Hello sweeties! Look, I have yet more River/Doctor-ness for you :)this one's another two-parter and it's something I started ages and ages ago and was inspired to finish recently. Just because. These four in this situation couldn't be anything but very amusing to write. And it was :D So please enjoy and please let me know if you do!

I need you. Come quickly x

The Doctor doesn't have to read the note twice before he leaps into action.

"What is it, where we going?" Amy asks the Doctor as he starts darting round the console pulling levers and pressing switches. He throws the psychic paper at her as he runs round her.

She lifts it up to read aloud; "I need you, come quickly. Kiss. And an actual kiss as well," she comments, indicating the lipstick print below the writing. She looks from it up to the Doctor. "Is it River?"

"I expect so. Can't think of anyone else who'd send me a message as vague as that."

"Yeah, or anyone who'd kiss the paper too." She jokes before growing serious. "Doctor, do you think she's in trouble?"

"Who's in trouble?" Rory asks as he enters the console room.

"River," the Doctor replies hurriedly as he flips down a final lever and sends them into flight. "And yes, she must be or she wouldn't't have contacted me."

"River's in trouble? What kind of trouble?" Rory shouts worriedly over the noise of the Tardis as they fly through time and space.

"I don't know," shouts the Doctor as they land and he darts to the door, pausing briefly to look back at them. "But we're about to find out." And taking a deep breath he pushes open the door -

- To be greeted by thumping music, a dark room and flashing lights.

Amy and Rory are right behind him.

"A nightclub?" Amy shouts above the music in astonishment. "We're in a nightclub?"

"Yes, it appears so," he shouts back. "Fifty-second century if I'm not mistaken."

"Are we on earth?"

"Doubt it," he replies, taking in the multi life forms occupying the venue. "Looks like one of the planets in the Klepton galaxy - mainly human-occupied though - now, down to business," he glances back at them. "Let's find your daughter!"

Sticking together, the three plunge themselves into the scene, snaking their way through various dancing life-forms to make their way quickly round the room as they scan the crowds frantically.

"Doctor!" Amy suddenly shouts as she grabs his sleeve. "There - there's River!"

He follows where she is pointing to indeed see a head of curly hair making its way through the crowds on the dance floor.

"River!" He pushes through people to get to her and her face lights up when she catches sight of him.

"Sweetie," she greets him when she's close enough for him to hear her. "You're here!"

He smiles a little and leans in so she can hear him. "Don't I always come when you call?"

"Yes," she smiles back, "you do." She looks at the crowds dancing around them and takes him by the arm to pull him over to the side of the room, where little white booths nestled in alcoves with purple lighting line the wall. Amy and Rory follow.

"River!" Amy greets her happily, stepping forwards to hug her once they've come to a stop in a less crowded location. "How are you are you ok?"

"Ah, I'm glad its you, mum," River replies with a smile, referring to having got this Amy and Rory and not the Amy and Rory who still had no idea who she was.

"You look great, are you alright?" Amy asks her.

"Well yeah I'm just -"

"Hello," Rory waves before pointing at himself. "Dad!"

River laughs and hugs him quickly. "Hi."

"Yes, yes hi," the Doctor interrupts snapping River's attention back to him. "River what is it," the Doctor asks, immediately down to business. "Is there a problem?"

"Oh yes," she nods, "big problem."

"What is it?"

"Well to be honest, I've got myself into a bit of a sticky situation."

"Why, what's happened?" He demands urgently, worry creeping into his voice as he quickly scans the room for immediate danger.


The Doctor looks at her anxiously.

"…I forgot my purse. And apparently I've run up quite a tab at the bar."

The Doctor goes about five shades of red in a few seconds as he splutters for a reply. "You - forg - what! I - River!"

"Yes sweetie?" She asks innocently.

"I can't believe you! I can't believe you sent a message to me all the way across time and space, through the Tardis' shield and made me fly here because you forgot your purse!"

She bats her eyelashes at him. "Sorry honey, I didn't know who else to call."

"How do you even know I've got money? I might not have any on me and even if I did what are the chances it would be the correct currency?"

She gives him a look before reaching over and slipping her hand inside his inside jacket pocket, pulling out a small card and tapping him on the nose with it as she turns to saunter off. The doctor scowls after her as Amy pipes up, "Hey, what's she got? Was that money?"

