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Chapter 62

The Time is Now! Break Through the Barrier!

"Everyone! Can you hear me?" I called over the intercom. "We're getting close to the Iifa Tree! Get yourselves ready for anything Kuja throws at us! It's time to end it!"

Pretty soon, I saw a few people had come to the bridge having heard my announcement.

Zidane ran up to my left side, staring up at the incoming view of the Terran tree. Dagger stood by his side, a look of sheer determination of her face as she gripped her weapon. Steiner stood at attention at the back of the room, tensed up yet kept his hardened look in an attempt to hide it. Vivi sat at the front of the bridge, watching the monitor like a child watching cartoons.

Thicker Mist started to fill up all corners of the monitor the closer we approached our destination. Moments later, I saw that same purple light glowing in the distance. I knew it would end up being the portal that eluded us before but now we could go into thanks to the defeat of Ozma.

It went without saying that tensions were at an all-time high as I could easily see into the others' eyes. The others didn't know what we were getting into, and even if I explained it, I may change what could happen. Yet the bottom line was we need to come out of this alive, otherwise Kuja's going to get what he wants and that's a universe that won't exist.

I then felt a pat on my shoulder, looking to Zidane.

"You alright, bro?" He asked.

I smiled slightly as his term for me after his emotional turn of events at Terra, "Not entirely, but everyone else is the same way... As much as I've started to learn about this airship, there's only one way to attack. If something comes to attack, we have to hope nothing too bad happens."

"I guess we're all scared of what's to come," Dagger stated. "Even if you told us what's going to happen, Ron..."

"Yeah, even though I know some idea," I told her, "There's something that may change... probably figured them out right about now."

"The most important thing is that we can count on each other once it starts," Lovrina smiled. "So no need to worry..."

Vivi had looked away from the monitor and saidd. "We're going to be alright; I just know it."

My thoughts turned to Vivi and Eiko; being the youngest among the group, we shouldn't even have them go through this. But they have reason...

Vivi, being a Black Mage, had been discriminated because of what his predecessors during Brahne's siege of the Mist Continent. Everyone in the opposing countries had tried to heckle him or even tried to kill him just because he was a Black Mage. But before the Black Mage Village, he was the only one with thoughts and feelings that could process everything around him. So, it was right for him to fight... he was using his magic to save lives with necessary deaths.

Eiko, before I had come here, was all alone because of how Garland destroyed Madain Sari leaving only a few survivors who were able to have a family. Garland trying to save his own planet took out the only threat that would oppose him, not caring for the lives of the planet he wanted to assimilate. Thankfully with my coming here, she had a sister to look after her by a stroke of luck but their whole clan dying out also fell on her and Dagger with those three being the last.

No one answered Vivi. Instead, Zidane gripped the railing tightly and let out a breath. "Get ready!" he shouted. With a sweep of his hand, he ordered the ship forward, towards the light. We soared, flying towards the final battle and Kuja's new palace.

Light swirled around the purple orb. It spun ahead of us, larger than even Ozma. I watched nervously and cautiously as it never emitted that light before. When we were close enough to see the Iifa Tree through the impossibly thick mist, the defenses went into overdrive.

It was like Terra made a comeback when the army of Silver Dragons that flew the orb with loud roars. At first, it was only a few to drive through... no big...

That grew to hundreds... that was going to be a problem...

Which grew to thousands... we were in serious trouble...

We all had watched in horror as we saw the Silver Dragons swarmed us like bees, cutting off a possible escape. They covered the sky, blocking the sun which had added to the problems with the Mist blocking the vision, having to rely on my Aura Sight. We could have fought back possibly, but I always remembered that the Invincible attacked from the bottom only with many attacks with that giant eye. And there were no other alternatives that I found while controlling this airship. Some battleship this turned out to be...

"Can we fight against an army of those Dragons?" Steiner asked. "Ron, is there any ways of attacking?"

"We would have to get them to go towards the bottom," I replied, "It's the only way we CAN fire off something."

Zidane grumbled, "Man, this airship has to suck for us..."

"Here they come!" Dagger cried out.

The first of the swarm of dragons approached our main deck. They reared their heads back and prepared to launch the collective attack. We had to brace ourselves as I decided to make a move...

"Hang on!" I shouted as I moved the Invincible downwards, and ducked into the Mist. For a time, I felt no impact from any of those attacks and assumed that the dragons' shots had failed.


I felt a hit that made us all lurch forward...

A red light flashed in the bridge and an alarm blared throughout the ship.

"What the hell is that?" Zidane said, plugging an ear to combat the alarm.

"A red alert!" I said. "We've been hit!"

