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Chapter 31: Life Starts Now

It had been a little more than two weeks since Mikoto had confessed and turned Sasuke's world completely upside down. All of the press was making the police work harder to solve the case faster, like it did ten years prior. The fact worried Sasuke because he knew that when people worked fast they tended to make more mistakes and that was the last thing he wanted. He refused to accept the idea that Itachi could stay in jail because of the mistake of a detective.

"Sasuke," Naruto called as he watched his boyfriend pace the room. "Sasuke," he called again but was completely ignore. He sighed as he got up and stopped the dark haired man from walking. "Babe, calm down, every thing is going to be okay," he tried to assure him, but the look in the other man's eyes told him it wasn't working.

"Calm down?" Sasuke said erratically, "You expect me to calm down?" He was looking at him as if Naruto had grown a second head. "How can I calm down when the judge is looking over Itachi's case today? He's going to be making the decision that will decide if Itachi goes free or not," Naruto had never seen Sasuke act like he was acting at that moment. He was usually clam and collected, not worried and slightly crazy. However, it was to be expected when someone was making the decision like the judge was in only a few short hours.

"I know you're anxious to see how this will all play out, but I know it'll all be okay," he said, trying to calm the other man down. He pulled him into a hug and rubbed his back, hoping to make him relax a little.

"You can't possibly know that it will be okay," Sasuke said, being his stubborn self. "There are so many ways that this could play out. They could think that they worked together to kill him; or they might just throw what I said out the window because I was eight and they don't think it's a reliable source," he said as Naruto still tried to comfort him. "What if he doesn't get out of jail?" Sasuke asked quietly.

Naruto frowned at everything that was going on in Sasuke's mind. He knew that he was worried about his brother and only wondered how bad it'd be if he had to take the stand if his mother was charged with his father's murder. It was hard enough to relive it once and if his mother decided to fight going to jail and take back her initial confession then there might be a long fight ahead. "I promise everything will be okay."

"You shouldn't make promises that you can't keep," Sasuke said, always assuming the worst would happen. "We should get ready, I want to be there when the judge announces the verdict," he said, pulling himself free from Naruto's grasp. All Naruto could do was nod and hope for the best. He knew there was no way to calm Sasuke down; he just had to be there for him.


Naruto felt as if his hand were going to fall off because of how tight Sasuke was squeezing it. He didn't complain or even point it out, if that was what Sasuke needed to calm his nerves then he'd let him cut off all the circulation to his hand. He couldn't say any calming words to him as the judge walked in and commanded silence in the courtroom.

There were news crews waiting in front of the courthouse to find out the verdict because they wouldn't let them in the actual courtroom. Itachi sat calmly, not worrying about the verdict. He'd already been in jail for the past ten years; he knew he could handle it if the initial sentence wasn't overturned. He was more worried about if Sasuke could handle it. He look a quick glance back at his brother and knew that he wouldn't handle it well if the verdict didn't go the way he wanted. He only hoped that, if the decision didn't go well, his brother wouldn't join him in prison for assaulting a judge.

"After looking at the crime scene with the new information it is clear to me that Mr. Uchiha should not have been charged with the initial crime. There is much reasonable doubt so that one cannot be certain he was the culprit. However, manipulating a crime scene is still a crime and does not go unpunished," the judge stated. At that point Sasuke griped Naruto's hand tighter, if that were possible. "It is my decision that ten years is a long enough sentence for manipulating a crime scene and therefore Mr. Uchiha's prison sentence is hereby over; court adjourned," he said and it took all of Sasuke's self control to not jump up in joy.

He did release Naruto's hand, making the blond happy. He tried to get the feeling in his hand back, as Sasuke stood up. "I told you everything would be okay," Naruto said, but Sasuke wasn't listening. It was obvious that he was only concentrated on his brother, whom was now a free man.

Once Itachi was in reaching distance Sasuke immediately hugged his brother. He wasn't big on affection or touching but, like Naruto, his brother was an exception. "I'm happy too Sasuke," his brother said with one of his rare smiles, "But I do need to breathe." Sasuke let go and they proceeded out of the courthouse. There were cameras and newscasters asking questions, but they ignored them.


