Tobira wo akeru to soko wa…

If reality was anything like Ouran High School Host Club, Kanda wouldn't have given a second thought and opened the dammed door. Perhaps something interesting could occur in his admittedly non-existent social life. Only, because it wasn't, therefore he was staring at the rather plain brown door of the Third Music Room with much reluctance and distaste.

He didn't even know why he was doing this.

Could it be that he was genuinely afraid of Lavi spreading his secret? He wouldn't hesitate to decapitate anyone who dared to so much as giggle in his direction. Growling, he shifted his backpack on his shoulder and placed a hand on the knob.

This was such a fucking waste of his time. He could be at home finishing up the last few chapters of Thousand Years of Snow—only because the Third Music Room mention had reminded him of Ouran and therefore Hatori Bisco. He'd be dammed if she didn't draw fucking beautiful art.

Perhaps he could just ditch this. The annoying redhead was off doing some paperwork to finalise the club, whatever, and he was supposed to enter the clubroom first. Dammit, if he went home then Lavi would call him a coward and never let him live it down.

Stupid rabbit.





With irritation bubbling inside of him, he practically yanked the door off its hinges and slammed it open, causing all occupants in the room to stare at his epic entrance.

"Kanda-kun?" One of them gaped, unable to believe that yes, he was standing there.

Shit, why were there people in this room? Moreover, why was there someone he knew?

The girl stood up, a surprised smile wide on her lips. "Wow, I've never thought you'd be interested in this!" she grinned, coming over to tug him inside since it looked like he was very tempted to walk back out.

"Interested in what?" he frowned, allowing himself to be pulled in, because, he couldn't hit Lenalee—only because she was a girl and her excessively creepy brother would strangle him with his organs. Maybe. "Why the hell are you here?"

"Hmm?" she smiled, pushing him in a seat before he even knew what was happening. "I thought Lavi's idea would be fun," she shrugged. "The gymnastic competitions aren't until the end of the year anyway."

Kanda's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "What idea?" It was starting to aggravate him that he actually did not know what he was forced into.

"Dude," Lenalee cocked an eyebrow at him. "So why are you here again?" she asked.

"I'm just here because of the annoying usagi," Kanda muttered sulkily, and ended off with a furious hiss upon the remembrance of the blackmail.

"Oh," Lenalee watched her childhood friend with a secret smile. "Because of Lavi, hmmm."

On the first official club meeting and Lenalee had no regrets joining it. If she wanted entertainment, then she was sure Lavi could give it. Moreover if she was looking for guy with guy entertainment…she gave another side glance towards the abnormally pretty kendo captain…huh, no wonder Kanda never dated a girl before.

"Oi, what's with that look?"

"Nothing, nothing," she tried to grin innocently, but Kanda still looked suspicious.

There was a clearing of a throat when silence settled. "Hi."

"Oh gosh, Allen! I didn't mean to ignore you! I'm sorry!"

Kanda slid his gaze towards the only other presence in the room he had ignored since he came in. The kid looked weird—and that was his first impression. Snowy white hair? Red pentacle scar that slashed his left eye? He looked like a ten year old to boot.

"What the fuck is wrong with your face?"

"Kanda-kun!" Lenalee chided, horrified.


"It's okay, Lenalee," the boy tempted to smile, though his irritation was clearly felt. His lips twitched into a more genuine polite expression before he held out his hand towards Kanda. "I'm Allen Walker."

Kanda stared at the hand. "What kind of freak wears gloves in this kind of weather?" he demanded, eyeing the white clad hand.

Allen, for the second time in his life, could not understand why he was cursed to meet with so many rude pricks in his life. After all, wasn't his guardian more than enough?

"I could say the same for your hair," he retorted, retracting his hand back in offense.

He knew Kanda Yuu because everyone knew Kanda Yuu—either for his attitude, looks, or both. He hadn't actually met the guy until today though, and it seemed like the Japanese was living up to both his reputations. Shame, for such a pretty guy, he had the foulest mouth ever.

"Shut the fuck up, Moyashi," Kanda sneered. "I don't even need to say anything about yours," he glared at it like it offended his entire existence or something.


"My name is Allen!"

"What was that?" Kanda sneered, looking to the window in boredom. "That's the sound of me not caring. Freak."

"Kanda-kun," Lenalee sighed as she shook her head, but she was inwardly keeping in a grin. She was sure she had seen this beginning of a classic rivalry to love scenario in many of her BL manga. Ooh, the potential. "Be nice to Allen. He's a gamer. Maybe you two have some things in common."

