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11. Becoming normal

Smiling softly she closed her eyes, her chin still resting on his shoulder while her hand gently stroke the back of his neck. Dying at his hands, after all, was infinitely better than a slow, painful death. Moments passed and finally she opened her eyes, aiming to ask him what held him back. Yet when her body moved slightly forward, she understood... his hand hadn't gone through her. Had he not used force at all, or had he merely stopped at the last moment, being unable to kill her?

Ulquiorra found himself stopped by... a Hierro? She was no Hollow... how did she have a Hierro? He was skeptical, but it couldn't be denied, since he'd felt and seen it for himself.

"Shizuka... are you still in pain?"

That, of course, would mean the difference between another, stronger attempt at impaling her, and simply dressing the both of them so they could go report to Aizen...

"I think... I'm better now..."

She could feel her senses sharpening to the point where she felt her organs healing. Her reiatsu spiked upward though it didn't decrease anymore, instead becoming more like Ulquiorra's. Her body was apparently not breaking, it was merely changing. Even as she spoke her hair grew longer... long enough to cover her bare rump, something similar to a pair of horns now protruding her scalp at the top of her head.

He felt relief welling up within himself, though astonishment came to his face as she changed.

"Shi... zuka..."

She wasn't dying, but she was becoming a Hollow... and a strong one... before his very eyes. They could stay together, he hoped, since he didn't know how Aizen would react to that. Finally leaning back from him, she gave him a look somewhere in between fright and curiosity. But it seemed he had no answer for her that time... her flesh cracked around the hole in her chest, yet along with her blood that spilled out from the wounds, came a black reiatsu with a faint greenish shade, before the muscle and skin there healed without any trace. She barely had enough time to move off him when black fur covered the lower half of her breasts, a thin strand of it trailing down her abdomen to her groin which it covered in the form of panties.

"What... what's happening... to me?"

"You are becoming a Hollow... you apparently could not undergo the change without a catalyst. I gave you that catalyst."

He locked eyes with her as he said that. It was there, for once... happiness. Hope. She was frightened, he could tell, but his hand moved to her cheek, stroking it soothingly to settle her down.

Narrowing her eyes in thought for a moment, she then felt her cheeks warming up again.

"You mean... I had to sleep with you... to become a Hollow?"

Apparently her personality and memory had remained unchanged, a thing she was most grateful for.

"There may have been some other method... but that is the one that succeeded. We should bathe, dress, and go visit Aizen-sama."

Yes, bathe, considering they smelled as if they'd rolled into a little ball and sexed each other senseless for about a day... he knew that wouldn't be a pleasant addition to their respective presences.

"I'd rather smell like this than stink of wet fur." she said trailing her fingers over the soft black strand that crossed her abdomen.

At some point, however, she felt something rubbing against her ass. When she reached back she was startled by the feeling of something thin and... alive? She nearly jumped into Ulquiorra's arms, though she tilted her head somewhat at the sight of what looked like a thin, leathery black tail sprawled out onto the sheets.

"I... have a tail?" she blinked grasping it and examining the texture while she now leaned against his chest.

Ulquiorra tipped his head to the side as he looked her over, analyzing her.

"...It would seem that you've become the same as I. That is similar to my true form..."

He wouldn't tell her too much about it, beyond that. Yet, that meant that she had the potential to grow as strong as him... he would train her, so that she might. That way, Nnoitra would think twice before trying to terrorize and rape her again. Looking up at him she pondered for a moment.

"So... does that mean we can be... mates?"

She'd hesitated in choosing between mates and lovers, but in the end the first seemed more appropriate since they weren't human. Somewhat smiling at that thought, she leaned up to kiss his jaw line. He nearly blinked at the idea, before giving his response.

"...Yes. I would have you as my mate."

It was all he'd said as he wrapped his arms around her, taking the chance to hold her just a bit more firmly than her delicate human body would have allowed him. Besides, as strong as she was now, the same amounts of pressure would most likely not even register against her Hierro.

Offering him the next smile she settled her arms around his waist, in an embrace that would have shattered a human's bones, but to him would only feel firm enough to let him know she still wanted him, regardless of her changes. Ulquiorra could feel it... he'd almost smiled. Almost. But, maybe Aizen could wait...

