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Summary: When a group of friends decide to take a personality quiz that doubles as a dating service, things get very interesting for the friends who are clearly NOT interested! SasuNaru; NejiGaara and others.

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"So from all I have said, it can be concluded that the French revolution occurred primarily because of the vast difference between the haves and the have-nots of the French society. This difference was made worse by the treatment the nobility doled out to the members of the lower class or the proletariat and the insensitivity of the crown to the plight of the people; case in point being the insensitive words of Marie Antoinette to the serfs telling them to eat cake if they cannot afford to eat bread. Now, as for the writers like Voltaire..."

Naruto zoned off at this point as Iruka Sensei continued to drone on about the French revolution. As far as he was concerned, he had no business with something that had happened centuries ago. Besides, if he had lived in France at that time, he probably would have been killed or something, After all, it's not like he was poor or anything. Nobody that attended the University of Konoha could be as poor as the French serfs. If they were as poor as the serfs, then they could certainly not afford the tuition fees of the university. That did not include accommodation fees, expenses incurred when purchasing textbooks, money spent on feeding and day to day living, etc. So, why were they learning about this useless revolution again? Oh yes; Iruka Sensei was merely doing his job and it was History 314 after all. No one could blame the man.

Naruto turned to his right and marvelled at Shikamaru and how he could sleep so effortlessly everyday in class. Shikamaru always got away with sleeping all the time, while he always got scolded just for closing his eyes in class. Who cared that Shikamaru had a super high IQ? Also, who cared that Iruka Sensei was a close friend of the family? Naruto felt that he should be able to sleep if he wanted to. Why Shikamaru should be left to do as he liked while Naruto could not enjoy the same privileges just because he was not as smart as the genius baffled the blonde. Also, why was Iruka Sensei acting like he was his baby-sitter? What the hell was the whole point of being an adult in a university if he was not allowed to do what he damn well pleased?

To his left luckily for him were windows that showed the beautiful orchard that the school authorities had planted to beautify the school. The leaves were turning a brilliant orange and were falling gently to the ground. The koi pond that was just by the entrance to the orchard sparkled brilliantly in the sun while baby birds with their cute faces were peeking from behind the leaves and chirping happily; everything added a serene feel to the environment. Naruto inhaled deeply and took in the fragrance that was fall, his favourite season of the year.

With a discreet glance, Naruto stared at his wristwatch and was relieved to discover that there was only about two minutes left before the end of the class. Knowing Iruka Sensei's routine well, and aware that he would probably be telling the students something important at the moment, Naruto paid attention to the rest of the lecture.

"So for your assignment, which is to be submitted on Friday, I want you all to write an essay explaining your beliefs about the French revolution and what could have been done to prevent it. I want you to draw conclusions between the revolution and any other revolution that might have happened in another part of the world. Also, link your findings to the present day and see if instances of what happened in France before the revolution are happening in Konoha today. Do not forget to use your notes and give some background information about the revolution. This assignment will constitute forty percent of your final grade so my advice for you all is that you should take your time with it and do it well. Class is dismissed".

With a sigh, Naruto stuffed his note in his backpack and walked slowly out of the class; his mind already spinning about how he would work on the assignment.

An arm slung over his shoulder and a snort indicated that Kiba had joined him.

"Seriously man, you need to lighten up. Looking like this, people will assume that maybe your pet died or something".

"I'm just thinking about the assignment Iruka sensei gave us in history class. It is going to take a long time to work on it and it will not be so easy to do. Also, I don't know what angle I should approach the essay from that will make it somewhat unique".

"The assignment is troublesome Naruto. I don't know why you're getting worked up over it. Just push it to the back of your mind. When the time is right, inspiration will come and you will do it well."

"The only thing you know is to complain that everything is troublesome Shikamaru. Yet at the end of the day, your assignment will end up being one of the best if not the best in class. Listening to you about this is bad advice unless I'm aiming to score fail the assignment", Naruto grumbled with his arms crossed and his face squeezed into an expression of dissatisfaction.

While they walked, the final addition to their group; a red-haired boy who was quiet most of the time nodded to Naruto and continued walking with them.

"Gaara, I learnt that Kankurou is receiving an award for his creation of a robot prototype that can carry out chores, shop and defend a family. I wish I had something like that. It will be so convenient for me. Better yet, I wish I had a robot that could work on my assignments for me". With those words, Naruto's face that had initially brightened at the thought of the amazing robot went back to being gloomy.

"I can talk to Kankurou and ask him if he can create the robot that can help you with your chores; but for your assignment, you are going to have to handle that on your own" Gaara retorted in a soft voice, smiling slightly at his friend's stumped look.

"Come on Naruto" Kiba stated as he pulled the blonde, "Let's go to Ichiraku's so I can treat you to some ramen".