"Well, get us out of here!"

"It's going to be hard to do when we got numerous enemies on all sides," Lovrina stated. "We can go lower, but we can't hit the water!"

"What are we going to do about the dragons?" Zidane asked.

"Without any weapons and defenses up front, we're done for!" Steiner stated.

"Damn it all!" I said. "I think they know that because they ARE Terran Dragons! Smart as all Hell!"

"Then find some way to get the ship around," Dagger said. "I'm turning the ship around. We're gonna have to go back and ask Lindblum for help after all!"

"We can't!" I shouted. "The longer we take; the more dragons Kuja can pop out. We need to stop him here and now! Otherwise they may go after world and destroy it that way!"

The moment I finished my sentence, the dragons bombarded our ship with their breath attacks. All of us were knocked to the ground and struggled to regain our footing against the shifting floor. Several warnings appeared on screen, showing Silver Dragons on the hull of the ship, trying to claw their way in.

"We need to shake them and retreat!" Zidane said, pleading with me.

"Look out!" Dagger shouted, pointing to the monitor.

Zidane and I stared up at the monitor in unison to see another dragon just outside our ship. It had another attack already charged in its mouth, ready to fire. We all held our ground as best we could, waiting for the impact.

And then the dragon exploded.

We all stared at the screen for a moment as it wavered from the shock of the blast. Thousands of dragons were still flying around, but now they weren't paying attention to us. Many of them had diverted and were making their way towards something to our starboard side. I had the screen turned to that locations and expanded it to investigate what the dragons were flying towards now. There was a collective cheer of relief from what we saw emerging from the mist.

The entire Lindblum Air Fleet.

I grinned, 'Score!'

Cannons fired, burning the air and destroying several Silver Dragons with each blast. The monsters burst into flames and fell from the sky, clearing the way for the Invincible. Regent Cid stood on the bridge of the Hilde Garde III, which rose high above two rows of a dozen battle airships coming in. I recognized them as the Viltgance class airships approaching from the south, while another dozen approached from the east. Each of them was armed to the teeth with several cannons, and each one of them was firing into the dragon swarm with great power. Thankfully, with the return of the Mist, the airships still with Mist engines were fully functional and able to fight! It mattered not if the steam powered ones were up!

(3rd POV) (Hilda Garde III)

"All ships!" Regent Cid hailed to his entire fleet. "Clear a path for the Invincible!"

"Gwahaha!" Baku laughed from behind Cid. "Can't let those guys steal the whole show for themselves! That boy was in way over his head as it seems..."

Cid appreciated Baku coming to tell him about the impending attack and silently thanked Zidane for giving the inadvertent message...

(Ron's POV) (Invincible)

"Uncle Cid!" Dagger called out, running up to the screen. "Why…? How did he know to show up here?"

"Probably because of Baku," Zidane spoke up, now calmer than ever, "I told him about saving the world, and I guess he decided to get Cid in on the fun"

"You what?" Dagger shouted, looking angry. "Zidane, I thought we agreed not to tell anyone about this!"

"Dagger, we should be thankful for this," Lovrina said, "If they didn't come at this time, we probably would have died!"


"Worry about it later!" Zidane interrupted. "Ron, get us through those dragons and then head for that orb!"

"You got it!" I shouted as I gripped the railings.

The Invincible sped forward, breaking through the dragons' defense line. We bashed through several of them as they tried to regroup through the confusion. Cid's airships continued to pummel every dragon in sight while the dragons spun around, unsure whether to target Cid's fleet or us.

However, a small group of them decided to follow us as we made a dash for the portal. An alarm signaled that we were being followed, and a small window popped up on screen. About a dozen Silver Dragons were closing in on us fast.

"Heads up, gang," I said. "These guys still want to play! We could fight those off since we got time to get above them..."

"Hey, what's that?" Vivi asked, pointing to the smaller window.

The Silver Dragons were wiped from the screen and a thick red wall replaced them, canceling the warning light.

"What was that?" Dagger asked.

"Open a rear view on screen," I told the Invincible.

The airship heard my command and opened a small window on screen again. This time though, we got to see the entirety of the ship that saved us. It was an airship I last seen when its former owner took over Lindblum...

The Red Rose.

"The Red Rose?" I asked. "That's not a battle airship, is it?"

"No, it's just a luxury airship," Steiner replied, "But..." He gasped in realization, "Could it be… Beatrix?"

(3rd POV) (Red Rose)

"General Beatrix!" Kohel, Knight of Pluto's third shouted over the groaning engine noises. "We can't take much more of that. Our ship is about to burst!"

