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Chapter 56

This is What We Have To Do

[Ron's POV] [The Invincible's cockpit]

It's been awhile since the 12 of us escaped Terra, after Kuja's freak-out destruction of his home planet. I really couldn't believe he thinks that just because he has power over all of us, and that he has an expiration limit on his life that no one should be allowed to live as well. I don't know what everyone else thought, but to me Kuja's just a spoiled crybaby right now. And then he views himself as the Black Mage race for having a limit, and he doesn't get that everyone has a limit on their life. He really should have been there when I and the gang gave that speech to Garland, but then again he still wouldn't care.

"Hey Ron," I turned to see Dagger and Eiko walk up to me. "You feeling okay?" Eiko asked.

"Yes and no," I admitted. "But then again, knowing that Kuja's going mad out there and nearly killed us and his own race back in Terra."

"What about what Garland did to you after you beat Eclipse?" Dagger asked.

I sighed, "That's something I know I have to live with... I'm anxiously awaiting the moment I grow a tail..."

The girls giggled a bit, "It's almost like you're dreading that moment." Eiko laughed.

"It will be something to tell the folks back home," I shrugged. "Of course it'll be like I'm crazy to say I just came back from a video game world that's as real as my own."

"We got over it, so should you." The youngest Summoner explained. "After all, Lovrina still loves you after all the secrets you kept, and understood why you kept it for so long. I do, and the rest of us do."

"Yeah," I nodded, looking to Dagger. "But are you going to be okay? I mean, this is the..."

"I'm riding on the airship that killed both of my mothers and destroyed the birthplace of me, Eiko, and Lovrina..." She interrupted.

"Yeah, that..."

"Don't worry about it..." She assured him, "Kuja, Eclipse and Garland were the ones who chose to destroy. Not the ship. And I want to stop blaming my sorrow on other things... Plus, it would be like I'm blaming you for the events as well since you now control the ship." She then walked up closer to the window in front of us. "We must end this once and for all..."

"I heard that..." I look over my shoulder to see Zidane and Lovrina come in. "We just need to find out how we get into the Tree this time, without having Kuja's lackeys get the drop on us." Zidane stated.

"No chance," I replied. "With all the Mist hanging around, we'll be seeing wall-to-wall Mist Monsters and Monsters from Terra, and ones that stemmed from the Iifa Tree. And they are a lot more powerful than the ones we faced in the Mist Continent. I bet even those regular monsters are gone with the new arrivals."

"Genocide..." Lovrina noted. "That means everywhere in the world is going to be filled with these Zombies and otherworldly enemies that killed off the normal wildlife and even plant life would be destroyed."

"Not if you're above the Mist," Zidane noted. "And we're lucky that places like Alexandria and Treno are high enough so the Iifa Tree's roots would probably pass over it."

"That's a relief..." Dagger said, sighing. "Alexandria doesn't need any more bad things happening to it, and I hope the Black Mage Village is okay as well."

"It will be," I assured her. "Remember, they have a barrier that separates them from the rest of the world. None of those roots should have reached it..."

"But wasn't that barrier broken down by Kuja?" Lovrina asked.

"With the Black Mage's returning home after Mount Gulug, they've had time to repair it." I replied. "They'll be fine..."

(3rd POV) (Invincible – Interior)

Vivi, Freya, Amarant, and Lani looked over the entire population of the Genome Race, both looking worried for them all. Despite all of that, the Genome were never alarmed... the only time they showed acknowledgment was when they realized that their home planet was about to be destroyed on the surface.

"We were lucky that Zidane and Dagger were able to get the Genome's on board the ship," Freya said. "It must have been difficult to talk with them..."

"Yeah, but it's not their fault," Vivi stated. "From what Zidane and Ron told us, none of them knows about living an actual life and yet they are all logical thinkers."

"That's why they never gave a damn about anything we said and spouted all that nonsense," Amarant figured.

"All you did was challenge them to a fight," Lani scoffed. "Even with all your insults, they never lifted a finger." She then sighed. "It makes me wonder how they will survive in this world."

"With the Black Mages, they will help," Vivi assured them all. "I believe they are not so different from how they acted when Zidane, Ron, Dagger, Quina, Choco, and I first came to their village. They won't know what to do unless they try and learn."

"That's true..." the bounty huntress stated. "And in our predicament, there may not be enough time for all of that."

"Let's make time then," Freya replied. "They don't deserve meaningless lives..."

"Hell, no one deserves that..." Amarant added.

