Title: Empty
Rating: K+?
Summary: Somehow, he felt really sad, as if things would never be the same as before. Teddy centric

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by J.K. Rowling. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

A/N: I wrote this for a FB community contest back in October. And before you ask, yes I won.

It was dark and he wondered why. Then suddenly it wasn't. He blinked. Oh, his eyes had just been closed. He looked around the colourful place he was in. He knew this place; the place with the nice and warm big people who paid attention to him.

Then his tummy felt funny and it let out weird noises. He looked down at it and blinked in confusion. He let out a small cry of distress. Someone needed to hear him and make the funny feeling go away!
From the corner of his eye he noticed a big person at the door so he decided to let out a bit louder cry so they would come quicker.

"Hush, little one. Calm down" it was one of the voices he knew. It sounded tired and kind of sad, not at all like normally. The big person bounced him a bit and he wondered where that colourful big person was. The one who paid the most attention to him. He let out another cry, searching for that thing he knew would take the funny feeling away.

"S-sorry… but Mummy isn't here." Now the voice was choked. He wondered what was wrong with the big person. "Your Mummy won't be… f-feeding you any-anymore…" the voice sobbed.

He started crying too. He didn't want the big person to be sad. He felt himself being clutched tightly against the big person. It didn't feel right. He wanted his big people; the colourful one who always fed him and played with him and the other, tired one who always put him to sleep. He cried harder. The big person cried harder too, trying to hush him.

"Andromeda…" There was a new voice! He didn't know this one but it sounded tired and sad too. "I'll take him, you should go and get some formula for him." Then suddenly the arms around him were different. They reminded him a bit of the tired big person's arms but they shook more and felt a bit weaker.

"A-alright" the first voice whispered and then it was gone.
He let out a shrill cry. He was alone with the new big person, the one he didn't know.

The new big person shushed him and bounced him a bit, walking around the colourful place. Then the new big person started talking in a soft voice. He didn't understand what the big person was saying but he liked the voice.

"It's alright now… Now need to cry, Cub… You don't know me but I'm your Godfather, Harry… Your Dad asked me to look after you if something happened to him… Your… Mum and Dad won't be coming back" the big person's voice sounded choked too and he let out a small questioning cry. "Hush… I'm fine, just… sad. Your Mum and Dad were really brave, you know that, right? They'll miss you lots but you'll have to be strong, alright? Me and your Grandma will be here… to look after you. "

Now the big person was crying and he burst into tears too. Somehow, he felt really sad, as if things would never be the same as before.

Teddy cried.