"Yay for ramen. I want some ramen" and with those words, Naruto hurried along already dreaming and muttering about the wonders of ramen.

With a laugh, his friends followed behind him, each of them happy at the fact that it took very little to make Naruto happy.


With his mind partially divided, Sasuke paid attention to Kakashi Sensei and checked his e-mail at the same time. He was expecting a message from Itachi that was to contain the yearly report for the company they both owned major shares in: Akatsuki Corporation.

Akatsuki Corp dabbled in everything; from manufacturing to construction to even a clothing line. Investing in the business had definitely been a good idea and Sasuke even though he knew he would never admit it to his brother; was quite happy that he had listened to Itachi when he suggested that they should invest part of the money the inherited from their dead parents in the then new corporation. It was a risk that they both took and it had most certainly paid off after all.

After scrolling down the list of junk mail, Sasuke spotted the much anticipated e-mail with the title: Yearly Report. He opened it and the figures he saw made him smile.

It has definitely been a good year for Akatsuki Corporation and my bank account. I am richer than I was last year and if this trend continues, I will only get richer as the years progress. Hmm; I think it's time for me to talk with Itachi about his suggestion that we should invest in Konoha Railway Company. That might be another wise business decision.

With that thought in his mind, Sasuke hurriedly composed a message to his brother; asking him to set a day for them to meet and talk about their investments.

After sending the message, Sasuke looked up and made some more jottings. Kakashi was talking about marketing strategies and their relevance to the success of the marketing process. Sasuke made some notes about different marketing strategies that Akatsuki Corp had made and how the strategies had helped to increase the profit margin of the company. He also made some notes about the troubles that the company had run into with some of the strategies and how the marketing mix had been tweaked slightly to make everything work more smoothly.

After making the notes, Sasuke raised his head and looked at Neji who was sitting right in front of him and Temari who was sitting right beside him. The three of them were close friends and in some cases tended to think alike.

Temari was wearing a black fitted shirt and black Capri pants. She had on a red belt that sat snugly above her hips with red five inch heels on her feet. Her hair was bound in two simple ponytails that were that way so that she will be able to work without the hair strands disturbing her rather than for fashion. She looked effective and very serious and had the look of a woman who knew her own mind and what she wanted and would get it no matter what; an attitude that she developed because she was the oldest of three children and she had always had a take-charge attitude since she was a child.

Temari was busy with her i-Pad and she made notes on it as well as in her spiral notebook. She carried out both actions with a look of such intense concentration that would have made a smaller man look away or would terrified a lesser being. Sasuke merely smirked and turned his attention to his other friend: Neji.

Sasuke observed the pale eyed man who was studiously taking notes while simultaneously going through his palm pilot; obviously trying to organize the rest of his day. Sasuke laughed internally as he considered that the person who believed that only women could multitask efficiently had obviously not met him and his friends because they could have certainly given the individual a run for his money.

Neji unaware of the scrutiny his friend was giving him continued to work on his notes and his planner. Unknown to most people, Neji was the poster boy for the group of people who believed in working hard and playing harder. Because of this, most people who were not his friends saw him as either the serious student who took notes copiously in class and worked his ass off at the family business, or the party whore who could party harder than anyone else at the school. Outsiders were also not aware of the fact that Neji was very adept at manipulating people and events to reach his goal. So, if the situation called for him to be serious, then he would be serious, and if the situation called for him to be playful then no one could party as well as Neji. The Hyuuga heir had mastered the art of being able to enjoy and utilize both sides of his personality and this ability served him well in school, the real world and the corporate world.

It was therefore no wonder that both he and Sasuke were at the top of the class at Konoha Business School. It definitely explained the reason for the closeness of their bond as they were both similar in their dispositions, heirs to companies worth billions and had the desire to be the best and to be leaders in the corporate world. Going to business school was therefore a step in the right direction for the two of them and they definitely intended to take complete advantage of that opportunity. Temari was already running Sabaku Industries with her siblings and was clearly at the top already. All she wanted to do was to solidify her position.

A ping alerted Sasuke to the message in his inbox and as he silently noted that it was time for the class to end, he saw that Itachi had asked him to come to the penthouse on the weekend.

"Well, for your assignment, I want you all you all to form a group with three members each and each group must come up with a marketing strategy for our case study company Pakkun Enterprises who are makers of custom shoes. Do make sure that you consider all the factors necessary for an effective marketing strategy. Presentation will take place two months from now and I will determine later what percentage of your final grade your assignment will be".

It had been ten minutes since Kakashi had left and the students were busy discussing about their assignments and trying to sort themselves into groups. Of course Sasuke, Neji and Temari had decided unanimously to be in the same group and they were all at the back of the class trying to decide how they were going to work on the assignment.