(Ron's POV)

After sometime later, we all arrived at the forest that led to the Black Mage Village. Lucky for us, we didn't have to go through the dead forest to reach the real forest. We put Quina's impromptu entrance from the bottom of the ship into good use and used the teleporter to transport ourselves down. Vivi and Zidane were the first ones to go, as they were planning to tell the leader about the situation while the rest of us waited with the Genomes. Quina explained how she stepped underneath the airship and was able to be transported inside before takeoff.

"Still, how did you end up underneath the airship?" I asked her.

"I chase after friends, but ground break under me," She stated. "Thought done for when rock try to smash me... I leap to rock that had symbol on it, and then arrive here."

"Wow..." I gasped. "Do you realize that all your life, you escape near-death? I mean Cleyra, the Outer Continent, and adding with all the things we did... you're the strongest Qu!"

"He does have a point," Lovrina pointed out. "If everything you've been through resulted in death for normal outcome, I'd say you're one of the toughest beings that ever lived."

Quina laughed, "Oh no... I just survive... Master Quale stronger than me."

"You ever thought of challenging him?" Eiko asked.

"Is possible..." the Qu replied. "I ask when we return to marshland..."

"Come to think of it, we probably want to check up on how the moogles are doing back home." Lovrina stated to Eiko.

"I want to come with you," Dagger replied. "After all, it is my home as well..."

"No problem!" Eiko exclaimed.

"We should all try to find the Chocobo's Paradise so Choco can see where he'll live after this whole mess is done," I said, looking to the golden chocobo.

"Kweh!" Choco nodded.

"What about you two?" Steiner asked Amarant and Lani.

"We could go back to the old game," Lani stated. "After all, these monsters might become a bigger nuisance..."

"And if they spawn a never-before-seen monster later," Amarant paused with a smirk, "That's going to be one Hell of a thrill..."

"Still looking for a fight," Freya sighed. "And I will help out the other Burmecians and Cleyrians to come together and rebuild our kingdom."

"If we have that time..." We all happened to turn to see Mikoto, the only other 'aware' Genome spoke up. But before anyone could voice against her, we heard the warping noise from middle of the ship. Soon we saw Zidane and Vivi appear from the teleporter to greet us.

"So what's the word?" I asked them.

"They say, come on in!" Vivi replied happily and Zidane added with a nod.

"Alright, let's get them into the village," I stated as we begun to make ready for the Genomes' new lives...

Vivi, Zidane, and I had led them to the village. The other Black Mages seemed surprised at the new arrivals, but they welcomed them regardless. The Genomes seemed a bit uncomfortable, which was the first time I've seen them react, but I knew that they'd get used to this at some point. After a while, Vivi and I decided to go to the graveyard and see the Black Mage Elder Mr. 288.

When we were walking towards the cemetery, we noticed a Mikoto walking away from the cemetery, and towards the village.

'Guess Mr. 288 has met one of the new arrivals,' I thought. Vivi and I walked into the cemetery.

Mr. 288 turned to us, and he seemed even happier from the look on his face. After hanging around Vivi so long plus seeing how delighted the baby chocobo was born before we went after Kuja, even not having a visible face, I can tell the expression on the Mage Elder's face.

"Ah, you two have returned." He stated. "I can tell the days to come will be very eventful."

"I'll say," I replied. "And I saw that you were talking with one of the Genomes." He nodded back. "That's Mikoto, you could probably call her the only 'normal' one of the bunch since she can respond best."

"Thanks for helping us!" Vivi said excitedly, "They were uneasy at first, but I think they'll get along fine."

Mr. 288 shook his head and replied with, "There's no need to thank me. You've done us all a great service."

"It wasn't a big deal..." Vivi replied back, "Well anyway, everything's gonna be okay!" He then looked up at me and said. "I'm gonna go back to the village." I nodded, as he ran back to the main square.

"So, this was Vivi's idea?" I heard Mr. 288 ask as I turned back.

"Yeah he's a smart kid," I replied. "He wanted the Genomes to start their new lives here. I must say, he picked a good spot."

Mr. 288 nodded in agreement and turned to the various tombstones of the Black Mages that died, "We're similar in many ways... maybe we can understand them better, and they might open up to us."

"Maybe… Vivi and I were also hoping that if Black Mages and Genomes could get along, then maybe humans and Black Mages can get along, too." I replied. "I mean, Zidane and Vivi got along right from the start..."

"And before that, it was Vivi and yourself," the Black Mage Elder stated.