Just as the Kendo captain was about to retort, the door slammed open and the club president himself swaggered in with a bright grin.

"HELLO FELLOW MINIONS!" Lavi boomed, and Lenalee totally noticed how the redhead made way to Kanda and draped his entire body over the other.

The red on Kanda's face might've been anger, or might have been something else. Oh yeah.

"Get the fuck off me!"

She stifled a giggle as Kanda tried to shove the other off, and then she noticed Allen's eyes lingering on both boys. Was it curiosity, or maybe…




"Lena-chan?" Lavi blinked, tilting his head. "You have this really deranged look on your face right now. I'm not sure if I should be worried."

"It's nothing, Red," she coughed, smiling sweetly. "Don't worry about it."

"The fuck—would you fucking get off me?" Kanda demanded with a growing tick in his eyebrow.

If there was one more second that he felt his body being violated, he wouldn't be held accountable for his resulting actions. Lavi dodged the swipe coming his way and plunked himself into the empty seat next to Kanda, suddenly sporting a serious look.

"Okay, so, Komui gave the o-k for the interschools, but pssh, winning that is lame, so we're aiming for the nationals."

"Nationals? But—but that's crazy!" Lenalee immediately cried.

Allen nodded too, with a slight frown on his lips. "The inter-school competitions are ridiculously hard to even pass the preliminary rounds, and you're aiming for nationwide? I don't think we have a chance—"

"Wait. Hold the fuck up," Kanda demanded as calmly as he could. And that was after he slammed the table loud enough to knock a screw out. "What the fuck are you guys talking about?"

Lenalee raised an eyebrow. "So…why are you here again?"

Lavi laughed nervously. "Well, Yuu, I guess I forgot to tell you…" he continued the awkward laughter until Kanda grabbed him by the collar tight enough to crease it. "We're a cosplay club."

He waited for a drastic reaction. Kanda did not disappoint.

"What the fuck—" the Kendo captain began, loud enough that Lenalee and Allen winced and covered their ears. "I hate those weird freaks and you're telling me I have to be one of those weird freaks? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Yuu, it's not that bad," Lavi pouted. "Cosplay is fun! You're obviously in need of some happy pills—"

"I'm outta here," Kanda muttered, standing up and causing the chair to screech, just because. "And don't call me by my first name, you fucking freak."

The redhead sighed with a dramatic flair. "Well, I guess it's really not such a big deal that you love to read shoujo manga."



Lenalee was sure joining the club was the best decision she ever made, because she had a front row seat to see Lavi breathing heavily on the floor (uniform unfortunately still intact) with Kanda straddling him. If one could ignore the fact that the redhead was screaming for his life and that the kendo captain was halfway strangling the other to death, it was a pretty hot scene.

It totally would've been successful too, only if she didn't have this amazing epiphany.

"Oh my god," she gasped. "Why didn't I ever know about this? Why didn't you tell me? We've could've traded volumes and saved so much money!"

"Nah," Lavi waved his hand casually, as though his life wasn't on the line. "It wouldn't have made a difference because Yuu likes to collect all the volumes—ack! Help! I-I—can't breathe!"

"Just die already, you stupid rabbit!"

"Oh oh, do you watch Brothers' Conflict? Did you see the latest episode?" she gushed, eyes sparkling. "Did you see the way Azusa was calling out for Tsubaki? It was—"

"Who cares about the stupid twins?" Kanda scoffed. "The younger brother is clearly a better choice even if he's a dick."

"Which one?" she cocked an eyebrow, curious. "There are like six of those. If you're talking about Subaru then he clearly has a thing for Natsume—"

"No, that idiot with the cat smile," he retorted, and then he realised that he was participating in a discussion about a rather admittedly shameless reverse harem anime.

Fuck it, he's only watching the anime because he read the bloody novels. And maybe played the damned game too.

Fuck his life.

Allen coughed, and then he coughed again, and then he had his whole face covered by his hands and he was shaking so hard that Lenalee leaned over to prod his shoulder in concern.

"Allen, you alright there?"

The white haired boy coughed one more time and then placed his hands (still gloved, what the fuck) on the table neatly, his lips curled into what might be a smirk. "I'm just…" he blinked slowly. "…surprised. That's all. I'm not laughing," he coughed again. "I'm really not," he added, and then he couldn't help the snigger that slipped past. "I understand that everyone has their…err…peculiar interests."

After all, Kanda Yuu—the infamous Kanda Yuu—reading shoujo manga? Watching reverse harem animes?

He couldn't take it any longer and burst out laughing.

"Fuck—" Kanda hissed, now lunging for the younger boy. "Shut the fuck up, you asshole!"