Beatrix stood on the rear balcony of the Red Rose, watching dragon after dragon plow into the side of the airship. They had managed to deflect and distract the monsters following the Invincible, allowing Lindblum's air fleet to blast them down. But there was another wave coming in from the distance and the Red Rose was not a battle airship. They could die here and now...

"Do not fret!" Beatrix ordered with authority and pride. "Your captain is in a far more dangerous situation. You are a Pluto Knight! Now act like one!"

Blutzen, Knight of Pluto's second, stood by and muttered to himself, "We all know you came here because you were worried sick about Captain Steiner…"

"Did you say something?" Beatrix shouted, doing a bad job hiding her blushing face. But still she had to think, "Be careful, Adelbert..."

"What's Beatrix doing here?" Dagger asked.

"I guess it was because Lindblum called Alexandria for support," I figured, "That or they found some way of knowing..."

"But..." Steiner was still in shock that Beatrix came, "Why did she come? She knows the Red Rose is no match for these things..."

Zidane just laughed, patting him on the back. "Quite a woman you fell in love with," he teased. "She had to be worried for you..."

Steiner just scoffed. "You're one to talk!"

"Wait a second!" Dagger said sharply, glaring at the Pluto Knight Captain. "Steiner, what's that supposed to mean?"

Rather than answer, Steiner turned and walked to the front of the bridge to watch the monitor, trying to avoid the princess' harsh gaze.

"Yeah, wrong choice of words," I stated, holding back a laugh.

"Ron, the dragons are being held off for now," Lovrina said. "Get us in there before they regroup."

"You got it," I said. "Hang on!"

I sent the Invincible above the Iifa Tree at at full speed. We crashed into the purple orb, hitting a wall of energy. We all felt the impact that made us jerk backwards, which didn't happen before. Knowing that I was almost there, I decided to push on through to get inside no matter what. With a yell of triumph, I pushed the airship through with all my might and mind could muster and I was able to push through to the other side of the orb and into the last destination...

Or so we thought...

Inside, was just an endless void of light and there was nothing in any direction.

"Hey, what gives?" Zidane shouted.

"This is where Kuja is?" Dagger wondered.

"No," I stated, trying to rack my brain for an answer. "There's gotta be another defense Kuja setup in this spot..."

"Do you remember what it is?" Vivi asked.

"I got an idea of what it will be..." I replied. "And it relates to those Silver Dragons..."

Steiner groaned, "Another dragon?"

"More like an army, probably," Zidane stated.

A warning light flashed once more and the screen had popped up, showing the rest of us what was coming towards us...

"Try a huge dragon..." I explained from the screen's description, "An even bigger dragon than every other dragon we've seen so far..."

The dragon was a pitch-black scaled with a long nose like a ship's bow. And like all of Terra's dragons, its wings were feathered and white with red tips. But this time, it had four of them instead of the traditional two. And like the screen showed before, it was coming for us at full force...

"Brace yourselves!" I shouted as everyone had gripped onto something.

The next thing I saw was that dragon sending out a white wave of electricity at us, hitting the airship with a Shockwave attack. We were jerked backwards once more, but kept our footing and we looked to see the Nova Dragon roaring back at us fiercely. I finally found the thought in my head that told me to move it, flying the airship away from the dragon.

"Looks like he wants to battle," Zidane stated, "And I would be more than happy to kick his ass!"

"But that dragon's just as big as the airship," Lovrina stated. "Not to mention anything it hits us with may cause our deaths..."

"Haven't stopped us from taking on more monsters with a height advantage," I replied in contrast. "But then again, I got an idea..."

"What's up?" Vivi asked.

"It's going to rely on our Summoners," I said, eyeing Dagger and Lovrina briefly before returning to the screen to evade the Nova Dragon. "We may be so small that we'll get crushed with one minor mistake, but the Eidolons are a different story..."

The Summoners gasped, "Of course!"

"So, we have them exit the airship and then bring out their Eidolons," Steiner figured. "But there's no footing in this void!"

"But there has to be a chance that we could float in here," I continued. "Or find some way to get on top of the airship to do it, but that's even riskier..."

It was hard to test out that if the girls could float in this space while evading this dragon at the same time. But I knew that I couldn't run away forever...

"We're going."

I heard Lovrina say that, causing Dagger to gasp.

"You serious?" She asked.

"We should trust Ron," the ninja/Summoner said. "If he thinks we could float in the sky, it's worth a shot. Otherwise, we can at least summon our Eidolons that could fly to catch us and return us to the Invincible in time and then let them fight."