I couldn't help but smile at the though. "Yeah, like Vivi and me. He was the first friend I made since coming to this world..."

"Yes, Vivi told us about where your own true origins lie, and we hope you return home," He replied, "But in any case, we'll take good care of the Genomes; Your friends are our friends."

"Thank you," I said as I bowed in respect before returning to the main village.

(3rd POV)

The first thing Choco did when he reached the village was to check on his new baby brother with No. 33 and No. 111 at the Chocobo Stable. No one could blame him since the baby was the only Chocobo he seen in this world aside from the dream world. The baby was happy to see Choco as well, able to tell even with the color change. Eiko was there with one of the Genomes, the latter looking at the baby Chocobo and Choco at the same time.

"Is this a monster?" the Genome asked looking at the baby chocobo while the baby was staring right back.

"He's a chocobo, not a monster," No. 33 told him, helping the Genome learn about animal life. "He's called Bobby Corwen."

"Oh, you gave him a name!" Eiko exclaimed.

"Kweh!" Choco added.

"Yeah, Bobby Corwen." The Black Mage nodded. "Isn't it a great name?"

"Sounds great!" Eiko agreed, "Bobby Corwen, huh?"

The Genome and the baby chocobo kept staring at each other for about a few minutes more. That's when the baby ran up to him with a short cry, reaching out to the foreign person. Of course, the Genome became alarmed as the baby nuzzled his leg.

"I think Bobby Corwen likes you, too." No. 33 said with a happy voice.

"It won't bite?" the Genome asked cautiously.

Eiko groaned, "Oh, come on! He's just a little baby chocobo." She told him. "He wouldn't try to harm you..."

Of course, the Genome wasn't convinced and took a careful step backwards which caused the baby chocobo to stumble over. The baby didn't let that stop him as it cried out for the Genome and walked closer. Surprisingly, the Genome made a run for it with the baby coming after him.

"Kweh!" Choco shouted as he chased after his baby brother.

"Bobby Corwen! No! Come back here!" No. 33 protested, but the Genome and two chocobos disappeared deeper into the village. He could do nothing but be amazed as how attached the baby chocobo was to the Genome. "Wow. I think Bobby Corwen really likes our new friend."

Eiko sweatdropped at how the Black Mage kept using the full name of the baby chocobo and asked him, "Can't you just call him by his first name...?"

At the Item Shop, Zidane and Quina were with another Genome who was looking at the various items with curiosity and wonder.

"See anything you like?" Zidane asked his fellow Genome.

"Why do you display these items?" the Genome asked.

"Why?" No. 163, the item shop owner replied. "For the customers, I think…" He paused, ending up questioning himself on the answer. From the sound of things, he was still learning the ways of maintaining the job of shop owner.

"What are customers?" the Genome asked once more.

No. 163 had a thoughtful look to the ceiling before replying, "Well, they bring money, and they hand the money over to the shop, and then-"

"What is money?" the Genome cut him off with another question.

Now the Black Mage tried to wrap him mind on the new question, and had a hard time answering it, "Money is, uh…" He obviously couldn't respond to that.

"I guess you're still learning about things yourself," Zidane responded sympathetically.

"Yeah," the Black Mage nodded sadly.

"Why you care about small things?" Quina spoke up, having all eyes on her. "World very simple place!"

Both the new Genome and the Black Mage blinked for a minute, "It is?" they said at the same time.

Quina nodded, "World only have two things: things you can eat and things you no can eat."

Zidane groaned and slapped his forehead, "Oh man..."

Right outside the item shop nearest the inn, Amarant and Lani listened to another Black Mage and a female Genome converse by the pond, looking at the water.

"Does the water here ever stay still?" the Genome asked, watching the water in the pond flow in from a river.

The Black Mage with her, No. 87, looked back her. "Water flows, doesn't it? I mean, if any other planet has water that's what it would do... right?"

The female Genome shook her head, "The water of Bran Bal was always still..."

"Ah," No. 87 nodded in acceptance, "Hey, did you know that time flows, just like water?"

Genome looked thoughtful back at the flowing water, "So, water and time both flow in Gaia...?"

As they continued to talk, Freya walked up to bounty hunter duo while catching on the conversation.

Amarant sighed and shook his head...

"Looks like they're off to a good start," Freya said to them.

"Yeah," Lani nodded. "But you can't expect to grasp the bigger parts of life without focusing little things..."

"Hmph... It's like watching kids play." Amarant said.

