Hi, there. :) This is my first ever Hoot fanfiction. I guess it's kind of short, but it's mainly based on Mullet Fingers, the things he might think about when he's alone, and his personality in general. This was fun to write. =]
Anyway, I hope you like it! ^_^

Mullet Fingers sat at the shore, the water from the ocean gently swaying back and forth in the late December wind.

He stared out into the distance, admiring the beautiful scene before him.

Even in winter, Florida was still a nice place.

The sun glowed from where its light had rested itself on top of the water. The sound of the wind drifted softly through the air. It was cold, but not cold enough to make the boy get up and leave.

He figured that Beatrice and Roy were already at school by then.

He was silently thankful that he didn't have to be there with them. He would rather be outside, alone, thinking or trying to stand up for something he cared about.

He didn't miss his old life at all. He didn't miss Lonna, or military school, or any of that. He liked his "outlaw life" a whole lot better.

He watched the waves of the ocean as they came toward him and then were pulled away. He guessed that that was how life was. Sometimes life had a way of giving you opportunities and at other times, it took things away.

Just like the ocean.

His thoughts were proved right as a sea shell washed up on the sand in front of him. He picked the shell up, moving his thumb over the top of it as he studied it.

In life, he realized, it was up to you what you did with your opportunities. That's why he had ran away from the military school; why he had stood up for the owls; why he had ever trusted Roy in the first place.

Life sure was like an ocean.

And if Mullet Fingers was being honest with himself, he liked it that way.

Like the ocean's waves, he was swift and wild. And like the ocean itself, he took what he could out of situations and tried his best to forget about the rest.

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