"No," the Doctor replies, grinding his teeth as he watches her approach the cash dispenser in the near corner of the room. "Psychic cash card. Gives you whatever you need in whatever currency you need. Comes in handy actually."

"What! You're kidding right? I want one of those!" Exclaims the redhead as Rory rolls his eyes.

They watch River take a wad of shiny golden notes out of the machine and tuck it down between her cleavage as she walks back over to them.

"Well," she says as she approaches them, "since you're already here what are you having? Drinks are on me!" She winks at Amy and the Doctor frowns as he plucks his psychic card back out of her hands and returns it to his pocket.

"I think you'll find they're on me since that's my money you've just taken."

"Ooh so you are staying for drinks then? Excellent! Come on Amy you can help me get a round, have a seat boys we'll bring them over!" And with that she takes Amy by the arm and drags her off to the bar.

Rory and the Doctor can do nothing but sink into the nearest booth.

"Mels always did like a good night out." Rory comments, appearing lost in thought, clearly still slightly struggling to get his head round the whole situation.

The Doctor sighs and watches the two women as they order drinks. "Oh…no." He mutters gloomily as he watches them both down two shots each before they pick up the four other drinks they ordered and make their way back over. "Pond drunk is not something I wish to see a second time."

Rory sighs. "Well. At least we know what we've got coming with her, I can only imagine what River Song will be like after a few…"

"Well," the Doctor replies, " she's Amy's daughter so for a start it can't be good…and oh look," he continues as he watches her trip up the step to the edge of the room. "She's half drunk already."

"Phew," River exclaims as she drops down next to the Doctor, placing a drink in front of him and taking a sip from the other. "That step wasn't there on the way down."

"How many have you had already River?" The Doctor asks her.

"Oh. I don't know. I suppose I've been here a couple of hours. Freddie bought me the first couple but had to leave then. Think I must have had a few since then because you wouldn't believe the tab I've run up."

"Who's Freddie?" The Doctor demands immediately.

River smiles and taps his nose affectionately. "A friend."

He scowls at her. "What are you even doing here anyway, aren't you meant to be in prison?"

She takes a sip of her drink and pouts at him. "Prison gets ever so dull after a while. Girl's gotta have a bit of fun sometimes."

Still scowling, he comments, "I give you fun! We have plenty of fun!"

She gasps theatrically and slaps his arm. "Ssh sweetie - not in front of my parents!"

His eyes go wide and he splutters, turning a little red. "River! I didn't - not - not that - I didn't mean - I mean, we, we…adventure and, and…"

Now he is even redder and River is laughing. And Rory is glaring at him while Amy looks like she's enjoying his discomfort far too much. Bloody woman!

"Oh you are too easy at this age!" River comments.

He jumps to his feet. "Right." He fumes. "We're going. Come on Ponds, back to the Tardis!"

"Oh but sweetie!" River cries. "You just got here!"

"Yes and you got what you brought me here for so now I'm going. Amy, Rory, up."

"Oh sit down Mr grumpy," Amy chides, waving at the Doctor. "You haven't taken us anywhere this cool in…ever. So there is no way we're leaving already."

"But!" He looks at Rory for help. "Rory!"

Rory shrugs. "Sorry Doctor. I don't see the harm in staying for a bit. And it has been a while since we've seen River, it would be nice to catch up."

He splutters. "But - but! Oh…fine then." And sits back down with a huff.

The four converse loudly above the music for a while, the Doctor mainly sitting quiet, perhaps sulking a bit, and subconsciously scanning the busy room for any signs of danger. The situation was all very alien to him, really. Amy and Rory looked more at home than he felt and they were on a different planet and three centuries ahead of their time zone. Finally, slightly bored, the Doctor's attention turns to the three members of his party - or, more specifically, the curly haired one sitting next to him.

"River…" He begins, suddenly noticing the very short, very tight, very low cut silver dress she has on. They stop their conversation to look at him.

"Yes sweetie?"

"What are you wearing?"

She grins at him. "Do you like it?" She gets up and twirls but he has to catch her and sit her back down when she nearly topples right over.

"It's a bit…revealing isn't it?"

She pouts.

"Yes," Rory pipes up, feeling as if he ought to here. "It is, a bit…revealing." He finishes awkwardly.

"Oh dad," Riverrolls her eyes. "Just don't."

"Well I like it." Amy announces loudly.

"You would," mumbles the Doctor under his breath.