"It's not their fault..." the Burmecian Knight told him. "They've only just begun to live their lives..."

"And we know so much about what they try to focus on, it doesn't need to be said," the bounty huntress added. "So, I can understand that they are acting like this..."

Amarant shrugged, yet nodded in understanding. "...Can lost time be recovered?"

"I don't know... But there's only one thing we can do." Lani stated as she left the scene.

"Of course," The bounty hunter nodded as he left after his partner, leaving Freya to look over the village with both Black Mage and Genome inhabitants.

The Burmecian Knight felt a sense of righteous pride to herself, her friends and the people of Gaia while feeling righteous fury towards Kuja for trying to take this world away. As she left after the bounty hunters she stated, "We must protect them from anyone who tries to take their time away from them!"

(Ron's POV)

When I walked to a clearing from the cemetery, I saw a Genome run past me with the baby Chocobo chasing after him and Choco chasing after it. I laughed a little at the scene continued to walk on, and found myself walking towards a healthy tree, like it was fresh from growing during springtime. After piloting the Invincible, I felt like I just wanted to relax and decided to park myself underneath it and lean back on the trunk.

'It's almost over...' I thought to myself. 'We go to the Iifa Tree, beat down anything that gets in our way, while taking down Kuja and save the world from being assimilated by killing off the Iifa Tree. With everyone's help, it's possible to do it...' I then felt sad and closed my eyes, 'Then, I'm going to have to leave all of this behind... good friends, a place that turns out to be real, and even a woman that I love... Dammit, it's like I'm leaving a good future here...'

On cue, I felt someone sit on my lap and wrap my arms around the waist and in turn wrapping their arms around my shoulders. I came back to reality and opened my eyes just as Lovrina laid her head on my chest, looking up at me with a smile.

"Hi there," She said softly.

"Hello," I smiled back. "Everything alright in the village?"

"As good as things can be for the Genomes right now," She replied. "They're just learning the ways of this world, about every little thing."

"Yeah, the Genomes only look at things logically," I remembered. "Though, I think they are learning about emotions..."

"How so?" She asked.

"On my way over here, I saw one of them being chased by the baby chocobo," I said humorously, which got her giggling as well.

"I guess it must like him," She smiled.

"Only reason for a baby to chase after someone," I stated. "For affection..." I then looked up at the tree. "We can't let Kuja end this..."

"Yes, I know," Lovrina nodded. "Kuja's just being selfish now... from what you and Zidane told me he was just seeing to rebel and be his own person. But now he's full of power and using recklessly."

"Ain't that the truth," I nodded. "He's gotta realize that not everything lasts forever... I can't wait to drive that into his skull; at the very least he should go peacefully, because I know Zidane doesn't want it that bad for his brother."

"What about you?" Lovrina asked. "Because of your blood the way it is, Kuja's your brother as well... would you kill him like you did Eclipse?"

"With Eclipse... he was out for killing as much as Kuja is now," I stated. "Only difference is, he was loyal to Terra's cause… Kuja's just like a kid seeing as he didn't grow up. I'll do him like I did Zidane and pound the sense into him before he dies from his expiration."

Lovrina kissed me on the cheek, "At least you're not out to kill him in cold blood… but we still can't forgive him for all the trouble he caused and as long as we stick together, we'll save this world and find away to save Gaia from being assimilated." She then snuggled in closer to me. "But for right now, let's just enjoy this moment together..."

"I got no problem with that," I replied as we begun our passionate make-out.


After a few hours of getting the Genomes ready for life, our own thoughts on everything that's happening, and even the future, we decided to go get Kuja now. All of us now joined up at the village square, and I just happened to overhear Dagger and Steiner talking about something. I decided to listen to them. "Princess, this is what you really wish?"

"What are you talking about?" Dagger asked.

"Kuja must have done something in the Iifa Tree to send its roots all underneath Gaia to cover the world in Mist," the Alexandrian Knight stated. "Do you not think it wise to consult Regent Cid before the final battle?"

Dagger shook her head almost immediately, "Kuja plans on destroying Gaia," She stated. "If I go to Lindblum now and tell the Regent about it, it might cause a panic. I'm sure everyone is apprehensive about the reappearance of the Mist... I need Uncle Cid to protect Lindblum right now."

"I'll say," I spoke up. "No one else has an idea of how power Kuja is right now... plus with the reemergence of the Mist, there's going to be Monsters that their knights must focus on to keep the people safe. It's our job to stop Kuja."

