Ichigo screamed as she ran to the cafe. "I'm late, I'm late, everyone's going to KILLLLL MEEEE!"

It had been a year since the Mew Mews had defeated Deep Blue and turned back into normal girls. But even so, Ryou still wanted everyone to work at Café Mew Mew and keep watch for any other attacks on the planet. Ichigo was grateful for this; at least she could still keep in contact with her friends.

Ichigo burst into the café, startling several costumers and a very mad Mint, who sat in the corner, sipping tea, as always.

"Late again, Ichigo," Mint said, continuing to sip her tea with her nose up in the air in that weird manner of hers. Ichigo had grown accustomed to Mint's habits and was no longer annoyed by her same lame excuse as to why she would not work: 'I am drinking tea.' Well, maybe just a little annoyed.

"I'm sorry, Mint," she grumbled. She ran at frightening speed, knocking over Lettuce and causing her to break some dishes. "Sorry, Lettuce!" She yelled at her best friend before making it to the changing room. 'Made it,' she thought to herself, sliding down to the floor in exhaustion. 'Before someone could scold me again.'

Slowly, she stood up and went to her locker to change. As she opened her small locker, she came face to face with a bunch of pictures of her and Masaya, all of them with her looking particularly happy, while Masaya had that calm smile on his face. After Deep Blue had been destroyed, Masaya and Ichigo's relationship only blossomed even more. But lately, Masaya seemed a little distant…

Ichigo shook her head to get those thoughts out of her mind, before she jumped to conclusions too quickly. No, Masaya loved her very much. He had saved her life a year ago, hadn't he? And if that wasn't proof enough to tell her he loved her, she didn't know what was.

Ichigo grabbed her café uniform out of her locker and started to change. She remembered that she had a date with Masaya after work hours and put on her uniform reasonably quicker, as if the faster she worked, the quicker afternoon time would come.


Far away on another planet, Kisshu was having another nightmare.

They had been happening for months now, after he had left Ichigo. In fact, they had been so serious that he needed special care from his planet's best doctors. Kisshu never exactly remembered the details of all of his dreams, but he knew that they included Ichigo. No other dream, no matter how sad, no matter how gruesome, could make him wake up screaming and clutching at his body, which seemed to be on fire. He thought he'd been over her. When he left her planet to go to his own, he felt so happy and free, as if he'd just been lifted from a heavy burden. But really, it was only because he was so happy that he could save his planet. Even though he, Pai and Taruto had been named military rulers of the Cyniclons, there was still an empty hole in his heart that nothing could fill.

He clenched his teeth in his sleep. "No…" he moaned. "I-I-Ichigo…"

He woke up, screaming and kicking in a frenzy. He finally calmed down and breathed deeply, clutching his stomach.



Outside of his room, Pai and several doctors and scientists studied the alien with concern. Finally, one of the doctors spoke up.

"I'm sorry Pai, but if Kisshu continues on like this, he won't live the year out."

Pai slowly nodded, showing almost no emotion at all. Kisshu would get through this. Kisshu always got through things. Even when Deep Blue killed him in the Great Battle a year ago, Kisshu survived. He had lived through much worse things than this. Pai knew that Kisshu had been in love with Mew Ichigo, but that was a year before! Even himself and Taruto had gotten over their heartbreaks over the ones they loved.

"Pai?" One of the doctors looked at him. "Are you going to do anything? To save Kisshu's life?"

"Ready the spaceship," he said quietly.

"What? Pai, are you sure? This planet needs you!"

"Even more than they need Kisshu?"

That got the doctor to shut up immediately.

"Pai, which spaceship?"

"You know the one. The exact one we used on Earth."


Ichigo sighed and slumped into a café chair. It had been a busy day, as usual. No help from Mint, which was also not unusual. Ichigo suddenly brightened up when she remembered she had a date with Masaya this afternoon. She quickly got up and ran to the changing room. Seconds later, she emerged, fully changed. As she pranced toward the park, she got excited as to what Masaya had in mind this time. As she reached her favorite bench, she realized that no one was there. 'That's odd,' she thought. 'Usually Masaya's always the one here first. Oh well.' She sat down and waited patiently for Masaya to come.

An hour later, she was still waiting. The sky was getting reasonably darker and she was reasonably bored! Where was he? She was afraid to get up and search for him, because what if he came to the bench while she was searching for him? Then she would miss precious time with him! Suddenly, she heard a sound. Just a slight sound, some voices, but she was curious enough to find out what it was. Ichigo thought the sound was behind that tree…slowly, she crept behind the big oak tree. Slowly, she looked behind the tree. You could say that curiosity almost killed the cat.

Masaya was…kissing…another girl! And not just any kiss, like those quick peck on the lips that he always gave her. No, he was kissing this…this girl that he hadn't even been seeing for a month, passionately. Ichigo started crying, but stopped herself just in time and turned back around to the other side of the tree. That girl…she was just an ordinary brunette that Ichigo occasionally saw walking in the halls. Suddenly, Masaya stopped kissing the other girl.

"Kimiko, I think I heard something."

"Oh, Masaya, don't pay attention to that! Pay attention to me!"

Ichigo couldn't control herself. She ran away, as far as she could from that place. But unfortunately, Masaya spotted her.

"Ichigo!" He chased after her. "Wait!"

"Masaya!" Kimiko screamed.

"It's all a misunderstanding!" He yelled after her.

Ichigo ran as fast as she could from him, her tears blurring her eyesight. She could barely see where she was going, only knew that she had to keep running.


Ichigo ran all the way home, locked the door and raced up to her bedroom. Finally, she stopped and took a deep breath as she looked around her room. Her sweet, familiar room….she collapsed on the bed and fell asleep crying.