"I wanna dance." The redhead proclaims next. "Come on Rory, let's dance." And before Rory has a chance to reply she grabs his hand and drags him out of the booth and down towards the dance floor.

Left alone with him, River sidles, if possible, closer to the Doctor. "Do you like your drink?" She asks, having to speak close to his ear and still shout a little for him to hear her over the music.

He wrinkles his nose. "Not really one for cocktails, me. More of a tea person, do you think they've got any?"

She lets out a sound that can only be described as a giggle. "No, I don't. Just try it, you might surprise yourself."

He grudgingly takes a sip and wrinkles his nose as he swallows then licks his lips. "That's not actually too bad! What's this called?" He asks as he takes another sip.

"A screaming orgasm."

He spits his drink out all over the table. "River!"

"Honestly! That's what it's called I swear." She laughs at him as he takes another sip. "Doctor," she asks after a pause.


"When are we for you? At first I thought I'd got an earlier you than I meant to with the whole psychic card thing…" she peers at him closely as he smirks slightly at her. "But now I'm not so sure."

"I know who you are," he tells her, "if that's what you mean. And what you've done." He places a hand on her leg - intending it affectionately rather than flirtily, but of course, she takes it as the latter.

"Ooh sweetie," she coos, her lips close to his ear so he can hear her breathy voice, as with a hand over his, she moves it up her thigh under the hem of her dress. "You know I'd do anything for you."

He smiles at her, but gently removes his hand to brush a curl back from her face. "Yes. I do."

She shuffles herself that bit closer to him so he can see right down her dress - something he's positive she very much intends, and he has to swallow a bit as her bare leg presses against his. He looks her in the eyes and notices her sway slightly where she sits, her gaze a little hazy. He realises he's never seen her inebriated.

"And you." He taps her nose with a playful smirk. "You're young."

She raises an eyebrow. "I'm not."

"You are," he replies, laughing a little. "How long have you been in prison?"

She smiles and winks at him before taking a sip of her drink. "Depends on how you look at it. It's been…hmm…two years and three months since I was put in there. But I've only served a year and half of my sentence so far."

"Ah," he laughs a bit again, shaking his head. "So you are young."

She frowns at that. "Oh yeah? And where are you, exactly, then?"

"Three months after we did Calderon Beta, the night you were put in prison. Although I've see you twice since then - New New Jersey and the Polaskon - but I don't think you've done those yet."

She shakes her head in confirmation. "Well, then. You're young too. Compared to the yous I've been seeing recently."


They sit quietly for a few minutes, each sipping their drinks as they watch the dancing crowds. River chuckles a little at Amy and Rory as Rory, hopelessly out of time with the thumping beat, tries to spin Amy round who trips over his feet and falls into him, laughing her head off.

"My parents are quite mad." River leans in to speak to the Doctor with amusement.

"Must be a Pond thing," he replies, nudging her cheekily. She slaps his leg lightly. "Is it strange?" He suddenly asks her. "Seeing your own parents so young?"

She shrugs. "Not really. Always been how it is for me. That's my life, all upside down." She grins at him but quickly sees he's taken her words to heart when his face falls.

"I'm sorry," he murmurs in her ear, taking her hand and linking their fingers between them. She squeezes it back and shakes her head, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek.

"Don't be."

Another pause ensues as they contentedly take in the atmosphere, the Doctor's thumb now tracing light circles subconsciously over River's hand.

She leans back against the booth with a sigh and a smile.

"I'm glad you're here." She tells him.

He glances back at her to raise an eyebrow. "Only because I'm paying."

She laughs but shakes her head. "No. I'm glad you're here. I'm always glad when you're here." She gets up then, letting go of his hand to motion to their empty glasses. "Another one?"

He rolls his eyes, about to refuse but something, maybe the drink he already has down him or maybe her shining eyes and smiling lips or how beautiful she looks in this light make him sigh and nod. What harm can it do? "Go on then."

She grins and turns to fetch them. He watches her walk rather unsteadily indeed towards the bar and realises that actually, he probably shouldn't be letting her drink any more.

"I don't think you should let her drink anymore Doctor," Rory tells him loudly in his ear as him and his wife plonk themselves back down in the booth. They are breathless from dancing, and Amy is giggling.

"She's your daughter," the Doctor argues, "you stop her!"

"No way," Amy waves the idea off. "I wanna be a cool mum, not a boring one! Besides - River is older than us Doctor, we can't exactly tell her what to do, can we?"