"Right..." Dagger said, almost in a whisper. "It would be helpful if we could summon Ark to help... But how are we going to get by unnoticed? Surely, the Nova Dragon would know if we would come out."

"That's just it," I said, gaining their attention. "I'll ram the ship into the thing and then that would keep its attention on us and you girls can Summon every Eidolon you want to. Just get ready to teleport down the moment I hit the guy."

Lovrina smiled and nodded. She then turned to Dagger, "Let's get Eiko and then get ready; we'll leave the rest to Ron and the Invincible."

"Alright," Dagger nodded as she and Lovrina exited the cockpit.

"Stay safe out there, girls," I said to myself as I turned to the screens.

(3rd POV) (Invincible – Interior)

The Summoner Girls were assembled near the teleporter, figuring out the next plan of attack.

"Alright," Lovrina said, "I'll go out first, that way I can test the area. If I can get an Eidolon out to combat that dragon long enough to give you the chance to get down there, Summon your Eidolons, and help out."

"But how can you us tell if we'll be able to float or not?" Dagger wondered. The Carol sisters giggled at her comment, "And why was that so funny?"

"I'm surprised you forgot what else she can do," Eiko smirked.

Making a ninja sign, Lovrina shouted, "Shadow Clone!" Appearing next to her in a cloud of smoke was another clone of Lovrina, in the same stance as the original. "This may look the same as my regular Clone Jutsu, but I assure its not. The original Clone Jutsu creates a clone, but illusionary. The Shadow Clone Jutsu creates a solid clone with its own chakra coil system. Not only that but once it is dispelled, all of the information the clone has learned transferred to me."

"So, the clone can Summon your Eidolons, too," Dagger asked.

"That's correct," Lovrina's clone replied as she walked over to the teleporter. "I'll be back with the news."

Soon, the clone went down the transporter with the Summoner Girls awaiting...

(The Void) (Play Influence of Truth Appearance from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)

A light flashed from underneath the Invincible, signaling the transporting process from the airship to the outside. The symbol didn't show itself underneath, so when Lovrina's Clone came out she was directly underneath and close to the airship. Once done, she found herself dropping fast and the airship and dragon passing her underneath. She was happy that the dragon didn't notice, but had to act now. She bit her thumb, drawing the blood and then ran through her hand signs and chanted...

"Priestess of the healing arts! I need your aid! Come, Asura!"

In a giant puff of smoke, emitting from the clone's hand, a tall woman sitting on a large sword and scabbard. She wore a white cloak and had four arms. And the most bizarre part about her was that she carried three faces on her head; the front was a calm face, the left side was a happy face, and the right side was an angry face. The side faces had their eyes closed, while the front had her eyes open as she caught Lovrina's clone in her hands.

"My Lady..." She asked, awaiting the command.

"We have to destroy the dragon, harming our friends in the airship," Lovrina's Clone stated. "Since I know that any of us will fall into the void once transported, I can dispel the clone and tell everyone. Do what you can to fend off that monster while I'll tell the others."

"It shall be done," Asura nodded.

The clone nodded back and yelled, "Dispel!" Once shouted, the clone disappeared in a puff of smoke and Asura unsheathed her sword and prepared for battle against the dragon.

(Invincible – Interior)

Back near the transporter, the Summoners were awaiting the clone's news. Lovrina suddenly opened her eyes in surprise and then gave a knowing smile, which Dagger and Eiko caught on.

"What's up?" the youngest Summoner asked.

"We're going to have to focus on Summoning as soon as we transport," the eldest replied. "We won't be able to float in that void. If I have to, I'll transform into something that can fly so you can have something to land on and focus."

"Otherwise, we'll have to do it while dropping towards who knows how what's at the bottom," Dagger noted.

"Also," Lovrina interjected, "I have Asura out their fighting the dragon, so we don't have to worry about it attacking us for the time being."

"Good, then let's get out there!" Eiko shouted as she ran towards the transporter, going down.

"Let's hurry," Dagger said, being transported down next.

"Hopefully, the Eidolons can destroy it..." Lovrina said to herself as she followed her clanswomen down the transporter.

(The Void)

One by one, the Invincible's transporter had released Eiko, Dagger, and Lovrina. All of them had started dropping towards bottom. Remembering the words of Lovrina, Eiko and Dagger pulled out their flute and racket respectively and began the processes along with Lovrina.

(Play Zelda's Song from Orcarina of Time)

Eiko played her flute, its tune creating a rainbow-colored portal and unleashed her best friend; the Eidolon, Madeen. Madeen held out her hands and caught her friend.

"Conqueror of the skies, inhabit this land to rule them once more! Rise King of Dragons, Bahamut!"