Now, he laid Shizuka down, resting on top of her to press their bodies together and cuddle with her. Brushing away the dried blood from her chin with his hand, the Cuatra Espada passionately kissed her. Saying the word love was a challenge for him, but showing her that it was indeed there, took no effort at all.

Smiling she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing into the kiss. Finally he didn't have to hold back when touching her... he could do it relaxed, knowing that he couldn't hurt her anymore, unless he wished to. As if heeding her unspoken desire, the fur molded into what looked like liquid reiatsu which retreated inside her body, leaving her skin exposed for him.

The feeling of that fur disappearing into her and leaving only flesh, created a spark of desire in him that reflected in their locked lips. She tasted so good, and best of all, his anxiety was indeed gone, which meant one thing... if they ended up mating again, he was going to pound Shizuka like he had wanted, but could not, before.

Spreading her legs underneath him, she brushed her inner thighs against his hips before setting the soles of her feet on his rump, gently massaging the muscles there. She had wanted him to show her just what it meant to mate an Arrancar, and her intuition told her she was going to get exactly what she wanted that time around. Feeling his groin pressed to hers, he rubbed his testicles slightly against her slit, careful due to the sensitive nature of that part of his body. Ulquiorra supported himself with one hand then, extending the other to caress her cheek without interrupting the interaction of their lips.

When her folds twitched at the stimulation, Shizuka exhaled a soft moan into his mouth. The hand she'd used to stroke the back of his neck now gently grasped his hair. At the same time she arched her back to tease his chest with her breasts before playfully nibbling, tugging and licking along his lower lip.

As she pulled on his lip, Ulquiorra pressed and rubbed her breasts with his own chest, curving his body against hers to continue massaging her womanhood with his testicles, bringing himself to arousal in the process. When she released his lip from her teeth and began licking at it, he opened his mouth and immediately took in her tongue, taunting it with his own. The thought of pounding her senseless was certainly an aid in the rate at which his erection was growing against her.

Pressing the soles of her feet against his ass, she felt her muscles tensing in pleasure. She willingly abandoned her tongue to him, but at the same time her hips moved upward, trapping his member in between their bodies. Forsaking the pleasure he was giving to her womanhood she lightly began to rub her lower abdomen against his, teasing his member to further arouse him, her skin now slick from the fluids that dripped from his body.

He sighed in pleasure at that, adding slightly to the pressure, so as to bring himself to maximum size even faster. Yet, he was already thinking of new, different ways to please Shizuka... there had to be a few things he could do for her, though he wasn't going to go ask someone else. It was none of their business, what they did in his bed. Even now, their tongues wrestled and twirled, a sound of appreciation for her taste rising from his lungs.

A smile tugged at her lips when she heard his pleasure dripping from his voice. It sent a slight shiver along her spine and made her press even closer to him. Once he was fully erect she reached in between their bodies, her fingers gingerly touching against the tip, becoming tangled in the sticky fluids that now lubricated her skin as well as his member.

When she touched the head it slightly twitched, though he didn't make a sound. Instead, Ulquiorra lifted his chest from hers, allowing his left hand to go for her breast, teasingly brushing her nipple before he palmed the bottom of her breast, raising and playfully squeezing it. The pleasure surged though her body at that, a soft moan escaping her lips into his mouth... apparently her breasts were as sensitive as they'd been even while she'd been alive. Her nails lightly pressed against the head of his member; since he'd taken her by surprise with that, she hadn't yet pulled her hand away.

He gasped in surprise as he felt her nails, but no real pain, and thus leaned back. Based on her reaction, Ulquiorra knew he could get a few moans out of her just by teasing both breasts at once, since he knew she wouldn't dig into his member with those claw like nails... moving his other hand to her previously vacant breast, his palms slid over Shizuka's nipples, then began to massage her.

Feeling her muscles tensing, Shizuka chose to abandon his member for now, in favor of sinking her nails into the sheets. Her head pressed into the pillow, while her back arched pushing her breasts harder against his hands.

"Ul... quiorra..."

For a moment she was astounded by her own voice. Had she really said his name on that lewd tone? She'd never done that before, with any man. His eyes actually gained a gleam at the sound of her voice. It seemed that real pleasure wasn't always given by sexual contact of the penetrative kind... now, as he played with her body, he freed one nipple, replacing the hand that had been over it, with his warm, moistened lips. Tenderly pinching it between his lips, he started to suck on the nipple, the fingertips of his hand moving down her side.

