6666 part 4!

Yup Ive been playing ace combat on Distant Thunder and playing on thing that bugs me is the Yellows on Farbantai.I can kill four and then the last guys missles me in the thing thank you for those two guys who flamed me.I really enjoyed reading your reviews and taking the carefully contruscted critism there.(Sarcasm).Seriously if you want to flame,then dont...Its annoying and takes up space that could be used for something else. Ace combat is for dogfights and we WILL get to that.I want to put a human element in this.

And on a note last whoever favourited this...thanks.I was going to delete this but when you did that,I realised that even if only one person likes this then Im doing it for that wont be a story,just a fill in of whats going on.

The State of Ustio has expanded to a massive country,engulfing Belka,Sapin,Osea and many this all the other large nations employed the help of a new ISAF.(INDEPENDANT STATES ALLIED FORCES).

When the new Ustio delcared its new empire as a legal state. International nations were quick to build a response.

Now more than 20years after the Belkan war,its looks like war has again broken out with Ustio...its just needs to be delcared.