Dagger nodded, and turned to Steiner. "Even if we go to Lindblum to get equipped, please don't tell Uncle Cid about our plans."

"As you wish, Princess," Steiner nodded.

That's when Zidane walked into the clearing. "Are we ready?"

"Yeah, let's go." Lani said. "Kuja's going to get his..."

"You haven't got a chance..." Everyone turned to see Mikoto walk from another path in the village, still with that stern look on her face. "You saw Kuja's power and probably even sensed it... He destroyed a world by himself...you don't even have a million in one chance of defeating him... you'll all die."

The Black Mage that was at the clearing spoke, "Wow! This girl knows lots of difficult words!"

Zidane turned to him, "Doesn't she? She's a bit cynical, but... Take good care of her, will ya? Her name is Mikoto. She's kinda like my little sister."

Mikoto's first emotion was of shock that Zidane considered her like that... "Wha-"

Zidane interrupted her, by continuing to talk to her, "Mikoto! Listen to your big brother and make some friends!"

The Genome girl, turned away stammering, "H-How silly!" I managed to see the hint of a blush in her cheeks.

"We might be desperate insects to Kuja, but I'll show you how powerful we can be." Zidane stated.

Steiner nodded, reciting a quote, "'Even a fly lives for a day!'"

"That's not what Zidane meant, Steiner." I told him. "Besides, that would be in Kuja's case trying to destroy everything just for not being able to live forever."

Zidane nodded. "Let's go to the Iifa Tree! We won't let Kuja have his way!"

We all nodded and then rounded everyone up to go board the Invincible...

Once inside the Invincible, I immediately headed for the cockpit to man the controls and linked my mind to the Terran Airship. I awaited everyone's arrival inside, feeling them all transport from the symbol outside the village and into the airship one by one. Once I felt the last one enter, I saw Lovrina run into the cockpit.

"Ron, everyone's inside," She stated. "We can leave at anytime..."

"Alright," I nodded and turned straight ahead to face the window/screen. "Next stop, the Iifa Tree!" I shouted as I commanded the airship to move and turn towards the destination.

Lucky for us, it was on the same Continent as the Black Mage Village and all we had to do was to go fly over the mountains. Once we did that, we saw the Iifa Tree expelling enormous amounts of Mist, more than the other places were and possibly more than the entire Mist Continent. In fact, it covered up the place so much, that you only saw the top of the Tree! But there was something else I could see... more roots that wrapped around the tree...

"No way!" Zidane gasped at the sight of the Iifa Tree area. "This much Mist?"

"No wonder the whole world's covered in Mist," Dagger added with a shocked expression of her own. "More roots gathered up around the tree and like Ron said earlier, there has to be more digging underneath the ground and reaching to the other continents."

"But what's that over there?" Vivi asked pointing above the Iifa Tree. We saw a large purple sphere hovering above it. I narrowed my eyes at the sphere...

"That is where Kuja's at," I stated.

"Do you know what's in there?" Lani asked.

"The way that Kuja wants to kill the whole planet..." I replied.

"Then let's stop talking and get in there..." Amarant stated.

"Right," I nodded as I moved the Invincible forward into the sphere... 'Let's get this thing over with...' But once we got into the sphere, we found ourselves in a foggy plain that had its grasslands being severely killed out. That's when I found out where we were by looking at our altitude and looking at a familiar landmark of the Ice Cavern. "The Hell?"

"How did we end up outside the Ice Cavern?" Steiner gasped.

"Unless this is what the portal does for us?" Freya wondered.

"No," I stated, not believing what had just occurred. "We're actually outside the Ice Cavern..."

"But how?" Vivi asked. "I thought that portal would lead us to Kuja."

I sighed, "It means that this is another one of those changes that I caused with my appearance. Now we have to find a way to get that open and I don't know how to do that..."

"That is going to be tough," Lovrina said, walking up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "But we'll figure it out..."

"Still, I don't think we have any leads to get that information unless Ron can think of something else to do..." Lani stated.

"Yeah, but we don't have time to do any of these little quests on the side," Amarant scoffed.

That's when I gasped as I figured it out, "Sidequests..."

"What?" Eiko asked.

"Sidequests! That's it!" I exclaimed as was able to smile at the silver lining we just got.

"Sidequests?" Dagger wondered.

"Every game always had some things that were optional to do," I stated. "And in this case, it's fitting since if Kuja wiped the floor with us, we need to get stronger."

"But why wait?" Zidane asked. "While we're doing all of this, Kuja's off going after the thing that will destroy this world."