Dagger called out and waved her racket to create a fiery portal and then let loose the massive dragonic Eidolon. Seeing her mistress dropping into the void, it quickly flew to her aid and she landed on his back.

"Winged maiden! Sing your song of death upon my foe! Fly forth, Siren!"

Using the blood still left over from her last Summoning, Lovrina went through her hands signs and created another portal, letting loose her own friend. Siren soon caught Lovrina in her arms.

"Let's get to Asura, quickly," Lovrina shouted.

"Got it," Siren replied as she started flapping her wings towards the ensuing battle.

"Bahamut, follow them," Dagger shouted, pointing the dragon towards Siren. Bahamut roared slightly and flew after them. Madeen already got the heads up and followed Bahamut with Eiko riding on her back.

Currently, Asura was floating around like a bee landing several slashes to the massive dragon's body. But it looked as if none were doing any damage, as it kept taking the blows yet moved normally. Soon, it lashed out its tail at the triple-faced Eidolon. Asura caught on to this and used her blade to block the hit, sending her flying backwards...

Only to be struck by the dragon's long nose on her back, swatting her like a baseball. That's when Asura's calm face and her angry face had switched expressions, increasing the pressure.

"Multiple Swords!" She called out as two more swords appeared in her upper hands while the lower hands held the giant blade. She then crossed her three blades, intent on attacking her enemy and blocking whatever came next.

The Nova Dragon raised its foremost wings and then flapped them down with a powerful force, sending a slashing wind towards the Eidolon Queen.

"Shell!" Asura shouted, casting her defensive spell and creating a white, sphere-like cocoon that blocked the slashing winds. Once done, she stormed up to the Nova Dragon and struck it in the face with its small swords and stabbed its underbelly with the bottom, sending it flying back with a loud roar but not enough to pierce. However, the triple-faced Eidolon was feeling fatigued. "It is a tougher foe than I thought... Lady Lovrina needs to return soon..."


The Eidolon's face turned to her happy visage as she heard her Mistress return. Soon, she saw the three Summoners fly right in front of her with their Eidolons offering aerial support.

"How are you?" Lovrina asked.

"As well as I can," Asura replied. "This dragon is far more powerful than anything we've faced; I doubt even Shiva's powers could help you match it. I tried my Blizzaga spells, but it can withstand the force."

"Anything you recommend," the ninja/Summoner continued, being wary of the dragon.

"With the six of you, you can outnumber him enough to destroy it," the three-faced Eidolon answered. "My time is spent..."

"Alright," Lovrina nodded as she held up a hand sign, "Dismiss!"

Asura disappeared in a puff of smoke as the three Summoners and their Eidolons stared down the Nova Dragon.

Nova Dragon made the next move, unleashing another Shockwave attack. Seeing this, Bahamut, Siren, and Madeen covered their bodies with their wings, and were pushed back by the shocks.

After making sure his Summoner was safe, Bahamut counterattacked with two consecutive slashes to the face before moving away to escape the tackle. Madeen saw her chance next, slamming both fists on top of the Nova Dragon's head, making fly downwards. But as soon as it dropped its head, it quickly lashed its tail out at the Holy Eidolon but having the foresight to dodge before she got the worst of it.

"It'll keep counterattacking whenever we hit it," Dagger shouted to Eiko and Madeen. "Let's hit it whenever it's not looking at one of us!"

"Got it!" Eiko replied.

Soon, Bahamut tackled the dragon, causing the Nova Dragon to counter with a swipe of its own claws. Seeing that, Madeen hurried over and started a flurry of kicks on the dragon's back. Reacting to it, the Nova Dragon tried using its wings to swat away at the annoyance, only for Madeen to fly around them and started more of its kicking.

"Siren, now!" Lovrina called out, to which her partner nodded.

"Lunatic Voice!" The Eidolon called as she used her harp to start playing an enticing melody. Soon, golden waves had emitted from the harp strings and reached out towards the unsuspecting dragon as it continued to swat away at the other two Eidolons. Catching sight of the golden waves, Bahamut and Madeen made their getaway and flew off. Soon, the waves surrounded the giant beast and started shocking it with white waves similar to the Shockwave attack.

Dagger looked at this... now was their chance...

"Bahamut, Mega Flare!" Dagger called as the Dragon Eidolon started charging the flames from within its mouth.

Eiko realized it too and followed up, "Madeen, Terra Homing!" The Holy Eidolon's hands started glowing bright white and charged up energy.

But right when their attacks were fully charged, the Nova Dragon growled menacingly and started glowing itself. Before anyone could react, the monster dragon roared and unleashed it a tornado around itself to free itself from Siren's attack.

