SUMMARY: Naruto Uzumaki lives a secret life of pain and torture. He dreams of becoming a bird, flying away, freeing himself from his captors; for this reason, birds are his favorite animal. Sakura is his only friend; she's the one person whom Naruto truly feels understands him. And then he meets Sasuke Uchiha, who reminds him of a raven. Sasuke's life has not been particularly easy, either, but unlike Naruto, he has no friends, and in fact rejoices in his loneliness. His favorite animal is a fox; alone and remarkably intelligent in the ways that count the most, they have always inspired him. Not only is his newly acquired dog fox-like, but Sasuke finds that Naruto reminds me of a fox even more - minus the brilliance.

WARNING: This story contains shounen-ai. I will not describe any sexual acts, but it will be very obvious that they are happening. There is also molestation, rape, and child abuse. Again, I will not go into detail, but it will be clear what's going on. This warning will last through the entire story.

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Chapter One;

"I object to violence, because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent."
- Mahatma

The room was almost unnaturally clean, especially for a seventeen year old male in his junior year of high school. The bed was perfectly made; not even a single wrinkle dared to tarnish the beautiful stillness of the dark blue blankets. The blinds had been opened, causing the morning sunlight to filter through, bathing the room in the warm, inviting glow. Though the room seemed amazing at first glance, one could quickly see just how little there truly was. There was a single bed – no bed frame, no headboard; only a mattress – one small closet, and what could only be described as a nightstand with two deep drawers. Just above the nightstand-like chest was a tall full body mirror, resting against the top of the stand. The reflection was a slender-yet-muscular blonde; his hair gelled into natural-looking spikes. He leaned close to the mirror, hypnotic blue eyes gazing back. The clear definition of a bruise glared around one of his eyes, causing the tanned male to wrinkle his nose.

"Naruto!" The shrill, feminine voice pierced his ears and pulled him from his previous distraction. "If you aren't here in five minutes, you won't get breakfast," the same feminine voice was softer this time, as though she was trying to force Naruto to strain. Not that he needed anymore reason than that to hurriedly put on the black blazer that his school forced the students to wear.

Beneath the blazer, he wore a button-up, collared white dress shirt, with a pair of sheer black dress pants. Just so the school didn't seem too boring, they allowed students to wear a pair of shiny grey dress shoes. In Naruto's opinion, it was absolutely ridiculous to force a group of high school students to dress as though they were going to some fancy-pants, rich-kid meeting or something. Once again becoming distracted – this time with those shiny shoes – Naruto missed the knock on the wall in the hallway, just outside his bedroom. Had he heard it, it would have taken him merely half a second for his behind to be downstairs.

"Did you hear your mother?" A deep voice caused Naruto's skin to crawl. Aside from this, he did not physically react to the sudden fear that began eating away at him. Licking his lips, his crystalline eyes slowly raised, and he straightened himself.

"Y-yes. Sir. I was finishing-" his words were quiet, soft, attempting to appease the man before him; the act was similar to that of a low-ranking wolf cowering before the higher alpha to show respect for him – although Naruto's "respect" was more accurately defined as fear.

"I don't care!" Naruto flinched at the resounding boom, and then mentally chastised himself as he watched the smirk grow on the man's face. "Your mother called you. Get your ass down these stairs this instant," he growled. As Naruto began passing, however, a hand as tanned as his own shot out and gripped his face, and again Naruto flinched. The man tilted the younger blonde's face up, gazing at the bruise. The sickening gleam in the man's equally blue eyes made Naruto want to vomit. "You got into a fight."

It wasn't a question.

"Yes, sir."

It was a demand.

"Good," the older man's voice sounded pleased as he released Naruto's face. Without bothering to look back at the man he'd taken so much of his own looks from, Naruto hurried down the stairs, taking them two at a time. He couldn't reach the bottom fast enough, in his opinion. With the man who was biologically known as his father behind him, he felt almost like a rabbit with a wolf chasing it. Even though immediate danger had passed and he was heading to his safe little hole – his mother – the wolf was closing in, causing his heart to beat quickly, like a drum in his ear.