Moaning again, Shizuka actually had to take a moment to keep herself from squirming. Her juices were already overflowing by now and she would've liked nothing better than to have him ramming into her until she passed out. But it was just as important for him to learn about her body. Lowering her gaze to him she couldn't hold back a loving smile, despite her moans, one of her hands moving to slide through his hair.

Ulquiorra's fingertips slid down her hip, crossing her thigh. Rather than pushing into her sex, he allowed his fingers to simply rub along the surface, with a gentle touch. She was so wet... he had to wonder how it would feel to enter her at that moment, but he was focused on experimenting to learn about her, instead of taking refuge in one known method of satisfying her.

Her folds twitched against his fingers, Shizuka's nails lightly pressing against his scalp while the rest of her body tensed a bit more at the new pleasure source while her moans slightly increased in volume. At that rate it wouldn't be long before his fingers became as slick as his member. Lowering one leg she moved her toes to his groin, teasingly sliding them along his shaft to keep his arousal at a constant high.

She would find success in keeping him prepared to enter her, though when he detected the rising pleasure from her, Ulquiorra ceased all action aside from affectionately caressing her foot and moving it aside. Testing her with his tip, he internally smiled before driving himself into her somewhat harshly, gasping at the sensation of doing so. He would experiment more with her next time they made love. For now, resisting her had just proven impossible...

Her eyes widened at his rough entry, a startled moan escaping her lips. He'd almost thrown her right into an orgasm just by entering her, thus it took her a moment to recompose herself. Reaching to him she gently grasped his hands, intertwining their fingers together. Not only did it show her affections toward him, it also helped to keep her from sliding too far against the silky sheets when he would start thrusting. After all she didn't want his member slipping out of her by accident and interrupting their pleasure. His fingers curled to the back of Shizuka's hands, before he shifted closer, so as to firmly lock himself within her folds. Then, he began to slightly moan as he roughly took her, taking full advantage of the fact of her newly empowered body.

"Mm, Shizuka..."

He'd had absolutely no control of those words, but just didn't care... if she was willing to give her body, he was going to enjoy her. Her back arched again when she moaned for him, pushing her chest upward as if to make sure he got a perfect view of her breasts bouncing in time with his thrusts. Her muscles tensed forcing her to press her nails into his hands, while her legs locked around his waist to further ensure that she didn't slide too far away from him.

Each thrust seemed to go deeper and deeper, though that was intentional, on his part. His eyes set on her flawless form, he watched her breasts and other curves, before he glanced upon her visage. Now, however, he slammed against and ultimately through her cervix, impacting against the back of her womb, causing a slap of their groins. With each thrust came more, somewhat louder sounds, since he wasn't taking it easy on his mate that time around.

A sound somewhere between a moan and a scream of pleasure left her lips at that, her folds and inner muscles tightening around him with a force that would have crushed a normal man's member. Her very womb now twitched around the head, her body barely holding back from climaxing. She didn't regret that she'd finally turned into a Hollow because of him... he was worth it and though he'd lost his heart so many centuries before, he made her feel more wanted and needed than any other man she'd ever met.

He let out a moan of his own, a gasp following afterward. By now, he was nearly breathless, and his eyes had darkened with lust, as they did when he wasn't far from his peak. The twitches and movements of her muscles told him that she would release sooner than he would, but Ulquiorra didn't mind. It would just mean that he'd done quite well in pleasuring her, and it would encourage him to do better each time.

Indeed, just a few minutes afterwards Shizuka reached her second orgasm which left her unable to even draw breath for a short while. Her folds now violently throbbed around his member, the muscles massaging it in such a way that it seemed her body was trying to pull him in even deeper, despite the fact that he'd reached the very back of her womb. At the same time, her voice came out with her breath, echoing in his tower when she screamed his name.

He hadn't been ready to let go of his orgasm yet, though something about the combination of her stroking, sucking muscles and her voice threw him well over the edge and ended his ability to speak. His eyes rolled back as he released, that time generally a much better climax that made him tremble even more. When he felt his own seed spraying back against him, Ulquiorra moaned before his body bent to rest atop Shizuka, his arms sliding around her.

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