6666 part 1

Seems like Im starting to do so many unfinished storys,but then I heard that ace combat was in fanfiction,so after looking through the sections I realised that nobody had ever done a fic where The four aces (Garuda 1,Mobius 1,Ragzriz or wardog 1 and Galm 1)where the same I thought that I would do one where the man himself was extremely volient and had kids.

Well there we go,markings of something bloody its told in the fps of the deamons son.


Once again war had broken out,and my fathers tradition had been to set out as a merc and fly for cash.

In fact I just wanted to get away from him,the room I was billited in was so much more peaceful than home,the grass and fields outside was pleasant,nothing like the hell that my father had created.

Although this was my first action,my dad has trained me and you could say he was the best of the best,the greatest and most fearsome pilot that ever the most deadly,most bastardly and most dangerous man people in the mess often ask me,who my dad is so I tell are always impressed and ask me if hes a great man.

Though I hate everything about my dad,I need to keep up the appearances about him,not matter how much it then again I could just tell them to go to his fanclub.Or just stick a sidewinder up thier arse.I was in this airfield and in this country to get away from him,and to fight a war as a merc to gain cash so I would never see that arsehole again.

Yawning I got out of my bed and checked the time.Crap I need to get going.Pulling on my flight jacket and busting the door open,I flew across the corrider,passing nermous pilots who were too on thier way to the briefing room,but I was the fastest out of them all.At least running from you dad in a rage is a good thing as a ability.According to the instructers face when I slammed open the door,I should run in the olimypics.

"Am I late?"I asked exhausted,"Nope your early,have a seat"This was our daily ritual when I always come in early when I think Im around I saw that the room,which was filled with chairs and had a giant screen at the end was almost completly empty.

"I suppose the same thing is gonna happen again tommorow right?"I mumbled to myself before landing on a nearby seat.Hey this is quite comfetable.With a grunt the instructer basically said."You can sleep".So I did just that,after a night of restlessness I was finally able to gain some sleep before the next day of training began.


I was woken up after being prodded in the cheek by someone."Hey my cheeks dont like that"I groaned,as my groggy eyes fought to open.

"No sleepling silly"The person next to me giggeled and I realised that I had been asleep for too long.I opened my eyes to find out that nobody was looking at me,expect for the person next to me.

They were all looking at a newcomer standing next to the base the newcomer was stareing at ME!.Wait the person who prodded me awake is a girl?A pretty one at that.I looked at the girl next to me and I blushed heavily.Not just pretty but really pretty,wait I dont have a chance do I?.

"Hes looking at you"She whispered before turning away.I looked away in time just to see the newcomer point at me.".now".I have done something wrong havent I?.But yet that guy looks familer,like someone my dad would remember.

Yep so hopefully the next chapter will come along shortly,and can anyone guess who the newcomer is?.