When he was finally in the kitchen, the woman turned to give him a smile. "Happy you could make it in time, Kit," she cooed, and though the nickname was quite embarrassing, Naruto felt relief wash over him.

"Me too!" He cheered, returning his mother's smile, before moving to sit at the table. The red haired woman placed an American style breakfast before him; eggs, bacon, and toast. It was strange, considering his parents had originated in Japan. Though Naruto had been born and raised in the small town of Bishop Hills, Texas, his mother enjoyed cooking Japanese meals more than American meals. Naruto wasn't picky; he'd eat whatever his mother decided to cook.

"Minato, I need you to take Kit to school today."

And just like that, his world went dark again. The relief washed away, replaced with dread. His stomach began doing strange somersaults, knotting and tightening itself, while the rest of his body tensed. Suddenly, he wasn't hungry anymore.

"Naruto, if you aren't going to eat, then let's go," the man – whose voice just minutes before had been angry and threatening – spoke softly. This was why his mother was his safe place, his little hole of safety. Minato never raised his voice when around her. Naruto honestly couldn't understand why he was the only one Minato ever showed this sort of distaste toward. But he certainly wasn't going to ask.

Forcing himself to take a large gulp of milk, the blonde-haired boy nodded and stood up. "I'm ready," he looked up, forcing a smile on his face.

Minato, satisfied, nodded and turned to his wife. "Kushina, I'll be at the office late tonight. Don't worry about dinner," he smiled at her and leaned in to give her a kiss that Naruto turned away from. Watching Minato treat his mother so delicately pissed him off. Not that he blamed his mother for any of it – God no! Kushina was innocent, completely oblivious to the mistreatment of her son. Minato went through great lengths to be sure of that.

While the couple said their goodbyes, Naruto stepped out of the kitchen and into the front hall way, where his bright orange and dark blue back pack rested against the wall near the door. He picked it up, taking his time to bring the straps over his shoulders. Once he had the back pack on, the blonde-haired boy leaned against the wall, sighing softly and shutting his eyes.

A hand clapping against his chest caused his brilliant blue eyes to flash open, and all of his muscles tensed, preparing to either try and run – not that he ran anymore – or take the beating that his body had come to know and recognize. Anytime the blue-eyed male was touched, he expected to get hit in some way. "Are you ready, Naruto?" the deep voice questioned, squeezing his shoulder gently, completely ignoring the fear that he struck into his own son.

Naruto glanced up at the smiling face; it was a face that any others would think was pleasant and kind, though Naruto knew differently. He could see the sick, twisted happiness that he got from his own flesh and blood's reaction. He was not ignoring Naruto's fear; he was drinking it up like some type of treasured wine. Naruto wanted to gag, but settled for giving his father a brilliantly fake smile "Of course, dad," his words were too sweet, too soft; but no one could notice.

Without responding, Minato continued outside, dropping his hand from Naruto's shoulder. The younger blonde sent a smile to his mother – a real one – and he trotted outside to face his certain doom. Sure enough, without Kushina there to soothe the beast lurking within the older man, he glared down at his son. "Hurry up, damn it! I don't have time for your shit today, Naruto," he hissed out, never raising his voice.

God forbid the neighbors hear something Naruto was sure they heard any time Kushina wasn't home.

He hurried to the passenger side of the broken down red Dodge Neon. Naruto loved this beat up car, but it held awful memories inside that he didn't care to recall. Once inside, he hooked up his seat belt in record time, sitting straight and staring out the windshield. He didn't even flinch when Minato took his hand.

"Naruto, you know I…" the man paused, then squeezed Naruto's hand tightly, causing the younger male the wince. "Look at me!" Minato hissed, and Naruto obliged, looking his father in eyes that were so identical to his own. Fuck he hated those eyes. "Naruto," his voice was considerably softer, "you know I love you right?" At Naruto's nod, Minato smiled softly, and for a moment, the younger male almost wanted to believe that his father was serious this time. Eyes still on his son, the older blonde kissed the smaller knuckles that were in his own hand. Naruto licked his lips and gulped, his skin crawling. Minato's lips traveled from Naruto's knuckles, moving to his wrist, slowly up his arm, his shoulder.

