The once isolated academy was alive... thanks to these newbies taking their own time strolling in clique, pair or solo.

For Misaki, it's a difference case as she arrive by air with the help of Usui… since they were running out of time as both of them kind of woke up late. Usui landed on the rooftop and placed Misaki gently on the ground before he offered his hands and helped her up, instead of accepting his offer, Misaki force herself up with all the strengths she had and wiped off the dirt that was staining her white shirt.

On other hand, Usui was busying adjusting his uniform as it kind of went out of position during their flight …. Thanks to Misaki as she can't stopped clinging onto his shirt.

"Is there a need to wear a tie?" Misaki asked him as she saw Usui busying adjusting his tie.

"No, unless you're a guy, but I think there's a bow-tie for ladies." Usui told her as he signaled Misaki to return back his suitcase.

"Oh." Misaki blushed and nodded.

"Hurry up, you're gonna be late." Usui shouted as he was already near the exit.

Misaki turn towards the direction of the source and realized that Usui managed to reach the exit at the speed of the light while she was still standing at her original spot. His speed was extremely fast that she didn't manage to catch it.

"Wow…" as the word escaped from her mouth.

"The clock is ticking, Misa- Chan." Usui pointed to his pocket watch.

"Coming~" Misaki replied as she followed Usui down the stairs which leads to Misaki's assemble point.

Meanwhile …..

Yukimura and Kanou were busying doing head counts for the newbies, while Sakura was busying helping Shizuko with the activities that going to happen later. Realizing that one person was missing, Kanou decided to do a name call.

"If you heard your name been called, Reply it with a present… Understand?"


"Aoi -kun?"





"Over here."

" Honoka- Chan?"


"Misaki Ayuzawa?"












There was no response from this person, Kanou decided to call her name the second time and if there's still no response again he shall mark her as absent.

"Misaki Ayuzawa?"







"Calling once for Misaki Ayuzawa?"





"Calling twice for Misaki Ayuzawa?"




Before Kanou could even say the last call, Misaki responded with Usui tagging behind her.

"Over Here~" Misaki yelled as she was jumping up and down on the spot to make sure that Kanou could see her.

"Alright, since everyone present let's proceed up to the hall as the Kaichou is going to make his welcome speech." Kanou guided them up as Yukimura needs to get ready for his speech.

"I'll catch you later, Misa-Chan." Usui whispered into her ears before he disappeared into thin air.

"Erm... You're Misaki right?" Erika said as she tapped Misaki's shoulder lightly.


"I'm Erika, Nice to meet you." Erika extended her hands out.

Misaki shook it as the girls just exchanged their first hand shake.

"Sorry to interrupt your moments, but we're in a hurry Ladies … don't worry there'll be lots of time for you guys to do a self- introductions." Kanou told them as they made their up to the multi-purpose hall.


Students were sited according to their levels, Usui's class was right up at the gallery as there were not much spaces left to fit the next few classes. From the gallery, you could have the bird-eyes view of the hall. In less than a minute, Usui manages to spot Misaki… right at the end of the hall.

As Usual, 95 percent of the Students were busying chit-chatting with one another since it was the first day of campus life... The noise level was as loud as the whirring fans located in the different areas of the hall . Another 5 percent were busying staring at the newbies. Never did they know that starting at them will cause them to get nervous easily; The curtains acted as a signal to them telling the students that the speech was about to begin.


Applauses could be heard as Yukimura made his way up the stage with the microphone in his hands and started saying his speech.

"Good Day, Fellow Students of Vampire Academy… this year there'll be new addition to our family let us give them a round of applause."

*Clap* * Clap*

"Alright, and it's time for the welcome speech." Yukimura took out a piece of paper from his chest pocket and read it to his audience.

Firstly, let me welcome the new students to Vampire Academy… as promised it'll be the best 3-4 years you would have in this school.

Secondly, there'll be orientation for new students and this orientation will last for 3 days, more details will be provided later.

Lastly, Additional rule will be added to the current campus rules, but … this is only applicable for new students.

A "Boo" could be heard after Yukimura made the announcement as many of them found it unfair, yes life is unfair.

"Do you guys mind lowering your volume? I'm not done with my speech yet." Yukimura bellowed through the microphone.


"Ahem." Yukimura cleared his throat and continued his speech from where he stops earlier.

At the end of this orientation, Students are allowed to skip a couples of grades provided if they did extremely well in the examination That's going to take place on the last day of the orientation.

For those that didn't make it, I'm sorry but you got to start with grade one onwards and learn the basic of everything else like what your seniors did a few years back.

Lots of noises were been heard, as many of students were predicting which one of them will be joining them after 3 days. However, there were still majority of them who were not happy with this new rule as they found it ridiculous…. It's unfair to them in one million and one ways.

"Guys, before you make any protests to this new rule let me finish my speech first and if you're still unhappy about it, May I suggest that you write your suggestion and drop it into the suggestion box during recess break." Yukimura told them.

"However, let me warn you first newbies …. The test is neither going to be easy or hard. Your test will be set and graded by the sensei (s) and if you did not meet the criteria ofscoring above 98 percent…. You're not going to get any promotions. All the best!" with that Yukimura ended his speech.

*Clap* *Clap*

"Misaki, are you confident of scoring above 98 percent?" Erika asked her as she was positive that she can't make it.

"Above 98 percent is too easy for me, Erika." Misaki smiled at her, it's not that she's arrogant but scoring a distinction in examination is her strength.

"Aww~, I'm jealous…. Do you mind coaching me after school?"

"Hmm…. In other words I'm your tutor …. Sound great! As long as that Usui will be out of sight I won't have any problem with it." "Alright, Free of charge too." Misaki winked at her.

"Thank you so much, Misaki I really do owe you a big favor." Erika hugged her tightly.

"Don't sound too cocky yet, Misaki." Honoka spoke as she overheard their conversation.

"Excuse me?"

"I guess you didn't hear me, never mind let me repeat myself again… don't sound too cocky yet; you'll never know what is the outcome." Honoka replied while she tiled her head up.

It's was the first time that Misaki ever experience anything like this, that girl must have hated her to the core to speak in that manner. Luckily Misaki was a kind-hearted girl she decided to let her off this time round as she doesn't wants to leave a bad impression on the first day of school after all she still has Usui to back her up if anything were to happen to her.

"She's one girl; we got to look out for." Erika whispered to her.


"And if there's nothing else, we shall proceed with our plan; Senpai(s) take your position and let the fun begin."


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