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Summary: He longed for her. She longed to be free. "And what will it take, Scar, for you to realize that you'll never be king?" "I willbe king, whether you live to see it or not!" ScarxOC, mostly one-sided. AU

NOTE~! The Lion King 2 does not exist in this story, since I've never seen it before

WARNING~! Some traumatic stuff, as well as a lot of tragedy. A darker telling of the story we all love. Please read with some discretion.

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"See all of this? One day, I'm going to rule all of this," Mufasa bragged to me and Sarabi. The three of us stood on the very top of Pride Rock. The rock was warm under our feet, warmed by the scorching sun. The land before us was green and plentiful, and different herds of animals were wandering the land.

"Sarabi's going to rule with me," Mufasa added as an afterthought. "Not as my wife - ew! - but as my best friend!"

My older sister looked more comfortable with the friend statement. "What about me?" I piped up.

"You can help me hunt," Sarabi suggested, flicking her tail over the top of my head. She had always been the calm one out of the two of us.

I rolled onto my back, my paws sticking up in the air. "When Mufasa is king, things are going to be great!"

"What, and things aren't great now?" a deep voice asked, laughing. I scrambled to my paws, seeing Mufasa's father Ahadi, King of the Pride Lands, standing behind us. His red mane fluttered in the wind, and his golden eyes were warm and kind.

"No! Things are awesome now, seriously!" I quickly tried to amend, but Ahadi's laughter cut me off.

"I understand, Kioni. Don't worry." His warm eyes moved past me to Mufasa, who came bounding over.

"Dad! I just told Sarabi and Kioni about me being king! Tell them about it!" Mufasa encouraged.

"What's there to tell?" a scathing and dark voice called out. Mufasa's younger brother Scar slunk into view from behind Ahadi. He tossed his head in disdain. "Oh, goody, Mufasa gets to be king! Haven't heard that one before! Do tell another!"

Mufasa snarled at his brother, baring his teeth, while Ahadi frowned at his youngest son. "Take it back!" Mufasa yelled, launching onto his brother. Snarls and hisses rained through the air, before Mufasa triumphantly pinned Scar onto his back.

"Alright, sons, that's enough," Ahadi decided, picking Mufasa up by his scruff and placing him next to Sarabi. "Run along and play, now."

Scar slunk away as soon as he was released by his brother. Mufasa and Sarabi began bounding away on another adventure, with me at their heels, when Ahadi called me back.

His golden eyes were troubled, and held mine as I looked at him in confusion. Sighing, Ahadi padded to the edge of Pride Rock, and sat looking out across the plains. I joined him, my tail curled around my feet as I crouched down.

"Kioni, I want you to do me a favor," Ahadi said. I looked up at him curiously, as he looked down at me. "I am worried for my son, Scar. It seems that there is some darkness in his heart." He sighed, looking out across his kingdom again. "I fear for him. I fear for what he may become. I want you to promise me to look out for him."

I looked up at him wonderingly. Scar was always somehow an outcast. He never joined in our games. He always preferred to be off by himself, and he and Mufasa were always arguing.

But yet, I was somewhat of an outcast in our own group. Sure, I went along with all of their adventures, but Mufasa and Sarabi were always the best of friends. I always ending up feeling like the third wheel. Maybe I could use this to become friends with Scar, and he wouldn't be so bitter anymore. "Sure. I'll try to make him be a good little lion."

Ahadi laughed. I always loved hearing his deep, rich laugh. It made me feel safe and warm. Like someone was always looking after me. I scuffed at the dirt with my tiny paw. "You'll always be king, right? Because I can't imagine life without you being king."

Ahadi sighed. "As I told my son Mufasa, and as I'll tell you now, times will change. There will be a point where the sun will set without me, and will rise with Mufasa as king. I will not be here forever." He turned to give me a smile. "And when that time comes, I know that you'll support both of my sons."

I nodded solemnly. "You have my support!" He laughed again, and swatted me away gently with his paw.

"Go on! I'm sure your mother will be worried." I scampered off, leaving Ahadi to gaze out across his lands, deep in thought and worry for his two sons, one who had so much darkness in his heart.


Well, how did you like it? I based Ahadi off of Mufasa when he was an adult, and Mufasa as a cub when Simba was a cub :) I have most of the story already written, I'm just going to upload it slowly so I can go back and edit it.


Kioni - She who sees (Perfect for my character, as you will discover in later chapters)

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