"Well, the first order of business should be where we are going to meet because meeting in the classroom is not a plan to be considered" Sasuke stated as he stared at his two friends.

"Well, Neji's apartment is out because of the renovations being carried out in his building. Also, your apartment is out Sasuke because you have not really finished unpacking and I do not intend to spend our study sessions sitting on floral mats while pretending that I am living in the middle of a jungle somewhere. That leaves my apartment. I will of course provide food for our first meeting but subsequent meetings after that will have each of us rotating the food duty".

"Well that is okay with me. How about we meet at your house tonight at eight Temari, to discuss the assignment and how we will go about it" Sasuke suggested.

With a nod, the three friends departed with their plans to meet later in the evening pushed temporarily to the back of their minds as the hurried along to go to their next lecture for the day.


They were all gathered at Kiba's place because his mother agreed to cook dinner for them all. Naruto was thrilled because other than eating out at Ichiraku's place, he also loved eating at Kiba's place because his mother made the most amazing Cottage Pie ever made. Naruto and his friends were currently digging in with relish as they laughingly discussed about their day.

The entire house was filled with laughter and fun as everyone indulged in good wine, good food and good company. To Naruto's delight, even Akamaru, Kiba's puppy joined in the festivities as he ate portions out of everyone's pie, with happy yips indicating that he was quite thrilled at the state of things.

They finished their meal and the group of friends engaged in a friendly game of monopoly for a while. Naruto at this point discovered that he was not cut out to be in the real estate business and was not surprised that by the time they were rounding off the game, Shikamaru owned a large portion of the posh locations while Gaara owned the railroads and the amenities. Kiba was merely grumbling at his bad luck at playing the game and his sister just laughed at his lack of business acumen.

After the game, the four friends all retired to Kiba's room where they were all going to spend the night. None of them was feeling sleepy at all so Kiba decided that it was the perfect time to mention his sister's suggestion to his friends.

"So, have you all heard about this really cool website where you can take the most accurate personality quiz ever? The questions are funny and are asked in such a way that you have fun while taking the quiz. Also, I learnt that the results are so true that even the people that take it are amazed about how accurate the results are. The results state everything about your personality and your personal quirks and goals and tell you the personality type that will best match yours for a romantic pairing."

"So? It sounds like every other personality quiz out there Kiba. What makes this any different?" Naruto asked while staring at his friend who was totally giddy with excitement.

"Well, after you have taken the test, the website matches you with a member who would be the perfect match for you" Kiba squealed.

"So, why should we use a website to get dates? We are not so lame that we can't get dates on our own. So why should we consider an internet hook-up?" Gaara asked while staring in confusion at Kiba.

"The website merely helps us to narrow down those we can date. Besides it's not like we are forced to date the person we are matched with. We can just take the test and see our results and get to know the person that we are told is most compatible with us based on the results. We might even decide not to meet our compatible matches and we won't be penalized for it. Just consider it a fun game and let's all take the test. It won't hurt us anyway".

"Well okay then. It sounds like something fun to do and if your sister likes it then I'm sure she must have heard about some pretty hilarious results" Naruto stated while laughing hard at the thought of Kiba's sister receiving a result telling her that she would like spanking or something weird like that.

"I think it's troublesome that I'm friends with you lot. If I wasn't, then I won't be taking this troublesome test".

In unity, the four friends pulled out their laptops from their bags and switched it on. After connecting to the internet, they all logged in the web address for the personality quiz website which Kiba had gotten from his sister.

In one accord, they took the test. Gaara and Shikamaru took their time with answering the questions while Kiba and Naruto rushed through the questions like they were being chased by the hounds of hell. They only slowed down for some questions that were particularly kinky especially the ones that asked if they preferred lions or wolves and if they preferred to be spanked or to be the one carrying out the spanking. Naruto was of course very confused as he wondered what the two obviously different questions had in common and how they would be used to determine his personality. However, he shrugged and answered the questions the best way he could and continued answering the others.

Ten minutes later, the four friends were done with the quiz and spent about two minutes filling in their details and their e-mail addresses so that the website could send their results to the given addresses after the result had been compiled. According to the information they could see on the website, their results were to be ready after a week so as to ensure that they were given the most accurate information.

The four boys all looked at one another after they were done and merely nodded to indicate that they were done. They then proceeded to work a bit on their various assignments, while secretly wondering about what their results would be and who they would be paired up with when their results are sent to them.