Kakashi was the first person they met up with after the decision had been made. The silver haired man was the current head of Uchiha Corporations since he used to be their father's right hand man. "It's good to see you Itachi," he said as they sat down for dinner. "I always had a feeling you didn't do it, but I couldn't get this one to talk," he said as he signaled to Sasuke. "I told him not to," Itachi said. "I figured that much," Kakashi told him. "I'm sure Sasuke has told you everything that's been going on in his life," he said and Itachi nodded.

"I'm sitting right here you know," Sasuke said, causing Naruto get let out a small laugh. When Sasuke glared at him he quickly shut up, but couldn't help but smile a little. "There was something you said you wanted to talk about," Sasuke reminded Kakashi, "and I really doubt it's about my life."

"You're right," Kakashi said before looking back at Itachi. "It's about Uchiha Corporations," he told him and Itachi suddenly looked interested. "I know you were able to work on schooling in jail, it's one thing they actually provide that's good," he said and Itachi just gave a short nod, the look on his face saying to get to the point. "I want you to take over the company, I'm really not the CEO type and technically your family still owns it."

"I'm not exactly trained to run a company," he said, as if to remind him that he'd just been in jail for ten years. He certainly was interested in taking back the company, but he also didn't want to run it into the ground. His father had been somewhat grooming him to take it over when he died, but that was when he was thirteen.

"I didn't say I'd just throw you in and feed you to the sharks," Kakashi said. Why would he want to be the CEO when he could go back to doing nothing and instead pretending to do something as Itachi's right hand man? "I would train you first, teach you all there is to know. It's not that hard really, you mostly let everyone else do the work and you just watch over them and give instructions," he said, "At least that's all I've been doing." Itachi just nodded again, agreeing to what Kakashi was saying. "One last thing you should know, with the sentence being overturned I'm working on getting all of your assets unfrozen, mainly the trust fund your parents had set up for you. If everything goes as planned you should have your money by the end of the week, but you know how slowly things can move so it may take longer," he told them. The rest of the dinner was more catching up and the small things he'd missed. Business talk was over for the night, though there was still a lot to do on that front.

After dinner Itachi started asking questions that Sasuke wasn't exactly comfortable with, "So, Kyuubi and Yukio, where are they?" Sasuke remained silent. "All I want to do is have a small conversation with them," he lied.

"You just got out of jail, I really don't want you to go back because of two idiots," Sasuke replied. Naruto decided to stay out of the conversation, mostly because he was on Itachi's side. He didn't need Sasuke to get annoyed with him as well. "Just drop it," he said as they walked toward the car.

"I said I just want to talk with them," Itachi said, but Sasuke didn't believe him for a minute. "Fine, but we'll continue this talk later," he told him; Sasuke just rolled his eyes at his brother's protectiveness. He stopped walking and pulled Naruto aside, making Sasuke stop as well, "You go ahead to the car, I just want to have a talk with Naruto."

Sasuke sighed; knowing there was no changing his mind. "Come on Kakashi," Sasuke said as they started walking again. "Just don't hurt him or traumatize him," he instructed before catching up to Kakashi.

Itachi gave him one glance and Naruto started to feel that he was much more intimidating than he remembered. Itachi liked the fact that the blond seemed to be completely terrified of him, that was the way that he wanted it; "So far you make my brother happy." Naruto didn't know where it was going, but he hoped it was somewhere good. "Therefore I have no reason not to like you, but if I were you I wouldn't change that fact," he warned, "Break his heart and I'll break your neck."

"Understood," Naruto said, trying not to show how nervous he truly was. Itachi just smirked and made his way to catch up to Sasuke and Kakashi. Naruto took a deep breath before joining the rest of them. He just hoped that Itachi never found out that he had sex with Sasuke; he didn't want to know what Itachi would think about that. Itachi took over protective to a whole other level.

"You alright?" Sasuke asked, slightly amused by how pale Naruto looked after his conversation with Itachi. He knew his brother could be intimidating; it was a skill that Itachi had perfected.

"Wonderful," Naruto said sarcastically. When he saw how happy Sasuke looked he couldn't help but smile. He hadn't seen Sasuke that happy ever, except maybe after sex. He knew it was going to be difficult down the road because of Sasuke's mother and anything else life may throw at them, but as long as they had happy moments like this everything would be okay. They had good friends and family and in the end that was truly all they needed.

The End.

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