"What!?" Lovrina and Siren gasped.

The tornado then moved towards the three Eidolons, closing it at high speed.

"Fly away, quickly!" Eiko cried as the Eidolons did just that and head away and to higher ground. At a safe distance, the tornado had past them by... but was still on the loose... towards the Invincible...

(Ron's POV) (Invincible)

The warning lights and sounds went off again as Zidane, Steiner, Vivi, and I saw the tornado closing in.

"Time to fly guys!" I shouted as I turned my thoughts to the airship, "Evasive action!"

Using the bars, I maneuvered the Invincible away by turning hard right and then flying straight. I kept up at a safe distance so I wouldn't lose the girls and the Eidolons in my sights. But still, I had to make sure I was positioned so I could use the only weapon this airship had. Hopefully, the girls could weaken it or even finish it off before all that...

(3rd POV) (The Void)

Seeing the Invincible escape the large tornado, the Summoners sighed in relief; they could now fight without worrying for the safety of their friends.

But once they turned back, the Nova Dragon was right on top of them!

Gasping, they had no time to evade or defend as the dragon rammed into all three Eidolons and caused them to be disoriented in mid-air. Siren had held Lovrina close to her, but Dagger and Eiko had to hold on tight to their Eidolons' backs, trying not to fall off. Once the Bahamut and Madeen were upright, the girls were safe. From then on, everyone was keeping their distance from the wary Nova Dragon who was poised to attack again.

"You girls alright," Lovrina asked.

"Yeah, that was close..." Eiko said, breathing heavily.

"What are going to do now," Dagger asked. "No matter what we do to it, it can take the hit and counterattack us back."

"Not to mention it is wise to us having the Eidolons use their powers," the ninja/Summoner mused, "Sounds like Kuja somehow has a smarter dragon and somehow taught the dragon about our strengths."

"Then we should get the other Eidolons to help somehow..." the youngest Summoner stated.

"But that would be over taxing our mental strength," Dagger warned.

"It's better than waiting for that thing to kill us," Eiko argued. "And then after us, they'll go after the airship!"

Lovrina gasped, "That's right; the airship! It still has that one weapon..."

"But it can only attack from the bottom..." Dagger gasped in realization. "Of course..."

"What?" Eiko asked. "What are you two talking about?"

"The Invincible can destroy that dragon," Dagger stated. "Meaning, we should just focus on keeping the dragon distracted on us and weaken it!"

"And with its attention on us, Ron can take the chance and use that 'eye's' power to deal the final blow," Lovrina added. "So, I think we can chance summoning other Eidolons for now... I can only keep Siren as I my others can't fly... I'll cover for you until you can get them out."

"Right..." Dagger and Eiko nodded.

"Siren, let's go!" Lovrina shouted.

"Okay!" the Eidolon replied as she flew towards the Nova Dragon, determined to see the battle through.

Seeing the duo come at it, the Nova Dragon's wings raised and it roared menacingly. But that did not deter its enemies from advancing, so it prepared to counterattack.

"Now!" Lovrina shouted. Soon, she leapt out of Siren's arms and moved towards the dragon's back. While the dragon saw her, Siren flew in front of its face to catch its attention with a smirk. The Terran dragon started swatting at her like a fly, leaving Lovrina on its back. She charged up her chakra and then went through her string of hand signs and then finished with a shout: "WIND ART: AIR DRAGON MISSLE!"

Jumping up in the air, Lovrina pushed her hand in front of her and then caused the air around her to become visible and then making a form that surrounded her body; a serpentine dragon that looked as if it became visible and then faded away every second.

Looking at the exchange, Dagger and Eiko saw their chance and stood on top of their Eidolons.

"Let's summon now!" Eiko said.

Dagger nodded as she focused her thoughts, knowing the perfect Eidolon to use against a dragon.

"Queen of ice, avert the enemy with your grace! Come forward, Shiva!"

The blue portal with snow flurries opened from the sky, letting out the icy blue female eidolon.

Eiko played her flute, focusing her thoughts into her magical energies, knowing the only Eidolon she could use in this place.

(Play Bolero of Fire from Ocarina of Time)

"Sacred beast of the flames! Bringer of life! I call upon thee, Phoenix!"

Shining from a red light, the rainbow colored bird Eidolon came out and flew over the Eiko and Madeen.

"Wait for our signal and strike with your best moves," Dagger called out, keeping her eyes on Lovrina. "Just charge your attacks and wait..." Shiva and Bahamut nodded.

"Once Lovrina and Siren gets out of there, hit them with everything you got," Eiko added. Madeen and Phoenix nodded as well.