"So, it has been decided. Neji, you will go to Pakkun Enterprises and find out what the company is about. I want us to know everything about the company; from its products, to its target market, to its budget for the strategy and its mission statement. I want us to be the group that has the most knowledge about the company and we will therefore be the ones that have the best presentation in the class. Temari, your job will be to visit the library to find out any external information about Pakkun enterprises and what they produce. I want the littlest details including information about how their products have been faring and if the company has ever had any problems with bad sales etcetera. I on the other hand will work on finding out all I can about Pakkun's major competitors and what their marketing strategies are and how effective these strategies have been for them. That way we will be able to design a marketing strategy that will not only help the company but will be able to do so without making some of the mistakes that the competitors of Pakkun Enterprises made when they were working on theirs. They obviously did something right and I want us to utilize it. All is fair in love, war and corporate domination".

"Wow. Now you've turned a simple assignment into one of your quests for global domination. Why am I not surprised Sasuke?" Temari asked with a smile as she continued to make notes about her own assigned role in the assignment.

"It's simple Temari. If this assignment goes well, not only will we get the best grades in the class, but we will help a failing company to get back on its feet and the experience we will gain will prove useful to us when we are working at our own companies" Neji answered without even giving Sasuke an opportunity to respond.

"Neji is right Temari. Besides if all goes well, I will suggest that we should invest a bit in the company. When it grows to be a major competitor in the creation of custom shoes for its consumers all over the world, we will reap the benefits".

"Well then, we are done with our assignment for today. I made us a simple meal of Potato and Broccoli Stir-fry; it is Wednesday after all and you both know that I eat my vegetables on Wednesdays only, and besides the meal is easy to cook and is not time consuming which suits me perfectly." Temari stated with a smile. "I have a bottle of red Bordeaux chilling in the fridge that will go splendidly well with the dish. So, Neji get some glasses from the cabinets. Sasuke, you can get the wine from the fridge while I will get our meal from the kitchen".

The three friends all retired to Temari's living room after they were done with the meal. Each of them had a glass of wine in one hand and held their phones with the other hand. For thirty minutes, they only sounds that broke the silence were the typing sounds and the sounds of them breathing.

Temari waited until things had quieted a bit before speaking to her friends. "An acquaintance of mine named Matsuri recently created a website that offers a personality quiz that doubles as a dating service. She has been trying to get me to invest in the business but I've held off because I want to test it out before committing to it".

"So, why are you informing us about this Temari?" Neji asked as he looked at Temari with confused eyes.

"Well, I want you both to also consider it as an investment option. It will not cost us much money. Also, Matsuri mentioned that it is free to join the website as members which will mean that more people will be willing to join since they are not paying anything to join the site. The money that will run the website will come from the investors and they will make their profits from the ads that will be run on the website. Also, the website will be able to match the members with their potential partners and also give them advice about products to use. So, for example if you agree to invest in the website Sasuke, then when the site is recommending theatres and restaurants that the newly matched couple can visit for their dates, then they will recommend Uchiha Corporation which specialises in that aspect of the service industry. Also, if the members want to make plans to travel to foreign locations or stay in hotels, then the Hyuuga Corporation will be recommended because the company owns several travel agencies and hotels around the world. It is a sound investment if it pulls through and like I said earlier, it will cost us very little".

"If it is so sound and will cost very little, then why do you want to test drive the personality quiz before investing in the website" Sasuke asked.

"Matsuri claims that the personality quiz is fun and accurate and I want to confirm it. You know me very well Sasuke. I won't invest my money in any business venture until I'm completely certain that it will pay off at the end of the day. The selling point for Matsuri is the accurateness of the quiz and I want to confirm that. According to the data she presented to me, the members of the website since its creation about six months ago have increased to about six hundred thousand people all over the world, and so far, about seventy-five percent of that number has been matched. I want to confirm for myself if that is true. I can't think of a better way to confirm this than for us three to take the test and see what the quiz is about from the eyes of the members and see how we are all going to make our money".

"Hmm. Well I think it's worth considering. Besides, it's not like we are making our investments immediately. Let's see what this quiz has to offer us and we will take it from there. So, what is the website Temari?" Sasuke asked while staring at the mural of the birth of Dionysus which Temari had on the wall of her living room.

"It's quiz to date dot com."

In unison, the three friends all turned to their i-Pads and logged into the website. Another long silence descended on the room as they all concentrated on taking the quiz. After answering the question and filling in their details, Neji broke the silence by addressing Temari, "your acquaintance was right. The test was easy to answer and fun too."

"Well, I guess we should call it a night. It's getting late and we do have classes tomorrow" Sasuke stated while stretching his lean frame. "Thank you for the meal, the wine and the conversation Temari. Our next meeting will be held in my house and hopefully by then, we will have accomplished much in terms of both our assignment and the website and I would have finished unpacking my things."

As the three friends all lay in their beds that night, they all wondered what the week after would bring and if truly they could meet their soul-mates through a website.


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