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Chapter 1: Accidental Encounters

"Ciel, come down here this very instant!" yelled Angelina Dalles from downstairs as she put on her black leather gloves.

As the good servant he was, Ciel left what he was doing and raced downstairs, where his mistress awaited.

"Yes, Madam?" he asked politely.

"I want you to come with me to the Michaelis estate… I will give you a couple of minutes, go clean up and dress as best as you can, hurry up!" she said as she started walking towards the carriage.

The young servant just stood there not believing his ears, he had never had the chance to go visit another manor… just because madam always said that he wasn't worthy of stepping on their homes.

It had always been like that… he's been serving in this mansion for eight years, ever since he was seven… the reason was quite simple, his parents had died on a fire that consumed them along with the manor and all of the servants. He had been banned from his title as the heir of the Phantomhive title, just because none of his family members had the intention of taking him and give him the most necessary education to take over his father's job… including Madam, his aunt.

She had barely agreed to take him so he could live in her mansion, but her condition had been that he would become her servant, never again referring at her as "auntie" but as "Madam Red" or simply "Madam" as he was now far used to calling her all the time…

But being a good servant sometimes was never enough, for just slightly noticing that he disagreed with her… she would make sure that he was punished. She would just beat him up but, she had never used the whip on him, and he hoped that she would never go to such extremes.

"Ciel, I told you to hurry up! Gosh, why are you just standing there for? Go along now, before I change my mind!" she commanded pulling him out of his thoughts.

He immediately ran towards his room, gathering some of his clothes and his uniforms. He went into the bathroom and washed up as quickly as he could, he then got dressed and went downstairs after taking his little bag and his inhaler, and finally taking a last look to make sure his room was alright he left.

Then, he went into the kitchen and took a tiny piece of bread. He noticed the other servants were looking at him so he stopped and turned towards them.

"What?" he asked innocently, as he served himself a glass of water.

"We already know where you're off to, but Ciel, seriously you have to eat something else… look at yourself! "Exclaimed Lorraine, one of the maids, she was a 23 years old brunet with green eyes.

"Yeah, Ciel… I'm getting kind of worried, you're way too skinny…" said the other one, Marie, she had short red hair and ocean blue eyes and she was 20 years old.

Ciel stared at them for a second before he sighed.

"I'm worried too you now…" added Michael, a black haired 24 year old with honey colored eyes.

"You guys… I wasn't even supposed to take that piece of bread… it's my punishment" he muttered as he got ready to leave, but Michael took a hold of his thin arm.

"Wait… what? Did you say this is your punishment now?" he asked in disbelief.

"…Yes" he answered not looking back.

"Is she crazy? You were already skinny! You'll starve to death!" exclaimed Lorraine.

"Don't worry; I'll work it out somehow… see you guys later!" he winked at them and ran off, after yelling a quick goodbye over his shoulder, to go meet with his mistress.

"What took you so long? Ugh, never mind that… where you are going?" she asked as she saw him making his way to sit next to the carriage driver.

"Um, Madam… this is where I am supposed to sit, is it not?" he asked as he froze as he was about to take the drivers hand.

"Come on, now… get in" with that she stepped in, followed by Ciel who sat across from her looking outside of the window, a calm expression on his young features.

They passed by trees… hundreds and hundreds of trees on their way. Then there was a little bridge that gave the most beautiful view towards the flowing river. And finally… the entrance towards the Michaelis manor, there were roses… lots of them, different colors, different sizes… it was simply beautiful.

As they rode down the little path, Ciel could see a blond teen… he was cutting the grass with a determined look on his eyes… as if trying to concentrate on not messing up, he guessed that was the gardener.

They came to a stop in front of the manor, once Madam stepped out of the carriage, Ciel followed silently behind… talking in all that surrounded him, and noticed that it actually looked similar to what had once been his home, she shook his head at the thought trying to fight over the sadness that suddenly overwhelmed him… but once again, a voice, new to him, pulled him out if his thoughts.

"Welcome back, Madam" greeted with a small smile an old man that seemed to be the butler.

"Well, hello, Tanaka-san" smiled back Madam.

"It's good to have you back; Lord Michaelis is waiting for you in his office… oh, I see you've brought some company" he said as he took notice of Ciel standing politely a few steps behind Madam Red.

"Oh, yes… Tanaka, this is one of my servants, Ciel…he is very good at his work and since I'll be staying a while I thought he could work here as a way of saying thanks" she said as she signaled Ciel to come closer.

"Hello, sir" said Ciel as he shook the older man's hand.

"Hello, Ciel… I'll show you around later on, alright? Now, let's go to my Lord's office" he said as he started off towards the staircase.

They soon stopped in front of an ebony door.

"Ciel stay here, I'll be back shortly" instructed Madam as she stepped in and Tanaka closed the door.

He stood there for a few moments… he wasn't used to just stand there and do nothing so he thought he could take a look around the hall, but as he turned around to start walking he stumbled against someone, sending them both to the floor.


He was lying on top of a chest… and as he looked up, he met up with the most beautiful crimson eyes he had ever seen.

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