"I'm going to late, and get another detention," Naruto whispered, his voice soft and shaky. Minato considered this for a moment, then nodded slightly and straightened out. He put on his seat belt and looked at Naruto, but the younger blonde had already turned away, his blue eyes staring lifelessly out at the world from his window.

Without any more words, Minato drove his son to Konoha Private; a co-ed private school that Minato had convinced Kushina would be good for Naruto. In the younger blonde's opinion, he was wrong. Then again, Naruto felt like Minato was wrong in many of the things he thought or did.

Once there, Naruto didn't even bother to look before he quickly opened the door.

"Fuck!" followed by a smack, made Naruto jump out of the car. His eyes widened slightly at the scene before him. On the ground, another boy dressed in the same uniform as Naruto lay. He slowly sat up and rubbed his head, which Naruto noticed was the color of a raven's feathers. Ironically, its style reminded Naruto of poultry ass in the back, while the front made him think of the feathers. As of now, the raven-haired male's hair looked an awful like its feathers had been ruffled.

It was sort of strange; comparing someone to a bird. That was Naruto's favorite animal. Birds were so free, so happy. The corner of his lip twitched into a small smile at the thought of birds, but it quickly disappeared when the dark-haired male turned his gaze – no, his glare – on Naruto. He had scarily blackened eyes; they reminded Naruto of the little black pieces of coal that were put on Frosty for his eyes. Coincidentally, the other male had pale skin that made the blonde think of snow.

Holy shit. This guy was compromised of basically everything Naruto liked. Birds, Frosty, and snow! That was amazing!

"You idiot!" Naruto blinked his blue eyes and refocused on the raven-haired male, still sitting on the cement. "Who the fuck just opens their door that fast, that hard, when there is clearly a pedestrian? Are you that stupid?" the guy hissed.

Scratch everything. This guy reminded Naruto of a snake. He hated snakes.

"You're the one who's walking like three feet from the car, you dumbass!" he retorted, somewhat astonishing himself with his retaliation. It wasn't like Naruto was a pushover – well, unless Minato was the one doing the pushing – but he was usually happy to spit on someone's shoes and leave it at that. But he kind of wanted to… kick this guy. Or do something else that would hurt him.

The guy sat there for a second longer, before jumping up with remarkable agility and moving closer to Naruto. With those coal black eyes glaring at him only a foot away, Naruto was surprised when he didn't shrink back. Whenever Minato gave him such a glare, Naruto wanted to hide. But this raven-haired snowy guy… sort of gave him more adrenaline. It was odd, but for some reason, Naruto really didn't want to just walk away. He wanted to fucking fight. "I think you are mistaken," the pale male informed Naruto, his words still hissing and slithering into Naruto's ear drums like a snake, "fore I am not the dumbass."

As Naruto opened his mouth to continue the battle, there was a feminine voice that called attention as she yelled out, "Sasuke!" and before Naruto was fully aware of what was happened, the raven haired male was suddenly encircled by a girl with long bleach blonde hair. She had eyes that were lighter – though duller – than Naruto's own. "Sasuke, I missed you!" she purred, and Naruto cocked his head curiously. A snake and a cat? How odd. The raven pushed the girl away from him, gave a sound similar to a grunt, and turned away. He then proceeded to walk off in a way that could be considered dignified – if Naruto thought of this Sasuke-bird-snake-snow person as dignified – with the little blonde girl trotting after him.

"Naruto," he heard his name being called by yet another feminine voice, and he turned. A girl with pink hair and green eyes gave him a pleasant smile. Her outfit was similar to his, except she wore a skirt with thigh-high white socks. Originally, the principal had tried to get the girl to change her hair, but despite getting thrown out several times, she continued to keep her hair pink. Eventually, the school just let it go, considering she wasn't really distracting anyone.

"Sakura-chan, hi!" Naruto waved, grinning at the girl who'd become a close friend of his. She was the only person who knew about Naruto's home life.