"Actually Amy," the Doctor agrees, "even if she wasn't I don't think anyone can tell River what to do anyway. Believe me, I've tried."

Amy laughs as her daughter comes back with the drinks.

"Come on sweetie," she says in the Doctor's ear once she's sat down. "Get that down you, we're going dancing."

He turns to look at her. "I am not dancing."

"Of course you are," she smiles at him with a wink. "You love dancing."

"I like dancing sometimes," he corrects her firmly. "When situations call for it. Like at weddings. Not here."

"Well," she tells him, sipping her drink through the straw. "We're in a nightclub honey, the situation definitely calls for it - and anyway, you never danced at our wedding so you can make up for it now."

He opens his mouth to argue but realises she has a point.

"Drink up," she grins at him.

With a heavy, resigned sigh, the Doctor raises the glass to his lips. If he was going to dance with River Song in a nightclub he was definitely going to need this drink.

No sooner was his glass empty than River's hand was grabbing his, yanking him to his feet.

"Have fun!" Amy shouts after them, beaming widely. River winks at her mother as she tows the Doctor to the dance floor.

He follows her as she slips through the dancing bodies, finally coming to a stop where there's space enough for them to squeeze in in the middle of the floor.

The Doctor glances around, taking in the other moving people around him in the dark and how tightly they are squeezed into the crowds.

"You dare do any of those spazzy moves of yours and you're dancing on your own sweetie," River's voice warns him in his ear. "Come here, put your arms round me," she tells him as her hands slip up to his shoulders and she starts to move her body in time to the music. It's some fairly fast-paced, monotonic type song with filthy lyrics playing that he usually would hate, but the way the deep bass of the beat is pulsing, and with everyone dancing around him, he feels himself moving in time to it without realising.

His hands are on her waist where she'd placed them and he can feel the heat of her skin through the thin silky fabric of her dress. It really is a very nice dress.

The song changes, although the beat hasn't paused only altered accordingly, and she sways her hips from side to side, her whole body moving against his as she presses herself tighter to him. He feels her breath by his ear and her lips briefly on his neck and he pulls her closer in response, breathing in the intoxicating scent of her.

Suddenly, she turns in his arms so her back is pressed to his chest and her…behind is pressed very closely to…- not his chest - as she continues to move her hips whole body sensuously to the music so she is grinding against him in the most painfully delicious way that makes him groan into her ear. She places her hands over his and slides them over her body as she moves, throwing her head back against his shoulder. She presses one to her ribcage, letting his thumb brush over the swell of her breast and the other she moves down over her hip and leg, drawing the hem of her dress up slightly as she slides it back up her thigh.

"River!" He says, aghast, in her ear, moving his hands quickly back to her waist. "There's people everywhere!"

She tilts her head to the side to smirk at him and speak back to him. "Look around. Nobody cares what we're doing my love."

And he knows she is probably right, but still - "Your parents are here!"

She laughs, "They can't see us sweetie!"

Looking around him, he realises she's right, they are blocked by the many dancing bodies around them - and in the dark flashing lighting and slightly smoky atmosphere it's hard to make out people anyway.

Still, her parents are here, and although he's sure they've gathered by now that his relationship with their daughter is more than platonic since, well, they're married and all, he feels very edgy with the idea of her doing this to him, this - this - which is most definitely not just dancing - while they're in the room.

But then…the beat of the music is pulsing through the floor, through his whole body, through hers…and her body is pressed to him like that as she moves like that and his head is all hazy and everything else seems to be disappearing except River. His head is starting to spin lightly and pleasantly, the effects, he vaguely registers, of the potency of the alcohol he'd drunk combined with the fact that he so seldom does drink. His hands slip to her hips, resting there as he realises that he too, is moving in time to the music and her body's rhythm.

He breathes in the scent of her hair and he also realises with a bit of surprise, as he splays his fingers across her flat stomach to pulls her tighter still against his own body, that in this moment, he's more than perfectly content dancing with River Song in this club.

Drinking and dancing, in a nightclub. Since when did he become so young and…human, he wonders?

And then he decides that in that moment, he never wants it to stop.

So, I've already written the second half to this too, it was really too long to post in one go but I will post it up very soon if this has been enjoyed…so, you know what to do if you liked it…;) Hehe, seriously, I love reading what people think of my stories, especially as you lovely people are always all so kind to me, so please tell me what you think! xx