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Simba came down slowly and padded over to where we were standing. He greeted my sister before gently rubbing his head against mine. He moved onto Nala, tenderly greeting her. I smiled fondly at the love that encompassed the two of the them. Rafiki came padding over, and Simba gave him a large hug. I smiled as the memory of Mufasa hugging Rafiki many years came back.

"It is time," Rafiki said quietly, smiling fondly at Simba.

Taking a deep breath, Simba majestically threw back his head and began to ascend the Pride Rock through the rain. Tears streamed down my face, unnoticeable by the rain, at the sight. It had been so long since we had hope...

A patch in the clouds opened up, and the stars shined brightly through. I thought I smelled Mufasa lingering softly in the breeze, but I wasn't entirely sure. Simba seemed to find confidence as he threw back his head and roared, echoing strength. We all threw back our heads and joined his roar.

The pride lands were ours again.

Time passed, and soon I found myself standing next to Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, and Nala on Pride Rock. Zazu was flying around the point of Pride Rock. Everyone was happy, smiling. The threat of the hyenas and Scar had vanished. The lands were grassy and green again, and the herds had returned. All was well.

All of the herds below trumpeted and called in presentation of Simba's newborn. Rafiki appeared, holding Kiara, and made his way to the point. Like he did so long ago with Simba, Rafiki lifted Kiara up above his head, presenting her to the herds below. Everyone celebrated the coming of the newborn.

My face stretched in a grin. The circle of life was complete. Everything was as it should be.

Most importantly, I was free.



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