it's okay. Well, you can't be a good pirate unless you know how to swim...But then again, you still can. Since when has not being able to do something ever stopped you right?" Law asked as he gave his youngersister a pat on the head. "We'll just have to make you a pirate that never falls over board right?" Luffy brightened visibly, now smiling with the surety that she oculd sitll become a great pirate.


"Now where'd you get that fruit, huh?" Luffy looked a bit guilty but answered,

"I stole it."

"From who?"

"Some idiot marines who weren't payi8ng attention. And actually, I stole two Devil Fruits. I only ate one of them though."

"Ha! Figures. So where's the other?"

"Right here." she handed it to him.

"How about I keep this? Who knows, maybe I'll eat it one day, then we can both have Devil Fruit powers." Luffy nodded enthusiastically. Law was joking when he had said that last part, that is until he actually ate it. How was he supposed to know that he'd accidently swallow it whole in his sleep. He's lucky he didn't choke. It's a good thing Luffy had taught Bepo the heinlich manuever.

Law: 17 years old

Luffy: 11 years old

Law smirked. He couldn't help it. His Devil Fruit powers were amazing, and he had pretty good control over them, his little sister also had hers down as best as she could at the moment. What was funny though, was Luffy's ability, though it hadn't stemmed from a Devil Fruit, to cause people to sorely underestimate her. She may be eleven years old, but dang if she didn't pack a punch.

"So I guess now we get this nice submarine, right?" The man they had been fighting was a snob, stand-offish and filthy rich. He had bought a nice submarine, and it just so happened that Law needed a ship. Law had decided to become a pirate, and still keep his dream profession as a doctor. Luffy had at some point altered her dreams so that instead of her becoming "King of the Pirates", she'd make her big brother Pirate King. Law didn't care what she did as long as she was safe and happy.

But really, this man should have known. It wasn't a bright idea to insult a little sister, especially when her big brother was around. Bepo stood next to Luffy, nibbling on his paw slightly, before speaking,

"We're taking the ship now-"

"AAHH! Talking be-GAH!" Luffy blinked, arm outstretched from throwing the well aimed wrench that had rebounded off the idiot rich man's head, a decent and effective way to shut him up.

"Sorry." Bepo apologized again, only to be swatted upside the head by Luffy.

"Don't apologize! Bepo is smart, that man's just jealous!" Bepo nodded as he watched Law check the man's head for any serious injuries.

"Well, no visible problems...Let's just go before we get blamed for murder, when the guy's not really dead to begin with. Luffy see if you can get the submarine started. We're leaving." Luffy gave a mock salute before clambering aboard the submarine, Bepo following shortly after her. "See you Rich Guy-ya. Thanks for the sub!" Law called as he boarded as well. The hatchet closed and not soon after, the submarine sank below the ocean.

A/N. Thanks for reading, and if you're wondering about Luffy's Devil Fruit, it's actually very simple. Luffy's Devil Fruit is Paramecia Class, it's actually the same fruit Sabo has in my One Piece: The Birds of Flame fanfic. The Walk Walk Fruit. Luffy can walk or run, basically manuever across any surface as if were flat land, even water. If she wanted to, and you know she does this repeatedly, she could even walk upside down.

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