Back to the dragon, Siren kept up the evasiveness for more time until she's losing stamina. 'It's almost time for her to use that move...' But as soon as she was in range, the Nova Dragon was able to catch Siren in its claws which had her almost screaming in pain. However, she still held out to shout, "NOW!"

Seeing the urgency, Lovrina had to act fast, "STRIKE!" Pushing her hands forward, the serpentine dragon roared and then launched itself at the Nova Dragon's back with a mighty chomp. And with that chomp, the dragon exploded into thousands of sharp air currents that surrounded the beast and making it cry out in pain, releasing Siren in the midst of it. The Eidolon was able to fly in fast enough and catch Lovrina just in time.

"I'll head for the Invincible to grab the others," Lovrina shouted to her sister and surrogate cousin. "Hold it down until we come back!" Once she saw the affirmatives from them both, she nodded to Siren who then headed for the Invincible.

"It's our turn!" Dagger cried, earning the looks of Bahamut and Shiva, "Attack with all your might! Diamond Dust, Shiva! And then Bahamut, attack with Mega Flare!"

The Eidolon of Ice raised her hands up high, charging up a large amount of energy inside. Once it reached its peak, Shiva blew the energy of Diamond Dust in her hands straight at the unsuspecting dragon and hit the mark. Once there, ice started to pile up on the dragon's body, while pushing it back a little. But by some stroke of luck, the wings were missed as the Nova Dragon tried to stay aloft despite having its movement restricted.

That's when the Dragon King Eidolon stood up to fire next. After Shiva launched her energy, Bahamut was already in the process of doing the same as his power charged within his mouth. With a white flash, he fired his Mega Flare attack and fired dead center in the back. The ice had shattered, but the Nova Dragon had been pushed downwards once more and trying to fight the Dragon King's attack.

"Madeen, trap him with your power," Eiko said to her longtime friend, and then turned to the Rainbow Eidolon of Fire, "And Phoenix, you'll attack after her!"

Having learned of her command, the Holy Eidolon had begun to gather the energy in the palms of her hands. Connecting them with electrical surges, she let the orbs fly towards the Nova Dragon until it stretched out into a giant net that wrapped the dragon.

Seeing the web being launched, Phoenix started flying right after it. Once the Nova Dragon was caught in the net, Phoenix stopped right on top and then started flapping its wings rapidly with small red sparkles being released from the feathers. With a great call, the sparkles ignited into a massive flame which caused the net to explode into massive amounts of Holy energy which combined with the fire, made it devastating for the Nova Dragon to take.

"Now, we just have to wait for Lovrina to tell Ron to get the ship over here," Dagger said, "And for once, we'll use the airship to defend this world..."

"We are," Eiko replied, "Remember who's piloting the thing?"

(Ron's POV) (Invincible - Cockpit)

From the distance, I watched as the girls and their Eidolons had fought the massive Nova Dragon in a back and forth battle. Luckily, the battle shifted into the girls' favor as they began bombarding it with a great force from the Eidolons.

"Alright, they're bringing the business!" Zidane cheered.

"Now they need to just finish it off," Vivi added.

"But I don't think it's that easy," I said, looking directly at the Nova Dragon while the others looked at me.

"What are you talking about," Steiner asked. "They clearly have the upper hand!"

"And you guys know how powerful these things are from Terra," I countered, "Not even the Eidolons could beat someone like Garland or Kuja, Madeen and Bahamut fell to them respectively." I could see the guys having looks of sorrow once they knew I was right, "They can hold on, but they'll have the limits... meaning..."

"... You'll have to fight fire with fire!" A voice called out from behind us. I looked over my shoulder to see...

"Lovrina?" Vivi asked, seeing the eldest Summoner and my girlfriend.

"What's wrong?" Zidane asked also.

"Ron, you need to get that airship and use its power while we have it at a lower altitude that the dragon's." Lovrina pleaded. "I know it's got to be the only way to beat it!"

"Right..." I said, "That was the plan, too..."

"Then get to it, man!" Zidane said, slapping me on the back. "Let's kill this thing and find Kuja!"

"Right!" I shouted as I will and controlled the Invincible to advance over the Nova Dragon.

(3rd POV) (The Void)

Currently, the Nova Dragon was still under fire from Phoenix's constant push of the flames against its back. It didn't hurt it much, but the force was strong enough to keep it from moving in any direction to escape. The beasts it was fighting were complete annoyances to come into its domain. It wanted to kill them and hold nothing back...

And that's when it got the idea to save itself, stop the flames, and kill the intruders all in one go...