"Oh my Lord—" Allen wiped a tear, chuckling, escaping from his seat as the kendo captain came at him with a claw like swipe. "I bet you've even read something like," he paused, searching for an example. "Meine Liebe."

The flush on Kanda's cheek intensified either out of anger or the fact that he was unable to deny it.

"Dude, get out! I love that series!" Lenalee inserted in excitedly. "Edward and Naoji were totally meant to be, right, right?"

But of the boys were too preoccupied with themselves to give her an answer.

Kanda gritted his teeth. "So what if I read it? Even if the fucking game was shit, it's drawn by Kaori fucking Yuki, you goddamn brat!"

Allen narrowed his eyes. "The game was fantastic," he argued hotly. "I bet you got stuck because you only played to chase the guys!"

"What else is there to do in a fucking otome game?" Kanda demanded. "Why the fuck do I have to hang out with the three stupid girls? Especially Augusta that bitch—"

"They're your friends, you idiot," Allen huffed. "You clearly have no idea how to complete such a simple game—"

"Don't you fucking compare your loser stats to me. I completed the all the fucking routes of the game even if it was a total fucking waste of a month!"

"Well, I completed all the routes of Tokimeki Memorial for girls and boys side, and —"

"Woah woah woah!" Lavi shouted over the escalating heated and very passionate—he glanced to Lenalee who was just watching the exchange with a glazed grin—debate. "Glad to know that you two feel a lot about dating sims, but let's tone down the gay, shall we?"

Much to his own surprise, the other two actually did as they were told, albeit a lot of grumbling (Allen and Kanda) and property damage (Kanda) as they sat down in their seats.

"Right, as I was saying," he cleared his throat, rubbing at the places where the kendo captain had placed his hands on—not in the sexy way— "The nationals aren't until a few months, so we should use the time we have now to try out whatever we what. See what suits each of us, yeah? I think we should aim to be photoshoot ready by the end of this month for our first try, what do you think?"

"I still think this is a fucking waste of my time," Kanda sneered. "I am not joining you freaks."

Everyone ignored him.

"Sounds great, Red," Lenalee nodded, beaming. "Are we doing individuals? Or should we do a group one?"

"Eh," Lavi shrugged. "A group cosplay would be awesome, but even I know it's mega hard to decide on something that everyone has watched or read and to fit each of us in…"

"No. 6," the Chinese put in immediately, and the other three blinked for a solid three seconds.

"Fucking bees," Kanda muttered underneath his breath.

"I haven't heard of that one," Allen admitted.

Lavi squinted at Kanda, and then he switched his gaze to Allen before nodding slowly. "Huh, I can see where you're going with that one, but that leaves you and me," and then he smirked. "Though, the temptation to see Yuu as Ophelia—OW!"

"I said don't use my first name, stupid rabbit!"

Huh, Lenalee frowned. Why was Lavi a rabbit? It was a question that really needed answering. Was it a pet name? (In bed, perhaps?)

"Okay, okay!" Lavi raised his hands in surrender, hoping to calm the seething boy down. "Since Al hasn't watched or read No. 6, we can keep that idea in mind for now. Luckily, I've got backup for that," he paused, and waited until everyone was looking at him. "Project K."

Immediately, Lenalee lit up.

"Kuroh/Shiro," she stated. "We have to do it."

"I was thinking more along the lines of the kings actually," Lavi admitted. "Allen is definitely the Silver king, no doubts there. I could do Suou Mikoto. Yuu could be Munakata Reishi. You'd be awesome as Seri."

"But," Lenalee protested, though it was true she would be a kickass Seri. "Kanda-kun should be Kuroh. He has the hair for it!"

"What," Kanda stated, glaring. "I said am not joining whatever you stupid kids are up to!"

"Well then," Lavi shrugged. "It just so happens that this year our kendo team is lead by our formidable captain Kanda Yuu, whose first love to read shoujo manga—" he whispered the last two words like it was a secret, knowing that it would piss the other off.

"It would certainly be remembered in school history," Allen added in, just because.

Kanda Yuu. Shoujo manga.

It was a brilliant day—for blackmail, that is.

"Shut the fuck up, Moyashi," Kanda grounded out. "I bet you read the walkthrough for fucking TokiMeki."

Understandably, the younger boy took offense. "Why I—"

It was the start of another long and agonizing bonding session that consisted of swear words and insults, but as the distance between the boys grew shorter as their volumes rose, oh yeah, Lenalee did not regret joining the club.

Not a single bit.


Well. Can't say I know where this is going, but I had enough juice to write this chapter. No promises.