From dream to reality

My best friend and I are sitting in a meadow; it is familiar, but niether of us know why. The wind picks up as I stand, blowing the skirt of my dress around my legs. My best friend, elayne, stands up next to me; instinctivly, we both look up at the skies and see a dragon circling overhead.

"He's here," I breathe, smiling and more than a little shocked. My eyes begin to sting as I feel the familiar pang of not being able to join him. Tears slide down my pale face, staining my ivory skin. As the dragon soars lower, I can see a girl on his back. She is lucky, how I'd love to feel the wind rushing past me! The dragon dissapears over the mountains and my legs collapse; I fall onto the soft ground, surrounded by many a flower. My blonde hair whips around my tear-streaked face as I cry softly to myself. I sense Elayne before I can feel her brushing hair off my face.

"Shh," she says soothingly," it is okay." She doesn't know what it is like; she has never had someone she loved so close yet so far away, it is torturous! One thousand years and a day, I can still hear the witch's words echo in my ears, for one thousand years and a day you must stay in human form, far from the one who is most dear to you. He probably thinks I am long dead. I look at the silver bracelet on my wrist, it binds me to my oath. He stays alive and unaffected by this curse. HE is the only reason I try to stay strong in this weak form. Him. My brother. My dragon. My best friend and my life.

I shoot up in my bed, tears streaming down my face. I've been having that dream for the past thirteen years, this was the most vivid though!

"Hey, Selene," my best friend yells," some guy is here for you; says his name is Selendrile!" I smile to myself and walk into the livingroom. A man is standing near the door, his long blonde hair tied out of his face by a piece of string. He finally came! My brother, my Selendrile....