The plan was set, and it started glowing bright blue and growled in a low voice...

The two Summoners were looking on as their Eidolons kept up the pressure, and saw the Nova Dragon glow that bright blue color...

"What's going on?" Eiko asked as she looked on worriedly.

"I don't know," Dagger replied, feeling worried as well, "Can't you tell what that monster's doing with your horn?"

"No, all I know it's not even alive," the youngest Summoner replied.

"'Not even alive'?"

"I can't explain it, but it feels like this dragon wasn't exactly born by normal means. An artificial heart that is not feeling..."

Dagger couldn't help but understand, despite the lack of her Summoner's horn.

The Nova Dragon let out a loud roar that snapped everyone into alert and saw the dragon's body was fully glowing.

"Something's coming!" Dagger shouted.

And it did...

The Nova Dragon flapped its wings once, sending the blue color to the top of its body. Once there, it started to expel a powerful force that culminated into a giant mass of water, most specifically a gigantic Tidal Wave! The girls gasped in horror as the crashing waters extinguished Phoenix's flames and pushed the Eidolon back.

"Oh no!" Eiko gasped.

"Quick, keep it down there!" Dagger quickly commanded.

Soon, Shiva decided to spear head the attack as she dived straight for the waters and pushed her ice magic onto it and tried trapping it. With the girls hanging on tight, Bahamut and Madeen took Dagger and Eiko where the Nova Dragon was underneath the freezing waters. However, it was still pouring on the assault and challenged the ice as it and the water pushed back and forth. The Dragon King Eidolon had decided to strike now by getting underneath the Terran beast and then launched a flare from its mouth into the underbelly.

Madeen then added another web of Holy energy to help Shiva trap from the bottom. Still, the water was pouring through and it even crashed into Bahamut and Madeen and shocked the girls when they felt their Eidolons take in the pain.

"Hang on, Bahamut!" Dagger shouted, trying to will her Eidolon on.

"Madeen, please keep it inside the web!" Eiko pleaded her best friend.

They both were proud that their Eidolons were fighting through the pain to keep the Nova Dragon at bay, but worried all the same as they had to endure it all.

But soon, it would be alright as they heard a sound in the air...

Dagger and Eiko looked up and gasped happily as they saw the Invincible closing in over the ensuing battle...

(Ron's POV) (Invincible - Cockpit)

I saw the Eidolons doing their job in keeping the Nova Dragon encased, but I could still see it having some kind of advantage in exhausting its attackers. I had to act fast...

While on the way towards the battle, I had told Zidane how to control the Invincible because I knew I had to be the one to use the main weapon in the very back...

"Alright, we're here!" I shouted, and then turned my head to the Genome. "Zidane, take the reins!"

"Gotcha!" He nodded as he took my place at the helm.

"As for me, gotta blow that dragon to Hell!" I grinned to everyone, "Just make sure everyone gets out of there in time!"

That's when I made a mad dash towards the back of the airship, passing the teleporter room, the resting rooms where the others were currently hold up at, and then I was able to reach the room with a deep, red energy pool. I peered into the pool, thinking of all the deadly things this power has done. Madain Sari, Alexandria, the battle at the Iifa Tree... all devastated the people within them with only a few survivors. Narrowing my eyes, it was now time to use this power to help my friends...

I gripped the nearby handles from outside the pool, letting my Aura charge inside...

Red energy gathered within my hands and sent into the handles...

I noticed some weird arrows being lit up from inside the sides of the pool, until all of them were charged...

Finally, I saw the large symbol of Terra glowing inside the pool and brightened up...

"Destroy the Dragon!" I shouted, "Spare the others!" And with a mighty roar, I let loose the energy in a bright red flash...

(3rd POV) (The Void)

From outside, the girls just saw the red eye of the Invincible starting to flash and knew exactly what to do next...

"Everyone, fly away!" Dagger and Eiko shouted as Bahamut and Madeen stopped their attacks and then flew away towards the top of the Invincible to escape the oncoming blast. Shiva, however, kept the ice coming towards the Nova Dragon in order to keep it steady. Dagger was saddened, but they knew the Nova Dragon would escape if she stopped, and though Shiva would go back to the realm of Eidolons.

The next thing they saw was cannon being unleashed and fired. Shiva smiled as she prepared to take the blast head on, knowing she would be in the next world. When she took the blast, it was instantaneous and painless.

The Nova Dragon felt every bit of that power going through its body, letting out an agonizing cry before a massive explosion took over and a bright flash enveloped the void...

Little did they know the void was starting to clear and form into a different realm...

The final destination...

The final battles...

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