A clearing throat caused Naruto to tense, and then turn around. "Naruto, get your bag and shut the door so I can go to work," his words held an underlying threat and Naruto wasted no time hurrying to grab his back pack. "Oh, and," Minato spoke before Naruto could shut the door, "try to stay out of any more fights," his gaze moved pointedly to Sasuke's retreating back.

Sakura wrapped her arms around Naruto's waist and waved at Minato, grinning to hide her anger. "Don't worry, Namikaze-san, I'll make sure he keeps out of trouble," she said politely as Naruto shut the door. When he drove off, Sakura turned her blonde friend around, looking at his black eye. The pain in her green eyes caused Naruto to take a step back, and he flashed a reassuring smile.

"It's not a big deal, Sakura-chan," he said, laughing it off, "It's just a bruise. I'll be fine," he shrugged simply and turned away. "By the way, who's that raven guy? He seems like a prick."

Sakura chuckled slightly and moved to Naruto's side, hooking her elbow around his. "Well, that's because you can be so annoying and dense," her tone was playful as she giggled. "I think he's hot. And apparently, so does Ino. I really hate her," she pouted slightly, then turned to give Naruto a smile. "Anyway, his name is Sasuke. He transferred here last week, but you…" she broke off, turning her green eyes away.

Naruto sighed softly, nodding his head. He had been in the hospital. "Either way, Sasuke seems like a prick. I'm way hotter," he teased, nudging the girl playfully in the ribs.

She nodded enthusiastically, giggling, "Oh, yes, Naru-sama, so much hotter!" Sakura's giggles died as she looked at her blonde companion's eye. She leaned forward slightly, a hand reaching up to brush the messy blonde locks from his forehead. "You just got out of the hospital, too," she murmured softly, her green eyes full of emotion.

"I-I fell. Um, into my… door," Naruto muttered pathetically, brushing her hand away from his face. Truthfully, it wasn't like the scenario couldn't have happened. Despite managing to – somehow – keep up decent grades in the private school, Naruto was not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. It wasn't so much that he was really stupid; he was just clumsy and hated to study. Even so, Sakura gave him a knowing look, and eventually the blonde male sighed and gave in. "I didn't clean my room when I got home the other night," he mumbled, before quickly adding, "but like I said, it's just a little bruise!"

Sakura opened her mouth to comment, but the sound of the bell interrupted her. "Oh, shit! Come on!" she grabbed the blonde's wrist and sprinted to the doors of the school. Sakura was known for always being on time – early, actually – so even a second late would be enough to piss her off. She was pretty scary when she was pissed off, and Naruto would hate the bear the brunt of her anger.

The two entered their only shared class seconds before the bell. Sakura looked thankfully skyward, scurrying to her seat. Naruto followed to his seat, next to the pinkette. Their very first day of junior year, their teacher – a soft-spoken and yet still somehow harsh brunette named Iruka – had allowed them to choose their own seats. Naturally, being friends since they were in diapers, Sakura and Naruto sat next to each other from day one. Naruto often tried to get out of his work by cheating off of Sakura, but a simple warning glare and the beginnings of another lecture about being "responsible" and "independent" forced Naruto to do his own work. Then again, it wasn't too difficult; for whatever reason, Physics came naturally to the blonde.

As Iruka was passing around the assignment for the day, Ino came into the class with a large smile and pink cheeks. Naruto nudged Sakura slightly and gestured to the other girl, "She seems happy," he whispered.

Sakura glanced at the girl briefly before shrugging slightly, "Maybe she just finished her morning sex? It would explain why she's late," she grinned at Naruto, who chuckled softly and nodded.

The female blonde took her seat next to a geeky kid at the table in front of Sakura and Naruto. The only reason she'd chosen that seat was to cheat off of the poor kid. Still, the guy didn't seem to mind much, if his blushing face was any indication. Ino leaned back slightly, looking over her shoulder at the two seated behind her, "Guess what happened to me."

Sakura and Naruto exchanged a look, before the pinkette set her elbows up on the table, her chin resting in the palms of her hand, "You're pregnant?" she asked innocently, cocking her head, while Naruto tried to stifle his chuckles.

"Nope," Ino grinned, unaffected, "Sasuke and I are going on a date Friday."

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