"He won't," I assured him. "Even with his time running out, he would want to savor the moment of destroying the means right in front of us because it would mean coming so close and yet so far. Despite how insane Kuja has gotten, he'll stay fancy and play the waiting game."

"Alright," Freya spoke up. "What are these sidequests we have to do?"

I had to think for the moment of all the sidequests this game had and think which ones needed to be done. "Well, it's kind of the same thing as having the last look at life before we have to go... for instance, Quina would have to fight her Master in order to gain her best weapon and show how much she has come up in the world."

"That true," Quina nodded.

"Choco still has to find the Chocobo's new world and see where he looks forward to living after all of this is over," I continued with Choco giving off a happy *Kweh!* "And then, we can possibly go check on your places like Madain Sari, Alexandria..."

"Well not Alexandria," Dagger spoke up, having everyone turn to her. "It would be the same reason of not going to Lindblum; everyone there needs to take care of things there and it would cause a panic, especially since we can't go in..."

"But we can go to Madain Sari," Eiko exclaimed. "I hope the moogles are okay..."

"Me too," Lovrina added. "I also heard, before we got to Eclipse's Castle, that the mailing system of the moogles, Mognet Central is being shut down. Maybe we can help with that..."

"Yeah," I nodded. "It was a wonder why during this entire journey, we didn't get stopped by Moogles wanting us to deliver mail."

"But what about getting into where Kuja is," Amarant asked sternly, "All of this can't be the reason why we're being transported to somewhere else in Gaia... and it may be Kuja who caused it to be like that."

"But from inside the place?" Vivi wondered. "Clearly he must have something or someone else to block it off..."

I gasped again, but this time in horror as I figured out what could cause it, "Oh no..."

"What's wrong?" Zidane asked as I turned to him.

"I know who's doing it..." I said, slapping my forehead. "Ozma..."

"Ozma?" Lani asked. "What's an Ozma?"

Lovrina gasped next, "It's one of the most powerful being that the Summoners long ago had to seal inside of a floating island. It took nearly an entire town's worth of us Summoners to seal it in!" Everyone bugged out at the relevation...

"Was it an Eidolon?" I asked.

"Some say it was since we had the power to seal it away," the ninja/Summoner continued, "Grandpa was one of the people to seal it when he was younger... Ozma is said to represent good and evil, light and darkness of the world."

"Do you know what it looks like?" Eiko asked. "Or rather any idea?"

Lovrina shook her head, "Everyone had their own ideas of what he looks like, so there's no telling what his true form..."

"So we kill this thing and we can get in?" Zidane asked.

"That's probably the best thing to do," I said. "Only there are a couple of things we have to do before fighting him."

"And that's..." Amarant pried.

"We've met friendly animals throughout our journey, right?" I asked.

"Yeah," Dagger said. "The Mu near Dali, the Ghost near Treno, the Ladybug near the Black Mage Village, the Yeti near Madain Sari, and the Nymph near the Iifa Tree..."

"That leaves four more," I added. "A Jabberwock nearest Oelivert..."

"Oh yeah," Zidane said. "While you and Choco were looking for treasure, we fought one of those things before you came along."

"A Feather Circle in the Lost Continent..." I said.

"Actually, you don't..." Freya said as she walked up to me and handed me a stone of a rare, dark blue color. "While chasing after Quina, I had to stop her from eating of this light blue Feather Circle and it gave me this as thanks, a Lapis Lazuli gem and told me to deliver it to a Garuda in Popos Heights, which is near Gizamaluke's Grotto."

"Guess that leaves one more," Zidane added.

"Yeah, a Yan in Vile Island..." I stated.

"Uh... are you sure about that?" Lani asked, looking worried. "I've heard stories about that place and the Yans are not exactly the friendly type; they are vicious! What's the point of going there?"

"Because after we meet them all, the friendly Yan can help us weaken Ozma..." I replied.

"It can do that," Lovrina asked, to which I nodded. "Then let's do that... Ozma's more dangerous if it and Kuja are running loose."

"And to do that, we need to find this Floating Island you talked about," Steiner said. "But I think we can wait on that until we focus on the other quests we should do..."

"You're right," I nodded as I linked my mind back to the Invincible. "So, where to first?"

"Let's go back to Marshlands!" Quina spoke up. "Closest thing to do... plus I must battle Master Quale."

"Alright, Qu's Marsh here we come..." I said as I turned the airship towards Lindblum's direction and started flying there. 'Let's hope we succeed...'

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