"So he hasn't been cursed yet?" Hallie asked as she watched Anya dusting away at the shelves of artifacts the Magic Box contained. She drummed her fingers on the table as she awaited her friend's answer.

"No, Hallie, I haven't cursed Xander yet." Anya replied as she lifted up some candles and ran her duster under them.

"Well, why not?"

"Because no one seems to want to wish any harm on him. It's all 'Xander's sorry.' 'Xander didn't mean it.' 'Xander still loves you.' No one cares that he left me. I'm the injured party here." She huffed as she slammed the candles back down and scooped up a demon skull to dust beneath it.

"Well, perhaps I could make an exception, you know, curse him myself? All you have to do is make a wish. Maybe we could make him look like Spike, that would be torture. He really dislikes that vampire."

"I don't want you to curse him, Hallie. It just feels.. wrong. I don't know. I mean, I want him to suffer like I did, I want him to hurt. But… I don't. But then again, maybe I should make him like Spike." She snorted as she picked a shiny green orb from it's stand and flitted the duster around underneath it. "I mean, Spike's like a puppy dog when it comes to Buffy. He's loyal, protective, doesn't lie. I mean, he follows her around all the time because he loves her." She set the orb down and looked at Hallie. "Xander never followed me around like that."

"You could always wish that…"

"No, Hallie,,,no. This is something I want you to stay out of. I…I have to go…" She spat as she threw the duster onto the table and stormed out the door. The demon sat there for a moment and then shrugged. With a snap of her fingers, she disappeared from sight.


Spike quietly pulled the door of the Summers kitchen open and stepped into the room, peering around to be sure no one had saw him. Dawn was at Janice's from what he had been told and Willow was at Tara's 'making up'. He shook the thought from his head and shut the door behind him. He poked his head around into the living room to see if the slayer was in there and saw nothing. Shrugging his coat from his shoulders, he threw it over the railing and made his way upstairs. As he approached the hallway he could here the shower running and Buffy walking around.

"Bugger." He muttered, quickening his pace. They needed o talk and he wouldn't get two words in if he walked in on her showering. She'd stake him in a second. He'd just have to grab her before she got in then, wouldn't he?

He began to make his way down the hallway but suddenly came to an abrupt stop. Something was wrong, he felt funny….

Placing a hand against the wall he steadied himself, his vision fading. He clenched his eyes shut, trying to throw of the strange feeling brewing inside him. It didn't help. He felt himself falling to the ground and his eyes shot back open.

Something was really wrong.

He went to climb back to his feet but found he couldn't. Looking down at his hands, he found….paws? A small whimper escaped his throat.

Wait, whimper?

Buffy's eyes shot to the door and she tightened the belt on her robe as her ears picked up on a large thump in the hallway. Her face scrunched up and she peered around the corner and into the darkness. "Hello?" She saw nothing in the darkened hallway and walked down a-ways, flicking on a light switch.

The graceful slayer let out a yelp as she tripped on something and fell to the floor. Rolling quickly onto her back and hopping to her feet, she took up a fighting stance and glared down at whatever being had dared enter her home.

Two big blue eyes looked up at her.

A puppy.



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