Lieutenant's Starlogs

Author's note: these are Malcolm Reed's logs during the Enterprise mission. The logs recall Enterprise's episode but obviously the lieutenant just tells his point of view about things, he doesn't retell all the events (you should watch the TV episodes for that! =D )

Broken bow

Starlog 1 – 3 April 2151

I took service today. I visited the armory and I'm afraid I already have a huge backlog to catch up. It's inconceivable for such an important starship to have so few and miserable weapons. I've already already asked for some instruments and materials but I suspect that this will take some time. At least my staff is excellent, even if a few crewmen aren't here yet.

I met captain Jonathan Archer, a remarkable man. He asked me many questions about the weapons and security protocols and how I would like to modify them. Then he asked me what I thought about this mission and why I had chosen to apply for this work. He has been really kind but I don't understand why he cares so much about my personal reasons and opinions, it's not like he has to familiarize with me.

And then our chief Engineer, Commander Tucker. He is a nice man and a bloody good engineer, but I fear his easy-going and very informal nature will not help discipline on this starship. I understood that he and Captain Archer are long time friends and Mr Tucker's behaviour towards the Captain is not always professional, but I suppose I haven't been chosen to criticize my superior officers, especially before our departure.

As for the departure itself, I don't know when it will happen. We still lack a medical officer, a science officer and a communication officer (because the designated one is now teaching in a Brazilian university), so we'll have to wait. I haven't informed my family yet, but I feel they would not care that much, anyway. It will be good indeed to put the greatest possible distance between me and them.

-o- -o- -o-

Starlog 2 – 11 April 2151

Because of an emergency, we will leave in three days. Destination: Qo'noS, in the Klingon Empire. We have to take home a Klingon pilot called Klaang whose scoutship crash landed on Earth some time ago. From what I know about the Klingons, I don't know if this is a good idea.

The Vulcans weren't happy at all about our decision. They think we're not ready yet. I believe we should wait hundreds of years to satisfy their expectations…

The captain has recruited the lacking officers as quickly as possible; Ensign Sato, our communication officer, came back from Brazil and we now have a Denobulan medical officer, Dr Phlox, and a Vulcan Science Officer, Subcommander T'Pol, a kind present from the Vulcan ambassador. I also met our helmsman, ensign Travis Mayweather, a sunny guy who was born and grew up on a cargo ship. I have never met before a human who wasn't actually born on our planet; if I'm not mistaken, he has never stepped foot on Earth.

"I heard this platforms have been approved for biotransport" Ensign Mayweather told me while we were waiting for our equipments in fron of the transporter.

"I presume you mean fruits and vegetables" I answered.

"I mean armory officers and helmsmen" he replied with an uneasy smile.

"I don't think I'm quite ready to have my molecules compressed into a data stream" I mumbled suspiciously. I know the transporter is undergoing continuous development and I'm pretty sure that in the future it will be used to transport humans as well but I honestly don't look forward to that. I remember only too well what happened to Emory Eriksson when he tried the transporter on himself. Noticing my uneasiness, Ensign Mayweather reassured me that the Captain would allow not even his dog to be teletransported.

Obviously my plasma coils weren't in the boxes that had just arrived; how can they expect me to set the weapons on time? Am I supposed to defend the ship with bow and arrows like Robin Hood? As I explained to Ensign Mayweather, the Klingons are not to be taken lightly. Irritated, I headed towards Engineering to remind Mr Tucker that I needed my equipment as soon as possible.

We found him completely absorbed by his beloved motors, even polishing them with his sleeve.

"I believe you missed a spot." I told him behind his back. He turned with a smile: I introduced the ensign to him and asked about my equipments. He answered as I had expected: "Your equipment will be here in the morning, Loo-tenant". I sighed and exchanged a meaningful look with Ensign Mayweather.

Later I decided I had to call my parents. When I got them, they were ready to have dinner.

"Hello, Malcolm" my mother said softly. My father didn't say anything.

"Hello. I called to inform you that I have been assigned to starship Enterprise and that we will leave in three days." I stated coldly.

My father merely nodded.

"That's good to hear. And how are you, Malcolm?"

"I'm fine. And I hope you are fine too."

"Yes, dear, we can't complain."

"Then I shall leave you to your dinner."

"Yes. Good luck, Malcolm, and take care."

"I will, mum. Good bye."

That really hit me hard- how they reacted. It's like they didn't even care, or want to know. They haven't even asked how long my assignment will be, what exactly am I doing on the Enterprise, where will we go.

Nothing. And, as always, my mother cares just a bit and my father doesn't care at all.

I also sent a message to my old academy friend Mark Latelle telling him that I'm leaving, but we haven't seen each other in years anyway. And obviously one to my sister. "I'm happy for you. When will you be home again?" she asked me.

"I really don't know, Madeline. Actually we are explorers, so we could stay out in space for years."

"Oh, I hope I will be able to see you again in the next ten years, Malcolm!" she said with a smile "Anyway, good luck and enjoy your travel between the stars!"

Our conversation lasted about three minutes but she's been kinder than my parents anyway.

There's really nobody else I wish to say farewell to. And as for my old fiancees, they probably don't even remember my name.

-O- -O- -O-

Starlog 3 – 17 April 2151

First mission completed, even if I don't know how.

We left to Qo'noS with a nice Klingon fellow lying unconscious in our Sickbay

The staff on the Bridge are nice but a little too noisy in my opinion. Everyone speaks very freely and it seems to me that the officers should just carry on with the orders. Maybe it's because we're setting out and the officers will calm down soon.

My equipment's finally arrived, thank God. We hadn't exactly got what I had planned on having but I think we will make it, more or less.

I wonder if Ensign Sato is up to this mission. She's the most brilliant linguist I've ever seen but she also seems uneasy about being on a starship; some days ago the ship shook a bit when we got to warp 4.4 and she jumped as if she'd just seen a monster. I told her it was because of the deflector's sequencing but she didn't look convinced. I think she joined Starfleet only to get an opportunity to study alien languages.

Anyway Subcommander T'Pol was quite rude to her suggesting her to go to her quarters and try to lie down. Hoshi answered her in Vulcan; I don't know what she said and I honestly don't wish to know. Luckily the captain put an end reassuring her that she will get used to this vibration in some time.

What happened was a perfect demonstration of why I don't approve of the discipline on this starship. First of all, we had lost the Klingon and we couldn't work out how. Then T'Pol confronted the Captain in front of his officers, saying that it would've been better to go back to San Francisco, that our mission was over and a foolish one too and that there was no way of getting back the Klingon. I thought that was enough and apparently the Captain thought the same thing because he ordered her to follow him in the Ready Room and when she went out she headed to engineering without another word. Anyway we finally found out where the Klingon was and we succeeded in taking back him to Qo'noS and I must say that Subcommander T'Pol played a great role in this achievement.

I don't know what to think about her. Her expertise is unquestionable but in the beginning I seriously believed that she was sent by the Vulcans to control us like a mother hen or even to sabotage our mission. I think that many superior officers agreed with me. But on the other hand our mission couldn't have succeeded without her, so I probably judged her too quickly. From what I know, she'll stay with us as our Scientific officer, we will see.

As for the Captain, he's maybe too eager to make decisions – even risky ones- while I would be more cautious. But I suppose he wouldn't be an explorer otherwise. And actually his decision to take Klaang back proved right since the Klingons didn't destroy us.

The most important thing, though, is that Starfleet decided to let us continue our mission. I'm really happy with that. Despite their flaws, I like both the crew and the superior officers and I hope I've finally found an actual home.